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July 31, 2012

July 31, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

FBA: Vulgaria review

Rough-and-ready satire of low-end Hong Kong filmmaking is what it is, and no more.

FBA: Fairy Tale Killer review

Scrappy serial-killer tale that fails to make a case for Danny Pang as a solo director.

Review:Not So Awesome Foursome

The Four has so far raked in 150 million yuan ($23.5 million), leapfrogging domestic blockbuster Painted Skin: The Resurrection for top spot last week. But not all viewers of the film have given it the thumbs up, hinting at growing fatigue among Chinese audiences for kung fu productions.

GuardianUK: Why Painted Skin 2 has taken China by storm

GlobalTimes: China’s 1st Microfilm Competition launches alongside film festival

GlobalTimes: ”Human flesh search” film renews discussion of Internet vigilantism

Chen Kaige’s latest film “Caught in the Web” has drawn fresh attention to issues regarding privacy infringement and Internet-based vigilantism.

FBA: Kirk Wong rolls a Six

Hong Kong’s Kirk WONG will shoot his first film in more than a decade when his upcoming Six cranks up in November in China and Louisiana, US.

SGYahoo: Lee Lik-Chi to film “Hua Xiao Hero”Hong Kong comedy director Lee Lik-Chi has confirmed that he will be making a Malaysian film titled “Hua Xiao Hero” soon, with local veteran artist Auguste Kwan to star as the male lead in the film

CF: ”The Silent War” Premiers in Beijing

The production company of “The Silent War” announced at the ceremony that the release date of the film was moved up to August 7, three days earlier than the previously scheduled screening time.

Poster for “Dangerous Liaisons, to be released Sept. 27

CF: Kimi Qiao and Shi Yanfei “Kiss” at “Good-For-Nothing Heroes” Premiere Ceremony

Director Fu Yong, accompanied by actors Suet Lam, Kimi Qiao, Kent Cheng, Christy Chung, Terri Kwan, Shi Yanfei and Leni Yan, attended a premiere ceremony for the romance comedy “Good-For-Nothing Heroes” yesterday in Beijing.

“Justin” Lam Suet

Kent Cheng

Lam Suet, Christy Chung

Leni Lan/Lan Yan (Sina-gallery)

CF: A Serious Chow Yun-Fat in the First Trailer of “The Last Tycoon”

Chow Yun-Fat

Huang Xiaoming (Sina)

CF: Zhou Xun’s 20 Years from an Actress to a BO Revenue Guarantee

Zhou Xun in 1999 TV series

CF: Chinese Films to Enter American Homes, the China Movie Channel website, and Jiaflix, an American based enterprise, have teamed together to stream Chinese movies through set-top boxes. It will bring thousands of Chinese flicks into North American families’ homes.

SGYahoo: Comedian Ng Mang Tat also sings?

Plays a karaoke champion in “Kara King”

SGYaoo: Chapman To joins “Wedding Diary 2″

Four years after ’singing’ in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Lin Miaoke co-stars in the thriller “Insistence”

Lin Miaoke, Ken Lok

“Insistence” poster (Sina)

A1: Zhang Ziyi ends her scandals with a ring

Zhang Ziyi’s romance with CCTV host Sa Beining has been blown wide open with loads of consequences-China’s news hounds are filling pages with wedding talk, Internet bloggers are chatting about Ziyi’s motives, and businessmen are baiting fashion watchers with copies of the lovers’ sandals!

In Hong Kong director Gordon Chan’s latest wuxia flick The Four, she plays a woman named Emotionless, who has telepathic and telekinetic powers.

MSN: Eason Chan’s wife slammed for “ill-mannered Chinese” comment

SGYahoo: Mad dash for In-N-Out burgers at Circular Road

Tuesday’s pop-up store was a test case for In-N-Out — a family-run chain famous in the US West Coast — to see if it’s worth setting up a permanent store in Singapore.

March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011

CRI: First Look at “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan”

WSJ: ‘Punished’ Revisits the Hong Kong Crime Thriller

Just when it looked as if the days of distinctively Hong Kong movies were numbered, along comes a gritty new crime drama that is Hong Kong through and through.

Poster for Wong Jing’s Men Suddenly in Love

Cast includes Chapman to, Jim Chim, Chrissie Chau, Eric Tsang and Wong Jing

Big Big Man poster

Ng Man-Tat stars in the film described as a clash of HK mo lei tau and hot Sichuan-style comedy. The film premiered in Chengdu on March 8 with a general release on the 11th.

Ng Man-Tat

Yang Lele (Sina)23

Stills from The Lost Bladesman featuring Shao Bing, Jiang Wen and Dong Yong

Shao Bing, Jiang Wen

Shao Bing

Dong Yong

Dong Yong, Jiang Wen (Sina-gallery)

Liu Yifei

Chao Deng

Liu Yifei, having finished A Chinese Fairy Tale, will join Chao Deng, Ronald Cheng and Anthony Wong and shortly start working on Gordon Chan’s next film (lit. Four Marshals). (Sina)

Zhou Dongyu, Dou Xiao - Taipei

The duo appeared at a press conference to promote the upcoming premiere of Under the Hawthorn Tree (Xinhua-gallery)(Sina-gallery)

Stanley Ho

Stanley Ho issued a statement declaring that the four party family dispute had reached an agreement and conclusion. Details were not contained in the joint declaration. Four points: 1) the law suit in high court had been dropped, 2) an agreement among the parties was signed on March 8., 3) each family member will continue to  work for the betterment of the shareholders, SJM, Macau, Hong Kong and the motherland, 4) we thank friends for their caring support and successful resolution and thank the community for their tolerance and understanding. In addition, Stanley Ho was quieted discharged from the hospital where he had been undergoing evaluation for the past 16 days. (Xinhua)2

Joey Wang shoe shopping again in Canada

Once again, a netizen posted photos of Joey Wang shoe shopping. Shortly after the New Year, 44 year-old Joey was spotted shopping for shoes during the holidays. The article notes that Joey was wearing the same coat both times. (Sina)(Xinhua), (Xinhua-January)

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Sammi Cheng, Selina, Ella

MSN: Zhang Ziyi reconciles with Erik Fok? (Xinhua)

The Chinese actress was recently spotting having a cup of coffee with her ex-beau, Erik Fok Kai Shan

Zhang Ziyi no longer wearing Vivi’s “pigeon egg” engagement ring (Xinhua)

MSN: Are wedding bells ringing for Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng?

The pair decided to work things out between them and hope to get married by the end of this year

MSN: Cecilia Cheung goes on an eating spree (Sina)(Xinhua)

The nervy singer apparently gained 20kg after binge-eating the past month

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