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September 23, 2011

September 23, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

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WSJ: ‘Seediq Bale,’ a Taiwanese Epic of Historical Proportions

FBA: Love in Space review

Pop-coloured rom-com of three sisters’ love problems is charming throwaway entertainment.

FBA: Beach Spike review

Larky Hong Kong summer movie centred on women’s beach volleyball only partly delivers.

THR: Hong Kong Chooses Ann Hui’s ‘A Simple Life’ for Oscar Foreign Language Submission

Although the film was selected as the Hong Kong candidate in the Oscar race of the year 2011, it is set for wide release in the territory in March 2012. The distributor has scheduled five daily screenings in one cinema of two-dozen seats that has begun on Tuesday for a week, a move met with criticism locally.

“Autumn Gem: A Documentary on Modern China’s First Feminist”

Rae Chang, writer, producer and director of a documentary about the Chinese Joan of Arc, Qiu Jin, will discuss the film at a free screening Saturday at California Lutheran University

1911 poster

US version (Sina)

Zhang Yimou’s The Flowers of War was previewed for buyers in Beijing today. The screening was held in a 120-seat VIP room and the audience was checked to prevent bootlegging. Also, viewers were charged 200 yuan per ticket to offset costs for the screening room and snacks. Reaction to the film afterwards was positive.

Poster for Zhang Yimou’s The Flowers of War

Security measures (Sina)2

Stills of Jordan Chan from Daniel Lee’s White Vengeance

Now in post-production, the film has a planned November release. (Sina)

The bamboo forest where The House of Flying Daggers was filmed has been turned into a tourist site. It now features a realistic sculpture of Andy Lau and a semi-naked bathing Zhang Ziyi.


TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

September 6, 2011

September 6, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

THR: A Simple Life review

The Bottom Line

Overlong tale of a Hong Kong family’s ailing maid resists excessive sentimentality.

ScreenDaily: A Simple Life review (HKMDBNews-reprint)

CF: ”1911″ Gets Ready for Debut

Lau Ching-Wan and wife, Amy Kwok, prepare to leave for Venice (Sina)

Roast Pork Sliced From a Rusty Cleaver

Sammo Hung in Shanghai promoting My Kingdom

Wu Chun, Sammo, Han Geng, Liu Qian (Sina-gallery)

Roast Pork Sliced From a Rusty Cleaver

Barbara Wong’s Tears in a Fallen City wrapped up shooting in Shanghai

Shawn Dou Xiao

Joe Chen Qiao En, Shawn Dou Xiao

Joe Chen Qiao En

The film also stars Richie Ren, Gigi Leung and Aarif Lee with a Christmas release planned.


The crew of Ann Hui’s A Simple Life have a toast at dinner in Venice.

Qin Hailu, Andy Lau, Deanie Ip, Don Yu Dong


A bevy of beauties attend the Hong Kong premiere of Wilson Chin’s Lan Kwai Fong.

I don’t recognize one of them.

Roast Pork Sliced From a Rusty Cleaver


36 “behind the scenes” photos from Love in Space were released ahead of the Sept. 8 opening of the film. Love in Space opens in China, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.

Roast Pork Sliced From a Rusty Cleaver

Aaron Kwok, Rene Liu

Rene Liu

Eason Chan


Angelababy, Jing Boran

Guei Lun-Mei

Aaron Kwok

Angelababy and Jing Boran (Sina)2 (Sina-slideshow)

CF: Michelle Reis Credits the OFFICIEL Magazine

CF: Mayday 3D Film Landing soon

Pop band Mayday rocks Taipei with 3D concert film

MSN: Kelly Lin: Giving birth hurts a lot

The actress also revealed that she would not force herself to return to showbiz

MSN: Vicki Zhao tours Taipei with her family

Not one to rest on her laurels, the busy actress secretly went to Taipei last week to attend the costume fitting for her new movie Love.


The starlet’s fiancé let on that they will be skipping all traditional ceremonies in view of Selina’s inconveniences

“You are peeing at my car, stop it!”

Kelly Chen distributes mooncakes at a senior center in Aberdeen.


Andy Lau kicks sand in my face


September 1, 2011

September 1, 2011

CRI: Venice Int’l Film Festival Kicks off

Producer Yang Zi and Huang Shengyi walk the red carpet at the opening ceremony

Huang Yi (Sina)(Sina-slideshow)2

FBA: Juliets review

Consistently engaging collection of three offbeat Romeo & Juliet riffs.

FBA: Tsui is Asian Filmmaker of the Year

CF: Animated and Real Actors Unite for Jaycee Chan’s New Film

Flesh-and-blood actors will perform alongside animated stars for the new fantasy movie “Lee’s Adventure” which is based on a single cartoon created by a creative young animator.

