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December 23, 2013

As the Light Goes Out (Hollywood Reporter review)

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As the Light Goes Out
12/23/2013 by Clarence Tsui

The Bottom Line
Early suggestions of a nuanced personal drama get overwhelmed by pyrotechnics, red-herring threads and inexplicable plot twists.

Another week, another on-screen depiction of Hong Kong confronting an apocalypse of sorts. Following swiftly on the city’s central business district being reduced to rubble in the cops-and-robbers spectacle Firestorm, young filmmaker Derek Kwok arrives to switch Christmas-time Hong Kong off with an action-thriller that aims to combine explosive pyrotechnics with a taut drama about high-strung, damaged souls.

A joining of forces between two of Hong Kong’s major film production outfits — with Emperor Motion Pictures represented on screen by its star Nicholas Tse (Bodyguards and Assassins) and Media Asia’s presence felt through Shawn Yue (Love in a Puff ) — As the Light Goes Out is a dazzling display of cinematic craft. While one of the most versatile filmmakers in the field today — his filmography includes understated noir (The Moss), pop romance (Frozen), laugh-out-loud comedy (Gallants) and VFX-laden blockbusters (Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, co-directed with Stephen Chow) — Kwok seems to have fallen victim of his own ambitions. By over-burdening Light with one too many unnecessary and undercooked tangents, he and his screenwriters Jill Leung and PhilipYung have distracted the film from becoming simply a neat and simple story about fear, anxiety and guilt among a group of firefighters confronting what should be the defining battle of their lives.

Still, As the Light Goes Out remains markedly more substantial and fulfilling than the Pang Brothers’ visually bombastic but emotionally lightweight blaze-wrestling 3-D spectacle Out of Inferno from just three months ago. Whether Kwok’s film, which unspools in sneak previews in Hong Kong starting Dec. 24 before officially opening in the city on Jan. 2, can generate strong box-office traction depends on the local audience’s willingness to retry the firefighter-drama subgenre, which has been revisited several times on film (most memorably in Johnnie To’s 1997 film Lifeline) and on terrestrial TV serials in recent years. Viewers in mainland China, where the film will bow on Jan. 7, might warm to the film thanks a key subplots driven by two of their own: an earnest and sturdy mainland Chinese with an amazing physique and extraordinary capacity in mapping out smoke-filled buildings, and a perceptive electric Shanghainese engineer defying her cynical Hong Kong supervisor to avert impending disaster.

Kwok’s knack for subverting conventions is very much evident early in the film. In the film’s post-title scene, a voiceover speaks of how Hong Kong is seemingly braving for a doomsday scenario as temperatures hit a whopping 93 degrees on Christmas Eve. Barely has the newcaster’s voice drifted off that burning meteors begin raining down on the city to set it ablaze. And then Jackie Chan, dressed up in firefighting gear, appears — not to save the day, but to invite people to sign up for a career in the fire brigade.

Zooming out of the image, a group of young firemen are seen ridiculing the over-the-top nature of this public service announcement: manning one of Hong Kong’s most far-flung fire stations, the firefighters are seen whiling their time away exchanging easy banter, doing repetitive training drills or making soup.
The last task is the handiwork of Sam (Tse), an officer spending the last day at his posting and facing yet another twist in his spiralling career - a tailspin which began, as shown in the film’s opening sequence, when he and his hot-headed colleague Chill (Shawn Yue) were sold out by their cadet-school classmate Yip (Andy On) in an internal investigation about a botched rescue attempt. Yip has since stolen his rival’s rising-star thunder and, having risen above him to become stationmaster, slyly maneuvers Sam’s transfer to another even more obscure posting.

Thus begins what appears to be an uneventful Christmas Eve for the characters, as Sam’s preparations for departure juxtaposed with the introduction of the film’s many different threads. Ever the rule-breaker for better or worse, Chill is seen driving one of the fire trucks to transport his son to a school visit of a power plant; old-timer Tao (Simon Yam) is given some competition by the arrival of the po-faced (and incredibly strong) former mainland Chinese firefighter Ocean (Hu Jun), with the pair’s meet-cute – their bonding certainly sizzles with homoerotic frisson – taking the form of a stair-climbing race and shaped up by some of the rookies as a showdown between Hong Kong and mainland China.

