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October 20, 2010

October 20, 2010

Variety: My Spectacular Theater (China)2

Variety: Merry-Go-Round (Hong Kong)

An ensemble melodrama stuffed with sudden flashbacks and odd coincidences, “Merry-Go-Round” is a handsomely lensed Hong Kong pic that leans too hard on a drippy narrative and the wall-to-wall tunes of Ketchup… 2

CRI: Jackie Chan Produces ‘The Break-up Artist’

CRI: ‘My Own Swordsman’ Moves to Big Screen(Xinhua)

The film assembles the original TV version crew and cast, including director Shang Jing, screenwriter Ning Caishen and actresses Yao Chen and Yan Ni, even though some of them have become very popular and busy since the success of the TV drama.

Though all the characters wear ancient costumes, they speak exactly like modern young people. It parodies all kinds of current cultural and social trends, winning over many young fans.

I Love Wing Chun

Hongkong director Lex Choi Lik brings together diverse talents from two countries in a martial art comedy.

I Love Wing Chun stars such diverse artistes as China’s multiple Olympic gold medallist diver-turned-actor Tian Liang, Hongkong’s comic talents like Natalis Chan, Yuen Wah and Yuen Qiu as well as Malaysia’s veteran actress Lai Meng,

Interview: Shu Qi Talks About Legend of the Fist (Chinese Mirror)

Shu Qi - Goodbye (Theme Song)

Vivian Hsu has three films screening at the Hawaii International Film Festival, The Musician (The Star and The Sea), Fire of Conscience and Hot Summer Days.

(Oct.19) Miriam Yeung and Raymond Lam attending the chilly Beijing premiere of Perfect Wedding.


HK Premiere, Oct. 18 (Xinhua-gallery)

Pace Wu, Yuan Chengjie - Hidden Chamber of Secrets

Someone posting as ‘assistant gaffer’ on Weibo has threatened to expose deleted nude scenes of Pace Wu from the upcoming Hidden Chamber of Secrets. ‘Assistant gaffer’ has given a deadline of one week to get unpaid back wages before posting the photos. Sample shots were posted. Publicity stunt, or not? (Xinhua)

Charlene Choi mentally and physically fatigued

After 10 years in the business, Charlene Choi said it is time for a major change. Likening her career to a mountain climber, sometimes one has to stop and re-equip before tackling the next peak. She would like to take a long vacation to relax and travel. Sleeping in cars, living in hotels, sightseeing and dining with castmates is too short a relaxation. She hopes her company would send her on a major holiday. Charlene wants to see Rome, Greece, Bermuda, Easter Island and leave all her cares behind. (Xinhua)

Chen Kun (Xinhua-gallery)

Shu Qi

Shu Qi attended the opening of a Hong Kong jewellry shop.

(Sina-slide show)(Xinhua)

“Pot-bellied” Michelle Reis

Now visibily pregnant Michelle Reis is still working

(Sina-slide show)(Xinhua)

MSN: Andy Lau is happy for Tony Leung

The Hong Kong actor doesn’t mind being paid less than Tony Leung

MSN: Carl Ng the ‘optimistic pessimist’

The boyishly charming Hong Kong actor opens up on his relationship with dad, and tells us he wants to play a comedic dance instructor in tight spandex

MSN: Singapore is Richard Ng’s Silver Lining (June)

The well-travelled thespian said, “Working in Singapore is really enjoyable. I’ve worked in many miserable shows, I tell you.

Quoting Mainland China as one “horrendous” place he has worked in, he described Singaporeans as “sincere, genuine and warm”.

HKStandard: The One - New plaza proves customer friendly

Stalking Carina Lau photos

Carina Lau was spotted shopping in Hong Kong and chatting amiably with a little girl. (Sina)

October 8, 2010

October 8, 2010

THR: Under the Hawthorn Tree

THR: Zhang’s ‘Hawthorne’ opens Pusan

Director is guest of honor at Asia’s largest film fest

Reign of Assassins review

Famous for his script-crafting skills, Su displays his talents yet again in “Assassins” with detailed plotlines and humorous convos without trying too hard.

