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September 21, 2011

September 21, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

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Variety: 11 Flowers review

An absorbing coming-of-age drama set during the waning stage of China’s Cultural Revolution, “11 Flowers” takes its place among Wang Xiaoshuai’s finest films.

FBA: Overheard 2 review

A slicker, but also more conventional, follow-up to the 2009 bugging thriller.

FBA: Starry cast assembled for Liaisons

Chinese adaptation set to shoot next month

Too Much Heaven, Part Two: City of Life and Death and Detective Dee reviews (beyondasiaphilia)

CF: New Horror Sequel Hits Cinemas in Oct.

Horror film ‘Lost In Panic Cruise’, a sequel to last year’s ‘Lost In Panic Room’, announced its premiere date to be October 27.

Battle of Wits with Father-in-law” is expected to be screened on Valentines Day 2012.

Liu Ye posted on his Weibo that Lu Chuan’s The Last Supper was delayed, and cannot be released in December. Scenes in Inner Mongolia and Yunnan have yet to be shot. This, on the recent, since deleted, post by Stellar Media boss Qin Wang about pulling investment on the film. (Sina)2

Update on on yesterday’s press conference in Hangzhou for The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake. Today’s news reports that the film was premiered and Qiu Jin’s relatives were moved to tears after watching it.

Director Herman Yau, Huang Yi (Sina)23

HK Film Archive to screen marvellous works by Union Film affiliates

The Hong Kong Film Archive (HKFA)’s previous programme “All for One and One for All: Union Film”, which featured the full catalogue of Union Film, received an enthusiastic response. To showcase the creativity of Union Film’s many affiliates, the HKFA’s new programme “Marvelous Spinoffs: The Work of Union Film Affiliates” will screen from September 24 to October 16, featuring 10 films produced by the loose-knit collection of companies usually referred to as the “Union Group”.

New poster for I Phone You starring Jiang Yiyan

The film opened in Europe in May. (Sina)

Poster for What’s Under the Bed, a domestic horror thriller that’s not a ghost story. :D (Sina)

Motivated netizens found this still of the deleted love scene between Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing in “1911″

Li Bingbing said that she drank half a bottle of red wine to steel her nerves before shooting the scene. (Sina)

CNA: Chow Yun Fatt’s love affair with the camera

A1: Chow’s calm behind the lens

MSN: Vivian Hsu splits with boyfriend

MSN: Hebe Tian and Ella Chen lash out at Selina Jen’s fiance

A few days ago, Hebe posted an update on her Facebook which reads: “You. Are. Not. A. Man. [And] not even a human.”

The status prompted a reply from Ella, who wrote, “[You are] Not even comparable to the plaque between my teeth!”

September 8, 2011

September 8, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

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Variety: A Simple Life reviewHKMDBNews-reprint

Suffused with the gentle, unforced humanity viewers have come to expect from Hong Kong helmer Ann Hui, “A Simple Life” is a tender ode to the elderly, their caregivers and the mutual generosity of spirit that makes their limited time together worthwhile.

THR: People Mountain People Sea review

A fascinating insider’s trip through rural China falls apart in the final scenes.

ScreenDaily: People Mountain People Sea reviewHKMDBNew-reprint

The mine sequences, towards the end, would easily suggest a descent into hell out of which there is no escape.

FBA: Seediq Bale takes battle to Oscars

The Taiwan version has been divided into two movies; part one opens on Friday, part two on 30 September. According to Academy regulations, the local release version must be the version screened to Academy voters.

CF: Gwai Lun-mei in Remake of “Almost a Love Story”

The original movie “Almost a Love Story” starred Leon Lai and Maggie Cheung as lovers in a decade-long relationship.

Orz Boys director, Yang Ya-Che, announced the casting of Guei Lun-Mei and Joseph Chang Hsiao-Chuan in his upcoming film (lit. Girlfriend, Boyfriend). The love story will cover three decades starting from high school to middle age. Guei Lun-Mei plays a dance teacher in the 1980s. The film is a co-production of Taiwan Central Motion Pictures and Huayi Brothers. Filming is expected to begin in November.

Joseph Chang, Guei Lun-Mei

Director Yang Ya-Che (center)


Gordon Chan’s imminent fantasy film “The Mural” will hit cinemas on September 29.