Tao and Ocean’s professional pair-up is interesting, as it highlights the need for collaboration between the pair (and the two entities they represent) than competition - a notion most certainly at ease with the film’s position as a mainland-Hong Kong co-production (Emperor and Media Asia co-produced the film with China’s Zhujiang Film Group). It’s a thread brought further into focus later in the power plant, where visiting engineer Yang Lin (Bai Bing) emerges as the only dissenting voice when the manager (Patrick Tam) insists in pushing the facilities’ output to the max so as to protect his job but at the risk of reigniting a winery blaze which Sam, Chill and his company have just fought hard to contain.

Up until this juncture, the film remains very promising. The personality clashes reveal characters weighed down by the errors of their past, as seen in Sam’s messy state of mind when he questions his wisdom of that one episode in which he jettisoned his (and Chill’s) by first not doing things by the book, and then the demanding circumstances of the present, when everybody who’s anybody is trying their best (or worst) by staying on-message and in the good grace of the powers that be.

Ironically, As the Light Goes Out begins to veer out of control when it expands into a full-blown disaster movie. With the narrative confined to one single night, too much is allowed to happen after that first fire at the liquor production factory. As one thing leads to another and finally a worst case scenario which leads to Hong Kong falling into a complete blackout, but not before the abrupt death of one of the protagonists; the fact that this incident barely registered throughout the second half of the film highlights how the film is overwhelmed by one too many distracting and unnecessary plot points (most of which aim at consolidating the firefighters’ role also as flawed fathers and boyfriends).

The film also subverts its own early-stage humor about clichéd images of heroism, as cataclysmic situations bring out ever more extraordinary (and unbelievable) deeds. But as the on-screen calamities become ever more awe-inspiring, some of the action scenes have in turn become too quick to be deciphered clearly, rendering some of Eric Lam’s production designer obsolete. The audio-visual cacophony has unfortunately submerged what could have been a tight study of values and virtues in peril, with the film weighed down by an excess of dangling threads, nick-of-time interventions and cliffhanger moments resolved by logic-defying acts.

Venue: Gala Premiere, Hong Kong, Dec. 19, 2013
Production Companies: Emperor Film Production Company, Media Asia Film Production Company, Zhujiang Film Group
Director: Derek Kwok
Cast: Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Simon Yam, Hu Jun, Bai Bing, Andy On
Producers: Albert Lee, David Chan, Zhao Jun
Executive Producers: Albert Yeung, Peter Lam, Li He
Screenwriters: Jill Leung, Philip Yung with Derek Kwok
Director of Photography: Jason Kwan
Editor: Wong Hoi
Production Designer: Eric Lam
Costume Designer: William Fung, Mabel Kwan
Music: Teddy Robin, Tomy Wai
International Sales: Emperor Motion Pictures
In Cantonese and Mandarin
118 minutes


April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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CF: New Posters of the Fantastic “Painted Skin 2″ (Sina)

A1: Fei Xiang plays evil sorcerer

CF: Movie Posters for “Design of Death” Released

CF: Feng Xiaogang and Tsui Hark to Direct Huayi Bros’ New Projects

Feng Xiaogang will return to the silver screen with a comedy named “Si Ren Ding Zhi (Private Reservation).”

The announced release schedule for 2012 includes: Wuershan’s “Painted Skin 2/Painted Skin: The Resurrection”, June 28; Stephen Fung’s “Tai Chi 0″, September 28; Ronny Yu’s “Saving General Yang”, October 26; Jackie Chan’s “Chinese Zodiac/CZ12″, December 20; Feng Xiaogang’s “1942″ was not revealed yet. (Sina)23

CF: Lu Chuan and Ning Hao on How to Defend Chinese Commercial Films

Posters for Danny Pang’s “Fairy Tale Killer”

Lau Ching-Wan

Wang Baoqiang (Sina)

CF: Trailer of “Floating City” Released

In the film, Aaron Kwok portrays a business mogul who develops from a nobody into an influential person over the course of 40 years.