Interview: Man with the Iron Fist Director, Wu-Tang Impresario RZA

Christopher Doyle to shoot RZA’s The Man With the Iron Fist

CRI: Miriam Yeung Stages Concert in Hong Kong,


CRI: Zhao Wei Releases First Music Video for Latest Album(Sina-gallery)

CRI: Fan Bingbing Shows Her Style in Paris

CRI:Chinese Film ‘Buddha Mountain’ Completes Tokyo Fest Lineup

“Buddha Mountain” and “The Piano in a Factory” by Chinese director Zhang Meng, are set to compete for six awards, including the prestigious Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix.

FBA: Detective Dee dominates box office in China

FBA: World wins Vancouver prize

Japanese film Good Morning to the World was announced today as the winner of the Dragons and Tigers Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Francis Ng

Publicity for Wind Blast which opens Oct. 28 is starting to ramp up. (Sina)

Pat Ha Man-Chik

Pat Ha and husband

45 year-old Pat Ha Man-Chik returns to show biz in Calvin Poon’s upcoming Derailed Women. Married to a Taiwan businessman, Pat Ha is the mother of three girls and was living in the US. Rumored to be now separated from her husband, Pat Ha was spotted snuggling with a young 25 year-old man in a Happy Valley apartment. He was later spotted in the laundry room washing her D&G underwear. (!)


Maggie Cheung, working behind the camera this time, for jewellry brand Qeelin as creative director. Model Pei Bei on right.

Maggie advising Pei Bei on posing sexy (Xinhua)2

SG: Andy Lau hands over billions to wife

SG: Andy Lau’s wife rumoured to be three months pregnant

SG: Shu Qi prepares for retirement?

Supermodel Lin Chiling ordered to pay NT$6.84m in tax case

HKStandard: Off the hook

Pals of the Philippine president who have been blamed over the Manila bus bloodbath in which eight Hongkongers were killed are to have charges against them dropped or reduced…But punishment for the media - accused of disrupting the government’s botched rescue action - will be harsh, with two reporters likely to be charged.

September 22, 2010

September 22, 2010

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Late Autumn poster - Hyun Bin, Tang Wei (Xinhua)

The film has also broken new ground with its moon cakes tie in. After a limited edition of 3,000 boxes of hawthorn fruit moon cakes sold out, more were produced and are expected to create significant income for the Zhangs’ Beijing New Picture Film company.

“The Founding of a Republic” tops the best film nominees list for the 30th Hundred Flowers Awards.

Winners will be announced after a final round of voting during the 19th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival scheduled from October 12 to 16 in Jiangyin, in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province.

The Island (formerly Adventure Island) opens Oct. 12 and stars Lam Suet, Huo Siyan and Liu Hua.


Miriam Yeung helps launch new Nokia phone

Miriam has been exercising three hours a day preparing for her concerts and has lost 10 pounds in three months. (Sina-slide show)

Gong Mi is ready for the Mid-Autumn Festival

(Sina-slide show)

Zhao Wei performing in rehearsal for tonight’s CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival broadcast

(Sina-slide show)

SG: Gong Li’s “busty” seduction

HK actress Vivian Chow says no to kids

August 4, 2010

August 4, 2010

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THR: Celebrities film ads to boost China’s global image

Ads due on BBC, CNN in September

Basketball star Yao Ming, movie director John Woo and piano prodigy Lang Lang are among dozens of celebrities who will appear in television commercials later this year in a bid by China to boost its image abroad.

CRI: Ah Niu Promotes Directorial Debut in Taipei

The cast of “Ice Kacang Puppy Love” including Angelica Lee, Fish Leong, Victor Wong and Gary Cao attended the press conference. They are all well-known entertainers among the Chinese-speaking community.