CF: ”Love in Space” Premieres in Beijing

Eason Chan, Guei Lun-Mei, Wing Shya, Aaron Kwok

Wing Shya, “Guess where I am.”  (Sina-slideshow)2

CF: Snake Fairy and Beast Romance in “Its Love”

The imminent fantasy romance movie, “Its Love,” released a batch of still photos featuring the blue snake portrayed by Charlene Choi and the monk-turned beast played by Wen Zhang.

Poster for the male characters in Gordon Chan’s Mural which opens Sept. 29.

Deng Chao

Collin Chou

Andy On Chi-Kit

Bao Bei-Er  (Sina)

And a sampling of special effects


Filming has begun in Sai Kung for the latest Wong Jing-Patrick Kong collaboration, a ghost story featuring Chrissie Chau, Law Chung-Him (Him Law), Timmy Hung and Charmaine Fong. Chrissie injured her right leg and had to go to the hospital to be treated.

Patrick Kong (Yip Lim-Sum), Wong Jing

Chrissie Chau


Producers Jimmy Huang Chih-Ming and John Woo flank director Wei Te-Sheng

Landy Wen, Vivian Hsu, Luo Mei-Ling

Vivian Hsu

Da Ching

Lin Ching-Tai (Sina-slideshow)

Zhang Jingchu: Poster Girl for FIGARO

The Prince of Magic, Liu Qian and Gao Yuanyuan promote a brand product in Beijing.

MSN: Mark Chao tells of soured friendship with Vic Chou

The Black & White lead actor admitted—for the first time—that his friendship with Vic Chou took a turn for the worse after he nabbed the Best Actor award over the widely-tipped hot fave Vic

Eason’s wife, Hilary Tsui was recently photographed hanging out at night clubs with a number of male companions. She also reportedly paid for their drinks, which incurred into a huge expense.

Awkward: Edison Chen and Gillian Chung check into the same hotel in Shanghai last week. (Sina)

August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011

Hong Kong film to conclude Venice film festival

Johnnie To’s new movie “Life Without Principle” about financial greed will wrap up the official selection for this year’s Venice film festival, organisers said on Tuesday.

Variety: Venice adds ‘Life’ to competish

Johnnie To’s crime thriller joins lineup

CRI: Johnnie To’s Film Joins Golden Lion Competition(FBA)

THR: Celestial Pictures Enters the Gaming Realm with ‘My Kingdom’ Tie-in(FBA)

More games to come from Celestial’s 760-title Shaw Brothers library.

THR: Stephen Chow Producing New Take on China’s ‘Odyssey’

‘Journey to the West’ redux will co-star Shu Qi as a swordswoman absent from earlier versions.

THR: Jackie Chan’s ‘1911′ Added as Second Opening Film for Tokyo Fest(FBA)

CF: Superstar Sun Honglei Joins Sun Zhou’s New Project

Sun Honglei

Sun Zhou

Yes, I Do book cover (Sina)

CF: Sun Yat-sen Biopic to Be Released in October

CF: Yan Ni in Supremacy(Sina-gallery)

Fantasy film “Mural” saw its new still photos released recently. The stills feature actress Yan Ni who portrays Coldblood Queen who is in charge of the mural wonderland and enjoys the mightiness of supremacy.

Huang Yi and Raymond Lam Fung attend the launch of the official web site for It’s Love/The Sorcerer and the White Snake.

Yang Zi, Tony Ching Siu-Tung, Huang Shengyi, Raymond Lam


Lau Ching-Wan and Huang Yi shoot a bedroom scene in Overheard 2

Huang Yi plays a lawyer who helps her husband, Lau Ching-Wan, evade justice (Sina)2

Huang Yi in Woman Knight of Mirror Lake (HunanTV)

Xu Fan has a 1950s retro look in Love in Space

Xu Fan, Liu Jinshan (HunanTV)(Sina)2

Online trailer for horror film Harpoon is drawing lots of netizens’ attention for featuring a naked Zhao Ming. Hu Bing and Monica Mok (Mo Xiaoqi) co-star and opens in December, just in time for the holidays. (Sina)Trailer

Zhang Ziyi on upcoming cover of September Elle

Shu Qi Elle Extra cover

Tang Wei in Hong Kong shooting a skin care advert


CF: Huang Shengyi Poses Backless for “Sunshine” Magazine

CRI: Rene Liu Announces Marriage(CNA)

MSN: Nicholas Tse suffers an asthma attack(CNA)

Next Miracle boot ceremony (Sina)

MSN: Karena Lam returns to Hong Kong

MSN: Elaine Ng rumoured to bring daughter into showbiz

Jackie Chan’s son caught dating a busty woman

August 5, 2011

August 5, 2011

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TaipeiTimes: Blowfish review

Lee Chi-yuarn strikes a fine balance between style and content in his latest romance about a woman, a man and a blowfish

ChinaPost: Blowfish review

Blowfish” seeks itself to be a classy literary film, while announces itself to be a young, modern romance comedy-esk type. Hoping to grasp the best of both worlds, Blowfish only left the audience a head-scratching remark.

