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April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010

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CF: Tao Hong Fulfills Her Promise

[Death Dowry] tells the story of a poverty-stricken woman who travels to a new place with her mentally retarded son to seek a living. After suffering a number of difficulties, she meets a man who changes her fate.

Taipei Times: Au Revoir Taipei

Variety: To Whom It May Concern: Ka Shen’s Journey

Hollywood’s postwar Asian superstar, Nancy Kwan, acts as tour guide around her personal and professional history in the solid if pedestrian docu “To Whom It May Concern: Ka Shen’s Journey.”

CRI: Cast of “Ocean Heaven” (formerly Ocean Paradise) Attend Autism Awareness Day Event in Beijing

The movie is about the relationship between a terminally ill man played by [Jet] Li and his autistic adolescent son played by rising actor Wen Zhang. Actress Kwai Lun-Mei stars in the film as a clown who performs at the aquarium and meets the father and son.

Actress, director Jiang Wenli

John Woo

Stanley Tong

Gu Changwei, John Woo, Jiang Wenli, Woo’s wife, Jiang Wen

Chinese actress Jiang Wenli on Sunday invited her celebrity friends for a special screening of her directorial debut film, “Lan”. (Sina)

CRI: Echoes of the Rainbow stills

Sandra Ng, Simon Yam

A celebration banquet was held in Tsimshatsui by the cast and crew of Echoes of the Rainbow. (Sina)

Chrissie Chau attending screening of Barbara Wong’s Break Up Club (Sina)

Karen Mok was one of many stars to help Andrew Lau celebrate his 50th birthday in Sai Kung yesterday.


Andy Lau gets emotional at Southwest drought relief fundraiser in Beijing (Sina)

ESWN: Gigi Leung Microblog Post Censored

CRI: Jackie Chan Records Song for Those Affected by Drought

Zhang Ziyi was not invited to Harper’s Bazaar’s upcoming Charity Night in Shanghai. On the invitees list were celebrities John Woo, Lin Chi-Ling, Zhang Hanyu, Carina Lau and many others. The eighth annual gala will be held on Apr.25 the eve of the opening of the Shanghai World Expo. (Xinhua)

CRI: Pop Queen Faye Wong to Start Concert Tour In Oct

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Carina Lau desperate trying to get pregnant

Eason Chan spotted with unknown female companion

Andy Lau: “no regrets” having kept his 24-year romance a secret

1970s screen siren Cleopatra Wong looking to film a movie

To Whom It May Concern: Ka Shen’s Journey (Variety review)

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To Whom It May Concern: Ka Shen’s Journey

(Docu) A Redwind production, in association with Salon Films. (International sales: Salon Films, Hong Kong.) Produced by Brian Jamieson. Executive producers, Lawrence K.W. Tseu, Bo Hing Chan Tseu. Directed, written by Brian Jamieson.

With: Nancy Kwan, Sandra Allen, Father Marciano Batista, Joan Chen, Edward S. Feldman, Bey Logan, Norbert Meisel, France Nuyen, Vivian Wu.
Narrator: Nick Redman.
(English, Cantonese dialogue)

Hollywood’s postwar Asian superstar, Nancy Kwan, acts as tour guide around her personal and professional history in the solid if pedestrian docu “To Whom It May Concern: Ka Shen’s Journey.” With generous but judicious use of clips from Kwan’s career, helmer Brian Jamieson’s feature will rep a choice selection for Asia-themed fests, but also has wider appeal to film buffs. Final reels, which dwell on a family tragedy, are moving but eventually throw the film off-balance; a trim would improve its appeal to pubcasters.

In a mostly chronological account, Kwan acts as both interviewee and sometime-narrator. Kwan’s Hollywood associates were interviewed mostly in Los Angeles, with family and childhood acquaintances in Hong Kong. For reasons that become more obvious later on, many of the sessions with Kwan and second husband Norbert Meisel were conducted at the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

The daughter of an English actress and a Chinese architect in Hong Kong, Kwan (whose childhood name was Ka Shen) emphasizes her early desire to dance rather than act. After spending her teens studying at London’s Royal Ballet, Kwan returned to Hong Kong in time to join a local throng excited to see the filming of Hollywood production “The World of Suzie Wong” (1960). Kwan successfully auditioned for the lead role after Broadway originator France Nuyen, still somewhat mysteriously, dropped out of the production.

Film mavens from actress Joan Chen to chopsocky expert and former Weinstein Co. exec Bey Logan weigh in on Kwan’s overall significance for Asian actors. After “Suzie Wong,” Kwan rode what appeared to be a wave of new acceptance for Asian thesps in post-WWII America by landing the lead role in Ross Hunter’s “Flower Drum Song” (1961).