AP: Donnie Yen emerges from shadow of Chan, Li

For years, Donnie Yen worked in the shadow of Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Having fought both on-screen, the 47-year-old actor was considered a worthy opponent but not necessarily a leading man in his own right.

Stills from What Women Want shooting in Beijing

Andy Lau

Andy Lau, Gong Li

At the movies

CRI: Chinese Film ‘What Women Want’ in Production

CRI: Movie Guide: ‘City under Siege’

A circus clown named Sunny (Aaron Kwok) goes on a hiking trip with a few colleagues to explore the mountains of Malaysia. The group finds a cave where they accidentally inhale a type of gas which turns out to be a biological weapon leftover by the Japanese from World War II.

The new actress selected for Jay Chou’s sequel to The Secret is Man Qi. Man Qi is an actress-model previously known as ‘little Lin Chi-Ling’. The film will employ 3D to create a Hollywood-style musical love story. The Chinese title is Beyond Time and Space.


Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s “Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival 2010″

Johnnie To, Gao Yuanyuan

Lau Ching-Wan

Gao Yuanyuan

Alan Mak, Felix Chong, Herman Yau, Dante Lam, Soi Cheong Pou-Soi also attended. (Aug.3) (Xinhua)

More photos of Fan Bingbing bedding advert.

(Sina-slide show)

Miriam Yeung announced a series of Hong Kong concerts to be held in October at the Coliseum, also her official wedding banquet will be held December 20.

Miriam Yeung


Gigi Leung attended an event promoting ceramics making for the mentally disabled.

Gigi Leung

Zhou Xun in Shanghai to endorse orange juice brand Tropicana

Zhou Xun


Cecilia Cheung, in 20 years?

A US website,, allows users to upload their photo and see what they look like in 20, 30 years. Recently, fans uploaded pictures of popular Chinese stars. You can see the results for Zhang Ziyi, Fan Bingbing, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Zhao Wei, Jay Chou and Liu Yifei. The site also offers a drug addict parameter, but mostly it Westernizes the Chinese faces. (Xinhua)

Cherie Chung in France

Hong Kong’s East Week found Cherie Chung in France recently living a leisurely life in a series of spy photos. (Xinhua)

CRI: Wang Luodan Poses for Photo Shoot

The actress received a career boost playing the popular Du Lala in a TV adaptation of the hit novel “Du Lala’s Promotion”

She and her on-screen lover in “Du Lala”, Li Guangjie, have been approached to continue their romance in the upcoming TV adaptation of Zhang Yimou’s film, “The Love of the Hawthorn Tree”.

Wang also appeared as a lovesick mute girl in Zhang Yang’s urban drama film “Driverless”.

SG: Andy Hui splits from girlfriend of three years

SG: Gigi Lai: I am now an ordinary mother

Faye turns on the charm(China Daily)

HKStandard: Avid toy buff grabs more than his fair share

The 12th Animation Comic-Game Hong Kong fair ended last night much to the disappointment of toy buff Lee Chi-wah, who was present every single day and spent HK$60,000 snapping up models and games.

Foxconn Group Installs Anti-Jump Nets at Hebei Facility, Xinhua Reports

Foxconn, which makes Apple Inc. iPads and Sony Corp. games machines, began putting up nets after at least 10 workers committed suicide this year…Foxconn Group employs more than 400,000 workers in Shenzhen, southern China, and has around 800,000 employees in the country.

July 3, 2010

July 3, 2010

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Lucas recording song for CJ7 MV

Cecilia, Lucas, Stephen Chow, Xu Jiao in studio (Xinhua)

CRI: Cecilia Cheung and Son, Lucas, Sing For “CJ 7: The Cartoon

Chow appears in the music video based on his new movie “CJ 7: The Cartoon” along with Xu Jiao, the lead star of the original “CJ 7″ film, and Hong Kong actress and singer Cecilia Zhang and her older son, Lucas.