Yan Ni on wires

Sun Li, Zheng Shuang (Sina)

Mural poster featuring Yan Ni (Sina)

At a cast celebration in Hong Kong for the success of Overheard 2, Daniel Wu revealed that an Overheard 3 will be made. No time frame given, however. Louis Koo, Kenneth Tsang, Wu Fung, Michelle Ye, Shi Nansun, Alan Mak, Felix Chong, Derek Yee and other attended the event. Louis Koo is slowly recovering from his leg injury and thanked everyone for their concern.

Daniel Wu

Louis Koo (Sina-gallery)

Moon Goddess Gigi Leung in the flesh (Sina)

CF: B-Listers Boost “Love in Space”

CF: ”Love in Space” Stars Glamour the Vogue Magazine

Zhou Xun in her fox spirit makeup for The Painted Skin 2

(Sina) (Sina-gallery)

Myolie Wu, Johnnie To and Yue Wai at Hong Kong airport departing for Venice

More photos of Huang Yi at the MV release press conference

CNA: Cecilia Cheung to restart singing career with new single

[I hope her singing has improved since her 2000 903 Live Concert!]

CRI: Cecilia Cheung Prepares for Her New Album

CNA: Ronald Cheng quietly marries girlfriend Sammie Yu in ‘homemade’ wedding

MSN: Hannah Quinlivan ready to marry Jay Chou


I think I recognize those robots!

August 19, 2011

August 19, 2011

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ChinaPost: You Are the Apple of My Eye review

Helping audiences re-live sweet memories — the bicycle ride to school, playing ball during recess, graduation and staying after school only to get closer to the girl you like, “You Are the Apple of My Eyes” has it all.

FBA: My Kingdom defines its domain

Release schedule

TimeOutHK: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

TimeOutHK: Wayne Wang

Wang moved to California to study medicine. His Christian parents arranged for him to stay with a Quaker family, but they turned out to be prominent radicals whose house was frequented by Black Panthers and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. Wang soon abandoned medicine, attending the California College of Arts and Crafts to study film, and married a former Miss Hong Kong, Cora Miao – without telling his parents.

Great Magician poster featuring Lau Ching-Wan (Sina)

Louis Koo and Michelle Ye play husband and wife in Overheard 2


Changsha, Hunan premiere for Overheard 2 (Aug.18)

Huang Yi, Guangzhou premiere (Aug.17) (Sina)23

Rumour has is that Tang Wei and Zhou Xun are negotiating with Jin Chen (Warring States) for an upcoming film to begin shooting in September. Pop singer Han Geng and Shawn Yue’s name are also being dropped. Cheng Pei-Pei is said to be one of the producers for the suspense, romance film hoping to duplicate the surprise success of Mysterious Island. The film is targeting a Valentine’s Day release next year with a press conference scheduled for the end of August. Watch this space for who really gets cast.:D (Sina)

Jet Li rings the closing bell at the NYSE yesterday

Later, he spoke at the United Nations as WHO Goodwill Ambassador and the Chinese National Wushu Team performed (HunanTV)

TaipeiTimes: PopStop

CNA: Vicky Zhao and Zhou Xun reconcile their differences?


MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung still in contact?

The pair appeared to be avoiding each other on the surface

Kan Kam-mui, the 87-year-old mother of late singer Anita Mui Yim-fong, is headed back to court.

August 16, 2011

August 16, 2011

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FBA: I Love Hong Kong review

Enjoyable Chinese New Year comedy, packed with well-known faces and plenty of retro nostalgia.

CF: ”1911″ Chosen as Opening Film of Tokyo International Film Festival

CF: Film ‘The Sorcerer and the White Snake’ Launches Official Website

THR: Qiu Xiaolong’s ‘Chief Inspector Chen’ Books to be Adapted into Seven Feature Films

Films will be made as Australian-Chinese co-productions

Titles include Red Mandarin Dress, Death of a Red Heroine and When Red is Black.

Daniel Wu

… When I was watching that scene, I thought: ‘Holy fuck! Daniel Wu has even managed to get girls giggling in a Chinese communist propaganda movie!’

My second sister [Greta Wu] got her MBA but ended up becoming a novelist. And then my older sister [Gloria Wu] got her marketing degree and ended up being a TV host.