Unfortunately, the prevalence of Asian faces on U.S. screens was revealed to be a passing phase. Kwan fell back on less prestigious projects such as “The Wrecking Crew” (in which her character had the groan-inspiring name Yu-rang) and became a tube regular on everything from “Kung Fu” and “Hawaii 5-0″ to “The A-Team.” Docu’s midsection jumbles its chronology to confusing effect, but regains focus when it puts Kwan’s close relationship with her son, Bernhard Pock, in the spotlight.

Pock grew up to be a poet, martial artist and stuntman, and even made a 1995 low-budget feature, “Rebellious,” with his mother in a starring role. Pock’s untimely death from an HIV-related illness dominates the final reels, and despite Kwan’s palpable charm and the pic’s near-hagiographic approach, this section feels tainted by an unhealed bitterness. Comments by Kwan and Meisel about Pock’s wife raise more questions than they answer and taint an otherwise affectionate portrait.

Less controversially, multiple awkward cutaways of Kwan watching the Hong Kong Ballet’s interpretation of “The World of Suzie Wong” could also be eliminated.

The touchy and important issue of Caucasians playing Asian roles is of course frequently discussed, but the arguments here are undercut by the docu’s silence on a subtler form of misrepresentation in casting, such as when Kwan played a Polynesian girl in “Tamahine” (1963).

Multihyphenate and former Warner Bros. exec Jamieson has assembled a handsome package with clips from homemovies and “Suzie Wong” screen tests. While contempo interviews are shot on good-enough video in a tube-friendly ratio, Jamieson takes advantage of Kwan’s film work and jumps to widescreen presentation when the occasion demands it. Non-Hollywood archival clips of wartime Hong Kong events are also well researched.

Camera (color/B&W, widescreen, HD, 35mm-to-HD), David Strohmaier, Choi Wai-wah, Dean Head, Brandon L. Hull, Craig McCourry, Brian Jamieson; editors, Hull, Strohmaier; music, Chris Babida. Reviewed at Hong Kong Filmart, March 22, 2010. (Also in Cinequest Film Festival, WorldFest-Houston.) Running time: 105 MIN.

March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010

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HK Magazine: Patrick Lung Kong interview

Beauty on Duty will open on Apr.1 as scheduled - no truth to rumor of a delay.

Wong Jing expects to do well at the box office. (Sina)

Future X-Cops publicty tour arrives in Chengdu (Mar.27) (cri)

Gao Qunshu

After participating in the HKIFF press conference for Manhunt, director Gao Qunshu spent his days in Hong Kong scouting for an old-style teahouse to conclude filming of his “Fierce West Wind”. He visited Wan Chai, Kowloon, Stanley and the New Territories. Besides searching in Hong Kong, he visited Macau and may go to Guangzhou and Shenzhen next according to an assistant. (HunanTV)

Beijing - Leon Lai

Wang Baoqiang, Richie Jen, Dante Lam, Leon Lai, Tan Kai

Fire of Conscience - Beijing premiere (Sina)

After 18 years (since Justice, My Foot), Johnnie To and Stephen Chow buried the hatchet. Last year, Manfred Wong and Wong Jing severely criticized Chow. Only Danny Lee supported him. Chow was seen bringing two bottles of wine to a French restaurant where Johnnie To was earlier entered. Is a future collaboration in the works? [Both Johnnie To and Pang Ho-Cheung had expressed interest on making a Brother Sharp film. Stephen Chow would make a fine Brother Sharp, don't you think?] (HunanTV)

CRI: Actress-turned-director Jiang Wenli’s Debut Premieres

[Previously reviewed as "Lan", so I wonder if "San" is correct or new?]

CF:Actor Daniel Wu Had Fun in Acting “Inseparable”

CF: The Founding of the Party” to be Shot in Summer


Edison Chen still a favourite with youths

CRI: Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng Plan to Divorcemore

Choi commented further on their arrangement at an interview during a Twins meet-the-fans session on Sunday.

“I can afford my own lifestyle and he can afford his”, said Choi. “I can take care of myself.”

Actress Nancy Kwan puts her life on film

`Suzie’ shows how to age gracefully

CRI: A Slower Legacy for Bruce Lee in Chinese Ancestral Town

CRI: Jackie Chan, ‘Karate Kid’ Appear at Choice Awards

March 19, 2010

March 19, 2010

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Today, Mar.19, is Vivian Hsu’s birthday (35th) and marks her 20th year in show business.

To mark the event she [updated] offered a ‘gift’ via her international web site ( to her fans (a copy of her new CD to her first 319 fans and one autographed by herself to a lucky fan).

