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November 19, 2009

November 19, 2009

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New stills of Zhao Wei in Mulan released. A Nov.27 release is scheduled (HunanTV)

HD (Sina)

Kitty Zhang Yuqi - Jump

Zhang Yuqi stars in Stephen Fung’s story about a simple rural girl in the big city who loves to dance. The original story comes from Stephen Chow. (HunanTV) (Sina)

Nick Cheung is hoping to win a Golden Horse for Best Actor (Beast Stalker) (Sina)

Variety: Overheard

Quality casting down the line and a script that manages some characterization between its twists and turns make for an entertaining package that’s flawed only by a lack of sustained tension in the direction.

Variety: The Robbers

A pair of amoral thieves end up defending a tiny village they initially came to pilfer in “The Robbers,” a rambunctious black comedy in period duds that plays like a Chinese riff on “Seven Samurai.”

CRI: China Expects Most Crowded Spring Festival Film Season

“We will have a headache in February because the Valentine’s Day coincides with the Spring Festival (lunar new year) holiday,” He said. “There are too many films to manage.”

Cecilia Cheung previously suffered two miscarriages

Taiwan’s sexiest woman

Model-turned-actress Lin Chi-ling says reputation takes “a lot of maintenance”.

Fan Bingbing


Fan Bingbing magazine spread in HD (Sina)

Zhang Jingchu Beijing jewelry brand appearance in HD (Sina)

Zhang Jingchu GQ


Zhang Jingchu GQ launch in HD (Sina)

CRI: Michelle Yeoh’s New Role

“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” actress Michelle Yeoh raises awareness on road safety.

Andy Lau lookalike is a porn star

More than 400 Taiwanese artistes on tax man’s ‘wanted list’

Overheard (Variety review)

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Sitteng fungwan

(Cantonese dialogue) An Edko Films (in Hong Kong)/Beijing Polybona Film Distribution Co. (in China) release of a Sil-Metropole Organization (Hong Kong)/Bona Entertainment Co., Shanghai EE-Media Co., Xi’an Qujiang Film & TV Investment Group (China)/Neo Studios (Singapore) presentation of a Pop Movies, Film Unlimited production. (International sales: Distribution Workshop, H.K.) Produced by Derek Yee, Henry Fong. Executive producers, Song Dai, Yu Dong, Zhang Yong, Wang Jianjun, Jack Neo. Executive in charge of production, Huang Bin. Directed, written by Alan Mak, Felix Chong.

With: Lau Ching-wan, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Zhang Jingchu, Alex Fong, Michael Wong, Lam Kar-wah, Waise Lee, William Chan, Stephen Au, Sharon Luk, Queenie Chu, Henry Fong, Lok Ying-kwan, Yeung Ling, Matt Chow, Yuen Fu-wan, Geoff Wong.

After last year’s wishy-washy “Lady Cop and Papa Crook,” Hong Kong writing-helming duo Alan Mak and Felix Chong — two of the key creatives behind “Infernal Affairs” — power back with the bent-cops crimer “Overheard.” Quality casting down the line and a script that manages some characterization between its twists and turns make for an entertaining package that’s flawed only by a lack of sustained tension in the direction. Summer release did well in both Hong Kong and China, though in Western markets it’s largely an ancillary item.

First seen clandestinely bugging the offices of Fung Wah share-trading company, Leung (Lau Ching-wan), Yeung (Louis Koo) and Lam (Daniel Wu) are members of the Commercial Crime Bureau, currently involved in a big surveillance op monitoring suspected price fixing.

Screenplay rapidly sketches the friendships, tensions and family backgrounds within the surveillance team, housed in a chaotic temporary office, full of tech equipment and clothing, that’s staffed in shifts around the clock. All the main characters are flawed in some way: Lam is about to marry the daughter of a rich guy (actor-producer Henry Fong), with whom he’s not too comfortable, and Yeung has a young son with cancer, putting a strain on his marriage.

Of the three, Leung has seniority, and he’s the only one able to get on with their irascible boss, old pal Lee Kwong (Alex Fong). But unbeknownst to Lee, Leung is seeing his estranged wife, Yam (mainland Chinese thesp Zhang Jingchu), adding a layer of guilt beneath his seemingly easygoing exterior.

