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March 23, 2012

March 23, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

FBA: Romancing in Thin Air review

Ambitious riff on Asian melodrama is diverting but lacks real emotional oxygen.

SCMP: Cutting it in Beijing - without selling out (Pang Ho-Cheung)

Rather than offering melodramatic high jinks and endless sequences showcasing Beijing’s hypermodern urban landscape - two things which litter mainland romantic comedies of the past few years - Love in the Buff is comparatively restrained, drawing its humour from the way the two Hongkongers consolidate themselves in Beijing through personal and professional relationships they establish there.

CF: Laughter Sounds the Same in Any Tongue (”Love in the Buff”)

CF: Cast and Crew of ‘Nightfall’ Celebrate in HK

CF: Film Masters Unveil Micro Movies at HKIFF

The four installments will be edited into one feature film entitled “Beautiful 2012″ and will be sent to this year’s Cannes International Film Festival.

CF: Scrutinizing Sixth Generation Directors

This year’s springtime will see the works of sixth generation Chinese film directors come to life on the nation’s cinema screens. From late April to May, “Design of Death” “Guns N ‘Roses”, “Full Circle” and “An Inaccurate Memoir”, all directed by sixth or seventh generation directors, are to be released in cinemas and examined by audiences and critics alike.

CF: ”The Zodiac Mystery” Scheduled for Release in Summer Holiday Slot

The suspense thriller “The Zodiac Mystery” finally passed censorship stages after a three-month-long review, which has reignited the interest of moviegoers.

Blood Stained Shoes premieres tonight before a national release on the 31st.

Daniel Chan plays Ruby Lin’s husband

Ruby Lin

“Mandarin ducks”


Poster for “Witness” released at the HKIFF

Jack Kao plays a noodle shop owner who witnesses a hit-and-run accident one night (Sina)

Zhang Yimou, Zhang Weiping

Rumours are circulating through the weibo-sphere that director Zhang Yimou and long-time business partner producer Zhang Weiping are parting ways. The two either had a falling out due to Yimou’s recent marriage “scandal” or differences over money according to the speculation. During the promotions for “The Flowers of War” it was noted that they rarely appeared together and promoted the film separately. Their relationship has spanned over 23 years. (Sina)23

CNA: Cherrie Ying to set up “Anti-Third Party Club”?

MSN: Timmy Hung ties the knot

Bride and groom arriving!

Happy parents -  Joyce Godenzi, Sammo Hung

Jacky Cheung dropped off a gift before flying off to Shanghai for a concert

Patrick Tse and Deborah Li

Andy Lau

Jackie Chan

Yuen Biao and wife

Angie Chiu, Melvin Wong

Raymond Wong

Richard Ng and wife

Shi Nansun

David Chiang and wife

Law Ka-Ying, Liza Wang

Virginia Lok

Timmy Hung’s mother (right)

Albert Yeung

Bride and groom (and Sammo) (Sina)23

March 14, 2012

March 14, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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PR: HK Film Archive’s “The Strange Case of Hong Kong Amoy Cinema” (HKFA)

To tie in with the programme, the HKFA will publish a research monograph entitled “The Amoy-dialect Films of Hong Kong” in late March.

FBA: I Do review

A terrific trio of leads, plus an atypical script, keep the China rom-com bar high.

TimeOutHK: Chow Yun-Fat interview

The film was directed by Chinese director Huo Jianqi, the director of “Postmen in the Mountains”, a smash hit in Japan. A China/Japan/Hong Kong/Taiwan co-production, “Snow Fall in Taipei” is a romantic film starring popular Taiwan actor Berlin Chen along with the mainland actress Tong Yao

Wong Jing’s upcoming film “Marrying Mr. Perfect” is set to hit cinemas nationwide on March 16. Prior to its release, a series of still photos featuring gorgeous Liu Yan have been released.

A series of stills featuring Ruby Lin in “Blood Stained Shoes”. Lin plays a virtuous mother who transforms into a demon/ghost.

Ruby Lin

In a recent newspaper interview, Vincent Zhao claimed that script changes on “Special Identity” lead to an argument between director Clarence Fok and cinematographer Peter Pau. Also, Zhao said that the changes reduced his role to that of a supporting cast member.

Vincent Zhao (Sina)

SGYahoo: Aaron Kwok & Nick Cheung in Malaysia

Following the high-profile filming of “The Viral Factor” in Kuala Lumpur last year, it seems that more Hong Kong filmmakers are looking to Malaysia for filming locations for their movies and this year, award-winning actors Aaron Kwok and Nick Cheung are that batch of Hong Kong stars, having arrived here recently to shoot Oxide Pang’s detective thriller titled “Conspirator”.

SGYahoo: Han Geng collaborates with Vicky Zhao

A program about two-time NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury, who has adjusted well to life in China after moving here in 2010, will be the first of 14 nonfiction documentaries from the Vibrant China series.

June 8, 2010

June 8, 2010

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Ocean Heaven poster

A small-scale preview screening in Beijing received a standing ovation from the audience on June 6. (Sohu)

Jet Li

Jet Li took five autistic children to Ocean Park to play with the dolphins. (Sina)23

Aarif Lee Chi-Ting is busy buffing up for his role in Manfred Wong’s Bruce Lee Biography.

