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October 28, 2010

October 28, 2010

“Heart” edition of Midnight Beating poster

Finally, an official English title. Of course, my orignal translations Midnight Pulse/Midnight Heartbeat didn’t prove out!

Simon Yam, Yang Yuyu

Li Nian, producer Ding Wei-Min, Francis Ng


THR: Huang Bo Joins ‘Black & White: Episode 1′

FBA: Monkey King gets 3-D IMAX treatment

Female leads include Faye Wong, Cecilia Cheung, Kelly Chen and Gigi Leung.

CRI: Angelababy Stars in CPC Anniversary Film

CRI: ’Lost in Panic Room’ Photo Stills

The film tells the story of a puzzling series of murders in a mountain villa. Writer Liu Yunfei (Alec Su), who is famed for writing detective stories, is accidentally involved in the case. His detective skills finally help him discover the real murderer.

Pre-screenings have triggered comments that director Gao Qunshu has copied Hollywood’s Western movies. Gao responded in an interview with China Daily, “I am not copying Hollywood. I am learning from it and using it in my own way.”

Ship captain Lin Quanhai (Wang Xueqi) abandoned his wife and their son when the boy was only 10. They never saw each other again. One day, Lin is informed that his son has been shot dead by the police for stabbing and taking a hostage in a shopping mall in Chongqing. Lin decides to come to Chongqing to search for the life and memories of his son after he left him.

Newcomer Aarif Lee Plays Young Kung Fu Legend

The production was based on input from Lee’s younger brother Robert and his two older sisters. Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee and widow Linda Lee Cadwell, however, were not involved and there have been suggestions of interfamily controversy.

IFC will release the film theatrically and on video-on-demand in early 2011.

In the tradition of Hong Kong cinematic storytelling, Perfect Wedding recounts how Xin (Miriam Yeung), a wedding planner who despite always arranges amazing wedding for others, is left at the altar by her fiancé. Still heartbroken years later, she continues in wedding planning yet no longer believes in love.

The film stars Wang Qianyuan, who earned a nomination for best actor at TIIF. Born and raised in northeastern China, Wang said he is very familiar with characters like Chen, “Chen is a typical northeasterner, very relaxed and optimistic, he always finds the fun in life,” Wang told the Global Times.

Sandra Ng and Tony Leung Ka-Fai, will costar in Eric Tsang’s Lunar New Year film I Love Hong Kong. Wong Cho-Nam and Bosco Wong will play younger versions of Eric and Tony in the happier version of the Echoes of the Rainbow-like nostalgic comedy. (Xinhua)

Donnie Yen deleted earlier comments from his weibo complaining that The Legend of the Fist was not very good and had too much of the story deleted. He said that the box office would have been better and matched rival film Detective Dee otherwise. The posts attracted much media attention and Donnie said they were deleted so as not to be misunderstood. (Xinhua)2

Late Autumn stills (Xinhua-gallery)

CRI: Karen Mok Graces Fashion Magazine(Xinhua)

Huang Yi, Karen Mok (qq)

Found the MV for the theme song for Derek Chiu’s Road Less Travelled sung by Karen Mok. It’s an old Lowell Lo hit from 1986. Searching the interwebs, the film looks to have been filmed way back in 2009(!).

It plays fairly smoothly: (Tudou-MV)

MSN: Cecilia Cheung is not invited to Jordan Chan’s wedding

Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying are not inviting their rumoured exes Cecilia Cheung and Eric Suen to their wedding bash.

Rumour has it that the actress has offered a high remuneration for Carina Lau’s assistant, Siqi, as the latter is well-connected and familiar with China’s film market.

“When I studied at the teaching college in China, my teacher told me ‘Zhao Wei, you should change your profession.’

October 15, 2010

October 15, 2010

Variety: Addicted to Love (China) review

A Chinese senior citizen rediscovers the power of the heart in the beautifully observed and played “Addicted to Love.”

Reign of Assassins - Michelle Yeoh’s swordplay gem

CRI: ’If You Are the One’ Sequel in Theaters Dec. 22

CRI: ’The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman’ Releases Final Trailer

CRI: Latest Stills of ‘Wind Blast’

THR: Pang Brothers’ 3D horror films bows in HK

Pang went to the cinemas to observe the opening day crowd for “The Child’s Eye” on Thursday in Hong Kong, and saw firsthand the three main advantages that 3D brings to the film industry as a whole.

Also: Filming for “The Sleep Walker” is scheduled to start at the end of this month in Hong Kong and Thailand for a 2011 release.