When, one night, Lam and Yeung overhear Fung Wah slimeball exec Lo (Waise Lee) giving a shares tip to his secretary (Queenie Chu), they wipe the evidence from the records and decide to make a quick killing themselves. Leung subsequently gets involved, against his better judgment, and the whole affair turns very deadly when China’s Securities Commission investigates the team, and corrupt tycoon Ma (Michael Wong, hammy) wants their heads on a platter.

Pic is strongest during its first act, as the characters swim into focus, eavesdropping for fun on workmates (William Chan, Sharon Luk) with their surveillance equipment, and prove almost as mistrustful of each other as they are of their quarry. Second act, which only makes sense in such a money-obsessed environment as Hong Kong, is less atmospheric, and the finale, though entertaining, is the least original part, relying on pure Hong Kong action devices.

Lau, as the grizzled heart of the movie, impressively shades in his character, but it’s Koo, who’s started to broaden his roles beyond tanned beefcake, who’s the biggest surprise. Tech contributions are pro, without being either glossy or grungy.

Camera (color, Panavision widescreen), Anthony Pun; editors, Kong Chi-leung, Chan Chi-wai; music, Chan Kwong-wing; art director, Man Lim-chung; sound designers (Dolby Digital), Nip Kei-wing, Phyllis Cheng; visual effects supervisors, Lim Hung-fung, Yee Kwok-leung, Lai Man-chun; assistant director, Lanbo [cq] Cheuk. Reviewed on DVD, London, Nov. 6, 2009. (In Hawaii Film Festival — Hong Kong Cinema.) Running time: 101 MIN.

August 20, 2009

August 20, 2009

bc Magazine: When Johnnie Meets Johnny
‘Vengeance’ mixed effort to take Johnnie To global

bc Magazine: Hear Ye, Hear Ye (Michelle Ye)
The female star of Vengeance reveals what it is like in Johnnie To’s boys’ brigade

bc Magazine: Genius in the Madhouse
Jeffrey Lau Chun Wai gets slippery about being typecast

bc Magazine: Vengeance
HK Magazine: Vengeance

bc Magazine: On His Majesty’s Secret Service

bc Magazine: Turning Point

Overheard: Cops cross the line in taut Hong Kong thriller
Hollywood Reporter: Overheard
Bottom Line: A riveting thriller of commercial crime with dark, Faustian overtones.
Korea Times: ‘Sophie’s Revenge’ Satisfies to a Point

Guo Xiaolu doc booked for Toronto
‘Once Upon a Time Proletarian’ will have N. American bow

Film celebrates founding of new China

“The Great Cause of New China’s Foundation” is scheduled for nation-wide release on September 17th
Forty Films Will Commemorate China’s 60th Anniversary

Jet Tone, Fortissimo appeal GIO ruling
Jet Tone Films and Fortissimo Films – the production company and sales agent behind Cheng Hsiao-tse’s Miao Miao, is at the centre of a funding row

Donnie Yen
NY Times: An Action Star Moves to the Lead
Bey Logan: Now and Yen

Taiwanese filmmaker Chung Mong-hong, whose feature debut Parking screened in Cannes’ Un Certain Regard last year, returns with sophomore effort The Fourth Portrait. Hong Kong writer-director Pang Ho-cheung serves as producer on Hong Kong Film Award nominee Heiward Mak’s The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name.
Screen Daily

Eric Tsang and stunt man

Sun Li
Sun Li

Jeff Lau’s Light-Transcending Pandora’s Box
Yuen Biao
More photos

Zhou Xun
Zhou Xun has a new single, a theme for an online game

Lin Chi-Ling
Lin Chi-Ling promoting film on life of Coco Chanel

Miriam Yeung
Miriam Yeung ambassador for eye care

Hong Kong Singers Gather for Fundraising Event
Jet Li: Visiting the Kaoshiung Disaster Area

A*mei joins line-up of F1 Rocks

HK Magazine: Lo Hoi-Pang interview
HKMDB entry

Original advert,  Lo Hoi-Pang send-up
[Credit to Fan for originally bringing the videos to my attention]

Duen Kee Chinese Restaurant
There are some who visit the place solely because it was the location for the shooting of the Anthony Wong horror classic “The Untold Story.”

