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October 15, 2010

October 15, 2010

Variety: Addicted to Love (China) review

A Chinese senior citizen rediscovers the power of the heart in the beautifully observed and played “Addicted to Love.”

Reign of Assassins - Michelle Yeoh’s swordplay gem

CRI: ’If You Are the One’ Sequel in Theaters Dec. 22

CRI: ’The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman’ Releases Final Trailer

CRI: Latest Stills of ‘Wind Blast’

THR: Pang Brothers’ 3D horror films bows in HK

Pang went to the cinemas to observe the opening day crowd for “The Child’s Eye” on Thursday in Hong Kong, and saw firsthand the three main advantages that 3D brings to the film industry as a whole.

Also: Filming for “The Sleep Walker” is scheduled to start at the end of this month in Hong Kong and Thailand for a 2011 release.

Indomina Releasing has acquired domestic rights to Hong Kong martial arts thriller “Bodyguards and Assassins” from We Distribution.

Indomina also recently acquired “Griff the Invisible,” “Wasted on the Young,” “True Legend” and “Fire of Conscience.”

Midnight Heartbeat/Midnight Pulse new poster

The Simon Yam, Francis Ng hospital horror film has finally received an official release date after passing a final cut and review following another round of edits. The release date is set for December 24th. Ho, Ho, Ho! (Sina)

Ning Hao’s film No Man’s Land has finally been freed from limbo. Originally scheduled for a December 8, 2009 release, the film had been held up by authorities and now finally granted a December 18, 2010 release. Reportedly too dark for censors, the film has been reedited many times. Though Ning Hao had previously said the changes were minor, netizens were expressing doubts. (Sina)

Zhou Dongyu, Shawn Dou Xiao

Zhang Yimou brought Under the Hawthorn Tree to the Hawaii International Film Festival. As Dou Xiao is fluent in English, he acted as Zhou Dongyu’s translator.


Alec Su, Pace Wu

Pace Wu

Hidden Chamber of Secrets unveiled the film’s poster and officially launched its website yesterday. The film opens October 29. (Sina)2

The cast of Jingle Ma’s Dynamic Angel (Race Car) celebrate Jimmy Lin’s 36th birthday.

Cecilia Cheung, Jimmy Lin, Tang Wei, Chie Tanaka, Han Jae-Seok

Jimmy Lin, Rene Liu, Jingle Ma (Sina)

On the set of Love Island

Simon Yam, Francis Ng

Francis Ng

The cast also includes Song Jia, Janice Man, Chang Chen and Joan Chen

(Sina) (Thanks, to Valerie)

Stanley Fung

Stanley Fung appeared on a Beijing TV program recently (Sina)

October 8, 2010

October 8, 2010

THR: Under the Hawthorn Tree

THR: Zhang’s ‘Hawthorne’ opens Pusan

Director is guest of honor at Asia’s largest film fest

Reign of Assassins review

Famous for his script-crafting skills, Su displays his talents yet again in “Assassins” with detailed plotlines and humorous convos without trying too hard.

Interview: Man with the Iron Fist Director, Wu-Tang Impresario RZA

Christopher Doyle to shoot RZA’s The Man With the Iron Fist

CRI: Miriam Yeung Stages Concert in Hong Kong,


CRI: Zhao Wei Releases First Music Video for Latest Album(Sina-gallery)

CRI: Fan Bingbing Shows Her Style in Paris

CRI:Chinese Film ‘Buddha Mountain’ Completes Tokyo Fest Lineup

“Buddha Mountain” and “The Piano in a Factory” by Chinese director Zhang Meng, are set to compete for six awards, including the prestigious Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix.

FBA: Detective Dee dominates box office in China

FBA: World wins Vancouver prize

Japanese film Good Morning to the World was announced today as the winner of the Dragons and Tigers Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Francis Ng

Publicity for Wind Blast which opens Oct. 28 is starting to ramp up. (Sina)

Pat Ha Man-Chik

Pat Ha and husband

45 year-old Pat Ha Man-Chik returns to show biz in Calvin Poon’s upcoming Derailed Women. Married to a Taiwan businessman, Pat Ha is the mother of three girls and was living in the US. Rumored to be now separated from her husband, Pat Ha was spotted snuggling with a young 25 year-old man in a Happy Valley apartment. He was later spotted in the laundry room washing her D&G underwear. (!)