Indomina Releasing has acquired domestic rights to Hong Kong martial arts thriller “Bodyguards and Assassins” from We Distribution.

Indomina also recently acquired “Griff the Invisible,” “Wasted on the Young,” “True Legend” and “Fire of Conscience.”

Midnight Heartbeat/Midnight Pulse new poster

The Simon Yam, Francis Ng hospital horror film has finally received an official release date after passing a final cut and review following another round of edits. The release date is set for December 24th. Ho, Ho, Ho! (Sina)

Ning Hao’s film No Man’s Land has finally been freed from limbo. Originally scheduled for a December 8, 2009 release, the film had been held up by authorities and now finally granted a December 18, 2010 release. Reportedly too dark for censors, the film has been reedited many times. Though Ning Hao had previously said the changes were minor, netizens were expressing doubts. (Sina)

Zhou Dongyu, Shawn Dou Xiao

Zhang Yimou brought Under the Hawthorn Tree to the Hawaii International Film Festival. As Dou Xiao is fluent in English, he acted as Zhou Dongyu’s translator.


Alec Su, Pace Wu

Pace Wu

Hidden Chamber of Secrets unveiled the film’s poster and officially launched its website yesterday. The film opens October 29. (Sina)2

The cast of Jingle Ma’s Dynamic Angel (Race Car) celebrate Jimmy Lin’s 36th birthday.

Cecilia Cheung, Jimmy Lin, Tang Wei, Chie Tanaka, Han Jae-Seok

Jimmy Lin, Rene Liu, Jingle Ma (Sina)

On the set of Love Island

Simon Yam, Francis Ng

Francis Ng

The cast also includes Song Jia, Janice Man, Chang Chen and Joan Chen

(Sina) (Thanks, to Valerie)

Stanley Fung

Stanley Fung appeared on a Beijing TV program recently (Sina)

September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010

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THR: ‘Legend of the Fist’ and ‘Ip Man 2′ get North American release

The companies are also bringing the popular Asian action pic “Ip Man” to select theaters starting Oct. 1, with an exclusive run at New York City’s Cinema Village theater, to be followed by a combination of traditional one-week runs and special one-off screenings for fans.

WSJ: Hong Kong Legend Yuen Woo Ping’s ‘Fantastic’ Past, Future

After four decades choreographing and directing some of the best-known martial arts films in contemporary Hong Kong cinema, Yuen Woo Ping is making the first American film festival appearance of his career.

Variety: Red Nights2

The funky pleasure of femme-vs.-femme intrigue, assassins and dragon ladies is undone by an ersatz fusion of giallo and John Woo-ish Hong Kong gunplay in “Red Nights.” Glossy, dumb item offers evidence that Gallic co-directors Julien Carbon and Laurent Courtland are fans of the genres in question, but their handling is utterly ham-fisted. Too many lethargic passages undermine the pic’s deep-midnight S&M weirdness and star Carrie Ng’s over-the-top camp appeal.

FBA: Under the Hawthorn Tree (山楂樹之戀) (8/10)

A striking change of pace for director Zhang Yimou, with a sensitive love story during the Cultural Revolution.

THR: China takes first stake in Hollywood firm

It’s finally happened: a Chinese entertainment company has bought a piece of Hollywood.

FBA: Chinese conglomerate makes Hollywood foray

FBA: TVB the centre of acquisition talk

CRI: ’Assassins’ Premieres ahead of Sept. 28 Release

Zhang Ziyi and Aaron Kwok in Life is a Miracle (Xinhua)

CRI: Zhang Ziyi Mixes Happy and Sad in ‘Tale of Magic’

Tony Leung Ka-Fai as Bruce Lee’s father Lee Hoi-Chuen (Sina)

My Ex-Wife’s Wedding poster

The rom-com directed by Lee Kung-Lok features Chen Kun, Lu Yi and Yuan Quan, opens Oct.22 (Sina)

Francis Ng, Li Nian

Francis Ng

Simon Yam

A passionate love scene in Midnight Pulse between Francis Ng and Li Nian may be cut. In addition, an ambiguous scene with Simon Yam and Yang Yuyu who play brother and sister may also be cut. No exact release date has been announced yet for Midnight Pulse but a November timeframe is expected. (Xinhua)23

Chow Yun-Fat and Aaron Kwok have been reported to be signed on for Filmko’s 3D version of The Monkey King. Chow will play the Jade Emperor and Aaron Kwok the evil Bull King Demon. Donnie Yen was previously announced in the role of the Monkey King.  (Xinhua)

CRI: Faye Wong Practices for Upcoming Concert

Previous reports suggest that besides Beijing and Shanghai, the concert will also be taken to various cities including Taipei in January of next year.

