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May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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Variety: Nightfall review

Gut-wrenching violence, classical music, daddy issues and Lolita complexes are grist for director Roy Chow Hin Yeung’s grisly mill in “Nightfall,” a Hong Kong thriller with a strong noirish flavor that stops short of lurid, thanks to the seasoned cast’s solid perfs.

FBA: Woo boards BeastTHR

John WOO will direct Day of the Beast, a remake of SUZUKI Seijun’s yakuza classic Youth of the Beast (1963).

The Chinese martial-arts film “Wu Dang” is set to debut at the 65th Cannes International Film Festival

Vincent Zhao

Yang Mi (Sina)

As a part of the “Four plus One” project produced by Pang Ho-Cheung, the movie tells a comedic story, which is set in Beijing, about a man and woman who can’t remember the night after a drinking binge. In that one night, they lose a company car and 300,000 yuan in cash, and then the two trace back their steps to try to figure out what happened.

Zhang Jingchu with an alpaca in “Lacuna”

Shawn Yue shares a whiff of alpaca with Zhang Jingchu

An alpaca, a cat and a frog provide important clues to discovering what happened that drunken night.

“Lacuna” posters


“11 Flowers” revolves around the memory of an 11-year-old boy who witnesses a murder and attempts to catch the criminal.

Producer and actor Wong Bak-Ming, director Vincent Kok and actors Raymond Lam, Ronald Cheng, Teresa Mo, Lynn Hung and Karena Ng attended the event.

Director Vincent Kok

Raymond Wong

Ronald Cheng, Karena Ng (Sina)2

The film features actors from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including Francis Ng, Simon Yam, Zhang Zhen (Chang Chen), Song Jia, Chen Chong (Joan Chen) and Janice Man.

The film depicts a series of comical incidents which occur between 3 pairs of lovers on an island named Re Ai Dao, or Hot Love Island. The couples experience a number of misunderstandings and setbacks in pursuit of a happy ending. [Filmed back in 2010, it might be a hint that the film's a stinker.]

Francis Ng and Song Jia play husband and wife

Simon Yam

Francis Ng

Joan Chen, Simon Yam (Sina)234

Zhou Xun


The production side of the fantasy movie “Painted Skin 2″ released a batch of still photos featuring actor Chen Kun in the movie

Chen Kun (Sina)

Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing, Zhou Xun and Gu Changwei are expected to be present at the film event, along with other popular Chinese actors such as Yang Mi, Tong Dawei and Feng Shaofeng.

The 25-minute “Walker”, directed by Tsai Ming-liang, has been one of the most hotly debated movies on Youku since it debuted in late April, receiving nearly 20,000 comments so far.

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

CNA: Andy Lau confirms birth of baby girl in pensive message to fans

Andy Lau: Yes, I’m a dad now

MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung to be business partners?

Even though their divorce will be finalised this month, the pair’s shared love for food might see them forming a new kind of partnership

MSN: Nicholas Tse’s family of four celebrates Quintus Tse’s birthday

In other related news, Nicholas appeared on last week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model where he left a deep impression on the contestants

MSN: Miriam Yeung worried about premature birth

MSN: Are Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung finally getting married?

Rumour has it that the couple will be tying the knot next month to bring good luck to the actress’ family

April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

CRI: In Memory of Leslie Cheung

A large number of fans from across the world come to offer flowers at the Hong Kong Mandarin Hotel; the location where Leslie Cheung, the famous Hong Kong film actor and musician, committed suicide 9 years ago on April 1.

Japanese fans (Sina-slideshow)

FBA: Nightfall review

Routine crime drama squanders good leads on a poor script with only average direction.

CF: Box Office Revenue of “Nightfall” Reaches 40 Million Yuan

Engaging fable on greed and loss of values in HK society is good but not great.

CF: “Blood Stained Shoes” Premieres in Guangzhou

CF: The Absurd Comedy “Design of Death”

Based on the novel of the same name, the movie tells the story of a group of villagers who try to design the death of a well-known local hooligan. 
CF: ”Tokyo Newcomer” Gets Extra Screening Slots

The film tells the story of a Chinese superstar, portrayed by Chung, who abandons her career in China and marries a Japanese man. One of her loyal fans, played by Miao, follows her to Japan where he accidentally becomes involved in a spate of serial murders in a family-owned hotel where the owners are killed one by one.

