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July 15, 2012

July 15, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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FBA: The Allure of Tears review

Embarrassingly arch collection of love stories that slightly improves later on.

FBA: On My Way review

Generic but excellently packaged kid’s movie is smoothly entertaining.

ChinaPost: Painted Skin: The Resurrection review

CF: Jackie Chan Takes “CZ 12″ to San Deigo Comic-Con

ChinaDaily: The pig that dares to dream

The best-loved pig in Hong Kong is called McDull. His mom makes a wish that he will look likeChow Yun-fat or Tony Leung, two movie heartthrobs, but he is distinguished only by abirthmark around his right eye.

CF: ”Good-for-Nothing Heros” Releases New Poster

CF: Peter Chan Takes Inspiration from New Oriental

Director Peter Chan is taking to the big screen with the story behind the New Oriental company, the first Chinese educational institution to enter the New York Stock Exchange.

A selling point for the film has largely been the cooperation between Chow Yun-fat and Huang Xiaoming. Chow made his name in 1980 for his role in the hit TV series “The Bund”, and Huang took over the role in a 2007 remake.

MSN: Andy Lau wants the best for his daughter

Andy has also decided on an English name for Xing Hui, choosing ‘Hanna’ as it means “elegant and joyful goddess” in old English.

MSN: Gillian Chung spotted having dinner with Kenji Wu

The Hong Kong singer denied dating rumours and speculations of her venturing into the Taiwanese music scene

The mother of two hints on her micro-blog that she may not be expecting twins after all

MSN: Stephen Chow under fire for keeping mum over Jacqueline Law’s passing

The actor, who had reportedly dated the late actress, has maintained his silence ever since she died of cancer

Liu Chee Ming, her husband, has shared that Jacqueline’s final resting place has not been finalised. He has expressed that he is considering converting her ashes into a diamond pendant so as to be able to keep her by his side.

MSN: Nicky Wu’s drama extras rumoured to have been brutally murdered

Heng Dian World Studios in China is a hotspot for the production of period dramas, with Nicky Wu currently working on Legend of the White-Haired Maiden at the location. In recent days, shocking rumours about alleged murders near the vicinity have surfaced.

SGYahoo: ”You Are the Apple of My Eye” star criticised for praising Japan

Taiwanese star Ko Chen-Tung has outraged Chinese Netizens for posting what the Netizens claim to be a supportive post towards Japan.

June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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FBA: Promise review

Modest but affecting rural drama that conceals much beneath its placid surface.

FBA: Beijing Blues review

Exhilarating, docu-drama-like ride with a squad of Beijing plainclothes crime-hunters.

Variety: Falling Flowers review

Although resplendently shot and elegantly appointed, this fusty biopic of Chinese novelist Xiao Hong recounts events without exploring the mind of an intellectual woman of her time.

Variety: First Time review

Like a latte with caramel on top and coffee residue at the bottom, “First Time” starts off as a treacly teen daydream and changes course halfway through to deconstruct its own romantic myth.

THR: Follow Follow review

Peng Lei’s film, about a lonely girl who adores Kurt Cobain, is one of the first rock ‘n’ roll films ever authorized by the Chinese Film Bureau.

CF: Golden Goblet Awards Presented at Shanghai International Film Festival Closing Ceremony

Both local nominated films won prizes, Gao Qunshu’s Beijing Blues for best director and Falling Flowers for best cinematography.

CF/Global Times: Small Movies with Huge Audiences

A growing trend is to include celebrity casts and crews. “We have films in line featuring big stars like Christine Fan, Elva Hsiao, Rainie Yang, Berlin Chen and Lin Chi-Ling,” Liu said. Similarly, Youku has also launched a project in collaboration with famous directors and actors. Some of their big names include Gu Changwei, Ann Hui and Wang Xiaoshuai.