Simon Yam and Qi Qi donated a limited edition photo book for charity in Shanghai (Xinhua)

Getting an early look

Zhang Jingchu will be attending the Bally 2011 Spring Preview in Milan for Fashion Week in October. (Xinhua)

Angelababy - Cosmo photo shoot

(Sina-slide show)

Kelly Chen at a recent fashion event in Shanghai

(Sina-slide show)

Chrissie Chau has no worries about her safety when she goes to Japan next month despite recent Sino-Japanese tensions. (Sina)

Liu Yifei’s graduation photo


August 11, 2010

August 11, 2010

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Na Na’s War of the Roses/Nana’s Love War poster

New Stool Pigeon posters released

Stool Pigeon (Sina)

Simon Yam - Midnight Heartbeat/Midnight Pulse

Simon Yam says the film is not for children. According to reports, there are horror scenes every five minutes and young children should be accompanied by parents, and the elderly and those with poor endurance are to be watched. (!) But for fans of horror films it will be a visual feast. (Sina)

Chen Kun and Zhou Xun have been confirmed as returning for Painted Skin 2. Chun Kuo-Fu (The Message) will produce, the director may be Ning Hao. Confusingly, Gordon Chan is working on a similar ghost story project, Wall Painting. Donnie Yen and Zhao Wei are not returning for the sequel, Betty Sun Li has opted to appear in Gordon Chan’s Wall Painting. (Sina)2(Xinhua)

Recruitment poster for China Great Star Action Star Training in Shanghai

Prospective students were surprised to see Jackie Chan performing Wing Chun in a recruitment video. Successful students will have the opportunity to perform in two films, two television series and theatre internships. (Sina)

Karen Mok’s Taipei press conference for the release of her single ‘Baby’.

Karen Mok

(Sina-slide show)(Xinhua)

Daniel Wu, Lisa S.

The Las Vegas wedding cake for Daniel Wu and Lisa S. was a replica of their South African wedding hut. Lisa’s father is Gary Selesner, Caesars Palace Hotel President. (Xinhua)

SG: Andy Hui preparing to go public with Sammi Cheng?

Latest reports claim that Sammi gave Andy an Apple iPad as a token of love and the two of them have been communicating using the iPad since.

HKStandard: Fiddling case ‘fizzling out’

TVB executives case faltering?

Two of five people arrested in March on corruption charges involving a top executive at broadcaster TVB were yesterday released unconditionally.

July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

City Under Siege poster features Shu Qi, Aaron Kwok (Sina)

FBA: Clash (Bẫy rồng) (7/10)(Vietnam)

Reminiscent of Hong Kong ’80s fare, this enjoyably hardboiled action movie features a knockout performance by Veronica Ngo…Reuniting the same crew and two leads - real-life couple Johnny Nguyen and Veronica Ngo - of Charlie Nguyen’s period action hit The Rebel…

FBA: Aftershock splits Hollywood’s BO dominance (Box office summary)

Lost on Journey’s Xu Zheng: Comedian celebrates novel way to get ahead (Interview)

Poster for Midnight Heartbeat/Midnight Pulse

Francis Ng

Francis Ng at the Beijing launch of the movie website for Midnight Heartbeat/Midnight Pulse

Yang Yuyu, Francis Ng

Yao Di

Yao Di plays an insidious nurse


Guei Lun-Mei gun-styling in Dante Lam’s Stool Pigeon

With director Dante Lam (Sina)

Reign of Assassins set design sketches


Huang Shengyi, Patrick Tam and Law Kar-Ying star in a new CCTV series ‘Legend of Tai Chi’

Patrick Tam

Law Kar-Ying (Sina)

Karen Mok shooting album cover photos and MV in Australia for her new CD ‘Baby’

(Sina)2, (Xinhua)

Fan Bingbing in Beijing for an autumn/winter fashion show (Sina)

Angelababy and fans

Angelababy met with fans for an autograph session at Harbour City, denied recent allegations that her photo album was a plagiarism of a Japanese photo album. (Sina)(Sina-slide show)


Angelababy vs Rinka


Fan with Annie G., Hailey C., A.Lin and Chrissie Chau

Chrissie Chau

A.Lin, Chrissie Chau, Annie G. Hailey C.