THR: Hong Kong Film Piracy on YouTube Amounts to $308 Million Loss

A few pictures from the red carpet at this evening’s Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Beijing International Film Festival. Among the guests: James Cameron, Wendi Deng, Fan Bingbing, Huang Yi, Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Aarif Lee, Yao Chen, Wang Xueqi, Feng Xiaogang, Mo Xiaoqi, Andy Lau, Deanie Ip, Ann Hui, Yan Ni, Angelababy, Wang Lee-Hom, Jaycee Chan, Simon Yam, Patrick Tse, Huang Xiaoming, Tsui Hark, Shi Nansun, et al.

Gordon Chan, Liu Yifei, Deng Chao representing “The Four”

Nicky Wu, Zhang Jingchu

Zhang Ziyi (Sina)(Sina-gallery)

MSN: Nicholas Tse plans to list his company on the stock exchange

MSN: Cecilia Cheung to prioritize family over work

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung’s return to showbiz had been lacklustre. The actress is speculated to take time off making movies because her recent movies have been box office flops.

MSN: Eason Chan hopes for a Dragon son

Yahoo: Hong Kong pop star Eason Chan sells out in London

Hong Kong superstar Eason Chan’s world tour has an unofficial catch-phrase: “Who the hell is Eason Chan?”

March 1, 2012

March 1, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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CRI: Hong Kong Film Directors Guild Awards Handed out

Jackie Chan

Jiang Wen, Ann Hui, Felix Chong

Stephen Fung

Tsui Hark, Shi Nansun

Stephen Fung and Andrew Lau performing for the guests

Teddy Robin

Tsui Hark, Jackie Chan, Derek Yee, Andrew Lau


TaipeiTimes: The Flowers of War review

Even with Christian Bale leading the cast, Zhang Yimou’s Nanjing Massacre epic misses the mark by veering off into gross sentimentality

CF: ‘Kung Fu Wing Chun’ Star [Bai Jin] Killed in Alleged Murder-Suicide

Rumors circulated that Zhou was a billionaire who made his fortunes from the stock market and owned many real estate properties. He was said to have divorced his first wife, with whom he had a son, for Bai and invested huge amounts of money in Bai’s acting career. They eventually married in October 2010.

However, earlier this year, some insiders claimed Bai conspired with her boyfriend in the mafia to steal 20 million yuan from Zhou and hire a prostitute to seduce Zhou in order to get a divorce, from which she would get more money. The widespread rumors alleged that Zhou’s mother “died of anger” earlier this year after discovering this.

CF: Actress Yang Mi Enjoying the Best of Times

She will also star in Hong Kong director Derek Yee’s new period drama, The Disappearing Bullet.

CF: Mainland Box Office Chart in the Eighth Week 2012

Shu Qi and Shawn Yue in Beijing for the premiere of  Carol Lai’s “The Second Woman”

Shu Qi

Playing games - Shawn Yue, Shu Qi (Sina)

Mainland version of “Turning Point Extreme” poster (Sina)

Cecilia Cheung sang the movie theme song while promoting “The Lion Roars 2″ in Hunan”. The cast, including Zhang Xinyu, Xiao Shenyang, was taping an episode of Happy Camp for Hunan Satellite TV.

Victor Huang

SGYahoo: Vincent no feud with Donnie

[Update: According to the latest report, Vincent Zhao and Donnie Yen have failed to reconcile and Zhao will need to be replaced. (Sina)2 ]

SGYahoo: Chrissie to ride

Chrissie Chow’s new film “Bauhinia Heroine 3D” will require her to perform on amotorcycle, but as she has no licence to do so yet, Chow has announced that she would be taking a motorcycle test and passMSN: Are things over for Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung?

MSN: Nicholas Tse’s family vacation without ex-wife and kids

Fans who are hoping for Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung reconciliation are going to be disappointed.

Nicholas Tse

Nicholas, Jennifer, Patrick Tse

Family and staff (!) (Sina-slideshow)

“Age does not matter when it comes to love,” Hong Kong actress Candice Yu recently said.

October 27, 2011

October 27, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

Variety: You Are the Apple of My Eye review

A bawdy, sentimental but still enjoyably Taiwanese coming-of-ager.

WSJ: Taiwan’s Hit ‘Apple’ Takes Off in Hong Kong

The popularity of this year’s biggest movie in Taiwan is spilling over into Hong Kong.

