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August 1, 2009

August 1, 2009

Variety: Crazy Racer review
[Why can't I see this on DVD with subtitles!]

Variety: Look For A Star review

News from KOFIC
Haeundae Box Office Rampage about to Hit China

Even though tidal wave warning systems had predicted the oncoming Haeundae tsunami, the Korean box office was not prepared for its mass devastation. The film attracted 1,546,976 viewers in its opening weekend grossing over 11 billion won (U.S $.9,000,000) Climbing to number one in the box office it even managed to push aside Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which has been weaving its own box office magic around the world.

Tsunamis usually subside but Haeundae has continued its onslaught going from success to success. Initially, when it was released back in April it sold to a number of territories at the HK Film Mart. Word of its success obviously reached back to Korea and anticipation of its release here was high. More recently, it has been announced the China Film Group (C.F.G), will, on a revenue-sharing basis import the film into China. This is rare for a Korean film but given the film’s star power, ongoing success and mix of big-budget, block-buster yet non political ideals, does seem an ideal China release. The film was released in Korea July 23.

Lau Ching-Wan, Louis Koo, Jo Koo begin filming Poker King in Macau - photos

Hip-hop Singer to Star in Movie Remake of Bestselling Novel
Taiwan singer Stanley Huang will star in film “Du Lala’s Promotion”, which is to be directed by Xu Jinglei

The object of a 13 year-old’s affection (see story below)

Ani-com Hong Kong

July 28, 2009

July 28, 2009

Jet Li
Still from Sylvester Stallone film The Expendables - Jet Li

SCMP: Daniel Wu discusses new film ‘Overheard’
Zhang Jingchu, Lau Ching-Wan
Overheard takes in 35M yuan in the opening weekend

‘Tracing Shadow’ Premieres

More photos of premiere

Peter Chan wanted to cast Michelle Reis ten years ago when Bodyguards and Assassins was first planned

Additional photos of Michelle Reis on set of Bodyguards and Assassins
Andrew Lau received a 1905 HK$10 bill as a reward and commemoration for his efforts
Peter Chan, in a surprise, introduced Andrew Lau on the last of shooting. Lau had been called in to assist due to an unnamed large crisis.
‘Infernal’ Lau joins ‘Bodyguards’

Shing Fui-On
Shing Fui-On suffers recurrence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

The 54 year-old actor was treated in 2004 with chemo and radiation therapy and he lost 45kg in weight. He also lost his sense of taste and hearing. Nonetheless, Shing was elected village head in Sai Kung and later ran for election to the legislature but was defeated.
Nick Cheung, also a Sai Kung resident, went directly from shooting To Live and Die in Mongkok to visit Shing at the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital. He is due to be released in a couple days.

Prison on Fire
1988 - The Greatest Lover
2001 - ATV series with Japanese beauties
Secret Lover, 1995The Detective, 2007
2003 running for legislative council member

Shing Fui-On continued auto racing even after first being diagnosed in 2004

Zhang Ziyi Interview: From Actress to Producer (Thanks, to duriandave, for pointing it out)

Chinese filmmaker Feng Xiaogang begins shooting earthquake movie
“Aftershocks” tells the story of a seven-year-old girl who survived the quake that killed more than 240,000 people.

Hong Kong filmmaker Lee Kung-lok’s romantic comedy Let’s Fall in Love starts shooting in Beijing on July 24.

MIFF weighs future of Chinese pics
Claustrophobia, Miao Miao also withdrawn

Hollywood Reporter: Haeundae - film review
Bottom Line: Korea’s first disaster movie is slow to reach a crest of excitement but eventually delivers shiploads of action and visual spectacles.
Disaster film a Korean BO success

Comic-Con ‘Thirst’ panel with director Park Chan-Wook

Sassy Girl Returns as a Cyborg (video/photos)
Sassy girl returns as robot in Cyborg She

HK singer Eason Chan’s marriage in trouble?

