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April 21, 2011

April 21, 2011

CRI: Lynn Xiong Rumored to Have Brain Tumor

According to Next Magazine, Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) was reported to have been secretly hospitalized last week and diagnosed with a 2.5cm brain tumor last week after suffering from a persistent headache. Aaron Kwok rushed back to Hong Kong after his April 17th concert in Shanghai. Lynn’s manager denied the report saying that she only went to the hospital for a stomach ache. The article reports that Lynn was overheard talking on the phone about worries of brain surgery. Doctors recommended that she stay in the hospital for observation but she was too anxious to remain and returned home. (Xinhua)2

FBA: Kara Hui is engaged for Wedding Diary

FBA: Huayi’s Resistance comes to a halt

CRI: ’The Lost Bladesman’ Opens Beijing Film Panorama

CF: Jackie Chan’s Cinema Opens in NE China

Christopher Doyle

From Los Angeles, Doyle discusses Chungking Express, the revitalization of Asian cinema and the appeal of revisiting a masterwork.

Variety: Real estate to fund China films

The real estate sector is awash with cash as it’s one of the few vehicles available to Chinese private investors, who get little return from bank deposits in a time of rising inflation; where better for the real estate sector itself to invest than in the film biz, which is yielding high returns as more theaters are built and a cinemagoing culture starts to kick in. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

“The standing joke is that funding comes from coal mine owners with cash to burn [like The Warring States?], but it is a combination of wealthy individual investors, funds and traditional sources,” said Celestial Pictures CEO Ross Pollack.

Variety: Songzhuang docu fest cancelled

Beijing festival shadow falls on smaller event

A well-known Chinese indie docu fest, the Songzhuang Documentary Film Festival China, was forced to cancel its May 1-7 event, bowing to pressure ahead of the first state-run Beijing Intl. Film Festival, which opens at the weekend. Film Festival Pulls Own Plug

GlobalTimes: New film recycles Three Kingdoms story(CF)

With mainly male actors and action scenes, The Lost Bladesman is a macho film with only one female character, Qi Lan.

It is well-known historical supposition – and common sense – that Cao admired Guan’s extraordinary talents and martial-arts ability and tried to coerce him to join his side, while Guan steadfastly refused to betray his master Liu Bei. The Lost Bladesman highlights the two’s love-hate dynamic and even hints at something of a homoerotic relationship. It’s certainly a fresh angle to the tired Three Kingdoms formula Chinese audiences have long been spoon-fed.

It was reported that the film’s original print underwent an exacting digit refurbishment in the lead up to the re-release.

A not-so-scary Chinese ghost story -  review from Malaysia

What started off as a promis­ing premise turns choppy and relies very much on fast edit­ing to make the plot really pop out. While it is commendable to experiment with cameraworks, but tilting the camera again and again is just plain sick. I don’t feel any artistic twist to it every time the filmmaker does that; more like a vomit-inducing effect that I am more than please to take it off…

At times her jumpy character can be really annoying, but it’s her innocence that actually draws people to her - like it or not. And she so much reminds me of Joey Wong, when she broke into the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Not bad.

One more A Beautiful Life poster.

A May 20 simultaneous release was previously reported. (Sina)

The Peter Chan-Teddy Chen production of the martial arts film The Flying Guillotines has been delayed according to Taiwan media due to not having received necessary approvals from the mainland. Production was due to begin filming this month. Ethan Ruan returned to Taiwan from Beijing where he had been training. (Xinhua)(Sina)

Poster for Law Wing-Cheong’s Punished, scheduled for a May 5 release (Sina)

Stills featuring Gong Beibi and Aaron Kwok from The Detective 2.

With no classification system, mainland audiences are warned that this is ‘ not another teen movie’. With scenes of a tongue being cut out, rotting corpses and other horrors, the words ’see with caution’ have been added to all advertising posters, trailers, and other publicity materials in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities.. A promotional gimmick or an informal rating? (Xinhua)23 In other news, Feng Xiaogang’s cameo scene revealed in online photos in Gu Changwei’s Till Death Do We Part has been deleted.

CRI: Top Directors Play Cameo Roles in Gu’s Film

No. 32, B District poster

The Chinese-Thai co-production is called the Asian “Paranormal” and opens June 3. (Sina)

Karen Mok posted pictures of herself taken while filming on Rt. 66 outside of Los Angeles and Las Vegas while filming a micro-film for Cadillac. The road was closed for shooting with the help of the police.

