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August 4, 2011

August 4, 2011

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CRI: Chen Kaige Multi-tasking on Two Films

Chen is working on a film adaptation of the Chinese novel “Wang Shi”, literally meaning “Deaths on the Internet”, the Oriental Morning Post reports. The novel, written by Wen Yu, was first published and became popular on the Internet, and explores the negative influence of the cyber world on the real world. It was nominated for last year’s Lu Xun Literary Prize, a major award for Chinese literature.

CF: More Stills of Fairies in “Mural” Come out


CF: ”Bait 3-D” Opens its Set to Media

“Bait 3D” revolves around a tsunami that occurs off the Gold Coast of Australia and brings with it a school of bloodthirsty sharks. (Sina-gallery)

New posters and publicity stills for It’s Love/The Sorcerer and The White Snake

Raymond Lam Fung

Charlene Choi

Wen Zhang (Sina)2

Zhang Ziyi is expected to be named to play the lead in Antoine Fuqua’s film about legendary concubine Yang Guei Fei. (Sina)

In an interview, Zhang Hanyu revealed that he and Song Hye-Kyo will play husband and wife in John Woo’s newly restarted “Pacific Steamer”   (working title, formerly “1949″). (Sina)

Stills from Treasure Hunt show funnyman Ronald Cheng in a “Tarzan” scene

Treasure Hunt opens Aug. 15 (Sina)(Sina-gallery)

“In the future, you will see a brand new, more dazzling, queenlier Cecilia Cheung”

March 28, 2010

March 27, 2010

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It’s true!

Marriage certificate.

What’s real cannot be fake, what’s fake cannot be real.

After Apple Daily exposed Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi’s marriage certificate, the pair held a press conference at 6:30 p.m.

Ronald and Charlene were both emotional and teary while speaking to the media.

Mr. and Mrs. - Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi admit 2006 LA marriage (Mar.27)

(Sina)2 YouTube video of press conference

Later, Ronald Cheng’s company, Gold Typhoon, issued a statement/transcript of Ronald’s remarks:

1. Thank you for attending the Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi press conference.

2. Marriage is a fact, in 2006 we are very happy to make this decision. Also the support of both parents in LA. Register a marriage, two people have emotions and attitude toward marriage, unnecessary open because the two sides agreed to approach.

3. Has been speculation on bilateral relations and the constant false reports, so we feel the need to explain.

4. We are very happy the past few years of marriage, after a period of time to grow and deepen our mutual understanding, felt they were breaking up, the future will be better on both sides. Therefore, to announce that we have recently split is a very rational decision, but also a fact. However, there is no third party.

5. Divorce must be the question everyone will ask. We will follow all the legal procedures that we will need to make.

6. Although we make not a husband and wife, but we had a very happy time, even more desire to be eternal friend, hope everyone will give us some space, thank you. (Sina)

Chow Yun-Fat and Lu Chuan collaboration?

Spotted at The Peninsual Hotel coffee shop, spending two hours together discussing a script, likely Banquet at Hongmen [See 3/12, 12/15,12/16 posts]. When Chow’s wife spotted reporters outside, she called him and Chow ducked out the back door. (Xinhua)

Tang Wei

Tang Wei joined cast of Crossing Hennessy for press conference in Shenzhen (Xinhua)

Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Shu Qi

Shu Qi helped Taiwan idol Eddie Peng shoot his first MV without rumuneration.


Vivian Chow raising funds to combat AIDS in China


Chrissie Chau passes her driving test with eight (!) minor infractions. This was her second attempt after first failing last year.

Celebrating with boyfriend afterwards (Sina)2

December 3, 2009

December 3, 2009

All’s Well Ends Well 2010 Hong Kong Banquet

Raymond Wong

Sandra Ng

Ronald Cheng

Louis Koo


Lynn Xiong

Lee Heung Kam, Louis Koo

AngelaBaby, Lynn Xiong

Lynn Xiong, Louis Koo

Ronald Cheng, AngelaBaby


Time: China vs. Disney: The Battle for Mulan

China is moving to take back one of its own — even if it is legend. Mulan is the Middle Kingdom’s gender-bending heroine, its Joan of Arc. The character from folktale is a daughter who disguises herself as a male soldier to take her father’s place in the conscription army. The problem for the Chinese is that, since 1998, the definitive version of the story has been Disney’s.