August 19, 2009

August 19, 2009

Shu Qi

Chang Chen, Chang Kuo-Chu
Father and son are working together again for the first time in 19 years since A Brighter Summer Day
‘Shu Qi should not be Chang Chen’s wife’

Hollywood Reporter: Overheard
Bottom Line: A riveting thriller of commercial crime with dark, Faustian overtones.

Zhang Yimou’s daughter accuses Gong Li of ruining her childhood

Faye Wong to make a comeback as Goddess of Mercy?

No reunion for the Four Heavenly Kings
No comeback for Edison

UK film board stops sale of Japanese horror movie

Screen Sweetheart Gao Yuanyuan

Christy Chung Pregnant with 3rd Child

Michelle Reis
Michelle Reis, one of the Miss Hong Kong judges this year

Simon YamNatalis Chan
Fellow judges, Simon Yam and Natalis Chan

August 13, 2009

August 13, 2009

Li Bingbing
Li Bingbing helps launch The Message’s official website

Huayi Brothers hope for RMB$200M box office

Sun Li
Eric Tsang, Hu Jun

Kungfu Cyborg Beijing premiere press conference

SCMP: Johnnie To has high hopes for HK film industry

Anthony Wong left out in the cold
He raged that the organizers did not arrange a seat for him and criticized, “Don’t arrange such things if you don’t know how to do it!”
Video of Anthony Wong leaving Laughing Gor premiere in a huff and the post-exit spin

Hollywood Reporter:Audience loud and clear for ‘Overheard’
Now that financial crime thriller “Overheard” has become the top Chinese-language film in China so far this summer, writer-director Alan Mak and Felix Chong are planning a follow-up that revolves around eavesdropping.

Hollywood Reporter: Weinsteins want autumn ‘Shanghai’ release
Film completed in 2008 but no release date yet set

Hollywood Reporter: Maggie Q cast in ‘Priest’
Joins adaptation starring Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet
Screen Daily: Maggie Q set to star with Bettany in Priest

Screen Daily: The Search film review

Ip Man 2 - Sequel to hit biopic about Bruce Lee’s kung fu master begins filming in China

Yang Qing: Young voice finds cinema success - One Night in Supermarket
One Night in Supermarket draws from Korean director Kim Sang-Jin’s Attack the Gas Station and Cashback by British director Sean Ellis. There are also hints of Ning Hao’s work whose Crazy Stone was the highest grossing Chinese film in the country in 2006, raking in more than 6 million yuan ($877,000) in less than two weeks.

Stephen Chow’s Spokesman Resigns

Korea Times: Gluttony for Beauty Takes Toll in ‘Yoga’
The intention of the horror movie-wannabe “Yoga” seems sound enough. Misled desire for eternal beauty and youth leads a group of already perfectly gorgeous women to a sinister place where they all end up screaming and running for their lives.

Brigitte Lin
Brigitte Lin recalls 3 triad encounters in latest column for Southern Weekend [apologies for the poor translation]

1. In 1981, she returned to Taiwan for three years where she shot 14 films many for triad bosses. Even if Brigitte did not want to, what could she say? One night a gangster delivered a bag full of cash to her worth NT$2.5M. After he left, Brigitte put the money in a small safe and deposited it the next day. At the time her family was living in America [for safety?] and she was alone in Taiwan.
2. Blackmail: On a film shoot, during a break in a dressing room a low level gangster asked her to lend him some money. She pretended not to understand him and cleverly turned to Derek Yee for help. The gangster then gave up.
3. Because of gang harassment, many film shoots employ ‘bodyguards’. The production crew was always ready for self-defense. The atmosphere was tense but fun recalls Brigitte. On one film her bodyguard had a knife scar. Brigitte’s nickname was Little Rose, so her bodyguard was called Little Knife Scar Rose. Filming a gun scene in front of a restaurant, Knife Scar Rose jumped out pointing his gun thinking that it was real.
Other related stories:
Jackie Chan’s Rush Hour 2, Jackie had to pay HK$500K ‘venue fee’ as protection money
Because Leslie Cheung refused to join [the gangs?] prints of Raymond Wong’s Alls Well End’s Well were stolen when gunmen stormed the production office.

Hong Kong magazine reports that 57 year old Sammo Hung had emergency heart surgery last week

According to this report, Sammo was diagnosed with blocked arteries and secretly admitted to the hopsital. He acknowledged the surgery when contacted by the media by phone. Sammo is home now and rapidly recovering and hopes to return to Mainland to continue working on Detective Dee.

