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June 26, 2009

June 26, 2009

Memorial service held for Sek Kin

Mourners in attendance included Connie Chan, Nancy Sit, Alan Tang, Chow Chung, Kenneth Tsang, Wu Fung, Joe Cheung Tung-cho, Lau Kar Leung, Lau Kar Fai, Ng Man Tat, Ng See Yuen, Ken Lo and the Seven Little Fortunes
Connie Chan and Nancy Sit
Wu Fung and Kenneth Tsang
Alan Tang
Fortunes Yuen Bo and Yuen Ting/Ng Ming Choi
English version
Slide show

Liu Kai-Chi, Leon Lai
Richie Ren
Fire Dragon - slide show

Chen Kuan-Tai, Aaron Kwok
Murderer - Chen Kuan-Tai, Aaron Kwok

Glamorous Youth (明媚時光) director explores home truths

Philip Yung, a former film critic, makes his directorial debut with the Hong Kong-based drama Glamorous Youth.

Glamorous Youth review

Visual design of The Message revealed

Lu Chuan and His Humanity Care Trilogy
Chinese Animation: Where are we?

“Old Fish” Review – 2009 New York Asian Film Festival

Taipei film festival opens with Yang Yang
Taipei Film Festival shines the spotlight on Berlin

Changes to Taipei Awards stir controversy

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Audemars Piguet Antique Pocket Watches Give Historical Flavor To “Bodyguards and Assasins” Movie

Cherie Chung wearing Stella McCartney and Cartier
Cherie and Ferrari
Cherie Chung appearing for a medical center

Still loves movies but would rather watch
Additional photos

Video: Lin Chi-Ling Longines appearance reacting to news of Michael Jackson’s death

Michelle Yeoh, Frank Nuovo co-creators
Michelle Yeoh opens flagship store for luxury personal communications (cell phones) in Taipei 101

Chinese censors tinker with ‘Transformers’

Police raids nab 2 million pirated DVDs in Manila

March 22, 2009

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Brigitte Lin
Brigitte Lin arriving at Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan

She was attending a symposium and screening of her debut film Outside the Window

Brigitte Lin

Brigitte LinAt 17 - Brigitte Lin
Film is a love story between teacher and student. Copyright dispute has held up release until Brigitte Lin purchased the rights.

Dragonball: Evolution
What happen, Chow?

Zhao Tao - Accidental Actress Continues to Find Film Fame

Xu Jiao and Hou Hsiao-Hsien arriving in Hong Kong
Hou Hsiao Hsien

Korean Directors Possible Candidates at Cannes
Thirst and Mother in competition

Nic Tse in Beijing concert

Nic Tse - Beijing

With Yumiko Cheng

Gillian - Beijing
Gillian Chung ’s Toughjeans Beijing gallery

Tough questions for Gillian

Staff members reveal secret love nest VIP rooms at Jang Ja Yun’s company offices
For special guests

Nancy Sit

Good Friends of Nancy Sit Sends Their Wishes in Advance At Her Birthday Celebration

Jaymee Ong - Laid Back Bride

March 3, 2009

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Tang Wei will appear in Chengdu, I Love You after filming Ivy Ho’s Crossing Hennessy with Jacky Cheung. According to the article, Tang Wei would appear in South Korean director Heo Jin-ho’s segment.
Tang Wei - stock photo

More on Chengdu, I Love You

Hua Mulan with Chen Kun and Zhao Wei
Zhao Wei has had to learn riding a horse single-handed
Chen Kun and Zhao Wei

Japan’s Yubari fest honors ‘SR: Saitama’s Rapper’

Legendary Korean director gets Hong Kong retrospective

Liu Ye filming 铁人 ‘Iron Man’ about about petroleum worker and his father
Liu Ye and director Yin Li
Liu Ye
Filming conditions in Xinjiang desert arduous
Besides heat and sandstorm, ‘desert syndrome’ (absent-mindedness and delusions) has affected many people

Nancy Sit Rushed to the Hospital, Stops Work for 10 days

World’s first Jackie Chan museum opening in Shanghai

Hit Chinese movie, If You Are the One, Aids Hokkaido’s tourism

Is Gillian Chung sending a secret message to Cecilia by wearing tee-shirt that says ‘merci beaucoups’ (thanks)? Oh, the brand she’s advertising? TOUGH Jeansmith. Fee: $HK1M
TOUGH Jeans for Tough Girls?
Checking the photo shoot results

Afterwards, Gillian goes to meet EEG boss Albert Yeung

Tomorrow happens to be the boss’ birthday
Albert Yeung

Stalking Edison Chen (Singapore)

i-CABLE issues statement: second half of Cecilia Cheung’s interview bizarrely pulled
Curiouser and curiouser

Cecilia Cheung writes diary to educate son on her misdoings
Fulfilling old contracts, possibly cast in Death Duel with Louis Koo?

Cecilia Cheung lashes out at Edison Chen (recap)
Nic Tse returns from Shanghai to support wife
Nic Tse

Hollywood searching for Mongolians in Northern Virginia
Casting for M. Night Shyamalan’ s Avatar: The Last Airbender

Ho scion dares to dream in time of gloom
City of Dreams project to continue despite economic climate

Zhang Xin: Building Beijing
Soho co-founder

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