Based on the life story of entrepreneur and motivational speaker Rocky Liang, the film recreates how Liang became successful. 

Stills from Derek Yee/Law Chi-Leung’s “The Bullet Vanishes” released at a Beijing press conference (Sina-gallery) yesterday

Yang Mi, Lau Ching-Wan

Nicholas Tse

Lau Ching-Wan

Liu Kai-Chi, according to the caption

Yang Mi  (Sina)2

Zhang Jingchu and Li Bingbing are rumoured to be in contention for the femal lead role in the Hollywood production of Edward Zwick’s “The Great Wall”

Li Bingbing

Zhang Jingchu

Zhang Jingchu is currently in Las Vegas


Read the tale and circumstances behind how fellow blogger and ex-pat Glenn got these picture of Cherie Chung, Vivian Chow and Annie Liu, and some swag too, link below.

Cherie Chung

Vivian Chow, Cherie Chung, Annie Liu

A1: Andy Lau changes plans to raise daughter in Malaysia

He has now set his sights on Edmonton, where his sister has migrated to. Lau is also believed to own properties there.

MSN: Was Joey Yung showbiz boss Albert Yeung’s mistress?

MSN: Video of Jay Chou’s scuffle with the paparazzi circulated online

The video clip that documented Jay’s actions had shown him instructing his friends to form a human barricade to block the three reporters present. Jay had whipped out his mobile phone and filmed the reporters. He referred to them as “Number One, ninja dog”, “Number Two, horse face” and “Number three, monkey with glasses”.

Several days after Timmy’s marriage to Janet Chow in Hong Kong, he lashed out at Chester for spilling drinks on the bride’s wedding dress and also used his wedding as means to meet new girls.

March 27, 2012

March 27, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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THR: Nightall review

Cop pits wits with con in an improbably plotted but visually resonant Hong Kong thriller starring Nick Cheung and Simon Yam.

THR: Love in the Buff review

Modern love shifts from Hong Kong to Beijing in the successful sequel to Love in a Puff, a natural, light and convincing rom com very similar to the original Hong Kong hit.

THR: Vulgaria review

Director Pang Ho-cheung appeals to international audiences in this laugh-out-loud, aptly titled comedy.

K-film ‘Late Autumn’ breaks box office record in China

FBA: Late Autumn has Indian summer

CRI: Zhang Yimou Takes a Break from Making Movies

CF: Posters of ‘The Last Supper’ Released

CF: First Trailer of “The Last Supper” Unveiled

Latest concept poster for Ning Hao’s “Guns and Roses”

Josephine Siao Fong Fong’s eldest daughter recently married in Phuket, Thailand

The groom, an American of British-Irish descent, is learning to speak Mandarin. (Sina)

A distraught Shu Qi

Possibly a victim of crossfire in the war of words between Donnie Yen and Vincent Zhao over “Special Identity”, Shu Qi deleted all her posts on her Weibo microblog account after a series of posts attacking and harassing her. Shu Qi has over 10 million followers. She had recently given her support to Donnie Yen, her “Legend of the Fist” costar. So some speculate that the attacks were from Vincent Zhao supporters, or it could have been from other people taking advantage of the dispute to settle old scores. Fellow artists, Wong Jing, Carina Lau, Gordon Chan, Yao Chen, Feng Xiaogang, Annie Yi, Zhang Yuan and Chen Kun expressed solidarity with Shu Qi and condemned the ‘network of violence’ on their own weibo posts. (Sina)23

Shu Qi supported Donnie Yen, Netizens attacks back posting old nude photos

Shu Qi cries in the park

Meanwhile, many people have shown their support for Shu Qi, including film director Wong Jing, who followed her footstep to delete all comments on his weibo as a silent protest.

“I know who’s behind this, but don’t have evidence,” he told a reporter over the phone.

Chinese director Feng Xiaogang also supported Shu Qi. He wrote: “If I scold you of behaving like an animal, I’m humiliating the animals.”

Vincent apologised to Shu Qi for being dragged into the dispute. “I hope this issue will end soon, Shu Qi is innocent.”