Zhao Wei
Zhao Wei models new ‘owl’ look

Song Hye-kyo Teams up with Chinese stars for New Ad

Song Hye-kyo was the Korean actress/model slated to star John Woo’s cancellled ‘1949′

August 10, 2009

August 10, 2009

Overheard review

‘Green Hornet’ casts Kato role
Taiwan’s Jay Chou goes to Hollywood
Jay Chou to Play Kato in ‘Green Hornet’

Rain In the Dragon
Enter the Dragon remade as Awaken the Dragon

‘Mother’ to represent Korea for Oscars
Maternal thriller beats out vampire flick and farmer documentary

Cast Promotes “Sophie’s Revenge”
Yao ChenRuby Lin

Gillian Chung scenes cut from ‘Red Cliff’ parody

Zhang Yimou’s Daughter Edits His New Film

Questions raised over whether Murderer is plagiarized from DiCaprio produced Orphan

TGIO raps Jettone over ‘Miao’
Hong Kong-Taiwan co-production “Miao Miao” is under investigation by Taiwan’s Government Information Office over its entry and subsequent withdrawal from the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Fan Bingbing
Fan Bingbing and Guo Degang will both be 'general directors'
Fan Bingbing press conference announcing New Year’s film, retelling Flirting Scholar story

Fan will both produce and act in film

Hu Jun, Stanley Kwan

Stanley Kwan’s Dancing With the Heart/Energy Behind the Heart

Deng Chao
Deng Chao - Detective Dee

SCMP: Anthony Wong on ‘Vengeance’

SCMP: Michael Tse laughs his way to the big screen in Laughing Gor - Turning Point
After 20 years playing mostly two-bit soap characters, actor Michael Tse Tin-wah finally found his breakthrough role in the form of “Laughing Gor”, an undercover police officer in the TVB series ‘Emergency Unit’.

Zhang Ziyi & fiance still together, says manager

Suki Chui, Sarah Song
A big pair of Crocs

SCMP: Portrait of a master face-changer

July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009

Storm Warriors limited editon posters released at Anime Festival

Ekin Chen, Ma Wing-Shing (original manga illustrator, writer), Aaron Kwok

Variety: Coweb review

Variety: Chaw review

Yu Shaoqun, Liu Yifei Tapped for another ‘Chinese Ghost Story’

bc Magazine: Overheard reviewed

Taipei Times Film Review: ‘Empire of Silver’ short changes audiencesThe world of finance is barren ground for a good story in ‘Empire of Silver,’ a big-budget period drama about the Wall Street of imperial China

Taipei Times Film Review: Sons are for fathers the twice-told tale in How Are You, Dad
Best known for directing Hoklo and Hakka films, Chang Tso-chi shot a movie in Mandarin as a response to his late father’s wishes

Two Chinese Films to Vie for Golden Lion
Venice Film Festival unveils lineup
Hong Kong helmer Yonfan’s “Prince of Tears,” set in Taiwan during the 1950s anti-Communist period known there as “White Terror.
Cheang Pou-Soi’s thriller “Accident,” [previously Assassins] produced by Johnnie To
Yonfan’s Prince of Tears to compete at Venice Film Festival
[see May 19 entry for additional background]

‘Taking Woodstock’ Premieres in New York

Premiere photos

From farmer to A-lister: Wang Baoqiang’s unchanged smile
Blind Shaft earned him 1,000 yuan ($146), and a Best New Performer award at the Golden Horse Awards.

Star-studded film to open for 60th anniversary of PRC

Children Of Workers: 24 City

Life in China through a foggy lens

Meng Yao, Nick Cheung and Monica Mok attend launch ceremoney for To Live and Die in Mongkok

Korean stars take their shot at Hollywood
Supporting roles seen as opening door to larger parts

Li Bingbing Denies Rumors of Foreign Boyfriend

Taipei Times: Pop Stop
Eason Chan, A-Mei and so much more

Zhao Wei reported to be marrying Singaporean businessman

Kelly Chen ruffles mother-in-law’s feathers

Shu Qi ambassador and Hou Hsiao-Hsien executive director attend press conference for 2009 Golden Horse awards