Interview: Overheard 2 (TimeOutHK)

Alan Mak and Felix Chong

MSN: Aarif Lee grows up through Bruce Lee

MSN: Nicholas Tse wants producers to cut away son’s scenes

“Nicholas is unhappy with what Cecilia did and does not want his son to enter showbiz at such an early age. He did not like how Cecilia was using Lucas to make money. Nicholas was already upset when she brought Lucas along during the promotions of Stephen Chow’s CJ7: The Cartoon,” he wrote.

MSN: Deborah Li meets grandchildren after three months

Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun


MSN: Zhou Xun and Vicki Zhao fight over a chair

In other related news, Zhou Xun was rumoured to star in Taiwanese director Doze Niu’s upcoming movie Love. However, she rejected the role after learning that Vicki would be in the movie too. Her role was subsequently awarded to Shu Qi.

August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011

Hong Kong film to conclude Venice film festival

Johnnie To’s new movie “Life Without Principle” about financial greed will wrap up the official selection for this year’s Venice film festival, organisers said on Tuesday.

Variety: Venice adds ‘Life’ to competish

Johnnie To’s crime thriller joins lineup

CRI: Johnnie To’s Film Joins Golden Lion Competition(FBA)

THR: Celestial Pictures Enters the Gaming Realm with ‘My Kingdom’ Tie-in(FBA)

More games to come from Celestial’s 760-title Shaw Brothers library.

THR: Stephen Chow Producing New Take on China’s ‘Odyssey’

‘Journey to the West’ redux will co-star Shu Qi as a swordswoman absent from earlier versions.

THR: Jackie Chan’s ‘1911′ Added as Second Opening Film for Tokyo Fest(FBA)

CF: Superstar Sun Honglei Joins Sun Zhou’s New Project

Sun Honglei

Sun Zhou

Yes, I Do book cover (Sina)

CF: Sun Yat-sen Biopic to Be Released in October

CF: Yan Ni in Supremacy(Sina-gallery)

Fantasy film “Mural” saw its new still photos released recently. The stills feature actress Yan Ni who portrays Coldblood Queen who is in charge of the mural wonderland and enjoys the mightiness of supremacy.

Huang Yi and Raymond Lam Fung attend the launch of the official web site for It’s Love/The Sorcerer and the White Snake.

Yang Zi, Tony Ching Siu-Tung, Huang Shengyi, Raymond Lam


Lau Ching-Wan and Huang Yi shoot a bedroom scene in Overheard 2

Huang Yi plays a lawyer who helps her husband, Lau Ching-Wan, evade justice (Sina)2

Huang Yi in Woman Knight of Mirror Lake (HunanTV)

Xu Fan has a 1950s retro look in Love in Space

Xu Fan, Liu Jinshan (HunanTV)(Sina)2

Online trailer for horror film Harpoon is drawing lots of netizens’ attention for featuring a naked Zhao Ming. Hu Bing and Monica Mok (Mo Xiaoqi) co-star and opens in December, just in time for the holidays. (Sina)Trailer

Zhang Ziyi on upcoming cover of September Elle

Shu Qi Elle Extra cover

Tang Wei in Hong Kong shooting a skin care advert


CF: Huang Shengyi Poses Backless for “Sunshine” Magazine

CRI: Rene Liu Announces Marriage(CNA)

MSN: Nicholas Tse suffers an asthma attack(CNA)

Next Miracle boot ceremony (Sina)

MSN: Karena Lam returns to Hong Kong

MSN: Elaine Ng rumoured to bring daughter into showbiz

Jackie Chan’s son caught dating a busty woman

August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011

Variety: Ocean Heaven review

Starring Jet Li in an uncharacteristic non-action role, “Ocean Heaven,” about a dying man’s attempt to assure the future for his autistic son, reps a modest success for Chinese femme scripter Xue Xiaolu in her helming debut.

ScreenDaily: Tony Leung to star in Mei Ah’s spy thriller Windseeker

Another film also to start shooting in October is Da Wu Dang (literally translated as Big Wu Tang Clan). The film is set in the 1910s about a major martial arts contest taking place on the Wu Tang Mountain. Hong Kong’s Patrick Leung will direct with Corey Yuen action directing. The film will star Louis Fan, Chiu Man-Cheuk and Yang Mi.