CF: Lead Actress of “Magic to Win” Makes Public Debut in Press Conference

The film tells the tale of a modern magic story, in which an ordinary girl accidentally obtains magical powers from her magician teacher. Consequently, she becomes embroiled in a magical world which is beyond her control.

CF: Gao Qunshu to Follow in the Footsteps of the Cohen Brothers

“Gao will start shooting the first movie of the franchise, ‘Detective Hunter Zhang’ in November. He will follow this up with a series of black comedies. We’re hoping that Gao can film two movies every year.”

CF: Still Shots Featuring Kimi Qiao in Film “A Big Deal” Released

FBA: Hot cast for Coldwar

CF: ”Cold War” Holds First Press Conference

During the event, Tony Leung revealed that the film begins with a police car under siege in the middle of a street. With the police station finding it difficult to cope with the crisis, everyone inside is under suspicion for being a mole.

The main investor behind the film, Edko Flim Limited, has claimed that the structure of the story is similar to that of “Infernal Affairs” in some ways, but claims that the film has incorporated a number of other elements including lots of car-chases and deadly explosions.

Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung Ka-Fai (Sina-gallery)

CF: Couple Joins Forces for a Third Time in New Thriller

The movie held its premiere ceremony yesterday in Beijing to celebrate the fact that this will be the first time that an Oxide Peng film has been screened on the mainland.

Angelica Lee

Angelica Lee Sinjie in Shanghai today for the opening of Oxide Pang’s “Sleepwalker in 3D”

Movie poster

Angelica Lee - movie stills


Producer Yuan Xiaomin announced that Cecilia Cheung would attend the Beijing and Shanghai premieres of “The Legendary Amazons”.  Despite currently working on “Dangerous Liaisons” Cecilia readily agreed to appear.


“Cold Steel” stills of tough guys Peter Ho Yun-Tung, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Mickey He and Guo Mingxiang. In the action film opening Dec. 2, Peter Ho portrays a young farmer who becomes a skilled sniper in the war against Japan. Song Jia, Angeles Woo, and Yu Rongguang are also in the cast

Tony Leung Ka-Fai

Peter Ho

Guo Mingxiang plays a Japanese sniper

Mickey He  (Sina-gallery)

Karen Mok in another guise for Jeff Lau’s East Meets West (Sina)

Director Tom Lin Shu-Yu

From today’s premiere of “Starry Starry Night” in Beijing

Xu Jiao

Rene Liu (Sina)

Photos from last night’s birthday banquet for Deborah Li at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Besides family, Susanna Kwan and her partner also attended the celebration.

Deborah’s 60th birthday

Andy On, Jennifer Tse

Jennifer and Nicholas with mother

Patrick Tse Yin

Quintus and Lucas

Quintus and dad (Sina-gallery)

Hong Kong’s Next magazine published a photo of 56 year-old Gordon Liu recently. The Hong Kong martial arts star suffered a stroke and was admitted to the hospital. His right side has hemiplegia, paralysis, and he is undergoing long term rehabilitation. To prevent identification, Liu wears a knit hat and mask.

Gordon Liu


June 3, 2011

June 3, 2011

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Variety: Juliets review

Three short films by three Taiwanese directors take the character of Shakespeare’s most famous heroine in different, equally post-feminist directions in “Juliets.”

Cecilia Cheung and Kwon Sang-Woo

Posted by Ceci’s manager from set of Repeat, I Love You (Xinhua)

Hiro Hayama in the upcoming thriller Mysterious Island


Takeshi Kaneshiro is part Sherlock Holmes, part House M.D. in Wu Xia. The actor reportedly suffered nightmares after filming the autopsy scenes.


Poster for Coming Back (vide. Backstroke) starring Simon Yam

Produced by Gordon Chan and directed by 7th generation director Li Yuan, the picture opens this summer (Sina)

“The Piano in A Factory” starring Qin Hailu and Wang Qianyuan will dominate the tail end of this June with a thunderous nationwide release on June 30

Starring Wang Baoqiang, Tan Zhuo and He Jie, the film is about a man named Mr. Tree who lives in a village and can predict the future.

Zhang Ziyi attends a fashion show in Seoul, South Korea

Fendi CEO, Michael Burke


TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

CRI: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung to Divorce on June 6?