CF: ”Tian Sheng Yi Dui” Eyeing New Year Holiday Release

Stellar Mega Films Co., Ltd. held a press conference in Beijing yesterday to promote its latest comedy production, a remake of the 1985 film ‘A Match Made by Heaven’.

Yang Mi (Sina)

The theme tune and music video are based on the classic Chinese love song, ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’. The song, with its waltz-like lilt, has been covered by many performers and is one of China’s most well known and popular love songs.

Aaron Kwok revealed that he “almost died on the moon” when his prop spacesuit failed to deliver enough oxygen on the first day of shooting. Due to import restrictions, a real spacesuit could not be cleared through customs. (Xinhua-gallery)

Director Gordon Chan’s fantasy movie, “Mural” released a collection of still photos featuring the celebrity couple Deng Chao and Sun Li. Deng and Sun registered for marriage last February. Currently Sun is in pregnancy.

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

CNA: Peter Chan reveals the secret to Takeshi Kaneshiro’s success

Women love him while men could identify with him without feeling threatened.

MSN: Lucas Tse comforts Cecilia Cheung: I won’t go to Daddy

“Whenever I see them [my sons], I feel that the Lord has been very good to me. I spent the happiest days of my life with them,” Cecilia said.

1997 nostalgia - Nicholas Tse magazine cover posted on weibo by fan (Xinhua)

“The story they wrote is so colourful! Give them a round of applause,” said Shu Qi sarcastically.MSN: Karen Mok to wed early October

MSN: Selina Jen’s fiancé denies he announced their wedding date

August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

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AFP: Taiwan indignant over Venice film festival error

Taiwan has protested to the Venice film festival for wrongly listing a film vying for the Golden Lion award as co-produced by China

FBA: Taiwan protests Venice label

FBA: Thieves completes Macau casino raid

Mysterious Island - Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

There’s a paradox about Chinese horror films. A genre subject to rigorous censorship pertaining to the supernatural, what’s released is rarely good and no big director ever picks the genre. At the same time, what does succeed are often shoestring affairs, meaning great returns on little investment.

At a Mei Ah press conference in Beijing, it was announced that Yang Mi would be featured in four upcoming projects: Chinese Princess Turandot, Windseeker, Butterfly Cemetery and Great Wudang. Mei Ah will invest $300M in the four films.Windseeker will be directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong and star Tony Leung Chiu-Wai.

Yang Mi is red hot and has plenty to be happy about

Butterfly Cemetery

Chinese Princess Turandot screenwriter Chan Khan


Great Wudang

Director Patrick Leung Pak-Yin, writer Chan Khan, action director Corey Yuen

Mei Ah Entertainment Group Chairman Li Guo-Hsing

Mysterious Island “smashed” $80M box office

(Sina)2, (Sohu)(Xinmin)(enorth)

Alan Mak and Felix Chong’s Overheard 2 opens Aug. 18

Wu Fung, Kenneth Tsang Kong (Sina)2

Love in Space posters

(Sina) CF: Posters of “Love in Space” Unveiled

Perfect Baby poster

Deng Chao stars in the Sino-French co-production

Deng Chao, Clemence Saint-Preux (Sina)

CF: “Perfect Baby” Releases Poster

The 13th ACGHK (Animation-Comics-Games Hong Kong) Fair opened Friday

Ada Wong, 21 year-old daughter of Wong Jing tries her hand at modeling (HunanTV)

MSN: Cecilia Cheung willing to give away her two apartments to save marriage

A1: Cecilia apologises to mum-in-law

MSN: Huang Xiaoming fends off relationship rumours with his mother

July 13, 2011

July 13, 2011

China Lion to bring Fox International’s ‘Love in Space’ to U.S. theaters2(FBA)

The story “follows a mother and her three grown daughters as they juggle their assorted love lives. Each woman is successful in everything except love – until they unexpectedly encounter new romances in Beijing, Sydney and even on a space shuttle.”

The romantic comedy will be released in China, North America, Australia and New Zealand on September 9.

