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March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

ScreenDaily: Vulgaria review

This film-biz satire displays a reckless abandon in mentioning genitals – of humans and other species – as frequently as it possibly can.

“Vulgaria” Hong Kong premiere photos

Chapman To, Kristal Tin

DaDa Chan

Pang Ho-Cheung, Chapman To, Kristal Tin, Matt Chow

Ronald Cheng

Fiona Sit (Sina)

CF: Stars of “The Four” and “The Assassins” Set to Shine at BJIFF

PR: Youku, Buick Debut “Micro Movie” Series from Major Directors

China’s leading Internet television company (”Youku”), joined by Buick today, announced the kickoff of “Infinite Drive,” a series of 12 web-based “micro movies” from internationally renowned directors Wang Xiaoshuai (”Beijing Bicycle”, “Chongqing Blues”), Lu Chuan (”City of Life and Death”, “Hoh Xil”), and Teng Huatao (”Dwelling Narrowness”, “Love is Not Blind”), and actress and director Hao Lei (”Summer Palace”, “Empire of Silver”).

Each of the four directors will produce three ten-minute micro movies to tell the stories about young urban professionals balancing their personal pursuits against the desire for stability. The 12 micro movies will correspond to the 12 signs of the Western zodiac, and will reflect the personality traits typical of each sign.

Stills of Tao Hong from Ning Hao’s “Guns and Roses”

CRI:  Selina Ren Comes Back into the Limelight

MSN: Selina Jen refuses to forgive director Chen Ming Zhang

CNA: Selina Jen: S.H.E. to reunite in 2012

MSN: Is Miriam Yeung’s husband in financial trouble?

MSN: Shu Qi forced to shut down her microblog

A1: Shu Qi cries in park after nude photos circulated

CNA: Shu Qi becomes a casualty of Donnie Yen, Vincent Chiu feud

In a long article on her official fan site on Tuesday, the actress said she was actually “grateful” to the people who have hurt her, because their actions allowed her to continue “to learn and to grow”.

Shu Qi went on to say that she “just needed a little bit of time” and assured her fans that she would soon bounce back.

April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

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A1: Jackie Chan, Asian stars raise funds for Japan (CNA)

CRI: Chinese Film ‘Warring States’ to Open in N. America

Jing Tian in  battle (Sina)

CRI: Leon Lai, Zhang Hanyu Invited for ‘Banquet’ (White Vengeance)

Variety: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart review

A tightly plotted, frequently funny fantasy-world take on romantic rivalry.

Sacrifice review (HK)

The source material of “Sacrifice” is a true story that happened in ancient China, known to everybody in the country as “The Orphan of Zhao Family.” …To put it simply: any director who gets to make a film about this story had better hope not to screw it up. Alas, Palm d’Or-winning Chinese auteur Chen Kaige sort of did with his latest epic saga, which, after a majestic first half, degrades into an awkward, confusing soap opera in the end.

Variety: China Lion roars into North America

China Lion CEO Milt Barlow said: “The best of Chinese cinema will now be available to North American audiences — not only through day-and-date theatrical with our partners AMC, but also through new platforms including iTunes, Xbox, Netflix and cable VOD.”

Stills from crime scene in The Detective 2, opening April 29.


Patrick Tse, Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse recently hosted a housewarming party for his post-production company. (Sina)

Sister Jennifer posted some family photos on weibo

Jennifer Tse, Nicholas Tse

Nicholas and Jennifer

Lucas and Nicholas (Xinhua)

TV alert: Action director/actor Tiger Chen joins Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel for an episode on Chengdu cuisine. His mom, a former opera performer, shows off her skills in the kitchen. And the piece on Chef Yu’s Family Kitchen was pretty impressive, too. (TravelChannel)

Tiger Chen and stunt team (CelebrityTwitter)

CNA: Jackie Chan to donate entire fortune to charity, leaves nothing to son

Chan, who already willed half his fortune to charity, expressed Thursday that his son will get nothing after he passes away.