MSN: Nicholas Tse’s rumored divorce due to extramarital affair

MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung discuss separation through text messages

Rumour has it that the pair has begun discussing the terms of their separation…through text messages. Nicholas’s rep EEG Groups is also reportedly preparing to announce the couple’s divorce soon.

“Stay together for the kids”

Nic’s EEG manager, Mani Fok was quoted as saying: “He is currently filming and many action scenes require his participation rather than using a stunt double. Earlier, Nic filmed a scene where he had to jump from an eight storey building. He did not tell EEG in advance about this stunt. I want him to focus his concentration first and not think any troubling thoughts.”

Mani indicated that after completing “The Viral Factor”, Nic will quickly film a mainland series.

Mani was confident that there was no third party in Nic and Cecilia’s relationship. “For a man who stays home aside from work, it’s very hard for him to keep a mistress.”

The model tells why she does not believe in pre-nuptial agreements

Sammi: “I will change for him!”

CF: Chen Kun and Guey Lun Mei Bite Each Other on “Elle Men”

Anthony Wong visits Montmartre. Anyone recognize the woman?

Studying French cuisine with chef

A young Louis Fan Siu-Wong with Chow Yun-Fat

June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011

Variety: A Chinese Ghost Story review

A mediocre remake of the famous, same-named 1987 Hong Kong action-fantasy, “A Chinese Ghost Story” sports snazzy effects and some decent fight sequences, but that’s about it.

CRI: Rest on Your Shoulder’ Joins Golden Goblet Competition

CF: Top Kung Fu Masters Join “The Royal Tramp”

The new adaptation will overturn some stories of original novel. In the film, the lead roles will travel back in time to the Qing Dynasty, and there will be a love triangle between Emperor Kangxi, Wei Xiaobao and a Russian princess. The movie will be screened across China in 3-D.

CF: Jiang Wu in “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan”

CF: Thrilling Trailer of “Mysterious Island” Out

CF: Louis Liu Plays Villain in His Film Debut

As a magician, Liu Qian is a household name in China because of his mind-blowing performances on two consecutive China Central Television “Spring Festival Galas,” one of the nation’s highest-rated TV shows.

Johnnie To Wraps Romance Film at Home in Hong Kong

The veteran Hong Kong director was wrapping up his new romance “Romancing in Thin Air” in the southern Chinese financial centre Thursday afternoon after what he and his producer describe as a grueling filming in the high-altitude forests of southwestern Yunnan province.

Posters for Wong Jing’s martial arts comedy Treasure Inn which opens June 28. The cast includes Nicholas Tse, Nick Cheung, Huang Yi and Charlene Choi. Liu Yang is featured in the stills below.

Stills from Treasure Inn

Nicholas Tse, Liu Yang

Nicholas Tse, Charlene Choi, Liu Yang


Wong Jing and Liu Yang at a press event today in Tianjin (Sina)

Beach Spike starring Chrissie Chau and Jessica C opens in mainland theaters this summer. The release is seen as testing the waters for Chrissie’s entry into the mainland market.


Huang Bo plays an E.T. in The Pretending Lovers which opens June 24.


Fan Bingbing celebrated Children’s Day by wearing a sailor’s outfit and Young Pioneers’ red scarf in a visit to Henan Province, a former revolutionary stronghold. She brought gifts and school supplies to a children’s school for orphans and the underprivileged. Fan Bingbing also gave out the latest white iPhones to her staff as “big kids” gifts for Children’s Day to thank them for their efforts for her during her recent trip to Cannes. “.


UNICEF Maggie Cheung launches Child Welfare Week

Our presence was the present: Maggie Cheung

UNICEF Ambassador Maggie Cheung, along with China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs and Beijing Normal University, launched the second annual China Children Welfare Week at China’s UNICEF headquarters in Beijing

Maggie chats online about her experience in Sichuan (Sina)

MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung talked about divorce in April

The Hong Kong media exposed that the couple consulted a divorce lawyer prior to the Hong Kong Film Awards

MSN: Patrick Tse flares up at son’s marriage rumours

Rumour has it that Nicholas Tse’s mother Deborah Li had given the green light for Cha Xiao Xin’s exposé.