Happier days on Weibo

Chateau Lafite

Shu Qi La Feet

MSN: Kelly Chan discharged from hospital after labour

MSN: Faye Wong’s eldest daughter posted intimate photo with a boy

March 26, 2012

Nightfall (Hollywood Reporter review)

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3/26/2012 by Deborah Young

For those who care more about action, location and pace in their police procedurals than realism and logic, the visually sophisticated Hong Kong thriller Nightfall, a second feature directed by Chow Hin Yeung, is a step above genre standards. A gone-to-seed police detective pits wits with a brilliant ex-con implicated in the gruesome death of an opera tenor, whose daughter was murdered twenty years earlier. The thickly plotted, highly improbable story benefits from the expressive ability of two star leads, who add character interest to a stylish, up-scale detective story for the Asian mainstream.

In a violent opener set in a steamy prison shower room, a ferocious, half-naked fighter beats three fellow cons within an inch of their lives in brutal, aestheticized close-ups. What this energetically choreographed scene has to do with the rest of the narrative is left hanging until much later on. The muscular fighter turns out to be the unhinged Eugene Wang (Nick Cheung of Beast Stalker), who has been serving time for the rape and murder of his teenage girlfriend Eva (Janice Man.) Released on parole after twenty years in the hopper, his crazed eyes and quivering lips, as he ogles girls on the street or punches out a face on a billboard, announce a potential psycho-killer who is far from reformed. He also suddenly dives into Hong Kong harbor for a swim, which can’t be a sane idea.

Meanwhile, Chow and his co-scripter Christine To Chi-Long introduce the lovable, unshaven, alcoholic Inspector Lam (Simon Yam, who played the villain in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.) His backstory, laid out but never explored, is that some years back his wife committed suicide, or may possibly have been murdered, leaving him with a rebellious teenage daughter and an obsession for reopening old police cases. His non-starting private life with long-suffering teammate Ying (Kate Tse) is a bust, but Yam’s intelligent eyes inspire confidence that he will get his man by the end of the story. Stock secondary characters fade into the background when he tangles with Wang, whose superior intelligence is suggested by the parolee having won a chess championship as a youth that Yam never even qualified for.

There’s a faint whiff of Vertigo in the confused identities of the well-to-do but unlucky Tsui family, headed by celebrity tenor Han Tsui (played by a one-note Michael Wong, whose face on the billboard drove Wang bananas.) The verbal and physical abuse he bestows on his lovely young daughter Zoe (Man in a double role) seems one small step away from incest, while his wife plays dumb in front of an expensive Buddha statue. Wang also becomes obsessed with Zoe, confusing her with the dead Eva, and stalks the girl with ambiguous intent.

Much unwieldy plot to untangle, but Chow seems more interested in constructing resonating scenes. Wang’s quasi-supernatural power to leap over barriers, open locked doors and make unexpected appearances keeps the tension high. As the villain, Cheung maintains a frightening calm as he effortlessly stays one step ahead of the police, who follow his trail of blatant clues.

The film’s main set piece takes place on the Ngong Ping cable car where Lam and Wang swing above the woody hills of Lantau island from a stomach-clenching height, and where the enigmatic Wang wins another round on the good inspector. Wondering why they should be up there in the first place (it was Lam’s idea) is like asking why 007 should be dangling from a moon rocket; if it works – and honestly, the scene does bristle with tension and suspense – it’s found enough raison d’etre for this film.

Time and again the city of Hong Kong furnishes the inspiration for dreamy fantasy images, like the repeated aerial views of its brilliantly lit night skyline, or chase scenes of an ant army of policemen running up and down the skyscrapers’ Escher-like staircases, followed by D.P. Ardy Lam’s flying cam.

Venue: Hong Kong Filmart, March 21, 2012.

Production companies: Edko Film, Irresistible Films, Sill-Metropole, At Movie
Cast: Nick Cheung, Simon Yam, Janice Man, Kay Tse, Michael Wong, Shawn Dou
Director: Chow Hin Yeung
Screenwriter: Chow Hin Yeung, Christine To Chi-long
Producers: William Kong, Ivy Ho
Executive producers: William Kong, Ryuhei Chiba, Dai Song
Director of photography: Ardy Lam
Production designer: Pater Wong
Editor: Ka-Fai Cheung
Music: Shigeru Umebayashi
Sales Agent: Edko Film
No rating, 108 minutes


March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

CF: ”Marrying Mr Perfect” To Hit Screens On March 16

(aka Marry a Perfect Man)

Ronald Cheng, a “despicable” billionaire who swaps position with his chauffeur To, falls in love with Gigi Leung in the time they spend together. Cheng tries his best to pursue his true love.