Poster for Committed to Freedom

The micro-film is a follow up to the first one starring Daniel Wu entitled On the Verge filmed in Hong Kong and Shanghai. (Xinhua)23

Cherie Chung’s first TV advert in ages, directed by Lawrence Ah Mon and photographed by Cheung Man-Wa/Zhang Wenhua. [You can also look forward to seeing Cherie on the May cover of Elle.]


Li Bingbing promoting environmental protection in Beijing

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan will be released in July after screening a 10 minute clip at Cannes.


CNA:  Nicholas Tse says wife Cecilia Cheung is much more important than children

His comment took the blogosphere by storm, with come netizens even conferring upon him the title “Best Man of the Century” and expressing envy that Cheung had scored a husband whose love for her eclipsed his love for their children.

CNA: Kenny Bee’s ex-wife claims Fan Jiang abused her daughter, goes to police

CNA: Kitty Zhang marries director 21 years her senior

For those who missed Rock Records’ 30th anniversary in Taipei five months ago, its upcoming Beijing gig will offer another chance to catch up with the largest-ever line-up of Mandopop singers, responsible for 1,800 albums and 20,000 songs on Asia’s largest independent label from the 1980s.

December 10, 2009

December 10, 2009

Lynn Xiong

Taiwan actress Feng Yuan Zhen, know as Little Lin Chi-Ling

Leon Jay Williams

He Jiong

Joe Ma announced in Beijing plans to film My Sassy Girl 2 with Lynn Xiong/Hung Doi-Lam and Leon Jay Williams/Li Wei-Lian.  (Sina)

Storm Warriors Hong Kong premiere

Slide show (HunanTV)

Bodyguards and Assassins - Shanghai promotion stop (HunanTV) (Sina)

CRI: Zhang Yimou’s New ‘Story’ Premieres

“A Simple Noodle Story”, the long-awaited new film by Zhang Yimou, premiered in Beijing on Wednesday

CRI: MV for ‘Noodle Story’ Theme Song

Prince of Tears (Hong Kong), City of Life and Death (China), No Puede Vivir Sin Te (Taiwan) make final list of Golden Globes Best Foreign Language Film. (Sina)

I spy: Zhang Ziyi getting in shape for Wong Kar-Wai’s Grand Master


Hong Kong Leukemia Foundation Ambassadors:

Ekin Cheng, Connie Chan, Karena Lam

Karena Lam (Xinhua)

CRI: Zhang Ziyi Defines Her ‘Good Man’

Female tycoon spotted at Edison Chen’s new Shanghai store

Cecilia Cheung aspires to have a brood of five children

December 3, 2009

December 3, 2009

All’s Well Ends Well 2010 Hong Kong Banquet

Raymond Wong

Sandra Ng

Ronald Cheng

Louis Koo


Lynn Xiong

Lee Heung Kam, Louis Koo

AngelaBaby, Lynn Xiong

Lynn Xiong, Louis Koo

Ronald Cheng, AngelaBaby


Time: China vs. Disney: The Battle for Mulan

China is moving to take back one of its own — even if it is legend. Mulan is the Middle Kingdom’s gender-bending heroine, its Joan of Arc. The character from folktale is a daughter who disguises herself as a male soldier to take her father’s place in the conscription army. The problem for the Chinese is that, since 1998, the definitive version of the story has been Disney’s.

Wang Baoqiang has a cameo role in Jackie Chan’s Big Soldier (Sina)

CRI: Li Bingbing: Acting Is Everything

Screen Daily: At The End of Daybreak

In case you were wondering about the film Kara Hui won the Golden Horse for Best Supporting Actress

B+ Detective cast and crew

Oxide Pang and Gong Beibi

Gong Beibi and Aaron Kwok

B+ Detective is now in post-production and Oxide Pang promises an unexpected ending (Sina)

Karen Mok (Sina)

Karen Mok, Jackie Chan


Gillian Chung

Jane Zhang

Stephen Fung dressed to the nines, or as the article relates, looking homeless


CRI: MTV Names the Most Stylish Chinese Entertainers of the Year

Vicki Zhao sparks pregnancy rumours

4-months pregnant Cecilia Cheung spotted shopping with her son and in-laws

Deborah Kerr?