(Sina) (NowNews)

Director/actor Liu Yunlong, Fan Bingbing


During World War II, Japan allegedly prearranged coded weather forecasts to alert its diplomats overseas of ensuing attacks on a foreign country. “North wind, cloudy” would mean the Soviet Union; “West wind, clear” Britain; “East wind, rain” the United States, or more specifically, Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

“East Wind, Rain” also stars Fan Bingbing, Yu Rongguang, Li Xiaoran, and Wang Baoqiang. (Opens Apr.22)

Ning Caishen, the film’s screenwriter, said Yan Ni will still star as the manager of the Tong Fu hotel in the film, even though it had previously been reported that she would not appear in the movie because she was not satisfied with the salary on offer.


Yang’s “One Night in Supermarket,” a stylish and quirky low-budget laffer, has captured the imagination of China’s growing army of young cinemagoers, with boffo B.O. to boot. The 28-year-old from Chongqing in southwestern China wrote “One Night” in 2006 and shot it in just 29 days on a budget of $3.65 million. Yang won best scriptwriter at the Media Awards of the 12th Shanghai Intl. Film Festival in 2009.


The Boston-born director of “Au Revoir Taipei” cut his teeth working as an assistant in Taipei to the late, great Taiwanese director Edward Yang, and has also impressed Wim Wenders, who executive produced and gave behind-the-scenes support for “Au Revoir Taipei,” Chen’s feature debut. “Au Revoir Taipei” has delighted crix and won the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) prize at the Berlin Intl. Film Festival in February. Chen had previously won a Silver Bear at Berlin for his short “Mei” in 2007.


The Chinese-American filmmaker generated an interesting first last year: with her Zhang Ziyi starrer “Sophie’s Revenge,” she become the first female Chinese director to make more than 100 million yuan ($14.65 million) at the B.O. She also sold the English-language remake rights of the film, which she wrote. An early sign of her talent was when her short film “The 17th Man” won an Emmy Award for university students.

As the 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival kicks off Sunday, the local movie industry is re-evaluating its role in Chinese-language cinema.

‘Suzie Wong’ star, Nancy Kwan, shocked at destruction of old Hong Kong

“Hong Kong was really very charming in those days,” she told AFP in an interview ahead of the screening of a documentary about her life at the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market forum on Monday.

The documentary, entitled “To Whom it May Concern: Ka Shen’s Journey”, a reference to Kwan’s Chinese name, traces the ups and downs of her career and life, including the death of her only son in 1996 at age 33.

A reformer and pioneer of Hong Kong cinema, director Patrick Lung Kong vowed to change the face of Cantonese cinema and was ahead of his time in farsighted portrayals of sensitive social issues like the plague in “Yesterday Today Tomorrow” and the anti-nuclear film “Hiroshima 28″. He was keen to explore new ways of storytelling and experimented with different editing and pacing techniques. His films are impressive viewing, even today.

Kim Hee-Sun

Warring States: Why Kim Hee-Sun?

And how he got the interview

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Two nights ago, Kelly Chen, Gigi Leung, Hacken Lee and Edmond Leung performed at a Lion’s Club charity concert

Gigi Leung


Jun Ji-Hyun and Leon Lai attended the grand opening of the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai

The pair met 12 years ago while working on an advert


Jaycee Chan - Taiwan

Jaycee Chan shooting MV for his new single


Edison Chen, in his own words:

Guess Who’s Back

with two words MICHAEL JORDAN shook a nation

with no words LEVI’s of CHINA/TAIWAN/HONG KONG spoke loudly for me

yes i’m back and probably more focused and more determined than ever

alot is in the mix for ya boi EDC

people been talking alot, saying that and this and that

i dun need to speak back to the haters and nay-sayers cuz my actions will destroy

laugh all u want and ridicule all u want

my mom told me the world is mine

so i am here to take it back

YEAH take it back not just take it


like jigga man said it best ……… IM ALREADY HOME


Edison Chen and Jolin Tsai avoid each other at fashion show

TVB’s Stephen Chan stays calm in storm

May 23, 2009

May 23, 2009

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Chengdu, I Love You
Gao Yuanyuan, Jung Woo-Sung

Gao Yuanyuan and Jung Woo-Sung in the ‘present’ segment.
Cui Jian directs the ‘future’, Fruit Chan the past, and Heo Jin-Ho the present.

Taipei Times: Asian cinema gains traction as Hollywood takes a tumble

Screen Daily: Face

APA Top Ten: Asian movies about the worlds of kids

APA: Hara Kazuo and his “Renegade Cinema”

Nancy Kwan: A Chinese Legacy in Tinseltown

Korean “Sassy girl” in Singapore to promote first Hollywood film

Taking Woodstock scenes really marijuana inspired

Daniel Henney’s US TV Series to Air in Fall

Of note: Eclipse Series 17-Nikkatsu Noir Box Set
Coming August from Criterion

Actress Carina Lau ready for motherhood

Patrick Tse, Coco

I spy: Patrick Tse and Coco grocery shopping in Wan Chai

Mavis Fan
Mavis Fan promoting watch brand (video)

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