CF: ’Sophie’s Revenge 2′ on Actress Zhang Ziyi’s Schedule

Zhang will go for Shenyang, capital of Liaoning province, to shoot some pickups for Wong Kar-wai’s “The Grand Master”. After that, she will devote herself to “Sophie’s Revenge 2″.

Janice Man, Nick Cheung

Nick Cheung, Michael Wong (Sina-gallery)

Youku and Tudou, two of China’s leading online video companies, are to merge. They expect to create the largest video outfit in China

First of a series of posters for Ning Hao’s “Guns N’Roses” (”Guns and Roses”)  to be released. The film’s producer, director Zhang Yibai created the posters. (Sina)

Shu Qi and Shawn Yue promote “The Second Woman” in Hong Kong

Shu Qi, Shawn Yue


Pure coincidence or blatant copying? China is known for its counterfeit products, shops, and now it seems like the counterfeit culture has infiltrated the movie industry.


CNET: Could Samsung beat Apple with ‘Made in the USA’?

Excellent foreign cars are made in the United States. So how would U.S. consumers react if Samsung announced that all of its tablets would be manufactured in the U.S.?

March 2, 2012

March 2, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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FBA: Chow Yun-Fat to star again in Once Upon a Time in Shanghai

CF: Micro Film “Soul Station” Officially Online

CRI: Zhang Yimou to Stage Opera for London Olympics

Hong Kong poster for “The Second Woman”, opening March 22


Nick Cheung and Kay Tse in an action scene from “Nightfall”


Francis Ng signs posters in Beijing to promote “Crazy Stupid Thief”


Wong Jing and cast of “Marry a Perfect Man” attend the premiere press conference in Beijing yesterday

Wong Jing, Gigi Leung

Chapman To, Ronald Cheng

Lin Miaoke (r)

Xie Na

Gong Xinliang (Sina)2

MSN: Lynn Hung refuses to comment on recent breakup rumours

MSN: Male fan professes love for Edison Chen

MSN: Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan heads to Thailand together

ay’s music video director, stylist and make-up artist also accompanied the singer on this trip, fuelling speculations that the group is heading to Thailand to check out locations for Jay’s upcoming movie Secret 2, which is scheduled to begin shooting in April.

February 15, 2012

February 15, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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CF: Huang Bo Proposes to Lin Chiling in “101st Marriage Proposal”

In the film, Huang Bo portrays a man down on his luck who tries his utmost to propose to a young cellist portrayed by Lin Chiling.

CF: ”Flowers of War” Premieres in Berlin

Zhang was accompanied at the event by the cast of his movie, including lead actor Christian Bale, lead actress Ni Ni, supporting actors Zhang Doudou and Tong Dawei, and screenwriters Yan Geling and Liu Heng.

According to the report, four minutes of war scenes were cut prior to the screening in order to meet the demands of foreign audiences. “Foreign audiences want to see an intensive story,” Zhang said, “To meet their interests we altered it so that the story develops faster than the original version.”

CF: Stars at the After Party of “Flowers of War” in Berlin

Chinese netizens were unimpressed with Ni Ni’s first appearance on the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival. Ni Ni was inexplicably absent from the Golden Globes in the US earlier this year. Zhang Yimou was accompanied at that time with little-known actress Han Xiting.

Ni Ni in Dior


Ni Ni in an ill-fitting red dress

Christian Bale, Zhang Yimou, Ni Ni

Zhang Doudou (2r), Tong Dawei (Sina) (Sina-gallery)

CF: Stills of “Joyful Reunion” Released

Poster for “Crazy Stupid Thief” opening March 1

The film is said to be about a group of stupid thieves fighting over a large estate.  According to the film’s website on Sina, the director is Li Kai (”Who Killed Paul the Octopus?”, assistant director on “Crazy Stone”). (Sina)

Stills of Nick Cheung in a fight scene from “Nightfall”


Angelababy and Mark Chao attended the trailer release for “The First Time” in Beijing on Valentine’s Day.


MSN: Cecilia Cheung to cook her way to Nicholas Tse’s heart

SGYahoo: Asian stars’ plastic surgeries!

Recently, rumours of multiple Hong Kong celebrities undergoing the knife for enhanced facial features and physiques have been spreading like wildfire, leaving fans to wonder how many beautiful stars are left untouched and unmodified in the film industry.

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