Jay Chou is the 2009 top-earner [Taiwan] with S$27 million (2)

China’s Zhang Ziyi most “Googled” person in Taiwan

October 25, 2009

October 25, 2009

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All’s Well Ends Well 2010

Sandra Ng

Raymond Wong, actor/director

Lynn Xiong, Pan Yueming


1st NG - Lam Chi-Chung, Ronald Cheng

The official launch ceremony was held for the Lunar New Year comedy at Hengdian Studio.

Raymond Wong will direct as well as act. Louis Koo also returns. ( (Xinhua)

September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009

Aaron Kwok rehearses for National Day show

How does he do that?

( (

Vivian Chow

New advert photos


Tony Leung

Almost ready to begin shooting WKW’s First Generation Master (

At an appeance for The Founding of a Republic in Shaanxi, Director Huang Jianxin saidthat the first cut was 3 hours and 27 minutes long but he had to edit it down to 2 hours. The original film is long enough for a 4 episode TV movie version and he is now in discussions with TV stations. (

Astro Boy with the man behind his voice, Aaron Kwok

Aaron and movie son (

China claims ‘Astro Boy’

“Astro Boy,” a big budget cartoon from Hong Kong- and L.A.-based Imagi International, will escape China’s film import quotas and be considered a local picture on the Chinese mainland.

Meanwhile, Lynn Xiong is modeling and filming Ip Man 2 in Shanghai. [Aaron was recently photographed with Mango Wong in Beijing.]  (

After receiving a surprise gift from an anonymous man at a charitable banquet, Chinese actress Zhou Xun has admitted the man was her new boyfriend.

Zhao Benshan

Zhao Benshan had a stroke Wednesday and is now being treated in Shanghai.

Zhang Ziyi - August

Zhang Ziyi sent a video message to Tsai Ming-Liang on the eve of his Taiwan premiere of Face. She congratulated him on his success and expressed hope to collaborate in the future. In the message, Zhang said that movies are a high art form that combines literature, drama and music and other arts which is not easy to do but Tsai was able to do so. At the Cannes Film Festival premiere, Zhang Ziyi said that not only did Face have avant-garde artistic value but should also be appreciated. Therefore, she did not hesitate to vote for Face. (

Screen Daily: Golden Horse fest to open with Warrior and Tears

Starring Tsai Chen-nan, Enno Cheng, Serena Fang and Tsai Jian-wei, Tears is a story about an old detective who takes on the case of a girl who dies of a drugs overdose, and accidentally reveals a hidden crime he committed years ago.

THR: Bey Logan to produce ‘Blood Bond’

Bey Logan has set “The Blood Bond” as the first movie to flow from his new production company following his imminent exit as the Weinstein Company’s Hong Kong-based vice president. The picture is a stylized Asian actioner to be shot in English…The picture co-stars American stage actress Phoenix Chou and also features Chinese model and Taekwondo ace Zhang Lan-xin and veteran Hong Kong actor Simon Yam. Production begins Oct. 15 in China…

The Chinese-language romantic comedy “Hot Summer Days” will be a co-production between Fox International Productions, China’s Huayi Brothers Media Corp. and satellite TV operator Star Television Asia Ltd., Fox and Star said in a joint statement late Tuesday. Fox and Star are both units of media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

August 11, 2009

August 11, 2009

Michael Tse, Fala ChanJaime Chik, Michael Miu
Charmaine Sheh, Bobby AuyeungShirley Yeung
Bernice Liu, Lam FungFrancis Ng
Laughing Gor opening ceremony

Donnie Yen and Lynn XiongWith Huang Xiaoming
Ip Man 2 launch ceremony in Foshan

Bruce Lee introduced
Jiang Daiyan
Bruce Lee selected - more photos

Tang Wei rumored to have a guest role in Founding of the Nation

Angie Chiu
Angie Chiu will appear in Stanley Kwan’s Dancing With The Heart/Energy Behind the Heart as a mysterious Russian

Shu Qi and Aaron Kwok shooting stunt scene for City Under Siege

Olympic girl Lin Miao-Ke appearing in TV drama

Hollywood Reporter: Zhang Ziyi stars in novice director’s ‘Revenge’

Jack Neo’s latest ‘offering’ brings horror to another dimension
Neo has departed from the norm with “Where Got Ghost” to look at the departed.