Maggie Cheung, working behind the camera this time, for jewellry brand Qeelin as creative director. Model Pei Bei on right.

Maggie advising Pei Bei on posing sexy (Xinhua)2

SG: Andy Lau hands over billions to wife

SG: Andy Lau’s wife rumoured to be three months pregnant

SG: Shu Qi prepares for retirement?

Supermodel Lin Chiling ordered to pay NT$6.84m in tax case

HKStandard: Off the hook

Pals of the Philippine president who have been blamed over the Manila bus bloodbath in which eight Hongkongers were killed are to have charges against them dropped or reduced…But punishment for the media - accused of disrupting the government’s botched rescue action - will be harsh, with two reporters likely to be charged.

September 16, 2010

September 16, 2010

THR: Detective Dee

Bottom Line: Breathtaking sets and effects give this youthful martial arts film a modern air.

Global Times: Deconstructing Detective Dee

Li Bingbing (Xinhua)

FBA: Taipei Exchanges (第36個故事) (5/10)

Beautifully mounted but wafer thin story of two sisters running a boutique Taipei coffee house.

Global Times: Ice Kacang Puppy Love

Writing, directing and starring in romantic film Ice Kacang Puppy Love, Malaysian singer/ songwriter Ah Niu is enjoying his broadened repertoire and spoke with the Global Times after the film’s Chinese mainland premiere Monday in Beijing.

Feng Trilogy concludes with A Romantic Affair

After spy suspense film The Message (Fengsheng) and Western action film Wind Blast (Xi Feng Lie), director Gao Qunshu announced the third of the Feng Trilogy A Romantic Affair (Yichang Fenghuaxueyue De Shi) Thursday in Beijing.

Zhang Yimou’s new simplicity

Zhang Yimou’s latest work Under the Hawthorn Tree opens nationally on Thursday with the famous filmmaker meeting the press Sunday evening in Beijing, talking about his choice of young actors, film festivals and the ideals of love.

Dou Xiao, Zhou Dongyu, Zhang Yimou

Zhou Dongyu (Sina)

CRI;”Legend of the Fist” Returns

Legend of the Fist poster (Sina-gallery)

A Seven Little Fortunes reunion? Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao are trying to bring the old gang together. Besides Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah and Yuen Qiu, Eason Chan and Ronald Cheng are said to be in the cast.  The film would be about the history of the Seven Little Fortunes and is reported to start shooting in October. (Sina)

FBA: Stephen Chan to face corruption charges

THR: Former TVB GM charged with corruption

Former general manager of Television Broadcasts Ltd. Stephen Chan Chi-wan has been charged by the Independent Commission Against Corruption for alleged corruption and conspiracy to defraud offenses when handling TVB business affairs, the ICAC announced on Thursday.

Color Me Love poster and trailer release conference in Beijing (Sept.14)

Director Alexi Tan, Yao Chen, Zhu Hong, Monica Mok (Mo Xiaoqi)

Monica Mok, Yao Chen, Zhu Hong

Joan Chen called in to the conference from the US. (Xinhua-slide show)

CRI: ”Color Me Love” Releases out Trailer

Wang Xinjun, Andy Lau in costume for Founding of a Party (Sina)

Reign of Assassins: Jung Woo-Sung, Michelle Yeoh, Su Chao-Pin

Wedding scene stills (Sina-gallery)

Kelly Lin, Guo Xiaodong poster

Don Quixote poster featuring Miao Pu

Miao Pu


Sleeping Beauty

Shu Qi napping before Beijing premiere after dressing and makeup, taken by hairdresser Sev Tsang


SG: Karena Lam married in June

Jay Chou adds another title to his resume: TV host

September 8, 2010

September 8, 2010

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New Wind Blast poster released (Sina)

Stool Pigeon review - 4/5 by Winnie Yeung

Reign of Assassins - Barbie Hsu, Wang Xueqi, Michelle Yeoh

Kelly Lin

Barbie Hsu

Reign of Assassins was previewed for critics in Beijing today. John Woo’s daughter, Angeles, plays a female killer and even gets a few close-ups. (Sina)

Promotional stills for Adventure Island

A ruthless female killer recalls Kill Bill (Sina)

Vivian Hsu, Wang Bo-Chieh

Juliet starring Vivian Hsu will be the opening film of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival in November. Vivian plays a physically handicapped woman in the film. (HunanTV)

Who wore what on the Venice Film Festival Red Carpet including a nice comparison of the runway version to the red carpet version.