A1: HK paparazzi ‘ambush’ Nicholas Tse in KL

HKStandard: Divorce rumors dog star couple

Lucas, Quintus

A rumoured pre-nuptial agreement grants Cecilia custody rights of all children. Ceci and Lucas are inseparable and she has always doted on him. Quintus, however, has been often left in the care of his grandmother, Deborah Lee, and Nicholas is said to be unwilling to give up Quintus. (Sina)

CNA: Sammi Cheng changes willful ways for Andy Hui

HKStandard: June 4 rally aims to attract 150,000

June 1, 2011

June 1, 2011

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GlobalTimes: Fraud at the Chinese films - artificial box office numbers

A well-known joke told by Gao Jun, manager of the New Film Association, goes that one film boss was known by the nickname “Plus One” “because if his film has a 5 million box office, he will claim a 15 million one.

“Speaking anonymously, a PR source explained to the Global Times how marketing companies use SNS and microblogs.

CRI: Tony Leung Says ‘The Great Magician’ Comes Fast

In the film, Leung stars as Zhang Xian, a powerful magician living in the early 20th century. Zhang goes abroad to study magic, and when he comes back he discovers his fiancée, played by Zhou Xun, has become a warlord’s concubine.

CF:  New Posters of “The Founding of a Party” Released

CF: Cecilia Cheung Back on the Set


CF: Ivana Wong On Theme Song for “A Beautiful Life”

At the recent Louis Vuitton event, Gong Li revealed that her latest project is playing the wife of Genghis Khan. The director was suffering from ill health and the production is looking for a replacement. (Sina)

GlobalTimes: Donnie Yen makes rounds for charity at Beijing hospital

In 2005, the regulator told HBS to stop running ”Super Girl”, China’s first televised talent show which was the closest thing the country had to American Idol, and on which the station made its name and fortune.

Some officials saw the programme, which many people would consider innocent, as subversive because it propelled individuals to fame based on audience votes. It demonstrated the power of popular opinion in China – a constant concern for the Communist party in a country where people cannot elect their leaders ….

Peter Chan’s Wu Xia has been moved up to a July 4 release. As the Cannes version of the film was rushed to completion and modified for foreign audiences, a director’s cut version with additional editing will be shown in the domestic version.

Beijing subway adverts (Sina)

Anthony Wong is in France, but for what project?

(May 30)

From the land of Weibos

Lau Ching-Wan, Lam Suet, Alan Ng Siu-Hung dining in Beijing (May 30)

Alan Ng is a former actor and currently Lam Suet’s talent rep/manager, and also a film and concert producer according to his microblog.

Lau Ching-Wan and Alan Ng co-starred together in Angel Hunter in 1992 so the meeting was a sort of reunion

That’s Vivian Chow and Anthony Wong flanking Lau Ching-Wan

German dining with action director Liu Xu Hao and Alan Ng (June 1)

Liu Xu Hao (Firebird Liu) is action directing in Island Paradise/Cape Paradise

Frankie Ng Chi-Hung

Frankie Ng in Zhang Lijia’s Beasts and Flowers

Beasts and Flowers (lit. Flowers to the Beast) stars Jaycee Chan and Ady An Yixuan

Beasts and Flowers just wrapped and Frankie Ng is heading to Bangkok to join Jordan Chan on another project

Beasts and Flowers

Frankie Ng

Frankie Ng’s leg

Admiring Northeast mainlanders’ tattoos

Frankie Ng

Jack Kao, director Zhang Lijia, Frankie Ng

Ricky Chan

and the magic of movie-making

Poster for Frankie Ng appearance at the Pink Panther Bar in Beijing

Photos and autographs are part of the sell

Performing? Or just talking?

And what was Carina Lau doing in NYC last month?

(May 20)

American Museum of Natural History

Hamburger, fries and Coca-Cola at Johnny Rockets (May 13)

Li Bingbing at Wembley Stadium to cover the Barcelona - Manchester United Champions League final last Saturday

Zhao Wei posted this photo of her baby girl to celebrate International Children’s Day today. Many other celebrities also posted baby photos.

CNA: Patrick Tse admits Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung are fighting

“Mind your own business!”

MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung clash over properties

“Cecilia had planned to announce her third pregnancy recently, so as to force Nicholas to transfer the ownership of all his properties to her name. Wouldn’t Nicholas be in trouble if his wife says she’s pregnant and he wants a divorce now? He’ll lose not only his properties and family, but also his image.”