MSN: A-Mei says goodbye to old love with tattoo

The Taiwanese singer recently got some new inkMSN: Richard Chang said to have met drama director

Selina Jen’s fiancé requested a face-to-face apology

Her Apr 1 wedding was postponed due to an on-set accident

Qingming Festival: A fashionable send-off for Shanghai’s dead (CNNGo)

[iPad 2s are popular this year, too]

February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011

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CRI: Jet Li to Show Tai-Chi, but Not with Feng Xiaogang (Sina)

THR: Huang Zumo, Director of China’s Longest-Running Film, Dies at 90

‘Romance on Lushan Mountain’ still playing after 31 years.

FBA: Love In Space blasts off

Production got underway today on Love In Space the sequel to last year’s hit ensemble comedy Hot Summer Days

Love in Space - Wing Shya, Eason Chan, Angelababy, Guei Lun-Mei, Aaron Kwok, Tony Chan Kwok-Fai


An enterprising journalist armed with pliers cut through barbed wire and managed to breach the high security guarding the set of Zhang Yimou’s ruined city of Nanjing for his film 13 Flowers of Nanjing/Thirteen Girls in Jinling.


Wilson Yip’s upcoming Chinese Fairy Tale boasts 1200 computer-generated shots. Art director Kenneth Mak Kwok-Keung strove to create a fantasy world that blends realistic and the impressionistic.


Mr. and Mrs. Incredible will compete at the 13th Asian International Film Festival in Deauville, France

Vincent Kok will attend the festival which begins in mid-March. (Sina)

“Youth editon” of Buddha Mountain poster

A second MV has also been released making the pair ‘his and her’ versions. (Sina)

Youth Film Guide announced the winners of the final round for the 2010 Golden Broom Awards.

Feng Xiaogang’s If You Are the One 2 won for both 2nd Most Disappointing Film and Most Disappointing Director. His film Aftershock was also awarded Most Disappointing Product Placement Film Award. Confucius  garnered both Most Disappointing Film and Director awards. Lee Lik-Chi’s Flirting Scholar 2 won the awards for Most Disappointing Sequel and Most Disappointing Actor (Zhou Libo). Taiwan actress Barbie Hsu won the Most Disappointing Actress award for 3 films, Future X-Cops, Reign of Assassins and Adventure of the King beating out Xie Na who received the 2nd Most Disappointing Actress. Organizers said that the prize was a wedding gift for the bride-to-be. :D

The first round was pared to a short list by film critics, media people, academics, netizens, filmmakers and others.

The jury also recognized as high-quality films: Let the Bullets Fly, Buddha Mountain, Monga, Echoes of the Rainbow, The Fourth Painting, Taipei Exchanges, Love in a Puff and Chongqing Blues. Documentaries I Wish I Knew and KJ: Music and Life were also awarded. Jia Zhangke, Pang Ho-Cheung, Wang Xiaoshuai and others attended the event to receive their prize. (Sina)

Jay Chou and Kobe Bryant

The pair were shooting an advert for a beverage brand Sprite in Los Angeles


Maggie Cheung attending the Burberry show for London Fashion Week (Feb.21)

I love the necklace. (Xinhua)

February 2, 2011

February 2, 2011

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THR: What Women Want

Asian box office luminaries Andy Lau and Gong Li add some spice to this shiny but uninspired Chinese remake.

Opening Feb. 3 (Sina)

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible poster

Under the Influence poster

The film is a comedy about social problems and features Chen Peisi, Vivian Wu and Kristy Yang. Zhu Shimao directs and plays the lead. [I've seen some older 90's era Chen Peisi films so it's good to see him back again.]


Quick Take: I Love Hong Kong

FBA: Rose War of Nana (6/10)

Local but likable rom-com is a good vehicle for TV host-actress Xie Na.

FBA: HKIFF readies trio of tributes

Jia Zhangke, Abbas Kiarostami, Kwai Chh-Hung featured in retrospectives

Sex and Zen at the market

CNNGo: So-bad-they’re-good items at the Chinese New Year market

From blow-up boobs to Angry Birds, finding craptacular products at the annual Victoria Park market is one way to ensure your year can only get better.

January 28, 2011

January 28, 2011

CRI: Fan Bingbing Likely to Land Role in Co-Production (First Love)

Set in 1950 near the China-Vietnam border, the story centers on the romance between a French soldier and a Chinese girl that ends up in tragedy.