Invited by the SIFF organizers, Hong Kong singer and actress Gigi Leung tried directing for the first time with her film Fortune Cookie. Leung, who was involved in writing the script, portrayed the lead character in the film. The story is about a biscuit store owner who explores life through her customers. Leung said her multiple roles in the production were “interesting and challenging.”

Like Leung, actress Huang Yi also tried the director’s seat. In her directorial debut Exchange, Huang told the story of a university student from Guizhou Province who managed to build a new school building using her incredible skills at bartering.

My Love was directed by the young Jin Yimeng, who made her name with the film Sophie’s Revenge which featured stars like Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing. Her short film My Love tells the story of how a terminally ill woman addresses problems at the very end of her life. Another film directed by Tian Yuan tells of a woman psychologist and her relationships with her patients.

Poster for Huang Yi’s micro film “Exchange”

Huang Yi at the SIFF (Sina)

CF: Fabulous Original Drawings of the Fantastic “Painted Skin 2″

Stills of Zhao Wei in “Painted Skin 2″

More publicity stills for “The Four” featuring Liu Yifei. Opens July 12.

Poster for “The Four”

What does it take to get together Brigitte Lin, Sylvia Chang, Zhang Jingchu, Eric Tsang, Derek Yee, Ringo Lam, Shi Nansun as well as Andy Lau? A small party to celebrate Andy Lau’s new fatherhood at Derek Yee’s place.

And, look, there’s Teddy Robin, too!

Eric Tsang, Ringo Lam (Sina)2

“If any more immigrants come to Hong Kong , it will get overcrowded and burst.”

June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

FBA: Painted Skin: The Resurrection review

Slick fantasy vehicle for three Mainland stars is in a different league to the 2008 film.

THR: Painted Skin: The Resurrection review

Bottom line: Spectacular if blemished Chinese fantasy aiming for high lyricism should pull in female viewers and fans of the 2008 original.

FBA: My Elder Brother in Taiwan review

Slim but likeable second feature by the director of Pinoy Sunday.

FBA: Shanghai Calling review

Light, cross-cultural rom-com has few of the usual cliches and awkwardnesses.

ScreenDaily: Double Trouble review

Double Trouble seems less about honestly dissimilar and abrasive characters, and more about contrived friction.

TimeOutHK: First Time review

Once a cult favourite known for his nihilistic vision, Soi Cheang has since mellowed into one of our cinema’s leading helmers. He talks to Edmund Lee about his latest outing, Motorway.

THR: Feng Xiaogang Unveils Epic ‘Remembering 1942′ at the Shanghai Film Festival

FBA: Feng portrays drama of 1942

The film’s story chronicles the human drama as a devastating famine struck Henan Province in 1942, a time when China was already at war with and partially occupied by Japan.

CF: Chow Yun-fat Brings his “Last Tycoon” to Shanghai Film Fest

CF: Tony Leung Unveils Release Date of “The Silent War” at SIFF

A news conference to promote the August 10 release of Tony Leung’s newest spy movie, “The Silent War” was held on June 17 during the 15th Shanghai Film Festival,

CF: First Trailer out for “The Silent War”

CF:Stars Introduce Suspense Film “The Four” at SIFF

CF:”The Four” Brings You a New Trailer

A different two minute trailer

CF: Cecilia Cheung and Jang Dong-gun Promote “Dangerous Liaisons” at SIFF

CF: Jang Dong-gun’s Character Trailer of “Dangerous Liaisons”

Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo (”The Four”) were introduced to the press yesterday in a Shanghai press conference. They will co-star in Xue Xiaolu’s (”Ocean Paradise”) new romantic comedy, “Finding Mr. Right” (Chinese title, “Beautiful Destiny”).

Director Xue Xiaolu

Tang Wei

Tang Wei, Wu Xiubo

Huang Yi’s first directorial effort, a micro film called “Exchange”, will screen at the SIFF on June 21. She plays a country girl and a surprise guest star is promised.

Huang Yi

Keanu Reeves’ “Man of Tai Chi” has officially begun filming yesterday. Shooting started in Wan Chai last night. Despite blocking off the road, it attracted a large number of passersby and onlookers.