The TVB actor is said to be using his former love to rebuild his public image

HKStandard: Young love runs cold on mainland matches

Two in every five young residents say they have a poor impression of mainlanders and will not go out on a date with them.

HKStandard: Visitors welcome for money not worry

Top of the grumbles list, according to the Hong Kong Research Association, is mainland mothers coming here to give birth.

May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011

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Variety: A Beautiful Life review

Despite an excess of melodrama, helmer Andrew Lau reteams with scripter Tang Kit-ming (”Look for a Star”) to deliver a lush tearjerker that aims to do for Beijing what Woody Allen once did for Manhattan.

CF: Li Bingbing in “The Secret Fan”

A batch of still photos was released for the imminent drama, “Snow Flowers and the Secret Fan.

CF: Tang Wei: Despaired Housewife in “Wu Xia”

The production company of the Peter Chan’s “Wu Xia” released new still photos featuring Tang Wei as a village woman.


Concept poster of Zhang Zilin as the Sky Goddess in The Monkey King (Sina)

Zhang Hanyu

Lam Suet, Fu Yong

Lam Suet will be starring in a comedy, working title Island Paradise, produced under China Film Group’s new talent development program. The film will be directed by newcomer Fu Yong. (Sina)

3D version of The Fruit is Swelling from Cash Chin Man-Kei who hopes to land Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang

Gong Li was one of the many celebrities attending a Louis Vuitton event in Beijing at the National Museum of China.

Gong Li

Wang Xueqi

Chen Kun

Zhang Jingchu

Zhang Jingchu (Xinhua-gallery)(Sina)

MSN: Cecilia Cheung’s parents-in-law to help save her marriage?

This article includes the prospect of Cecilia going to visit Nicholas on set in Malaysia with their two sons and publicly apologizing. (Xinhua)

CNA: Late Anita Mui’s mother vows to “seek justice on television”

Anita Mui’s mother, Tam Mei-Kam, held a press conference in her hospital ward on Monday, to voice her unhappiness over not getting control of her late daughter’s estate

Anita’s brother and mother (Xinhua)

Baby bump? (Xinhua)

The queen of Cantopop claims that she does not like the idea and thinks that it is “old-fashioned and gross”.

May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011

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THR: South Korea’s Kwon Sang-woo Eyes Chinese Film Caree

The Korean actor is set to star in Jackie Chan’s upcoming ‘Chinese Zodiac.’

CRI: Kwon Sang-woo Joins Cecilia Cheung in New Film

First Person: Heiward Mak Hei-yan (Interview)

An up-and-coming star of Hong Kong cinema, 26-year-old director Heiward Mak Hei-yan recently won the award for Best Screenplay for her light-hearted romance “Love in a Puff” at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards.

Rest on Your Shoulder poster (Sina)

CF: ”Treasure Inn” Releases Funny Photos

Wong Jing’s martial arts comedy Treasure Inn opens June 28.

Nick Cheung

Huang Yi, Charlene Choi

Nicholas Tse, Nick Cheung

Mavis Pan Shuangshuang (Sina)2

CRI: Stars Return for the Launch of ‘Painted Skin 2′

Like the original, the sequel will be a supernatural thriller, but instead of a mere love triangle, the sequel will feature a love square, or perhaps even a pentagon.

Actress Zhao Wei who returns to the big screen after childbirth indicated the supernatural and raunchy paintings hung at the launch ceremony imply a strong taste of Uershan’s movie.

The official launch ceremony for Painted Skin 2 was held in Beijing yesterday, May 29

Director Wuershan

Producer Chen Guo-Fu

Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, Zhao Wei

Yang Mi, Feng Shaofeng

Chen Tingjia

Zhao Wei

Group photo (Sina-gallery)

(May 27) Maggie Cheung, Zhao Wei and Jet Li were among the celebrities who helped officially open the Universal Studios in Singapore.

A1: Asian stars shine at Universal Studios Singapore’s grand opening

Paula Abdul also attended the opening while American Idol Fantasia Barrino  cancelled at the last moment.

CNA: Jet Li, Maggie Cheung grace Universal Studios grand opening gala

However, beleaguered ex-California governor, “Terminator” star Arnold Schwarzenegger, terminated his appearance at the event due to personal problems.