Andy Lau celebrates birthday early in Venice (Sina-slide show)

Kelly Chen

Kelly Chen appearing for a children’s shoe brand (Sina-slide show)

Zhang Ziyi - Got Milk?

Dropped by international brands like Armani in the wake of ‘donation-gate’, Zhang Ziyi recently appeared in a  TV advert for a national milk brand. (Xinhua)

F4’s Jerry Yan is said to be interested in being cast in Zhang Ziyi’s upcoming Mulan. He’s brushing up his English in hopes of landing a role.


Karena Lam is rumored to be due to deliver a baby in November. The father is said to be MV director Yuen Kim-Wai who is married. Her former company Filmko denied the allegations and threatened legal actions. Derek Tsang tried but failed to contact Karena hoping to have her help promote his film Lover’s Discourse at the Pusan Film Festival. The film features Karena and Eason Chan. (Sina)2

Plans for Cecilia Cheung to comeback in a Derek Yee collaboration has dissolved according to reports. She had a choice of two scripts to review from the director. No explanations other than the usual ’schedule confilicts’ and a failure to reach an agreement between the two sides. Cecilia’s manager confirmed the news. (Sina)2

SG: Michelle Reis shows off baby bump

September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010

Screen Daily: Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame

There’s a tasty idea in here, and its entertainingly executed: graft a detective story onto a historical martial arts actioner set during the Tang dynasty, and see what emerges. Director Tsui Hark has never been a less-is-more kind of guy, and the sheer abundance of plot threads and sumptuous, FX-enriched set pieces threatens to swamp the story at times.

Strait Times/AFP: Tsui’s film wows

Screen Daily: The Child’s Eye 3D

While the script of cult directors Danny and Oxide Pang’s 3D horror movie is a strictly by-the-numbers affair, there are more than a few nicely set-up 3D moments and a healthy moment of surreal filmmaking in amidst the film’s horror-in-a-hotel tale.

Screen Daily: Reign of Assassins

As a action-packed tale of martial arts revenge and killings, the impressively staged Reign of Assassins certainly delivers the goods in stylish fashion. It might lack the sheer visual poetry of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but its scenes of sword-play are wonderful and once the story gathers momentum it is absorbing and entertaining.

Poster for national release


Screen Daily: Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen

Screen Daily: Showtime

Macau-born Clara Law at Venice Festival

Law will present “Red Earth”, which is one segment of a larger project, “Quattro Hong Kong,” featuring the independent contributions of four Hong Kong directors: Herman Yau, Clara Law, Heiward Mak and Fruit Chan.

CRI: Li Bingbing in Venice(Sina-slide show)

CRI: Shu Qi Models ‘Legend of the Fist’ Costumes

Lam Suet

Lam Suet, Liu Hua

Lam Suet plays his first lead role in the Hollywood-style Mainland action thriller Adventure Island directed by Feng Chao. Starting as a stage manager in the ’80s, Lam Suet became a regular in Johnnie To’s films and won a Best Supporting Actor Award for his role in PTU. (Sina)

Up Close With Benny Chan2

FBA: Seediq Bale finally wraps

FBA: Hawthorn to open Pusan festival

Guests include Tang Wei and a gala screening of Late Autumn.

Karena Lam break due to pregnancy? In July, a pregnant woman resembling Karena Lam has been regularly seen visiting a Toronto hospital for check ups. To confirm suspicions, documents were checked and indicated the patient’s English name was indeed ‘Karena Lam’. This was reported by someone who is a friend of a nurse. A call by reporters to a GM at Filmko said that there were no signs of pregnancy and that Karena’s break was for education purposes in order to get a degree in Canada. (Xinhua)

CRI: Film-goer Jolts Cinema, Distributor with Lawsuit over “Aftershock” Ads

Chen, who saw the movie twice at the Xi’an Polybona International Cinema (Polybona), said in her suit that audiences were given no warning or indication on the ticket that ads before the film ran to 20 minutes.