The film is based on the book ‘My Brother Bruce Lee’ by Lee’s younger brother. Lee Chi-Ting has been studying Wing Chun, fighting as well as a dance curriculum. (Remember, Bruce Lee was also a cha-cha champion in Hong Kong.) His trainer is Billy Chou Bei-Lei former 1985 light-middleweight World Kickboxer Championship winner. His past students include Nick Cheung, Vanness Wu, Candy Lo and Ng Ka-Lung. More details on the film will be released in late June in Guangzhou. (Xinhua)

Ruby Lin

Ruby Lin co-stars with Liu Ye, Gao Yuanyuan and Wang Luodan in Zhang Yang’s Driverless/Unmanned, described as a Chinese version of Crash. Ruby Lin plays a pregnant woman for the first time. July 2 is the release date. (Xinhua)

Stills from Stephen Chow produced CJ 7, Love the Earth. Xu Jiao and Dong Jie contribute voice work. The film opens July 9. (Sina)

Simon Yam

Simon Yam plays an effeminate FHM magazine editor

Simon Yam, director Li Yuan

Simon Yam met the press on the set of Back Hand in Beijing. He costars with Annie Yi and Chang Pei Pei in the action thriller directed by 7th generation director Li Yuan and produced by Gordon Chan. (Sina)2

A life-sized bronze statue of singer Teresa Teng was unveiled in Tuen Mun.

Friends and fans gathered to sing and remember the singer


A cache of 75 long-lost silent films uncovered in the New Zealand Film Archive vault, including the only known copy of a drama by legendary director John Ford, is being sent back to the United States to be restored.

July 17, 2009

July 17, 2009

Ronald Cheng
Kungfu Cyborg poster features comedy aspect

McDull Wudang poster

Battle Film “Wheat” to Be Released in September

Jaycee Chan
Jaycee Chan in Hua Mulan

Tough Tony
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai photos

Gao YuanyuanYu Feihong director,actress
Gao Yuanyuan supports Eternal Beloved’s first time director Yu Feihong

August release scheduled

Epic of the East
John Woo’s Red Cliff

Copy of ‘Tracing Shadow’ donated to museum

Karen Mok promoting new CD
Karen Mok’s new CD made in cooperation with China Mobile

Race WongRace WongTi Na
Ti Na speaks out against photo albums that show too much skin

Warns young women against seeking quick fame and fortune. The upcoming Hong Kong Book Fair features a large number of photo album books such as Race Wong’s.

Charlie Yeung
Charlie Yeung visits cancer patients

Maggie Q and The O.C.'s Kaitlin Cooper (Willa Holland)
Maggie Q attending LA Vogue anniversary party

Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung promotes beer in Malaysia

Ruby Lin cosmetic surgery?

Netizens note change in appearance
Ruby Lin swarmed with plastic surgery rumours

Shu Qi seen in Stephen Fung’s house

Paulyn Sun in the news
Wealthy ex walks free after model punch rap

Hong Kong filmmakers visit China
Delegation announces promo plan, new projects

Edison Chen re-engaged as jeans endorsee

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Carol Cheng - too much plastic surgery

March 6, 2009

Quest for the long-lost roast duck
Searching for origins of Stealing a Roast Duck, Hong Kong’s first film

Re-igniting the ratings debate 

Movie Reviews
Paco and the Magical Book
Some magic, a book and Paco

Look for a Star
Romance tames the beast and director

L-O-V-E review
With four first-time directors at the helm, ‘L-O-V-E’ calls on a bevy of stars and pop idols to sell amour

Noriko Sakai
J-pop singer Noriko Sakai receives death threat from right winger
Slated to star in Zhang Jiabei’s film about Sino-Japanese children after the war between China and Japan.

Huang Bo costars in ‘Iron Man’
Huang Bo

‘Forbidden City Cop’ begins low-key filming in Heng Dian; Louis Koo & Da S are reunited
Wong Jing’s Forbidden City Cop: Smart Dog includes Sandra Ng, Louis Fan, Song Jia, Tong Dawei

Chow Yun Fat is resigned to being typecast in Hollywood

Jia Zhangke’s First Book Published

Tang Yan begins 2009 looking gorgeous
Look for her in Storm Riders 2 and Seeking Jackie Chan

Taiwan Pop Stop

Zhang Jingchu in Shanghai at a fashion event
Zhang Jingchu
Not an episode of The Bachelor

Spring Beauty Gao Yuanyuan
Mainland actress Gao Yuanyuan poses for a series of spring-themed photos for vogue magazine “Fashion Weekly

Ruby Lin uses double eyelid paste for Night Rose press conference in Beijing
Ruby Lin
Double eyelid paste
Ruby Lin

Gillian Chung Walks out of Scandal Shadow
Gillian Chung
Blindly in love to have pictures taken, Gillian Chung thought of committing suicide
AFP: HK starlet contemplated suicide over sex photos

Nicholas Tse’s 12 golden quotes for beloved wife; netizens extremely touched

I’m sorry, sobs father of Jill Vidal in drug arrest

Return to Traditional Chinese Characters Considered by National People’s Congress
Right now, the NPC (National People’s Congress) and CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) are happening in China. One of the proposals that were made by committee members in these organizations was to restore, resume, resurrect, or return to traditional/complex Chinese characters.

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