Chrissie sexied up for the last day of publicity at Causeway Bay. Perhaps erring the day before yesterday for an early morning appearance and dressing too conservatively (the red dress?), only 50 fans queued up today. (Sina)2

SG: Wang Lee Hom avoids Dee Hsu’s persistent questions on his love life

When he last appeared three years ago, he was interrogated by Dee Hsu (also known as Xiao S) on his highly-speculated romantic relationship with fellow Taiwanese actress, Shu Qi…When Xiao S tried to quiz the latter on his rumoured relationship with Shu Qi, the four-time Golden Melody award winner tried to avoid the topic by lying flat on the floor. Xiao S followed suit despite wearing a mini dress.

Gigi Lai gives birth prematurely to twin daughters

July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

CRI: Liu Ye Leads “The Underdog Knight 2″

[The first Underdog Knight is recommended as a worthy pick up.]

CRI: Wang Baoqiang’s Newly Shocking Figures

(from Pang Brothers’ Perfect Fairy Tale)

Love in Disguise poster, trailer released (Sina)

CRI: Lee-Hom Wang Presents ‘Love in Disguise’

FBA: Meals Arrangement (派飯) (6/10)

Charming village tale set by the Yangtze is as light as a feather.

Huo Siyan - Dragon and Phoenix Inn


Death and Glory in Chengde poster (Sina)

Aaron shaves his chest

City Under Siege - Aaron Kwok (Sina)

Li Nian

From Midnight Pulse (Midnight Heartbeat)


Funny man Chen Peisi has a twin brother in the new light comedy ‘Chili King’


Chrissie Chau, now in 3D

Chrissie Chau promotes new photo album


And in this corner…

Angelababy presents Paradise - photo by Wing Shya


CRI: Vivian Hsu Poses for Fashion Magazine Vogue

CRI: Sammi Cheng’s Love Mi Concert Live in Shanghai

Fan distributes adult DVDs with Gillian Chung on cover

The man is reportedly a fan who once idolised Chung but became disillusioned when photos of the singer in compromising positions with Hong Kong star Edison Chen surfaced in 2008 and decided to commit such acts to harm the actress. HKStandard: Angry Gillian fan in porn disc flap

Huang Xiaoming coy on Angelababy

Jennifer Tse on Nicholas and Lucas

July 16, 2010

July 16, 2010

CNNGo: Carl Ng to play Brother Sharp in world’s first internet meme-inspired movie

CRI: “The Fourth Portrait” Nominated at Locarno Film Festival

[11 year-old Bi Xiao-Hai won the Best Actor award at the recent Taipei Film Awards.]

City Under Siege poster and trailer unveiling event

Collin Chou, clown, Benny Chan, Aaron Kwok

In an interview, Aaron denied that the film copied from Batman and Love on a Diet. (Sina - gallery)

Ming Dow

After a successful performance in the film “Monga”, Taiwan pop star, Ming Dow took on a similar character in this upcoming flick, which has lots of fight scenes for him.

CRI: Free “I Wish I Knew” Available in EXPO Garden

Jia Zhangke’s documentary-fiction “I Wish I Knew” now opens to Shanghai EXPO garden visitors for free.

The script for Feng Xiaogang’s If You Are the One 2 has been approved by the SARFT. The film has a new new Chinese title, Don’t Worry(Xinhua)

Producer-actress Qin Hailu’s Steel Guitar/Steel Piano is undergoing post-production in South Korea in preparation for screening at the Venice Film Festival. The film won Most Creative and Most Popular awards at the Shanghai Film Festival. Director-writer Kwak Jae-Yang is most famous for the hit film My Sassy Girl. (Sina)

Midnight Heartbeat hopes to test audience tolerance for ‘domestic terror’ (Sina)

Posters for Death and Glory in Chengde

An Yi-Xuan

Ray Lui

Yuan Wenkang

Ray Lui - Death and Glory in Chengde

The film is about an epic 1943 battle where a division of 8000 KMT soldiers fought against 30,000 Japanese troops. After fighting for 16 days only 200 had survived.

Ray Lui appears in the film directed by Shen Dong which opens Aug.19. (Sina)23

High Schoo Musical - Zhang Jun-Ning (c)

Zhang Jun-Ning

Yuan Cheng-Jie, Zhang Jun-Ning, Liu Yan-Chan (Sina)

Karen Mok appeared in Beijing during a media set visit with bruised forehead from an auto accident while filming ‘Gravity’ with Leon Dai.