October Elle - Zhao Wei


Sam Lee, Edison Chen

Edison Chen and Sam Lee sold out a club in Hangzhou with 1000 tickets at 200 yuan each. One caller offered 80,000 for a box. Outside the club, it was like an auto show, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Ferraris filled the street. Out of town license plates indicated that many had made special trips to come. Edison’s rapping in Mandarin was bad yet the crowd screamed like crazy. Female fans were especially excited as he left the stage and they grabbed to touch him. (Xinhua)

HKStandard: Bullets that silenced the hired guns

There were several robbery cases involving banks and goldsmiths between the mid-1980s and the early 1990s. The robbers used nine-millimeter automatic pistols (like the Black Star made for the People’s Liberation Army), assault rifles such as the AK47 and even grenades…

September 6, 2010

Reign of Assassins (Screen Daily review)

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Reign of Assassins (Jianyu)
By Mark Adams

Dirs: Su Chao-Pin, John Woo. China. 2010. 117mins

As a action-packed tale of martial arts revenge and killings, the impressively staged Reign of Assassins certainly delivers the goods in stylish fashion. It might lack the sheer visual poetry of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but its scenes of sword-play are wonderful and once the story gathers momentum it is absorbing and entertaining.

Michelle Yeoh remains a wonderfully charismatic talent, aging gracefully but still retains a poise and style that really sets her apart.

The film may well be mainly directed by Su Chao-Pin (the on-screen credits list John Woo as co-director, along with Stephen Tung-Wai as action director), but the John Woo link gives the film an extra boost of action credibility, especially after his recent success with Red Cliff. The luminous presence of Michelle Yeoh in the lead also helps point to a film that could have theatrical potential in a number of territories, and a home entertainment berth in many others.

As is often the case with Chinese martial arts films, an overly complex on-screen explanation tries to scene-set. It seems it is a time of inter-clan warfare, and a gang of assassins known as The Dark Stone plan to steal the remains of a Buddhist kung fu master monk whose long buried remains had been cut in half. It seems whoever brings the two parts together will control kung fu.

The top female assassin Drizzle (Kelly Lin) wants to start a new life and plans to return one half of the remains to the monk’s tomb as a way of atonement. She undergoes facial surgery, and changes her name to Zeng Jing (now as Michelle Yeoh) and settles in the capital as a low-key shopkeeper.

She falls in love with and marries messenger Jiang Ah-Sheng (Jung Woo-Sung), but their peaceful life is threatened when the remaining Dark Stone assassins track her down in search of the remains. She is forced to fight her old comrades, but to her surprise her mild-mannered husband is not the man he seems, and the scene is set for a blistering all-action climax.

The facial surgery notion is rather similar to John Woo’s actioner Face/Off, while the husband-and-wife killers with secret identities sites alongside recent Hollywood films such as Mr And Mrs Smith and Killers, but Reign Of Assassins is resolutely a traditionally styled wuxia style martial arts movie.

Michelle Yeoh remains a wonderfully charismatic talent, aging gracefully (her Drizzle character asks for her new face to look older) but still retains a poise and style that really sets her apart. She is wonderful in the impressively staged action scenes, and has a unique stillness and elegance that makes her extremely watchable.

Korean actor Jung Woo-Sung is charming as her seemingly naïve husband, while Taiwanese singer Barbie Hsu is striking as Turquoise, the young female sword-fighter recruited to take Drizzle’s place in the band of assassins. John Woo’s daughter Angeles Woo also crops up in a brief cameo as a rival assassin.

Production companies: Beijing Galloping Horse Film & TV Production, Media Asia Group, Zhejiang Dongyang Dragon Entertainment Venture Investment Co., Gamania Digital Entertainment, Lumiere Motion Picture Corp., Beijing Heguchuan TV & Film Co., Lion Rock

International sales: Fortissimo Films,

Producers: John Woo, Terence Chang

Screenplay: Su Chao-Pin

Cinematography: Horace Wong

Art director: Yang Baigui

Editor: Cheung Ka-Fai

Music: Peter Kam

Main cast: Michelle Yeoh, Jung Woo-Sung, Wang Xueqi, Barbie Hsu, Shawn Yue, Kelly Lin, Guo Xiaodong, Jiang Yitan
Screen Daily

Reign of Assassins (Variety review)

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Reign of Assassins

(China-Hong Kong-Taiwan) A Weinstein Co. (in North America) release of a Beijing Galloping Horse Film & TV Prod., Media Asia Group, Zhejiang Dongyang Dragon Entertainment Venture Investment Co., Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Lumiere Motion Picture Corp., Beijing Heguchuan TV & Film Co. presentation of a Lion Rock production. (International sales: Fortissimo Films, Amsterdam.) Produced by John Woo, Terence Chang. Directed, written by Su Chao-pin. Co-director, John Woo.