Zhou Xun shampoo advertising photos

Zhao Wei

New Zhao Wei pictures

July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009

Lau Ching-Wan and wife,Amy KwokLau Ching-Wan, Zhang Jingchu, Alex Fong

Daniel Wu, Louis Koo, Lau Ching-WanDaniel Wu

Anita YuenMichelle Ye

Overheard cast and guests attend Hong Kong premiere
Michael Wong and wife
Michael Wong and wife

“Overheard” Premieres in Hong Kong
Hollywood Reporter: Alan Mak hopes for hit in China

‘Chengdu’ to close Venice festival
Fruit Chan, Cui Jian unveil sci-fi film
Chengdu, I Love You to close Venice Film Festival
[ I wonder, did the third part get cut out because Hur Jin-ho expanded his segment to a full length feature?]
Previously: Hur Jin-ho wraps feature-length Season Of Good Rain
‘Chengdu’ to Close Venice Film Festival

Variety: SPC to distribute Yimou’s ‘Blood’ [Amazing Tales: Three Guns]
Sony Pictures Classics is continuing its relationship with filmmaker Zhang Yimou, agreeing to distribute his planned remake of the Coen brothers’ comedic thriller “Blood Simple” domestically and in several major foreign territories
Screen Daily: Sony Classics on board for Zhang Yimou’s Blood Simple remake

China welcomes ‘Haeundae’ wave
Korean disaster film looks for success onshore in China

Lee Byung-hun Returns With Film ‘G.I. Joe’
Kwon Sang-woo May Make Hollywood Debut
Hollywood’s Korean ninjas
Sandra Ng
Barbie Hsu
Sandra Ng and Barbie Hsu - On His Majesty’s Secret Service

Xu Fan and husband Feng Xiaogang
Chen Daoming, Chen Jin

Does Feng Xiaogang have vitiligo?

Aftershock officially launches production

Ceremony held at Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Square

HK actress Michelle Reis returns to the big screen

Anthony Wong
Anthony Wong, Yin Tao to Lead Epic Tang Drama

Jia Zhangke: In fact it is the President of the World Uighur Congress Kadeer, a documentary film, and invited me to attend the film premiere, it is known that political figures in the film will appear, too political, and I am not sure about the history of Xinjiang, so it is not the time to attend the film festival a good time, so I choose not to participate. ”
Jia Zhangke speaking at the Hong Kong Book Fair

Jet Li’s Singapore citizenship confirmed

Shing Fui-On (file photo)
Shing Fui-On gives a thumbs up

Young Shing Fui-On and Andy Lau
Shing Fui-On’s cancer has spread to his lungs. He entered the hospital last week and only weighs 45kgs (not lost 45kgs as previously reported)

86 year-old Lam Kau enters hospital with foot injury

Nick Cheung
Nick Cheung films a tourism program in Finland

Vivian Chow
Peter Chan
I spy: Vivian Chow secretly meeting with Peter Chan in Shanghai

Sparks rumors of plans for comeback

England: Family made £7m in fake DVD scam

July 28, 2009

July 28, 2009

Jet Li
Still from Sylvester Stallone film The Expendables - Jet Li

SCMP: Daniel Wu discusses new film ‘Overheard’
Zhang Jingchu, Lau Ching-Wan
Overheard takes in 35M yuan in the opening weekend

‘Tracing Shadow’ Premieres

More photos of premiere

Peter Chan wanted to cast Michelle Reis ten years ago when Bodyguards and Assassins was first planned

Additional photos of Michelle Reis on set of Bodyguards and Assassins
Andrew Lau received a 1905 HK$10 bill as a reward and commemoration for his efforts
Peter Chan, in a surprise, introduced Andrew Lau on the last of shooting. Lau had been called in to assist due to an unnamed large crisis.
‘Infernal’ Lau joins ‘Bodyguards’

Shing Fui-On
Shing Fui-On suffers recurrence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

The 54 year-old actor was treated in 2004 with chemo and radiation therapy and he lost 45kg in weight. He also lost his sense of taste and hearing. Nonetheless, Shing was elected village head in Sai Kung and later ran for election to the legislature but was defeated.
Nick Cheung, also a Sai Kung resident, went directly from shooting To Live and Die in Mongkok to visit Shing at the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital. He is due to be released in a couple days.