Korea selects Mother as foreign-language Oscar entry

Zhang Zi-yi - the actress with a foul mouth

“Everything is All Right” about Zhang Ziyi and Fiance

Jet Li Launches Gym Training Program

July 28, 2009

July 28, 2009

Jet Li
Still from Sylvester Stallone film The Expendables - Jet Li

SCMP: Daniel Wu discusses new film ‘Overheard’
Zhang Jingchu, Lau Ching-Wan
Overheard takes in 35M yuan in the opening weekend

‘Tracing Shadow’ Premieres

More photos of premiere

Peter Chan wanted to cast Michelle Reis ten years ago when Bodyguards and Assassins was first planned

Additional photos of Michelle Reis on set of Bodyguards and Assassins
Andrew Lau received a 1905 HK$10 bill as a reward and commemoration for his efforts
Peter Chan, in a surprise, introduced Andrew Lau on the last of shooting. Lau had been called in to assist due to an unnamed large crisis.
‘Infernal’ Lau joins ‘Bodyguards’

Shing Fui-On
Shing Fui-On suffers recurrence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

The 54 year-old actor was treated in 2004 with chemo and radiation therapy and he lost 45kg in weight. He also lost his sense of taste and hearing. Nonetheless, Shing was elected village head in Sai Kung and later ran for election to the legislature but was defeated.
Nick Cheung, also a Sai Kung resident, went directly from shooting To Live and Die in Mongkok to visit Shing at the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital. He is due to be released in a couple days.

Prison on Fire
1988 - The Greatest Lover
2001 - ATV series with Japanese beauties
Secret Lover, 1995The Detective, 2007
2003 running for legislative council member

Shing Fui-On continued auto racing even after first being diagnosed in 2004

Zhang Ziyi Interview: From Actress to Producer (Thanks, to duriandave, for pointing it out)

Chinese filmmaker Feng Xiaogang begins shooting earthquake movie
“Aftershocks” tells the story of a seven-year-old girl who survived the quake that killed more than 240,000 people.

Hong Kong filmmaker Lee Kung-lok’s romantic comedy Let’s Fall in Love starts shooting in Beijing on July 24.

MIFF weighs future of Chinese pics
Claustrophobia, Miao Miao also withdrawn

Hollywood Reporter: Haeundae - film review
Bottom Line: Korea’s first disaster movie is slow to reach a crest of excitement but eventually delivers shiploads of action and visual spectacles.
Disaster film a Korean BO success

Comic-Con ‘Thirst’ panel with director Park Chan-Wook

Sassy Girl Returns as a Cyborg (video/photos)
Sassy girl returns as robot in Cyborg She

HK singer Eason Chan’s marriage in trouble?

Donnie Yen’s birthday party
Donnie Yen and wife
Raymond WongLynn XiongCheung Tat-MingVincent Kok
Roy CheungLeon LaiAndrew Lin
Donnie Yen celebrates his 46th birthday with friends

Additional photos

Yasmin Ahmad

  • Touched by her maternal glow
  • Friend to All
  • Tears and tribute

    ESWN: Young Models At The Hong Kong Book Fair

    SCMP: Anti-model activists protest at HK Book Fair

    SCMP: Kobe brings MVP skills to HK

  • July 23, 2009

    July 23, 2009

    The Storm Warriors to create new Wuxia world with more special effects

    Preview of the Set in Zhang Yimou’s “Three Guns”
    Three Guns

    ‘Sick’ Detective Deng Smells out Clues

    Chinese actor Deng Chao plays an albino detective who finds clues with the help of his super strong sense of smell in the new martial-arts and mystery film “Detective Dee”.

    Fan Bingbing, Wang Xueqi
    Fan Bingbing, Wang Xueqi - Bodyguards and Assassins photos

    Cecilia Cheung visits set of Bodyguards and Assassins - photos

    Replacing Song Hye-Kyo?

    ‘Overheard’ the best Chinese film this summer
    “Overheard” will premiere on the mainland tomorrow, one week ahead of Hong Kong.

    Shanghai Blues remake?
    Reportedly, Kwak Jae-Yong (My Sassy Girl) and Tsui Hark will team together again to remake Shanghai Blues. Kwak, who wrote All About Women, will direct while Tsui will write this time. Kwak also directed the recent Cyborg She. A number of Korean actors will likely be involved as well.

    Stanley Kwan filming the solar eclipse in rainy, overcast Shanghai

    Feng Xiaogang slams MIFF over Uighur doc
    Top Chinese director decries calls subject ‘a political liar.’
    Film directors’ withdrawal supported at home
    Stanley Tong, a well-known Hong Kong director, said he was shocked by the news because it was “extremely inappropriate” for a film festival to play a documentary about a “terrorist.”