CRI: “Aftershock” to Premiere in Tangshan on July 12

A premiere ceremony for director Feng Xiaogang’s tearjerker “Aftershock” will be held in Tangshan, the city where the devastating earthquake that is the subject of the movie occurred 34 years ago, the local newspaper the “Tangshan Evening Post” reports.

THR: China’s Xinhua debuts 24-hour news channel

The official state-run news agency of the Chinese government launched a global English-language television channel Thursday as part of efforts to expand its influence abroad.

CNC World has begun broadcasting in Hong Kong and will continue to expand to Europe, North America and Africa by the year-end, he said.

Sun Honglei

Models new hair for upcoming The Warring States


Zhao Wei - how she looks

Original Chinese caption: Zhao Wei short shorts with mesh stockings, full hot mom. :D

How she rolls

Zhao Wei was picked up last month at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport by this car driven by her brother. The status plates from Anhui Province is her initials and birthdate, March 12.


Mavis Fan

Mavis Fan at a recent hair care brand appearance. (Xinhua)

Miriam Yeung for Seiko watches

Photograhed by Wing Shya, make-up by noted stylist Zing


Chrissie Chau’s banned photo album cover

Also banned from the Book Fair (Xinhua)

Elsewhere, another banned model resorted to creating a ‘rape video’ to promote herself. (Sina)

January 29, 2010

January 29, 2010

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New posters for Choi San Dou (God of Wealth Arrives)

Fortune King is Coming to Town


The Future of Hong Kong Cinema: a round table discussion (V) (Conclusion)

CRI: Jianyu Jianghu Stills Come out! (Rain of Swords)

This first batch of John Woo-produced romantic martial art thriller ‘Jianyu Jianghu’ starring Malaysian Michelle Yeoh and South Korean Jung Woo-sung are released online Friday. (14)(Sina)

Lydia Shum?

No, Elton Loo!

Elton Loo (Law Kwan-Chor) will play Lydia Shum in an upcoming superstar concert. In addition to Fei Fei, he will impersonate Pak Suet Sin, Lowell Lo and Paula Tsui. Law recently lost his right leg due to diabetes. (Sina)

Miriam Yeung

A fan presented an embarrassed Miriam Yeung with sweet lotus seeds (for wishing a male offspring) and a birthday cake while she and Raymond Lam were filming on Temple Street. (

Jacky Cheung

Jacky Cheung launched his first album in five years at the Hong Kong Shangri-la Hotel. (Xinhua)

Taipei Times

Mother: The invincible matriarch

Selected as South Korea’s submission to the Oscars this year, ‘Mother’ is another example of why director Bong Joon-ho is the country’s most brilliant young auteur

Transsexual or hermaphrodite? “This ain’t my shit.”

Taiwanese TV host Liching: Both man and wife

China Daily: Why I don’t want to watch Avatar

CRI: Leon Lai on Duty: Children and HIV/AIDS

Cecilia Cheung could have miscarried after jumping in earlier TV ad

Before she knew she was pregnant with her second child, Cecilia Cheung filmed a TV commercial in which she had to jump and bounce on a bed. The Hong Kong actress was said to have felt dizzy and nauseous after filming the advertisement, and could have risked a miscarriage. This news was reported two days ago though the shoot had been done a few months back.

January 8, 2010

January 8, 2010

Future X-Cops’ new release date is Feb.25 (Sina)

CRI: In ‘Hot Summer Days’, It’s Getting Really Hot

The new Chinese romantic movie “Hot Summer Days” is about six stories set in an unusually sultry summer. Just how hot could this fictitious summer be?

CRI: Maggie Cheung to Make Guest Appearance in “Hot Summer Days”

Gillian Chung’s comeback movie showcases her first kiss and bedroom scene

Jeon Ji-hyun to star opposite Zhang Ziyi in new English movie adapted from bestseller

CRI: Fan Bingbing in the Onlookers’ Eye

Fan Bingbing is called a Chinese ‘Femme Fatale’.Maybe it is because her beauty is so blinding that few onlookers would look beyond her face and deep into her heart.