With: Michelle Yeoh, Jung Woo-sung, Wang Xueqi, Barbie Hsu, Shawn Yue, Kelly Lin, Guo Xiaodong, Jiang Yiyan, Leon Dai, Paw Hee-ching, Matt Wu, Jin Shijie, Pace Wu, Calvin Li, Angeles Woo.

A delightful martial-arts romp that makes up in wit and exuberance what it occasionally lacks in clarity and finesse, “Reign of Assassins” unspools in a version of ancient China where killers yearn for lives of quiet domesticity, secret identities abound and death rarely has the last word. While the film takes some time setting up its convoluted specifics, the essentials seem to have gone satisfyingly right in the collaboration between Taiwan’s Su Chao-pin and a resurgent, post-”Red Cliff” John Woo. “Reign” should please local crowds starting Sept. 28, but will undergo some tinkering before opening Stateside as a Weinstein release.

In the world of “Reign of Assassins,” plastic surgery is accomplished by inserting poisonous insects into one’s nasal cavity, a procedure that apparently leaves you looking like Michelle Yeoh. That’s what happens to the delightfully named Drizzle (played initially by Kelly Lin), a top member of the Dark Stone Assassins squad famed for her lethal “water-shedding” sword technique, who decides she’s had enough of her life of crime and wants to settle down.

Starting over as a humble shopkeeper in the Chinese capital, Drizzle (now played by Yeoh) is shyly courted by Jiang Ah-sheng (Korean thesp Jung Woo-sung), and the two soon wed. But neither one counts on Drizzle’s former cohorts — led by the formidable Wheel King (Wang Xueqi) — to show up in a trouble-making mood. The assassins demand that Drizzle hand over the remains of a famous Buddhist monk, ownership of which grants invincibility in the martial arts.

As the tale of a star femme assassin choosing married life over mayhem, the scenario has more than a whiff of “Kill Bill”; indeed, “Reign” reps a frenzied stew of references, well-worn twists and unabashed cliches — executed by filmmakers who take palpable pleasure in reheating and recombining familiar genre elements. Su’s script has all kinds of fun with gags about eunuchs (a key plot point) and off-the-wall dialogue, though its sentimental refrain about lost love (”I would turn into a stone bridge and endure 500 years of wind and rain”) harks back to the drippiest romantic aphorisms of mid-’90s Wong Kar-wai.

Among other things, the picture works well as a playful domestic comedy as it observes Drizzle and Jiang adapt to married life; the notion of a skilled warrior trying to protect her unsuspecting, slightly dopey husband is played with a tenderness that yields unexpected emotional dividends at the film’s bloody finale. Pic reps a fine showcase for Yeoh (too little employed in this sort of high-flying action vehicle since 2000’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”), whose Zen-like elegance renders her command of swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat all the more impressive. Jung, who played “The Good” in “The Good the Bad the Weird,” has an endearing, affable presence, and is eventually granted an opportunity to display his own action prowess. Barbie Hsu and Shawn Yue effectively round out the DSA squad.

As directed by Stephen Tung, the action is seldom as cleanly choreographed as one would like, often rendered a kinetic blur by Cheung Ka-fai’s editing; still, the style suits Su and Woo’s giddy, unpretentious tone. Production design and costumes are evocative but not too lavish, and Horace Wong’s widescreen lensing proves as nimble as the characters. (Mandarin dialogue)

Camera (color, widescreen), Horace Wong; editor, Cheung Ka-fai; music, Peter Kam; art director, Yang Baigui; costume designer, Emi Wada; action director, Stephen Tung. Reviewed at Venice Film Festival (noncompeting), Sept. 2, 2010. Running time: 120 MIN.