Donnie Yen’s birthday party
Donnie Yen and wife
Raymond WongLynn XiongCheung Tat-MingVincent Kok
Roy CheungLeon LaiAndrew Lin
Donnie Yen celebrates his 46th birthday with friends

Additional photos

Yasmin Ahmad

  • Touched by her maternal glow
  • Friend to All
  • Tears and tribute

    ESWN: Young Models At The Hong Kong Book Fair

    SCMP: Anti-model activists protest at HK Book Fair

    SCMP: Kobe brings MVP skills to HK

  • May 14, 2009

    May 14, 2009

    Poster for Peter Chan’s JungKu - The Man From 18th Hell

    Dante Lam’s The Flying Guillotines
    Queen's Road Ripper
    Queen’s Road Ripper
    The God of Wealth
    The God of Wealth
    Cinema Popular posters
    Peter Chan Brings Demon-Slayer to Life

    ‘Spring’ has sprung for Lou Ye
    Chinese director delivers another controversial pic with Spring Fever

    Q&A: Park Chan-wook

    Anthony Wong - Sleeveless in Seatte?
    Laughing Gor’s Anthony Wong

    Louis KooSandra Ng

    Forbidden City Cop: Smart Dog - Louis Koo, Sandra Ng

    Law Kar-Ying
    Forbidden City Cop: Smart Dog - Law Kar-Ying

    Shu Qi
    Shu Qi - Opening Ceremony at Cannes

    Cannes judging panel press conference

    Cannes Film Festival Opens

    Tsai Ming-liang: Ang Lee is my strongest competitor!

    Korea Times - ‘Know’: Hong’s Realm of Comic Realism
    New in local theaters and currently showing in the out-of-competition section of the Cannes Film Festival is Hong Sang-soo’s latest feature “Like You Know It All.”

    Opinion: Ambitious Lu Chuan Succeeds
    Since “The city of life and death”, a historical epic movie also known as “Nanking, Nanking,” made its debut on April 23rd, a heated debate provoked by the film has ensued. The most controversial topic is the way Lu Chuan, the movie’s director, represents the massacre of Nanking.

    Huang Xiaoming, Zhou XunHuang XiaomingLi Bingbing, Zhang HanyuAlec So
    The Message - photo gallery

    Wang ZhiwenAlec So
    The Message

    Simon Yam attending first screening of Ann Hui’s Night and Fog

    Zhao Wei
    Zhao Wei at 14 Blades press conference

    Nic and parents
    Cecilia couldn't attend but sent Nic a gift
    Nic and Patrick Tse promote new CD and MV

    Faye Wong’s new shampoo ad

    Faye Wong’s Comeback Ad Released

    Gillian was expecting Hello Kitty!
    Gillian Chung was a guest on a Sina’s TV program

    Vivan Chow, Ni Kuang
    Filial daughter Vivian Chow on Mother’s Day with Ni Kuang (father-in-law)

    Edison Chen Sex-Pix Thief Gets Prison

    Nina Wang eyed the Nobel Peace Prize

    China, Hong Kong confirm influenza cases
    Passengers flew from Canada, San Francisco

    March 17, 2009

    March 17, 2009

    Zhang Jingchu
    “Red River” Takes Transnational Love Story to Screen

    Red River opens April 10

    Daniel Wu - Shinjuku Incident
    Daniel Wu - Shinjuku Incident

    Daniel Wu

    Wong Jing’s Forbidden City Cop: Spirit Dog

    Barbie Hsu/ Da S

    Mainland Actors to Be Allowed in Taiwan TV Series

    ‘Pandemic’ cuts plague Japanese film
    Korean importer changed ending without producer’s OK


    Zhang Yimou Launches Live Show on Tropical Island


    Trailer for Thirst with Park Chan-wook


    Jang Ja Yun/Jang Ja-Yeon

    Conspiracy Deepens On Late Jang Ja Yun’s Suicide
    Other suicides may be investigated

    Times Square Has a ‘Red Cliff’

    Zhao Benshan’s Spring Festival skit controversy continues

    103 Famous Faces in One Painting

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