Maggie Cheung

Zhao Wei

Jet Li (Xinhua)

Lin Chi-Ling promoting a real estate venture (May 28)


And Lin Chi-ling at a Longines event



MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung filed for divorce?

According to hearsay, Nicholas had already filed for separation through a lawyer’s letter and that Cecilia has since moved out from the couple’s love nest and is staying at a rented place.

Terence Yang, the boss of Emperor Entertainment, and Mani Fok, a senior executive of the company, was also recently seen traveling to Malaysia to comfort Nicholas.

In other related reports, one “senior executive of an entertainment company” alleged that Nicholas and Cecilia had filed for divorce before Cecilia’s accidental meeting with Edison Chen, and that their marriage was already on the rocks.

CNA: Cecilia Cheung threatens reporters at airport

“You can’t afford it, don’t play with me,” Cheung told reporters

Patrick Tse defends daughter-in-law: “She is the pride of the Tse family”

Lucas and Ceci dining at the airport VIP lounge (Xinhua)

[Elsewhere, it was reported that Ceci's apparent pregnancy could affect her participating in the upcoming Lion Roars 2. Or, her pregnancy would be incorporated into the storyline. (cri)]

CNA: Jordan Chan’s wife Cherrie Ying: “I am just like his mother.”

Jim Chim, Isabella Leong (Xinhua)

MSN: Isabella Leong returns to Hong Kong

On May 29, a reporter spotted Isabella at a country restaurant in Sai Kung, Hong Kong, decked in a pastel low-cut shirt and without any makeup.

Looking happy and relaxed, Isabella was accompanied by her mother, her mentor Jim Chim and his wife, and her best friend Coco Chiang and her boyfriend. However, there were no signs of her three children.

MSN: Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng to wed next year

Vonnie Lui gone AWOL?

Anita Yuen: “No more period dramas!”

Gizmodo: Bake Your Meals the Sino-Scandinavian Way

April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

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A1: Jackie Chan, Asian stars raise funds for Japan (CNA)

CRI: Chinese Film ‘Warring States’ to Open in N. America

Jing Tian in  battle (Sina)

CRI: Leon Lai, Zhang Hanyu Invited for ‘Banquet’ (White Vengeance)

Variety: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart review

A tightly plotted, frequently funny fantasy-world take on romantic rivalry.

Sacrifice review (HK)

The source material of “Sacrifice” is a true story that happened in ancient China, known to everybody in the country as “The Orphan of Zhao Family.” …To put it simply: any director who gets to make a film about this story had better hope not to screw it up. Alas, Palm d’Or-winning Chinese auteur Chen Kaige sort of did with his latest epic saga, which, after a majestic first half, degrades into an awkward, confusing soap opera in the end.

Variety: China Lion roars into North America

China Lion CEO Milt Barlow said: “The best of Chinese cinema will now be available to North American audiences — not only through day-and-date theatrical with our partners AMC, but also through new platforms including iTunes, Xbox, Netflix and cable VOD.”

Stills from crime scene in The Detective 2, opening April 29.


Patrick Tse, Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse recently hosted a housewarming party for his post-production company. (Sina)

Sister Jennifer posted some family photos on weibo

Jennifer Tse, Nicholas Tse

Nicholas and Jennifer

Lucas and Nicholas (Xinhua)

TV alert: Action director/actor Tiger Chen joins Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel for an episode on Chengdu cuisine. His mom, a former opera performer, shows off her skills in the kitchen. And the piece on Chef Yu’s Family Kitchen was pretty impressive, too. (TravelChannel)

Tiger Chen and stunt team (CelebrityTwitter)

CNA: Jackie Chan to donate entire fortune to charity, leaves nothing to son

Chan, who already willed half his fortune to charity, expressed Thursday that his son will get nothing after he passes away.

MSN: A-Mei says goodbye to old love with tattoo

The Taiwanese singer recently got some new inkMSN: Richard Chang said to have met drama director

Selina Jen’s fiancé requested a face-to-face apology

Her Apr 1 wedding was postponed due to an on-set accident

Qingming Festival: A fashionable send-off for Shanghai’s dead (CNNGo)

[iPad 2s are popular this year, too]

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