HK Film Archive’s newly restored treasure “Colourful Youth” to be screened at HK Cultural Centre

“Colourful Youth” (1966), the only “contemporary” film starring Connie Chan Po-chu and Josephine Siao Fong-fong, was a huge hit on its first release and re-releases in the 1960s. As part of its 10th anniversary celebration activities, the Hong Kong Film Archive (HKFA) will screen the restored song-and-dance classic at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre next month.

CRI: Gong Li and Andy Lau Promote New Movie in Beijing

“What Women Want” is a remake of the Hollywood box office hit of the same title. The story is about an advertising agency manager who suddenly finds he can read women’s minds.

CRI: Eric Tsang Presents New Year Film ‘I Love Hong Kong’ on Jan. 31

The story centers on a family of three members, starring Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Sandra Ng and Aarif Lee. Due to financial difficulties, they must move back to public housing, where the city’s lower-income people inhabit. They have some unhappy experiences with neighbors at the beginning; however they are gradually moved by them after living in there for some time.

Aarif Lee, Fala Chen - I Love Hong Kong

Bosco Wong, Wong Cho-Lam


Chapman To and Lynn Hung (Lynn Xiong) settle differences in All’s Well Ends Well 2011


Ning invited people like Hong Kong’s Jim Chim - a veteran theater and film actor and stand-up comedian - to be one of the trainers. His teaching involves a lot of games that call for much imagination and improvisation.

The students may join the cast of Ning’s next film, a period comedy, which filming will begin in March. [Meanwhile, his film No Man's Land is still in limbo with state censors for over a year now.]

The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival has announced the results of its survey of the “100 Greatest Chinese-Language Films”.

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible Guangzhou premiere


Qin Lan plays a surrogate mother

To Alex Fong Chung-Sun’s baby’s daddy in Mu Yu (lit. Mother Tongue)

Wu Ma plays Alex’s father

Mu Yu is directed by Yu Zhong (Roots and Branches, Far From Home) (Sina)

Separately, Yao and her husband Ling Xiaosu issued a statement on Friday to announce the end of their seven-year marriage.

Happier times (Xinhua)

China White Rabbit sweets hop into Lunar New Year

Zhao Wei

One pill makes you larger / And one pill makes you small / And the ones that mother gives you / Don’t do anything at all.

MSN: Eric Tsang’s father cremated in Taiwan

MSN: Barbie Hsu rumoured to hold wedding dinner tomorrow

MSN: Selina Jen has five endorsement invitations

The singer is expected to make her comeback with either a fruit juice or a slimming programme commercial in June, while other endorsements would be subjected to the state of her physical health.

THR: ‘Joy Luck Club’ Producers See Movie Promise in Tiger Mom Controversy

Amy Chua’s memoir on parenting has captured the nation’s attention, but can ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’ recreate the movie success of the 1989 film?

January 21, 2011

January 21, 2011

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WSJ: Tang Wei Is a Serious Player

THR: ‘Bullets,’ ‘Confessions’ Lead Asian Film Awards Nominations

CRI: ’Buddha Mountain’ to Be in Theaters on March 4

TaipeiTimes: 2010: Year in review: Taiwanese movies

FBA: Piano strikes chord in US

The Piano In A Factory, the much-travelled Chinese drama, will get a release in the US in summer this year.

(Jan. 20) Johnnie To held a secretive launch ceremony in a Kwun Tong warehouse for his latest film which stars Louis Koo, Sammi Cheng and Huang Yi. Huang Yi said that she has seen no script so there is a sense of  mystery. She is busy practicing her Cantonese in preparation.


Louis Koo unveils new wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong

More bronzer needed! (Xinhua-gallery)

Jet Li’s new (and terrible looking) wax figure in Shanghai

Chinese Kungfu star Jet Li’s wax figure unveiled in Shanghai

Shu Qi endorses a hair care brand in Beijing (Xinhua-gallery)

Jordan Chan

Jordan Chan sported a skirt at the recent 2010 Sina awards event at the Beijing Water Cube.

Did he dip into Shawn Yue’s wardrobe?