    Exhilarating ‘Take-Off’ in Korean Sports Drama

    Vivian Chow

    Vivian Chow promoting cosmetics brand in Shanghai

    More photos

    SCMP: Lynn Xiong poses for Harper’s Bazaar

    SCMP: Anti-model activists protest at HK Book Fair

    Check out the 1st Hong Kong International Kung Fu Festival

    Asia witnesses solar eclipse

    June 17, 2009

    June 17, 2009

    Francis Ng: not cursing (at actors) is not good directing

    Hu Jun
    ‘Bodyguards and Assassins’ Opens Shooting Base

    Zhou Xun wins Asian Star of the Year award from Asian Producers Association

    Chen Hao
    Chen Hao voice of duck for Magic Aster

    Lynn Xiong, Donnie Yen
    Lynn Xiong, Donnie Yen promote for Nokia

    Feng Xiaogang’s Quake Film in IMAX
    Feng Xiaogang
    Feng Xiaogang hopes for $500M box office for Tangshan Earthquake aka Aftershock

    The plot revolves around a 7 year-old survivor and is scheduled for a 2010 summer release
    Imax, Huayi Brothers strike three-picture pact
    The film [Aftershock] will be released in IMAX cinemas in China, other parts of Asia and key North American markets in July 2010.
    IMAX readies Huayi film trio

    Ciwen, Asian Union (Underdog Knight) unveil German, Italian co-productions
    Co-productions the way to go, China says

    Director Jeon Soo-il Talks About `Himalaya’

    Cherie Chung

    Additional photos of Cherie Chung’s skin care advert

    Cherie is reported to appear for another client on the 25th

    Shu Qi
    I spy: Shu Qi at the airport

    By chance, Shu Qi shared a flight to Taiwan with Anita Yuen and her baby. Out of concern of mother and child Shu Qi diverted the press allowing Anita to escape by going in opposite directions

    Josie Ho denies separation from Conroy Chan

    Said he was only taking a toy to a family friend and going to New York with friend to visit family. ;)
    More Josie

    English versions of the Five Conditions on Isabella Leung story
    Isabella Leong a few obstacles away from becoming a Li
    Isabella Leong to undergo five trials before becoming Mrs. Li

    Chinese star Jet Li ‘takes Singapore citizenship’

    Gillian Chung slide show

    Jennifer Tse (Nic's sister)Gaile Lai
    Jennifer Tse and Gaile Lai promote Huggies

    Obesity breakthrough leads to Shaw Prize for two

    June 15, 2009

    June 15, 2009

    Anthony Wong, Miriam Yeung, Richie Ren
    Shanghai: Anthony Wong, Miriam Yeung, Richie Ren

    Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing
    Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing promote The Message

    Lynn Xiong and Donnie Yen promote Ip Man 2

    Gan Wei, KX, Sun Li
    200 Mln Yuan Box Office Predicted for “Cyborg”

    Fan Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi
    “Sophie’s Revenge” to be Released in August

    Ten former Miss Hong Kong contestants (*crowned):
    Anita Yuen*, Angie Chiu, Michelle Reis*, Ada Choi, Monica Chan, , Kenix Kwok, Sonija Kwok*, Lee San-San*, Charmaine Sheh, Loletta Chu*
    Anita Yuen, 1990
    Angie Chiu, 1973
    Michelle Reis, 1988

    This year’s hopefuls

    55 year-old Angie Chiu was in Shanghai to shoot an advert and went dining out at a hotel with her husband. A throng of fans separated the two. In the scrum, she became a victim of exuberant grabby handed male fans until her husband rescued her.

    Teresa Teng
    Teresa Teng’s 1982 broken engagement to Kuok Khoon Chen, Malaysian sugar king

    Three conditions of marriage from Kuok family: give up singing and acting career, give up connections with show business, draw the line against male friends.

    Isabella Leong
    Five conditions Isabella Leong must pass to marry Richard Li

    1) Return to Hong Kong, 2)Sign a prenuptial agreement, (so far she’s received two San Francisco mansions and cash worth HK$200M) 3) Avoid scandal, 4) Continue education, 5) Divination reviewed by Cai Boli (a geomancy elder). In her favor, Isabella possesses, the ‘5 thins, 5 longs’ signs of inborn riches and honor - thin ears, thin eyes, thin lips, thin skinned, thin back, long facial features, height, lots of pull, foot length, and head length.

    Yu Na Poses Sexy in a Men’s Magazine

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