Wang Baoqiang has a cameo role in Jackie Chan’s Big Soldier (Sina)

CRI: Li Bingbing: Acting Is Everything

Screen Daily: At The End of Daybreak

In case you were wondering about the film Kara Hui won the Golden Horse for Best Supporting Actress

B+ Detective cast and crew

Oxide Pang and Gong Beibi

Gong Beibi and Aaron Kwok

B+ Detective is now in post-production and Oxide Pang promises an unexpected ending (Sina)

Karen Mok (Sina)

Karen Mok, Jackie Chan


Gillian Chung

Jane Zhang

Stephen Fung dressed to the nines, or as the article relates, looking homeless


CRI: MTV Names the Most Stylish Chinese Entertainers of the Year

Vicki Zhao sparks pregnancy rumours

4-months pregnant Cecilia Cheung spotted shopping with her son and in-laws

Deborah Kerr?

Jay Chou is the 2009 top-earner [Taiwan] with S$27 million (2)

China’s Zhang Ziyi most “Googled” person in Taiwan

July 24, 2009

July 24, 2009

New Film Guarantees Laughs and More - On His Majesty’s Secret Service
Sandra NgBarbie Hsu

Donnie Yen
Donnie Yen gets in shape for 14 Blades

Jiang Wen’s Let The Bullets Fly photos - more

[Looks like an Abercrombie and Fitch advert!]

Bodyguards and Assassins publicity director denies Cecilia Cheung cameo

Also denied that Faye Wong will sing the theme song. However, he revealed that Michelle Reis will appear!

Never a McDull moment

Overheard - Tapping into the craze for stocks

Should Kato be played by a woman in the new ‘Green Hornet’ movie?

Red Cliff - the short version

China tells TV to get history right
Online commentators were critical of Tian’s performance and costumes and of the show’s use of “Matrix”-like fight scenes and rap music stylings in songs sung by actors playing gods

Yasmin Ahmad suffers stroke
Yasmin’s condition being closely monitored
Film Director Yasmin Ahmad Admitted In ICU

Plastic City - This city sinks

Variety: ‘Forbidden Door’ nabs PiFan prize
Dante Lam wins best director in Puchon

Taipei Times: Film review
An attractive young teacher hits on a novel way to motivate a group of nerdy junior high students in ‘Oppai Volleyball’
The world of modern art gets a roasting in Takeshi Kitano’s morbidly funny ‘Achilles and the Tortoise’

Jackie Chan to Donate All Property after Death

Agent Denies Zhao Wei’s Hiatus Rumor
Update: Zhao Wei to marry boyfriend

Taipei Times: Pop Stop
Don’t skip the story on Xiao S!

Faye Wong denies National Day concert comeback rumors

Not joining Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung

The latest rumor concerning Kelly Chen’s baby
In this version, according to netizens, the baby is actually the illegitimate offspring of Kelly’s brother and a model. Because Kelly and her husband cannot have a baby of their own, they have agreed to accept her brother’s child as their own. The surrogate mother story becomes a handy smoke screen in this scenario.
Update: English version - Kelly Chen faked pregnancy?
Kelly's brother

Ronald Cheng and Gillian Chung’s fathers spotted by press leading to marriage speculation

Li Xiaolu magazine photos

Karen Mok shoots an MV to promote environmental awareness

Supports Hong Kong’s new plastic bag fee

Shanzhai Lin Chi-Ling Chen Si XuanLin Chi-Ling
Shanzhai Lin Chi-Ling denies any plastic surgery

SCMP: Take the Hong Kong Entertainment Quiz

SCMP: Vitasoy chairman Winston Lo drinks to healthy future

Grilled fish dish a worthy catch at Danny Lee’s new restaurant

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