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December 28, 2009

December 28, 2009

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Two new posters. Movie opens Jan.22.

(China News)

Producer Jackie Chan launches TV version of The Myth (HunanTV)

Movie season’s lesser gems

Midnight Taxi, Poker King, Bright Future

CRI: Xu Jinglei Offers More Office Politics Advice

Xu Jinglei shoots promotional photos for her upcoming film “Du Lala’s Promotion” in Beijing on December 26, 2009.

Angry group lashes out at Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi accused of cheating former business partner

English subtitles missing in Hong Kong’s ‘Avatar’

December 9, 2009

December 9, 2009

New Midnight Taxi poster released

The film stars Jordan Chan and Deng Ziyi and opens Dec. 22  (Sina)

Concept poster for the upcoming Alex Fong, Wang Baoqiang comedy Bright Future


Stephen Fung

Vivian Hsu

Vivian Hsu, Stephen Fung’s rumoured girlfriend, joined him at the Taipei premiere of Jump last night


CRI: New Release: A Simple Noodle Story

CRI: Zhang Yimou’s Next Hero - Hanks, Cruise or Pitt?

13 Women of Jinling (Nanjing)

CRI: Zhang Yimou Wins Case

Director Zhang will receive 450,000 yuan in compensation from Huang Xiaoyang and the Huaxia Publishing House for writing and publishing a book revealing his personal life without his consent.

CRI: The Casual Side of Song Jia

“Red Cliff” star Song Jia enjoys her beach time. The actress is working on a new romantic movie called “Once upon a Time in Tibet”

Loletta Lee

44 year-old Loletta Lee undergoes a face lift procedure for a 7-digit fee


Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing promotes green credit cards, cards that are bio-degradable. 2 billion credit cards were issued last year. (HunanTV)

Gillian Chung in Shanghai promoting Hong Kong brand Photo gallery (Sina)


Baby Lucas eating at Hong Kong Airport with mom is just learning to use chopsticks.


Edison’s backer?

A wealthy mainland mystery woman is reportedly behind Edison Chen’s five new mainland stores. Edison denies the financial backing is other than with his own funds (Xinhua)

Carina Lau turned 44 years young Dec 8.


THR: China closes file-sharing sites in latest crackdown

BTCHINA, both down in move against piracy

US TV Note: Korean TV Dramas and Film Launch on MHz Worldview in January

The dramas, from YA Entertainment, include: The Grand Chef, I Love You, Someday, Alone In Love, and Freeze. Films include:Lover’s Concerto, My Beautiful Days, My Little Bride, Peppermint Candy, Singles and Turning Gate.

The programs, via MHz Worldview, will be available to nearly 27 million households across the country, in over half of the top-20 TV markets in the U.S. via broadcast and/or cable affiliates in: Chicago, IL- WYCC; Philadelphia, PA- MiND TV (WYBE); San Francisco, CA- KCSM; Stanford, CA- Stanford University Cable; Washington, DC- WNVC/MHz Networks; Tacoma-Seattle, WA- KBTC; Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown, PA- WNEO/WEAO; Minneapolis, MN- MPS Cable; St. Paul, MN- St. Paul Neighborhood Network; Miami, FL- WLRN; Denver, CO- KBDI; Orlando, FL- WCEU; Salt Lake City, UT- UEN statewide; Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, MI- WGVU/WGVK; New Orleans, LA- WLAE; Las Vegas, NV- VegasPBS; Richmond, VA- WCVE; Charleston, IL- WEIU; Moline (Quad Cities), IL- WQPT; Lansing, MI- LCC TV; Topeka, KS- KTWU; Flint, MI- WDCQ; Warrensburg, MO- KMOS; Austin-Rochester, MN- KSMQ and Charlottesville, VA- WHTJ. As well as nationally via DirecTV and WorldTV satellite (G-19).

November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009

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New Midnight Taxi poster released


Mulan’s world premiere has been announced in Beijing for Nov.16. at the Worker’s Stadium.

Zhejiang Satellite TV has acquired the hotly contested live broadcast rights to the event. Beginning on the 7th Zhejiang will begin a massive publicity campaign. (Xinhua) (HunanTV)

CRI: Mulan’s Release Date Set for November 27 (Sina)

Huang Yi, To Yuhang - Ip Man Prequel

Cast for Herman Yau’s Ip Man Prequel at Hong Kong press conference. The prequel covers Ip Man’s adolescence and studies in Hong Kong, his return to Foshan and how he met his wife played by Huang Yi. It’s scheduled for a May release ahead of Wilson Yip’s Ip Man 2.

Xu Jiao will play Ip Man’s younger sister (ifeng)


CRI: First Look at Sun Honglei in Treasure Hunt Movie

Another treasure hunt comedy starring popular actors Sun Honglei and Lin Chi-ling is now filming in the vast desert of northwestern China’s Gansu province. (HD version - Sina)

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai Sleeper?

Sun Honglei (Sina)

Lurk/Sleeper (Sina)

Yao Chen

Yao Chen, Shen Aojun

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Shu Qi are reportedly interested and in the running for the movie remake of a recent popular TV series ‘Sleeper’. Sun Honglei and Yao Chen played the originals in the story of a Communist sleeper agent in the KMT’s top intelligence agency after Japan surrendered in 1945. While his wife joins the Communist Party, he takes on a temporary wife. Sun Honglei is also open to the possibility to return to reprise his role. (HunanTV)

Wang Baoqiang

Jia Zhangke

Wang Baoqiang will star in a Jia Zhangke produced film, ‘Hello, Mr Tree’ to be directed by Han Jie. (Sina)

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