Fan Bingbing was the cover girl again for the February issue of ‘Marie Claire’ and an accompanied interview she emptied her heart to gave the readers a much closer look at this radiant star off screen.

CRI: Huang Yi Still Waits Her ‘Big Day’

Rumor has it that Huang Yi had a flash marriage with her fiancé, Mr. Jiang Kai, CEO of ChinaFund, LP last August. The actress denied the gossip in the accompanying interview, saying marriage seems to be complicated and she won’t take the plunge until she is very well prepared.

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Lip-sync and other frauds

Andy On Chi-Kit gets painted for True Legend


Miriam Yeung is a magician for a beverage advert (Sina)

Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen repotedly made over RMB$200M last year, and over $10M for these underwear adverts. (Sina)

Karen Mok - One Life One Earth

From Karen Mok’s educational travel program One Life One Earth - Australia chapter (Sina)

THR: China blocks access to movie site unavailable since Wednesday, cause unknown

Variety: China reports 44% rise in box office(THR)

Multiplex growth averages 1.65 screens a day

China’s B.O. boom continued unabated last year as box office rose a muscular 44% to 6.2 billion yuan ($910 million) on a sharp rise in the number of cinema screens in what’s potentially the world’s biggest market.

The China Film Group had earlier forecast 40% year-on-year growth (Daily Variety, Dec. 29).

With this kind of growth rate, I am confident that in 2010, China’s box office will grow to a new height,” China Film spokesman Weng Li said. His remarks were based on data from the State Administration of Radio, Film and TV.

This means for the last six years, the Chinese film market’s box office has maintained an annual growth rate of more than 30%,” Weng said, adding that China produced 456 domestic films in 2009.

The main impetus behind the strong growth was the rise in screen numbers. Citing SARFT figures, Weng said China had added 1.65 new screens every day last year.

China imports around 20 foreign films a year for theatrical release. The two top movies of 2009 were 2012,” which took $67.5 million, and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” which took $63 million.

Homegrown epic “The Founding of a Republic,” celebrating the People’s Republic of China’s 60th anniversary, made $61 million.

December 11, 2009

December 11, 2009

CRI: Descendant Says No to Commercial ‘Confucius’

“Hero” director targets youth with noodles

Internationally renowned director Zhang Yimou has changed his mode of operation in his latest film a bid to capture a dwindling cinema market – young people.

Check out Aaron’s tie


Storm Warriors - Taiwan premiere slide show (Sina)

Charlene Choi: Ekin finally treats her like a woman

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Faye Wong

Faye Wong confirmed for CCTV Spring Gala. Hunan Satellite TV and Shenzhen Satellite TV had both invited her to perform for their shows but, finally, Faye accepted CCTV’s invitation. (

Zhou Xun, ‘I’m not pregnant’

Slide show with Miriam Yeung, Zhang Guoli, Daniel Wu, Raymond Wong, Johnnie To and FAMA at closing night of CineAsia 2009 (Sina)

Zhou Xun - Elle Magazine

Miao Pu attends a photo shoot for ‘In Style’ fashion magazine.

Vivian Chow was among the guests at Miramar Hotel for Cosmopolitan Anniversary Party Awards.