Tsui Hark’s Next Film: Popular War Tale in 3D (CRI)

CRI: ‘Saving General Yang’ Kicks off Filming

CF: “Saving General Yang” Kicks off in Henan

At the news conference Yu said that “this movie will be my next ‘Fearless’. I’m very confident about making it the coolest film based on the story of the Yang family”. Members of the cast visited Yang’s Shrine following the news conference to worship the ancestors of the family.

FBA: Yu’s Yang epic cranks up

FBA: 1965 edges towards its Beginning

The $5 million budget picture aims to be the first China-Singapore co-production.

CF: New Poster for “The Woman Knight Of Mirror Lake” Released

Set in the turbulent period of the Republic of China, the film is about the female hero Qiu Jin’s legendary life. The film emphasizes her skills as she blazed a path through the world of literature and the military.

The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake

Huang Yi

Xiong Xin Xin (Hung Yan Yan)

Dennis To (To Yue-Hong)

Overheard 2 - Huang Yi

Overheard 2- Michelle Ye

Louis Koo, Huang Yi

Huang Yi

Felix Chong explained why Zhang Jingchu was not brought back for the second installment of Overhead. First, Zhang Jingchu’s schedule was incompatible and, second, to highlight that Overheard 2 is a new story. Coincidentally, Michelle Ye was used to dub Zhang Jingchu’s Cantonese in the original film. Overheard 2 will be released Aug. 18. (Sina)2

Deng Chao and Zheng Shuang in Gordon Chan’s Mural

Opens Sept. 29 (Sina-gallery)

Lucas and movie dad Ekin Cheng (Sina-slideshow)

It is believed that Cecilia, who had reportedly refused to sign the divorce papers three times, had finally agreed to the split.

The Hong Kong actress is said to be making a comeback in showbiz

Shao Xiaoshan - spy?

The Banquet

31 year-old Chinese actress Shao Xiaoshan posted on her microblog that she was forced to act as a “honey trap” for military intelligence since she was 17 years old. She seduced Western embassy officials, including the son of the French ambassador to China in 2007, to gather information. Shao claimed that she no longer wanted to do evil things, authorities no longer paid the cost of living and would not let her emigrate. She risked her life and was not exaggerating. The post was immediately removed and her agent said that it was a result of too much drinking.

Shao acted as Zhang Ziyi’s nude body double in Feng Xiaogang’s The Banquet. But, afterwards, her American boyfriend abandoned her. (ifeng)(Sina)

Chinese Actress Says Forced to Spy on Foreign Boyfriends

August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

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AFP: Taiwan indignant over Venice film festival error

Taiwan has protested to the Venice film festival for wrongly listing a film vying for the Golden Lion award as co-produced by China

FBA: Taiwan protests Venice label

FBA: Thieves completes Macau casino raid

Mysterious Island - Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

There’s a paradox about Chinese horror films. A genre subject to rigorous censorship pertaining to the supernatural, what’s released is rarely good and no big director ever picks the genre. At the same time, what does succeed are often shoestring affairs, meaning great returns on little investment.

At a Mei Ah press conference in Beijing, it was announced that Yang Mi would be featured in four upcoming projects: Chinese Princess Turandot, Windseeker, Butterfly Cemetery and Great Wudang. Mei Ah will invest $300M in the four films.Windseeker will be directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong and star Tony Leung Chiu-Wai.

Yang Mi is red hot and has plenty to be happy about

Butterfly Cemetery

Chinese Princess Turandot screenwriter Chan Khan


Great Wudang

Director Patrick Leung Pak-Yin, writer Chan Khan, action director Corey Yuen

Mei Ah Entertainment Group Chairman Li Guo-Hsing

Mysterious Island “smashed” $80M box office

(Sina)2, (Sohu)(Xinmin)(enorth)

Alan Mak and Felix Chong’s Overheard 2 opens Aug. 18

Wu Fung, Kenneth Tsang Kong (Sina)2

Love in Space posters

(Sina) CF: Posters of “Love in Space” Unveiled

Perfect Baby poster

Deng Chao stars in the Sino-French co-production

Deng Chao, Clemence Saint-Preux (Sina)

CF: “Perfect Baby” Releases Poster

The 13th ACGHK (Animation-Comics-Games Hong Kong) Fair opened Friday

Ada Wong, 21 year-old daughter of Wong Jing tries her hand at modeling (HunanTV)

MSN: Cecilia Cheung willing to give away her two apartments to save marriage

A1: Cecilia apologises to mum-in-law

MSN: Huang Xiaoming fends off relationship rumours with his mother

July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

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“MY KINGDOM in theatres AUGUST 19th!” This, from China Lion’s Twitter account earlier this month. Look for the usual cities and usual theaters in the US. Their website seems to be broken.