Karen Mok, Leon Dai

Gravity is directed by Zhao Tianyu (Lost, Indulgence, Delicacies…Poison) and will also feature Zhang Jingchu, Guo Tao, Wen Zhang, Bai Bai He with a 2011 release planned. (Xinhua)(Sina)

Betty Sun Li (Just Another Pandora’s Box, Lost Bladesman) appearing for luggage brand Samsonite. She’s expected to star in Gordon Chan’s Painted Skin 2. (Xinhua)

Charlene Choi (file photo)

Choi’s manager, Mani Fok, explained that Choi had been travelling a lot lately and simply over-exerted herself, adding that she has since received treatment at a hospital and has returned home Thusday morning.

“Charlene fainted after over-exerting herself, so she could not attend the Shanghai event. However, she is not taking sick leave and will return to work today (Friday) to shoot a commercial.

“I have been ill lately and have been constantly taking medicine. However, I couldn’t handle the large quantity of medication. Today, I was supposed to turn up for the ‘Angels on the Road’ publicity event in Shanghai. But before I left, my stomach felt very uncomfortable.” (Xinhua)(Sina)

Connie Chan brings her Hong Kong opera show to The Venetian in Macau

Nam Fung, Connie Chan Po-Chu, Chan Wing-Yee

Nam Fung and Chan Wing-Yee will be performing for 14 months at the hotel. (Sina)

Aaron Kwok and Nissan GTR spotted in Happy Valley

Caption: Fashionably dressed Aaron Kwok with sports car, branded coffee captures hearts of foreign babes (Xinhua)

Anita Mui’s brother Mui Kei-Ming and mother Tam Mei Mui

Mui’s mother filed another appeal in court concerning Anita Mui’s estate. She said she would continue to appeal regardless of the court’s rulings against her. (Xinhua)

Isabella Leong

Early pictures of Isabella Leong accompany story of her recent birth of twin boys. (Xinhua)

(July 9) Rosamund Kwan and Taiwan electronics chairman Chen Taiming spotted in Paris

No more news on TB Chris (Xinhua)

Angelababy appearing for Adidas’ NeoLabel (Sina)

July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010

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Poster for advance ticket sales for Aftershock shows discounted prices prior to opening. (Sina)

FBA: The Perfect Match (終極匹配) (5/10)

Patchy Mainland rom-com largely kept afloat by the performance of Hongkonger Daniel Chan as the playboy.

CRI: Liu Ye to Star in Peter Chan’s New Film

The film project “Waiting”, which director Peter Chan has been trying to get off the ground for 10 years, was sent to the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) for approval on Monday (July 12th).

Simon Yam - Midnight Heartbeat/Midnight Pulse

Simon Yam, Francis Ng

New Midnight Hearbeat/Pulse trailer released (Sina)2

Liu Ye - Sharpshooter poster,

a TV drama directed by Teng Wen-Ji (Chess King, Yellow River Ballad) (Sina)

Cai Lifo start ceremony

The film stars Sammo Hung, Sammy Hung and Eric Tsang

Wang Jiayin has been added to the cast, Lin Chi-Ling was originally expected to join but was said not to have time to practice martial arts. Elsewhere, Lin Chi-Ling is said to be box-office poison after having flopped in a recent Japanese TV series and Treasure Hunter.

Su Qianwei film debut in Cai Lifo

Su Qianwei and Yuen Wah (Sina)

Angelababy will begin shooting the film version of the Taiwan idol gangster drama Black & White with Mark Chao (Zhao You-Ting) (Sina)

Charlene Choi

(July 11) Charlene reportedly looked gaunt and thinner at a recent autograph session for her new CD. (Sina)

Pepsi-Cola’s 10 million yuan ad campaign features a modern Journey to West with Huang Xiaoming, Jolin Tsai, Louis Koo and Show Luo. The ad unveils July 11 in Beijing.

(Xinhua-slide show)

Fan Bingbing, Chang Chen, Zhang Jingchu, Li Yuchen awarded;

Chang Chen

Jane Zhang Liangying concert press conference photos


Brew a cuppa with actress Guey Lun-mei (Guei Lun-Mei)

Thanks to Taiwanese film Taipei Exchanges, Guey Lun-mei can now take on barista duties at a cafe without skipping a heartbeat.

Angelababy in tears of scathing reports about her cosmetic surgeries

Stunning Hong Kong model AngelaBaby has been driven to tears by a string of media reports that she has had cosmetic enhancements, including a face lift, teeth correction, nose job, double-fold eyelid surgery, cheekbone reduction, chin surgery and more. If true, AngelaBaby is practically bionic.