Karen Mok (Sina)2

Trailer for “Holding Love” (aka “Hold on to Love”) starring Yang Mi real-life BF Hawick Lau and Chrissie Chau.

Shanghai trailer release conference

Hawick Lau, Yang Mi

Chrissie Chau


The cast of “The Bounty” promote the film while Chapman To recuperates in the US

Fiona Sit

Director Fung Chi-Keung, Fiona Sit, Stephanie Cheng, Charmaine Fong

CF: Huayi · ELLE’s Starry Night at SIFF

Li Bingbing, director Feng Xiaofang and his wife Xu Fan, cast members of Jackie Chan’s “CZ12″ and 3D “Sex and Zen” star Lan Yan were spotted at the red carpet ceremony.

MSN: Gigi Leung takes up the director’s seat for the first time

MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung are back together

MSN: Tony Leung is unaffected by rumors about Carina Lau

MSN: Andy Lau celebrates first Father’s Day

MSN: Andy Lau names his daughter

SGYahoo: Andy Lau and wife to move to Malaysia

Edison Chen makes a guest appearance in American rapper Sammy Adam’s MV for the song “Only One”.

SGYahoo: Get a “Kitty-cure” at world’s first Hello Kitty Beauty Spa

Painted Skin: The Resurrection (Hollywood Reporter review)

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Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection

6/17/2012 by Deborah Young

The unbridled visual creativity of big-budget Chinese fantasy films offers a thrilling entry point into Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection, a spectacular mythological period piece that segues from the 2008 film directed by Gordon Chan. But the bigger the expectations, the harder they fall, and many scenes fail discouragingly to live up to the director Wu Ershan’s (The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman) lyrical ambitions, when not downright ridiculous. The result is a roller-coaster of a film that will divide audiences particularly along gender lines, having greater appeal for female viewers both because it is fundamentally a love story with a noble, long-haired, romantic hero, and thanks to the presence of four strong and powerful women characters who run the show. The print screened at the opening of the Shanghai Film Festival was breathtaking in 2D, though a 3D release is planned in China at the end of June.

This classic Chinese ghost story refuses to die, having been adapted for the screen a number of times by directors as illustrious as King Hu. Here the tale follows from its predecessor: Xiaowei (Zhou Xun, reprising her role) is a fox demon who has been imprisoned under ice after saving the lives of human beings in Painted Skin I. Her beautiful face attracts the attention of the female bird demon Quer (Yang Mi), who pecks her out of the ice, effectively reopening a Pandora’s box of trouble.

To regain her youth and beauty, Xiaowei is obliged to devour human hearts, and her first victim is a luscious barbarian prince who will come back to haunt her in the final scenes. But what she really wants is to become human, and that requires a warm, innocent human heart freely given. The rules governing demons are quite intricate, and easily spoofed in the character of comic demon-hunter Pang (Feng Shaofeng) who gets romantic with the bird demon in her pixie-ish human guise.

The main story, however, belongs to Princess Jing (Zhao Wei) and her dashing young guard General Huo Xin (Chen Kun). Jing was mauled by a bear when she was 15, and Huo Xin fled the court in shame at not protecting her. Now, eight years later, she wears a mysterious gold mask on a quarter of her beautiful face, hiding the scars that disfigure her. Donning a man’s armor, she crosses China to find her true love Huo Xin, though his status will never allow them to marry, and though she’s betrothed to the very same Tian Liang barbarian prince that Xiaowei seemed to have dispatched. But never say never in this film. Feeling rebuffed by Huo Xin for her looks (though his reasons for coyness are utterly noble), the aching princess turns for help to the fox demon Xiaowei, who proposes they swap faces and bodies, at the price of taking possession of Jing’s warm heart.