FBA: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan review

CF: Wong Jing Funny in ‘Treasure Hunt’

The production company of director Wong Jing’s imminent comedy, “Treasure Hunt,” released new still photos featuring Wong Jing in the movie.

FBA: Viral Factor set for New Year outbreak

CF: Juno Mak Wins Best Actor Award

Actor Juno Mak has won the Best Actor Award for his performance in the Hong Kong thriller, “Revenge: A Love Story,” at the 15th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in Korea on July 22.

(July 25) Beijing premiere of Alan Mak and Felix Chong’s Overheard 2

Felix Chong

Louis Koo

Michelle Ye

Yu Dong dubbed Louis Koo the “summer box office king” and expressed confidence to break 300 million at the box office.

Poster unveiling

Bona CEO Yu Dong, Alan Mak, Louis Koo, Michelle Ye, Felix Chong


Huang Bo stars in The Story of David (lit. Egg Fried Rice) described as a Chinese Forrest Gump. (Sina)

Cherie Chung appearing at a ribbon cutting event in Chongqing (Xinhua)2

MSN: Cecilia Cheung refuses to sign divorce papers

A1: Tang Wei was unaware of Cecilia Cheung’s marital crisis

Tang Wei walked away with many happy memories from the set of Speed Angels, a soon-to-be-released car racing film which also stars Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung.

MSN: Gigi Lai’s twin daughters make their first public appearance(Xinhua-gallery)

MSN: Raymond Lam visits a night club after grandmother’s funeral

Jet Li’s low paycheque

July 14, 2011

July 14, 2011

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Andy Lau Rescues Hit Kung Fu Film

Equal parts bone-cracking, sidesplitting and heartbreaking, Gallants is the sort of Hong Kong kung fu comedy you wish got made more often.

Best-selling novel-turned-movie to be released in cinemas

The Killer Who Never Kills

The movie follows the life of a contract killer who does not have the heart to kill anyone but uses deceit and trickery to give the appearance that he has killed his targets.

Produced by prolific Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang and directed by Taiwanese director Apple Lee, the movie stars Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao in the title role, while Taiwanese starlet Lin Chen-shi plays the female protagonist and love interest Hsiao Li.

CRI: ‘Winds of September’ Director Takes on New Film

“CJ7″ starlet Xu Jiao will portray the leading character, while Rene Liu and Harlem Yu are set to play her parents who are going through marital problems. (Sina)

A1: Tony Leung to play Lee Kuan Yew in upcoming ‘1965′ movie2

Heavyweights such as Maggie Cheung and Hollywood actress Julianne Moore are also slated to star in the movie, which will be directed by Hong Kong director, Peter Chan. [The Sina report cites Carina Lau's weibo, but I can't find the post.] (Sina)


Shu Qi and mainland TV actress Tong Liya have agreed to appear in the Stephen Chow-Derek Kwok Monkey King/Journey to the West film according to news reports. Shu Qi will play the White-Boned Demon and Tong Liya, the Spider Demon, and Wen Zhang, Tripitaka. The status of Show Luo is up in the air as he was originally cast as the Monkey King. Chow has quietly started filming at Hengdian. The film has a new Chinese title, “Journey to the West Legendary Demon Slayer”.  (Xinhua)(Sina)

The three different city backgrounds in the posters hint at clues to the story: Shenzhen for Daniel Wu, Shanghai for Louis Koo, Hong Kong for Lau Ching-Wan.

Combined edition poster(Sina-gallery)

New York premiere of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Nicole Kidman and Li Bingbing

“Tiger Mom” Amy Chua (in red) and her two daughters, Lucy Liu, Wendi Deng

With Ben Kingsley

Other guests included Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Ivanka Trump, Keith Urban, Gabourey Sidibe and Harvey Weinstein.