September 3, 2010

Reign of Assassins (Hollywood Reporter review)

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Reign of Assassins
By Deborah Young

VENICE — “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” relocate to ancient China in the dazzling martial-arts epic “Reign of Assassins,” in which Asian superstars Michelle Yeoh and Jung Woo-Sung play an ordinary married couple, each unaware the spouse is a world-class assassin. Replacing guns and bombs with flashing swordplay, aerial fighting and fantasy effects, the beautifully balanced story finds time for humor and a piercingly romantic finale. This lush visual treat should have no trouble finding kung fu audiences, with crossover potential to the Western art circuit. It bears the double direction of Taiwanese writer-director Su Chao-Pin (”Silk”) and genre master John Woo.

The delightful animated credit sequence that opens the film is a taste of fantasy to come. It is followed by an impossibly fast introduction to the film’s characters and backstory guaranteed to throw unprepared viewers into a panic. No fear, the large cast of villains — and they’re all bad in this movie — gets sorted out over the next two hours along with the incredibly convoluted story.

The main concept to grasp in the opening fight sequence, set in an ancient monastery before a giant statue of Buddha, is that the earthly remains of a mystical Indian monk have magical properties, able to grant control of the martial-arts world to their possessor. And the terrible Dark Stone gang wants them. Their most invincible and ruthless assassin is Drizzle (Kelly Lin), a beautiful girl who has been trained by the Dark Stone leader, the Wheel King. Having just killed an important minister, she also dispatches his son, Renfeng. All of this happens before the film begins, but it’s good to keep in mind.

Back to the ancient monastery, where Drizzle kills the man she loves, the monk Wisdom, rather than repent as he wishes. But his death so disturbs her that she decides to quit the gang.

Ordering a surgeon to “make her look older,” she is transformed into Zeng Jing, played with her customary aplomb by Hong Kong’s kung fu queen Michelle Yeoh (”Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”). To cover her tracks, she rents a house in the city and opens a market stall selling cloth. There, she attracts the attention of a messenger boy, Ah-Sheng (Korean star Jung Woo-Sung in his first martial-arts role). Their humorously told courtship, which ends in a happy marriage, is absorbing enough to forget that no fighting has taken place for a long time.

Until one day, Zeng Jing and Ah-Sheng are in the bank when a sinister gang of black-robed robbers appears. Just as they are about to be run through with swords, Zeng Jing springs into action and saves their lives in a brilliant one-woman show.

Alas, her technique is recognizable a mile off, and the Wheel King knows Drizzle is back in town. He calls to him the three most terrible assassins in his gang — Lei Bin (Shawn Yue); the bratty girl murderer Turquoise (Barbie Hsu); and the Magician (Leon Dai) — to force her to hand over the monk’s remains.

Little logic prevails over the final action sequences, which take place near the speed of light. Just when Zeng Jing is overcome and all looks lost, her clumsy husband retrieves his rusty sword and reveals his true identity. His heroic transformation doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but it is an exhilarating moment that makes the last scenes exciting as well as touching, when the husband and wife open old wounds, fight each other and test their love and spirit of self-sacrifice.

The ending is moving and poetic, confirming the acting depths of the two principals, who are much more than martial-arts stars. Another nod goes to the character actors, who round out the film with unexpected humor. Like the cast, the top-grade technical staff comes from all over Asia.

Although the directing role of Woo, who produced with Lion Rock partner Terence Chang, is not that clear, it is easy to spot his oft-used theme of facial and identity changes (”Face/Off,” “Mission Impossible: 2″).

Venue: Venice Film Festival (Out of Competition)
Sales Agent: Fortissimo Films
Production: Lion Rock Prods., Beijing Galloping Horse Film & TV Prods., Media Asia Group, Zhejiang Dongyang Dragon Entertainment, Gamania Digital Entertainment, Lumiere Motion Picture Corp., Beijing Heguchuan TV & Film Co.
Cast: Michelle Yeoh, Jung Woo-Sung, Wang Xueqi, Barbie Hsu, Shawn Yue, Kelly Lin, Guo Xiaodong, Jiang Yiyan
Directors: Su Chao-Pin, John Woo
Screenwriter: Su Chao-Pin
Producers: John Woo, Terence Chang
Director of photography: Horace Wong
Production designer: Yang Baigui
Music: Peter Kam
Costumes: Emi Wada
Editor: Angie Lam
Action director: Stephen Tung
No rating, 117 minutes

August 20, 2010

August 20, 2010

THR: ’Chan’ looks to reshape view of Asian character (Charlie Chan)

Iconic film detective, cop he was based on covered in dual bio

THR: Youku debuts original online film series

“The Boxer’s Secret,” an original Chinese online movie, on Friday kicked off a new Chevrolet- and China Film Group-sponsored series on Youku, one of the leading online video sites in the country with more web surfers than any other, now numbering 420 million.