Between Princess Jing, the fox spirit Xiaowei, the cute but powerful bird demon and the fur-clad barbarian princess (Chen Tingjia), there’s not a weak lady in the house. Performances run surprisingly deep, and the bond that links Jing and Xiaowei, in particular, rings very true in spite of the square-off between divas Zhou Xun and Zhao Wei. Women will certainly identify with a lot that is going on here: selfish and selfless love, sacrificing everything for a man, fighting off rivals for his affection, and the frantic search for youth and beauty to capture his heart (mythological “plastic surgery” is clearly a mistake in this story, shown in a poetically-grisly scene of mask-switching.)

On the other hand, all auds will enjoy the visuals and the extraordinary animation sequences that carry the story when it soars high, along with scattered but well-handled fight scenes that show off the superhuman prowess of the young general. His ability to snag a falling coin with an arrow, even blindfolded, gives way to wrestling with giant warriors and snarling wolf-slaves in spectacular later scenes.

The unsuccessful parts are linked to the disappointing depiction of the Tian Liang barbarians, who live in a city carved out of rock beyond China’s Western border. Leading the brood is a tattooed grand wizard (Taiwan pop singer and Broadway performer Fei Xiang a.k.a. Kris Phillips) with a Spiderman halo and shaven head. If the elaborate costumes of Jing’s forces seem inspired by the Terracotta Army, their rivals take their cue from animals, in manners as well as apparel, while their black magic rituals are a laughable throwback to long-outgrown film stereotyping. All this compromises the climactic scenes as Huo Xin’s army storms the barbarians’ Game of Thrones-style fortress, though even here there are moments of great beauty and fantasy.

Bottom line: Spectacular if blemished Chinese fantasy aiming for high lyricism should pull in female viewers and fans of the 2008 original.

Venue: Shanghai Film Festival (opening film), June 17, 2012.
Production companies: Ningxia Film Corp., Dinglangda Culture Development, H. Brothers, Kylin Films
Cast: Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei (Vicki Zhao), Chen Kun,Yang Mi, Chen Tingjia, Feng Shaofeng (William Feng), Fei Xiang (Kris Phillips)
Director: Wu Ershan
Screenwriters: Ran Ping, Ran Jianan
Producers: Pang Hong, Wang Zhonglei
Executive producers: Tao Kun, Pang Yong
Director of photography: Huang Yuetai
Production designer: Hao Yi
Editor: Xiao Yang
Music. Katsunori Ishida
Sales Agent: Huayi Brothers
No rating, 132 minutes

June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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CF: Still Shots of Wang Xueqi in “Caught in the Web”

CF: Chen Handian and Michelle Chen Promote “The Soul of Bread” in Beijing

“Painted Skin 2″ poster

Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei

Chen Kun, Zhou Xun

“Painted Skin 2″ /”Painted Skin: The Resurrection” will premiere in Chengdu on June 14th and open the Shanghai International Film Festival on June 16th before its official release.  (Sina)234

“Wu Dang” poster featuring Vincent Zhao and Yang Mi

Xu Jiao in a Princess Leia ‘do

Yang Mi (Sina)

Poster for Herman Yau’s “Nightmare”

Fiona Sit and Huang Xuan star (Sina)

Fan Bingbing is confirmed to appear in a Hollywood film starring Pierce Brosnan, “The Moon and the Sun”. Fan, reportedly, plays a mermaid to Brosnan’s Louis XIV. Ben Kingsley costars, and Sean McNamara will direct. Filming starts this fall. (Sina)2 More here. (BlissMedia)

CNA: Fan Bingbing files suit over sex scandal comments

MSN: Andy Lau continues to keep his newborn’s identity a mystery

According to Taiwan’s China Times, Andy Lau has set up a HK$1M education fund for his daughter and plans to send her to kindergarten in Canada where a sister lives in Edmonton. (Sina)

Andy’s siblings live simple lives and reside in old housing estates

Andy Lau’s younger brother

Elder sister (Sina)

MSN: New mummy Miriam Yeung is not ready for another baby


May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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ChinaDaily: A Hong Kong odyssey

Hong Kong cinema is merging into the larger Chinese cinema, gaining strength and at the same time losing its own identity.