(Sina)234 (Sina-slideshow)

Peter Chan, Takeshi Kaneshiro

Peter Chan and Takeshi Kaneshiro met with People’s University students in Beijing. As a surprise gift, Chan brought previously unseen deleted fight scenes featuring Kaneshiro from Wu Xia. (Sina)

The two Hong Kong celebrities missed each other by 20 minutes

The Tse family had reportedly hired an ex-FBI agent to snoop on Cecilia after her in-flight meeting with Edison. They were rumoured to have acquired enough information to guarantee Nicholas a win during the custody battle.


Nicholas Tse looks set to head for a costly divorce settlement.

(July 14) Cecilia was in Shanghai for an event and looked especially thin.

Sammi Cheng, Zhou Dongyu, Guo Jingjing and other celebrities also attended the event


March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011

Variety: Mr. and Mrs. Incredible review

Even spliced superheroes have to deal with everyday problems in the lighter-than-air Hong Kong romantic comedy “Mr. & Mrs. Incredible.”

FBA: Mr. and Mrs. Incredible review (5/10)

Costume tale of two retired super-heroes lacks enough bounce and wit to succeed as a New Year action comedy.

Andy Lau and Gong Li shine in an improved remake of the US rom-com.

We talked to Zhang Weiping, producer of Zhang Yimou’s new film “Nanjing Heroes” on Feb. 28, 2011, after the news of Christian Bale, male lead of Zhang’s film, won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

13 Women in Jinling renamed Nanjing Heroes (Sina)

Felix Chong and Alan Mak introduced the cast for Overheard 2 at at press conference

Louis Koo, Michelle Ye

Michelle Ye

Lau Ching-Wan, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu

Huang Yi and Lau Ching-Wan will play husband and wife

(Sina)23 Overheard 2 press conference photos (Xinhua)

Stills of Jordan Chan in Chinese-Australian production Dragon Pearl


More photos from media set visit to Ann Hui’s Miss Peach

Andy Lau, Deanie Ip - Miss Peach

Real life Lee Yam-Lam portrayed by Andy

Wang Fuli, Ann Hui, Yu Man-Si (Sina)

Huang Yi - Lock Destination (J-10 Sortie) (Sina)

No room for the Golden Broom?

Feng Xiangong responded scathingly in his micro blog that the judges were “shrewd bastards” who should get a “golden abacus award” - implying they were opportunists taking advantage of others’ celebrity status.

Sammi Cheng was Gigi Leung’s surprise guest performer at her Hong Kong concert. Chapman To and Charlie Young lent their support with their attendance, too. (Xinhua)

Lin Chi-Ling in Hong Kong for Longines

Pakho Chau (Sina-slide show)

Chloe Fall-Winter Fashion Show in Shanghai

Qi Qi, “Prince” Simon Yam,  Chen Ran

Simon Yam and actress Chen Ran (Sina-slide show)

CRI: Zhang Ziyi at Milan Fashion Week (Sina) (Xinhua)

Did Li Ka-Shing reject Isabella as daughter-in-law or did Isabella reject marriage? Also in play, a $5M breakup fee. (Sina)

Mandy Lieu denies being Richard Li’s new Cinderella (Sina)

MSN; Isabella Leong’s shocking split from Richard Li

CNA: Isabella Leong announces split from tycoon Richard Li

MSN: Isabelle Leong to make showbiz comeback?

A1: The many women in Richard Li’s life

A1: Hong Kong billionaire’s break-up to cost $4.9 million

MSN: Cecilia Cheung and son’s first movie gig together

CNA: Richie Ren narrowly escapes being blinded

MSN: Wu Chun to leave HIM International

MSN: Selina Jen receives S$2 mil compensation for filming accident

In an interview last month, Selina’s fiancé Richard Chang let on that he was not satisfied with the compensation amount.

China uses whistles, water, police on protests

Near Shanghai’s People’s Square, uniformed police blew whistles nonstop and shouted at people to keep moving, though about 200 people — a combination of onlookers and quiet sympathizers who formed a larger crowd than a week ago — braved the shrill noise. In Beijing, trucks normally used to water the streets drove repeatedly up the busy commercial shopping district spraying water and keeping crowds pressed to the edges.  China’s jasmine revolution: police but no protesters line streets of Beijing (GuardianUK)

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