Called Youku Originals’ “11 Degrees” New Media Film Project, the series has sponsored 10 “young” directors in their creation of 10 short narrative features showcasing Chevrolet’s four-door Cruze sedan, a model the U.S. car maker hopes will appeal to China’s fast-growing car market.

Jung Woo-Sung

CRI: New Posters from John Woo’s “Reign of Assassins”

CRI: Publicity Launches for John Woo’s Latest Film, “Reign of Assassins”

Li Bingbing

CRI: Latest Stills of ‘Detective Dee’

CRI: Dwight Howard Has ‘Amazing’ Acting in Shanghai

Chinese acting stars, including Huang Xiaoming and Huang Yi, take the lead roles in the film about a group of basketball fanatics challenging themselves with the sport.

CRI: The Eyes Have It for New Thriller ‘The Man’

A poster showing the mystic theme of the suspense film “The Man Behind the Courtyard House”.

The film tells of a man who, after spending ten years behind bars, begins a new life before returning to his criminal ways.

Director John Woo’s latest film “Flying Tigers,” set to start shooting this fall, will be released in IMAX format.

First stills of Gu Changwei’s Life is a Miracle featuring Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok


First stills from Alan Mak and Felix Chong’s The Lost Bladesman now in post-production.


Posters for Korean version of A Better Tomorrow

Flocks of tourists gathered around 110 red Chinese Kung Fu sculptures of Bruce Lee on display at the World Expo on Aug. 17.

CRI: Actress Shu Qi Featured in Fashion Photos

Nick Cheung shoots his first ever beauty, uh - skin care, advert (Xinhua)

Chingmy Yau - 6 months pregnant

Veronica Yip and Chingmy Yau caught up with old time before Veronica left Hong Kong.

Veronica Yip


Andy Hui and Cecilia Cheung secret romance during shooting of Sex and the Beauties in 2004? (Xinhua)

Maggie Q - Maggie Q’s Racy Nikita Billboards Upset Mall Bosses(Xinhua)

Variety: CW’s ‘Nikita’ ads too sexy?

SG: Gong Li speaks up (on rumours)

SG: Sandra Ng expecting her second child

Richard Ng: Grumpy old man

August 13, 2010

August 13, 2010

CRI: Cut Clips of “Aftershock” Unveiled

The cut clips of the hit film “Aftershock” have been released to the public, revealing the twisted fate of the main characters.

Some cast members, including Zhang Jingchu and Chen Daoming, also expressed regret for the editing of the film, which they said severely shortened their performances.

CRI: Kwai Lun-Mei’s Image Shake-Up in New Movie

Kwai’s squeaky clean, girl-next-door image goes out the door in this action film, in which she plays the member of a gang and girlfriend of the gang’s leader caught up in a love triangle.

CRI: Barbie Hsu, Richie Ren Promote New Comedy in Guangzhou

Parodies of such popular films as “The Message” (”Feng Sheng”), “God of Gamblers” (”Du Shen”) and “The Eagle Shooting Heroes” (”Dong Cheng Xi Jiu”) have been publicized as the selling points of the film.

FBA: Dream Home takes up dual residence in UK

The film will premiere on 28 August at FrightFest in London’s Empire Leicester Square.

Poster for Love in Disguise meet-and-greet with cast in Beijing (Sina)

Charlie Young and Xia Yu play lovers on the run in Wind Blast


Leon Dai featured in new stills released for Reign of Assassins

The world premiere will be in Venice on September 3 (Sina)

Gu Xuan in High School Musical


Karen Mok appeard on a Hong Kong radio station to promote her new single.

(Xinhua-slide show)(Sina)

Veronica Yip, visiting her mother in Hong Kong, supported models Chrissie Chau and Angelababy and said Anthony Wong was a bit extreme. Veronica and family have been flying on her husband’s private jet are heading next to Vietnam. (Xinhua)

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