CF: An Extras’ Life in Hengdian

CF: Gong Li Unveils New Projects at Cannes

MSN: Gong Li denies pregnancy rumours(CNA)

In other related news, the actress will be starring in the Hollywood movie, Marco Polo, later in the year where she will be portraying a Mongolian queen.

CF: Actress Qin Lan’s New Film “Be A Mother” to Release in June

CF: Angelababy Dancing in “The First Time”(Sina)

The romance film “The First Time”, starring Angelababy and Mark Chao, is set to hit cinemas on June 8. A collection of still shots featuring Angelababy dancing have been released prior to the film’s release.

“Double Trouble” will be opening in North American AMC Theatres on June 8. It will play in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York and Seattle. In Canada, the film will be released in Vancouver and Toronto.


“Double Trouble” trailer

(May 27) Beijing premiere for producer Pang Ho-Cheung’s “Lacuna” gets an assist from local Hooter’s girls.

Co-director Derek Tsang

Shawn Yue, Pang Ho-Cheung, Derek Tsang

Mia Yam, Lawrence Chou, Shawn Yue  (Sina)

Three of a set of character posters for the mainland release of cop drama “Black & White”


Mark Chao

Huang Bo

Mark Chao, Huang Bo


Back from Cannes, Yang Mi is busy in the studio recording a song for the OST of “Wu Dang”.


New photos showing Zhou Xun transformed into an ice spirit for Wuershan’s “Painted Skin 2″


Brigitte Lin (2nd right) attending a recent A-Mei concert at Hung Hom Coliseum


A-Mei and guest Kenny B (Sina-slideshow)

Another look at Zhang Xinyi’s tattoo (first seen here), from a recent OK! Magazine event.


SGYahoo: John Woo may have throat cancer

Sina: Terence Chang issued a statement denying recent rumors that John Woo had throat or pancreatic cancer or a heart ailment. According to him, Woo had the beginnings of a throat tumor removed at the beginning of the year in Taipei and went to the US to rest but he was not hospitalized there as reported. John Woo also called the media and reassured them that he was in good health and only had a small tumor on the neck that had spread to his tonsils removed. 23

SGYahoo: Fan Bingbing for “Iron Man 3″?

CF: Feng Shaofeng and Mou Girl Ni Ni: New Pair in Chinese Film Circle

MSN: Female fan falls off bridge while watching Lee Hom’s concert

SGYahoo: TVB implements proper conduct guidelines

May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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Variety: Nightfall review

Gut-wrenching violence, classical music, daddy issues and Lolita complexes are grist for director Roy Chow Hin Yeung’s grisly mill in “Nightfall,” a Hong Kong thriller with a strong noirish flavor that stops short of lurid, thanks to the seasoned cast’s solid perfs.

FBA: Woo boards BeastTHR

John WOO will direct Day of the Beast, a remake of SUZUKI Seijun’s yakuza classic Youth of the Beast (1963).

The Chinese martial-arts film “Wu Dang” is set to debut at the 65th Cannes International Film Festival

Vincent Zhao

Yang Mi (Sina)

As a part of the “Four plus One” project produced by Pang Ho-Cheung, the movie tells a comedic story, which is set in Beijing, about a man and woman who can’t remember the night after a drinking binge. In that one night, they lose a company car and 300,000 yuan in cash, and then the two trace back their steps to try to figure out what happened.

Zhang Jingchu with an alpaca in “Lacuna”

Shawn Yue shares a whiff of alpaca with Zhang Jingchu

An alpaca, a cat and a frog provide important clues to discovering what happened that drunken night.

“Lacuna” posters


“11 Flowers” revolves around the memory of an 11-year-old boy who witnesses a murder and attempts to catch the criminal.

Producer and actor Wong Bak-Ming, director Vincent Kok and actors Raymond Lam, Ronald Cheng, Teresa Mo, Lynn Hung and Karena Ng attended the event.