“Sex and Zen 3D” Gets North American and UK Release Dates

The Chinese erotic blockbuster “Sex and Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy”, will hit North America August 12, with the UK and Ireland following September 2.

CRI: Aaron Kwok, Rene Liu Portray Love in Outer Space

In the film, Liu and Kwok portray two ex-lovers who have to face each other day and night in the space capsule. They both said that it is a big challenge for them to perform when there is no gravity.

CF: Producer’s Cut the Unkindest

The Pretending Lovers and Rest on Your Shoulders cut for creative, market considerations

In America, it is known as an “Alan Smithee film,” the name given when a director’s dispute over final cut reaches the stage where they are no longer willing to be associated with their own film.

Variety: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan review

A mawkish, nuance-free adaptation of Lisa See’s 2005 bestseller.

THR: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan review

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan demonstrates the Chinese-American director Wayne Wang remains one of the world’s best directors of women.

CF: Zhou Dongyu Lands a Role in “Qing Cheng Zhi Lei”

Young actress Zhou Dongyu has landed a role in the film “Tears in a Fallen City”

It’s Love - The Sorcerer and the White Snake stills featuring Huang Shengyi


The Pang Ho-Cheung-produced “4+1 Project” gets a mainland theatrical release at the end of August. Previously issued as 4 separate internet short films, this is the “+1″ expanded piece interlocking the individual segments(?). Now titled, literally, “Drunken Nights” (originally, “Broken Pieces”). (Previously), and here

Shawn Yue, Zhang Jingchu

Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing attends the LA premiere of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (July 11)

Li Bingbing, Wayne Wang

Wendi Deng, Li Bingbing, Wayne Wang

Jeon Ji-Hyun did not attend (Sina)(Zimbio)

CF: “Snow Flower” Premieres in LA

“2011’s most thirst-quenching summer movie”, Beach Spike


3 Faces of Chrissie


MSN: Cecilia Cheung lets son Lucas Tse skip kindergarten

February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011

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CRI: Jet Li to Show Tai-Chi, but Not with Feng Xiaogang (Sina)

THR: Huang Zumo, Director of China’s Longest-Running Film, Dies at 90

‘Romance on Lushan Mountain’ still playing after 31 years.

FBA: Love In Space blasts off

Production got underway today on Love In Space the sequel to last year’s hit ensemble comedy Hot Summer Days

Love in Space - Wing Shya, Eason Chan, Angelababy, Guei Lun-Mei, Aaron Kwok, Tony Chan Kwok-Fai


An enterprising journalist armed with pliers cut through barbed wire and managed to breach the high security guarding the set of Zhang Yimou’s ruined city of Nanjing for his film 13 Flowers of Nanjing/Thirteen Girls in Jinling.


Wilson Yip’s upcoming Chinese Fairy Tale boasts 1200 computer-generated shots. Art director Kenneth Mak Kwok-Keung strove to create a fantasy world that blends realistic and the impressionistic.


Mr. and Mrs. Incredible will compete at the 13th Asian International Film Festival in Deauville, France

Vincent Kok will attend the festival which begins in mid-March. (Sina)

“Youth editon” of Buddha Mountain poster

A second MV has also been released making the pair ‘his and her’ versions. (Sina)

Youth Film Guide announced the winners of the final round for the 2010 Golden Broom Awards.

Feng Xiaogang’s If You Are the One 2 won for both 2nd Most Disappointing Film and Most Disappointing Director. His film Aftershock was also awarded Most Disappointing Product Placement Film Award. Confucius  garnered both Most Disappointing Film and Director awards. Lee Lik-Chi’s Flirting Scholar 2 won the awards for Most Disappointing Sequel and Most Disappointing Actor (Zhou Libo). Taiwan actress Barbie Hsu won the Most Disappointing Actress award for 3 films, Future X-Cops, Reign of Assassins and Adventure of the King beating out Xie Na who received the 2nd Most Disappointing Actress. Organizers said that the prize was a wedding gift for the bride-to-be. :D

The first round was pared to a short list by film critics, media people, academics, netizens, filmmakers and others.

The jury also recognized as high-quality films: Let the Bullets Fly, Buddha Mountain, Monga, Echoes of the Rainbow, The Fourth Painting, Taipei Exchanges, Love in a Puff and Chongqing Blues. Documentaries I Wish I Knew and KJ: Music and Life were also awarded. Jia Zhangke, Pang Ho-Cheung, Wang Xiaoshuai and others attended the event to receive their prize. (Sina)

Jay Chou and Kobe Bryant

The pair were shooting an advert for a beverage brand Sprite in Los Angeles


Maggie Cheung attending the Burberry show for London Fashion Week (Feb.21)

I love the necklace. (Xinhua)

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