Prison on Fire
1988 - The Greatest Lover
2001 - ATV series with Japanese beauties
Secret Lover, 1995The Detective, 2007
2003 running for legislative council member

Shing Fui-On continued auto racing even after first being diagnosed in 2004

Zhang Ziyi Interview: From Actress to Producer (Thanks, to duriandave, for pointing it out)

Chinese filmmaker Feng Xiaogang begins shooting earthquake movie
“Aftershocks” tells the story of a seven-year-old girl who survived the quake that killed more than 240,000 people.

Hong Kong filmmaker Lee Kung-lok’s romantic comedy Let’s Fall in Love starts shooting in Beijing on July 24.

MIFF weighs future of Chinese pics
Claustrophobia, Miao Miao also withdrawn

Hollywood Reporter: Haeundae - film review
Bottom Line: Korea’s first disaster movie is slow to reach a crest of excitement but eventually delivers shiploads of action and visual spectacles.
Disaster film a Korean BO success

Comic-Con ‘Thirst’ panel with director Park Chan-Wook

Sassy Girl Returns as a Cyborg (video/photos)
Sassy girl returns as robot in Cyborg She

HK singer Eason Chan’s marriage in trouble?

Donnie Yen’s birthday party
Donnie Yen and wife
Raymond WongLynn XiongCheung Tat-MingVincent Kok
Roy CheungLeon LaiAndrew Lin
Donnie Yen celebrates his 46th birthday with friends

Additional photos

Yasmin Ahmad

  • Touched by her maternal glow
  • Friend to All
  • Tears and tribute

    ESWN: Young Models At The Hong Kong Book Fair

    SCMP: Anti-model activists protest at HK Book Fair

    SCMP: Kobe brings MVP skills to HK

  • July 27, 2009

    July 27, 2009

    Message of ‘Overheard’: Don’t Be Greedy

    McDull’s Big Success at Box Office

    Latest Stills of ‘Bodyguards and Assassins’

    Michelle Reis
    Michelle Reis in costume for Bodyguards and Assassins

    Shaw Bros. returns with trio of films
    Aptly named ‘Turning Point’ [English name for the Laughing Gor film ]to lead new slate, August release

    In addition to “Turning Point,” the studio is now developing three films, two of which will begin production this year. The first is the US$5 million ensemble comedy “House of 73 Tenants,” a sequel-of-sorts to a 1973 Shaw Brother blockbuster, executive produced by Hong Kong multi-hyphenate Eric Tsang and co-directed by Tsang and Riley Yip
    The story revolves around the lessees of a Hong Kong market-styled shopping mall made up of tiny stores. Filming will commence in September at the Shaw Studios for a 2010 Chinese New Year release date.

    Hong Kong film “Overheard” premieres on mainland

    HK indie filmmakers taking the lead
    Three independent Hongkong productions due for release this year

    » Break Up Club (director: Barbara Wong): The director con-tinues to focus on Hongkong’s youth culture, with Jaycee Fong and Fiona Sit starring as young lovers dealing with broken hearts.

    » Dream Home (director: Pang Ho-cheung): Josie Ho plays a local girl who’ll do anything to get the house of her dreams – even murder. With Eason Chan and Anthony Wong.

    » Christmas Rose (director: Charlie Young): The former pop idol’s debut as a director looks at a young man who succumbs to greed and temptation when he enters the world of big business

    Donnie Yen magazine spread

    Aaron Kwok plays a werewolf type character in Benny Chan’s City Under Siege

    Tortured soul - Aaron Kwok’s Murderer

    Jia Zhangke released an English verison of his book Interview with Chinese Workers - 24 Cities at the Hong Kong Book Fair

    Jia to make first big-budget film
    Hong Kong director Johnnie To, known for his stylish action thrillers, is the producer.

    Gillian Chung gets a visit from Joey Yung and Kenny Kwan before rehearsing for upcoming stage musical “I Ought to be in Pictures” - photos

    Screen Daily: Malaysia’s Yasmin Ahmad dies aged 51
    Yasmin Ahmad laid to rest

    A couple of the Sam Hui songs used in Yasmin Ahmad’s Sepet

    Blink and you missed it, the theme from Shanghai Tan/The Bund by Frances Yip

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