Director Vincent Kok

Raymond Wong

Ronald Cheng, Karena Ng (Sina)2

The film features actors from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including Francis Ng, Simon Yam, Zhang Zhen (Chang Chen), Song Jia, Chen Chong (Joan Chen) and Janice Man.

The film depicts a series of comical incidents which occur between 3 pairs of lovers on an island named Re Ai Dao, or Hot Love Island. The couples experience a number of misunderstandings and setbacks in pursuit of a happy ending. [Filmed back in 2010, it might be a hint that the film's a stinker.]

Francis Ng and Song Jia play husband and wife

Simon Yam

Francis Ng

Joan Chen, Simon Yam (Sina)234

Zhou Xun


The production side of the fantasy movie “Painted Skin 2″ released a batch of still photos featuring actor Chen Kun in the movie

Chen Kun (Sina)

Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing, Zhou Xun and Gu Changwei are expected to be present at the film event, along with other popular Chinese actors such as Yang Mi, Tong Dawei and Feng Shaofeng.

The 25-minute “Walker”, directed by Tsai Ming-liang, has been one of the most hotly debated movies on Youku since it debuted in late April, receiving nearly 20,000 comments so far.

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

CNA: Andy Lau confirms birth of baby girl in pensive message to fans

Andy Lau: Yes, I’m a dad now

MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung to be business partners?

Even though their divorce will be finalised this month, the pair’s shared love for food might see them forming a new kind of partnership

MSN: Nicholas Tse’s family of four celebrates Quintus Tse’s birthday

In other related news, Nicholas appeared on last week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model where he left a deep impression on the contestants

MSN: Miriam Yeung worried about premature birth

MSN: Are Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung finally getting married?

Rumour has it that the couple will be tying the knot next month to bring good luck to the actress’ family

April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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CF: New Posters of the Fantastic “Painted Skin 2″ (Sina)

A1: Fei Xiang plays evil sorcerer

CF: Movie Posters for “Design of Death” Released

CF: Feng Xiaogang and Tsui Hark to Direct Huayi Bros’ New Projects

Feng Xiaogang will return to the silver screen with a comedy named “Si Ren Ding Zhi (Private Reservation).”

The announced release schedule for 2012 includes: Wuershan’s “Painted Skin 2/Painted Skin: The Resurrection”, June 28; Stephen Fung’s “Tai Chi 0″, September 28; Ronny Yu’s “Saving General Yang”, October 26; Jackie Chan’s “Chinese Zodiac/CZ12″, December 20; Feng Xiaogang’s “1942″ was not revealed yet. (Sina)23

CF: Lu Chuan and Ning Hao on How to Defend Chinese Commercial Films

Posters for Danny Pang’s “Fairy Tale Killer”

Lau Ching-Wan

Wang Baoqiang (Sina)

CF: Trailer of “Floating City” Released

In the film, Aaron Kwok portrays a business mogul who develops from a nobody into an influential person over the course of 40 years.

THR: Hong Kong Film Piracy on YouTube Amounts to $308 Million Loss

A few pictures from the red carpet at this evening’s Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Beijing International Film Festival. Among the guests: James Cameron, Wendi Deng, Fan Bingbing, Huang Yi, Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Aarif Lee, Yao Chen, Wang Xueqi, Feng Xiaogang, Mo Xiaoqi, Andy Lau, Deanie Ip, Ann Hui, Yan Ni, Angelababy, Wang Lee-Hom, Jaycee Chan, Simon Yam, Patrick Tse, Huang Xiaoming, Tsui Hark, Shi Nansun, et al.

Gordon Chan, Liu Yifei, Deng Chao representing “The Four”

Nicky Wu, Zhang Jingchu

Zhang Ziyi (Sina)(Sina-gallery)

MSN: Nicholas Tse plans to list his company on the stock exchange

MSN: Cecilia Cheung to prioritize family over work

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung’s return to showbiz had been lacklustre. The actress is speculated to take time off making movies because her recent movies have been box office flops.