The article notes that her outfit’s shape was ‘hard to understand’. I agree, it looks like it was designed by MC Hammer, twenty years ago.(HunanTV) (Sina)

Nick Cheung, Sandra Ng, Joey Yung, Chan Wai-Ting, Jerry Lamb Slide show (Sina)

Miriam Yeung

Crystal frame with photo of  her husband

Miriam Yeung appearing in Hong Kong for Swarovski Crystal (HunanTV) Slide show (Sina)

Irene Wan

Irene Wan Pik-Ha attends opening ceremony for a skin care shop (Sina)

December 4, 2009

December 4, 2009

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Jacky Cheung, Director Eric Tsang

House of 72 Tenants completed shooting and held a closing press conference at Shaw Studios (HunanTV)

Anita Yuen

Bernice Liu

Charmaine Sheh

Stephy Tang, Linda Chung

Wong Cho Lam

Raymond Lam



True Legend (Beggar So) First Stills Released slide show (26) (Sina)

Zhao Wei


Zhao Wei celebrates 6 day, 50M box office for Mulan, slide show (Sina)

Photos of Zhao Wei drinking wine seem to disprove pregnancy rumors.

Storm Warriors promotion tour: BeijingChengdu

Taipei Times; Pop Stop

While on the set of the film Hot Summer Days (全城熱戀), which is set to hit theaters in February, [Vivian] Hsu found a way to rid herself of the copious amounts of sushi she was forced to eat for her role as a love-struck heiress, reported

“I didn’t want to gain weight. So when the director stopped filming, I’d throw up the sushi,” she said.


AngelaBaby helps open a new store in Hong Kong mall (Sina)

Miriam Yeung promotes eyewear (Sina)

Jennifer Tse Tingting promotes jewelry in Hong Kong


Kelly Chen wears D+G in a dress rehearsal for Uni-Power (Universal Music) show (Sina)

Is Vicky Zhao Wei pregnant?

ESWN: Tiger Woods Meets Apple Daily

November 16, 2009

November 16, 2009

Stool Pigeon - On location with Nic Tse and Kwai Lun-Mei

Nic Tse

Kwai Lun-Mei

(12) (HunanTV)

To Live and Die in Mongkok - Nick Cheung and Monica Mok

Nick Cheung’s hot scene with Monica Mok. Film opens Thursday in Hong Kong. (HunanTV)

CRI: Jackie Chan Reunites with ‘Little Fortunes’

THR: Chan marks Peking Opera school anniversary

Chan, Hung, Yuen celebrate half-century of institute

CRI: Fan Bingbing Promotes “The Last Night of Madame Chin”

CRI: Jiang Wen Reveals Details about New Film

Actor turned director Jiang Wen’s upcoming film Let the Bullets Fly is still in production, but Jiang and his cast discussed the film recently with reporters in Beijing.

Carina Lau skipping Golden Horse awards because of Maggie Cheung?

Hong Kong actress Carina Lau is reportedly skipping this year’s Golden Horse Film Awards in Taiwan because of rumoured love rival Maggie Cheung.

Five-time Golden Horse award winning actress Cheung has agreed to be a presenter at the November 28 award show, her first appearance in nine years. The awards is seen as the Chinese-language “Oscars”.

Shortly after the news made headlines, Lau who was invited to represent husband, actor Tony Leung, at the film festival’s executive committee meeting, declined the invitation, citing work commitments as an excuse.

Leung, 47, is unable to attend the prestigious event as he is busy filming martial arts movie “The Grand Master”, which is scheduled to be released next year, while Lau, 43, is involved in Chinese film “Let The Bullets Fly”.

Lau’s manager has played down the matter, saying, “Things are fine between Carina and Maggie. Carina would very much like to attend the meeting but the crew refuse to let her go. She is still trying to fight for it.”

The long-running feud between love rivals Lau and Cheung, 45, over Leung is no secret and a rendezvous between Leung and Cheung in August this year has reignited rumours of the love triangle.

Exposed: The Real deal on Miriam Yeung’s hubby

Lin Chiling faces resistance on her return as a TV host

Memoirs of a travel host - Zhang Ziyi Travel Series

Joey Yung diagnosed with degenerative knee condition

Andy Lau and wife make pact to thwart media

Lau and Choo in ‘theatre of dreams’

Vivian Chow


Gong Mi (Little Cecilia Cheung) endorsing a Shenyang mall (Sina)

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