Xinhua-Slide show: Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi-Lam), AngelaBaby Harbour City Model Competition. (Sina)

“The most important thing about living is forgiving yourself. The episode with the photos is over. It’s time to start living for today, and stop living in the past.”

After a year of consideration, Joey extended her contract for another five years recently, effectively extending her tenure with EEG for yet another 10 years.

June 30, 2010

June 30, 2010

Zhao Wei is reportedly returning to Gordon Chan’s follow up to Painted Skin but Chen Kun is said to have declined to participate. (21cn)

Hong Kong media reports that Jet Li will begin shooting Tony Ching Siu-Tung’s White Snake in August and then in September he will join in Tsui Hark’s New Dragon Inn cast. Polybona is said to be willing to pay Jet who earned no salary for Ocean Paradise a hefty US$12M fee. Zhou Xun, Chen Kun and Guei Lun-Mei have already been attached to the $300M yuan project. Donnie Yen is said to have turned down a role as he was busy and did not want to reprise his role. [And maybe a feud with Jet Li?] (21cn)

CRI: Jet Li Nets $12 Million for New Action Role

CRI: First Poster of ‘Orphan of Zhao’ Released

CRI: Cecilia Cheung, Tony Leung to Star in Chinese Version of ‘The Illusionist’

The film, entitled “Da Moshu Shi” (”Great Magician”), is a story about two childhood sweethearts set during the early part of the twentieth century. Yee had intended to keep the film a secret until it was discovered by the Guangzhou Daily. Information about the film was found on the Web site of the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT).

Tony Leung is set to play the role of the intelligent illusionist, while Cheung will play a concubine to a warlord.

SG: Cecilia slims down for her return

Earlier Cecilia had attended actor-director Stephen Chow’s CJ7 2 press conference and the two was reportedly discussing plans for a sequel to King of Comedy.

Zhang Jiabei’s latest film, Midnight Hearbeat or Midnight Pulse, is inspired by classmateTakashi Miike’s horror stylings. The film stars Simon Yam and Francis Ng. Currently in post-production in Japan after completion in February, the supporting cast also includes four rising female stars: Yao Di, Li Nian, Liu Yuxin and Yang Yuyu. A synopsis says the film is about bizarre murders in a hospital ICU. A September release is planned. (Sina)23 [Thanks, to V]

Francis Ng

Simon Yam plays a surgeon (Sina)

Midnight Pulse’s Liu Yuxin

Li Nian (Sina)2

CRI: ‘Aftershock’ Releases IMAX Trailer

Feng also informed the press that pop diva Faye Wong sings the closing music for the film.

Local comedy Welcome to Shamatown made RMB22 million ($3.2 million) at the box office in China over six days after opening on 22 June.

The success of the debut film by Li Weiran confirms the marketability of actor Sun Honglei. Peter Lee’s  romantic comedy My Fair Gentleman (aka Dirt Rich in Shanghai), also starring Sun, was a moderate hit last year grossing $3 million. Shamatown also stars Taiwan supermodel Lin Chi-ling.

Gillian Chung, Alex Fong Lik-Sun promote Fantastic Water Babes (Sina)

Andy Lau heads to studio to begin shooting What Women Want

(lit. I Know A Women’s Heart)

Andy Lau and Hu Jing play husband and wife

Chen Daming directs


Charlene Choi featured in an advert for urban tree planting

Charlene denied reports her contract with Emperor had expired. She said that she is signed until she is 32 years old (2014) (Xinhua)

Angelababy performs facial massage for Biotherm

Angelababy says she feels Japan, Europe, Mainland China and Taiwan (so, anywhere but Hong Kong?) are safe places when quizzed about Fiona Sit’s paparazzi underwear photos. (Sina)

Angelababy meet with fans and showed photos from her new photo album to prove that they are not vulgar.

She will be at Harbour City July 24 to promote the new book. (Sina)

Theresa Fu will take to the shopping malls to promote her photo album since hers is among the books banned from the Book Fair by the TDC. (Sina)

Lynn Xiong/Hung Doi Lam’s manager denied rumors by Ming Pao that hint that she is involved in the Chongqing hotel ‘immoral transactions’ scandal brewing. (Sina)

SG: Eason Chan: David Tao’s album is not good enough

After the [Golden Melody] awards show, the disgruntled Eason was spotted having supper with fellow Hong Kong singer, Karen Mok, who also lost out to A-Mei on the Best Female Singer award.

While Karen tried covering up her disappointment when interviewed, Eason could hardly keep his discontentment to himself.

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