MSN: Eason Chan hopes for a Dragon son

Yahoo: Hong Kong pop star Eason Chan sells out in London

Hong Kong superstar Eason Chan’s world tour has an unofficial catch-phrase: “Who the hell is Eason Chan?”

April 20, 2012

April 20, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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CF: ”Full Circle”: No Home for Old Men

The film and its Chinese title somehow pay tribute to Miloš Forman’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”; but instead of slavishly following the dark theme of Forman’s classic, Zhang has managed to produce a bittersweet family drama.

CF: Latest Poster and Stills of “11 Flowers”

CF: Mainland Box Office Chart in the 15th Week of 2012

“Painted Skin 2″ will premiere in Chengdu, Sichuan June 15th ahead of the national release on June 28.

Zhao Wei

Stills of Chen Kun in the battlefield


TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Isabella Leong, Edison Chen, Jay Chou et al

Kelly Chen and Riley

MSN: Kelly Chen’s newborn son meets the media

MSN: Are wedding bells ringing for Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan?

MSN: Yang Mi refutes rumours of her dating Nicholas Tse

Did she dump Harwick Lau, son of HK veteran actor Lau Dan?

SGYahoo: Donnie Yen, porn actor?

Needless to say, this latest controversy reached Yen’s ears, and he responded by posting two lines of lyrics from Sam Hui and the late Leslie Cheung’s song “Silence is Golden”, which was, “Let people laugh and scold as they like, be a carefree person.”

March 6, 2012

March 6, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

CRI: Sun Honglei Awarded the Most Disappointing Actor

The 3rd Golden Broom Awards took place Saturday afternoon, doling out 13 Golden Brooms in total. Lacking in attendance at the award ceremony were movie stars.

Famous mainland actor Sun Honglei was awarded the most disappointing actor for his character as renowned ancient strategist Sun Bin in The Warring States. A-list Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung won the most disappointing actress for both her performances in Legendary Amazons and Treasure Hunt.

The Flowers of War, nominated at the Golden Globes, was given a special jury’s version of “the most disappointing movie” award.

CF: The Blame Game

Zhang Weiping, producer of Zhang Yimou’s The Flowers of War, blames Hollywood and the United States press for “Nanjing Massacre denial”.

CF: Flying Swords Lifts Bona Group Results

FBA: Go ahead for Mr. Go

Xu Jiao (Josie Xu) to star in South Korean 3D flick

Wong Jing revealed that Huang Xiaoming has joined the cast of “Once Upon a Time in Shanghai” with Chow Yun-Fat and Sammo Hung. Both Chow and Huang have played the lead character, Hui Man Keung, in TV series versions of the story. Yuan Quan (Yolanda Yuan) and Yuan Li were also named as joining the cast. A Lunar New Year release is planned.

TimeOutHK: Ann Hui interview

TimeOutHK: A Simple Life

Zhou Xun (Sina-gallery)

Andy On will replace Chiu in “Special Identity”. 

Vincent Zhao (Chiu Man-Cheuk) and wife

Zhao and lawyer at press conference where he read a statement defending himself (Sina)

Michael Wong plays an abusive father to his daughter, Janice Man, in “Nightfall”


MSN: A first glimpse at Karena Lam’s daughter

The former actress took her daughter to a renowned kindergarten for an entrance interview

A1: Why should I be afraid? Says Michelle Yeoh

Already svelte and athletic, the 49-year-old former Bond girl lost another 10kg to play the slightly gaunt Nobel laureate in The Lady.

A1: Always a Lady

A1: Jacky Cheung’s wife sexually harassed

Wife of Hong Kong pop singer Jacky Cheung was allegedly sexually harassed twice by a manager of a gym in Hong Kong.

MSN: Cherrie warns woman to stop seducing hubby

Cherrie Ying has warned a woman to stop “seducing” her husband Jordan Chan Siu-Chun.

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