Michelle Ye Esquire photo shoot (Xinhua-gallery)

HK’s Kelly Chen pregnant again

Kelly Chen announced Friday during a publicity event for Hong Kong Disneyland that she is three months pregnant with twins conceived via artificial insemination

Twins for Kelly (Sina)

MSN: Andy Lau promotes ‘Shaolin’ in Singapore

When asked which female celebrity he would like to work with, Andy named Taiwanese actress Sylvia Chang after much thought.

MSN: “I Have A Date With Spring” director hopes to visit Selina

Following his apologies on Wei Bo, the Chinese director expressed that he would like to meet with Selina Jen to express his deepest apologies

January 20, 2011

January 20, 2011

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Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster’ (LATimes)

Opening Jan. 28

THR: ‘Let the Bullets Fly’ Is China’s New Homegrown Box Office Champion

The 1920s Eastern Western has passed ‘Aftershock’s’ $9.8 million take.

Jiang Wen: If you don’t understand my films, you’re ’silly’ (CNNGo)

FBA: Bullets, Confessions head AFA nominations

It’s a wrap for Michelle Yeoh and The Lady

After three months of hard work, playing Myanmar freedom fighter Aung San Suu Kyi in The Lady, our very own Michelle Yeoh could finally take a breather as filming of the biopic was wrapped up on Jan 18.

CRI: Batman’s China Role Hints of Future Co-op in Sino-U.S. Film Industries

Reports from media previews of Benny Chan’s Shaolin indicate that the film is quite bloody and children are recommended to be accompanied by parents. Women audibly gasped at certain scenes. Jackie Chan’s humourous appearances lightened the tone in contrast. In addition, the burning of Shaolin Temple is said to not look very realistic.

Poster for What Women Want released (Sina)

All’s Well Ends Well 2011 poster (Sina)

RZA’s The Man With the Iron Fists

The cast: Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Daniel Wu, MMA fighter Cung Le, and what’s really exciting as well, a huge Alive Not Dead contingent!!! Andrew Lin, Terence Yin, Osric Chau, Darren Scott, Celina Jade, Byron Mann, MC Jin, Brian Yang & Andrew Ng are all cast in this project. The whole combo makes for a movie that will definitely kickass!

Action director Corey Yuen and Grace Huang

Fan Bingbing

Director Li Yu, Fan Bingbing, Wilson Chen Bo-Lin promote Buddha Mountain in Beijing

Buddha Mountain opens March 4 (Sina)

Teddy Robin posted a picture on Weibo from a scene shot for the 1964 film Student Prince that featured Alan Tang Kwong-Wing in his film debut. Unfortunately, the scene with Teddy playing with his first band The Striplings was deleted from the final cut.

CRI: Faye Wong Arrives in Taipei for Upcoming Concert

MSN: Selina Jen could return to stage after a year of therapy

Pop star Selina finally discharged from hospital

MSN: Carina Lau and Tony Leung write love letters to each other

Carina Lau reveals secret to keeping the romance alive

“I can also find out if he delivers on his promises [in his letters],” she joked.

The guest list to last night’s White House state dinner guest list (CNN)

Notable names include Jackie Chan (of Beverly Hills, CA!), Michelle Kwan, Yo Yo Ma, Lang Lang, Tung Chee-Wah (former Chief Executive of Hong Kong), Maya Lin. and Jean Quan (newly elected mayor of Oakland — the first Asian American female mayor of a major US city ;D )

January 19, 2011

January 19, 2011

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THR: Fresh ‘Shaolin Temple’ Goes for Drama Over Kung Fu

“Shaolin” is being released in China and the Philippines on Wednesday; in Australia on Thursday; in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia on Friday; and in Vietnam on Feb. 18.

FBA: Close to You (6/10)

Formulaic but effective tearjerker about two young boxers and the women in their lives.

Let The Bullets Fly: Hit Chinese film a sharp-edged satire

One online comment asked how the relevant authorities could give the green light to such a subversive movie. Indeed, this is puzzling. Maybe because Let The Bullets Fly makes cinema a venue for people to vent their discontent and anger over current social evils and injustice, and in this way helps to sustain social stability.

CRI: Cecilia Cheung’s First Date in “All’s Well, Ends Well”

CRI: Sun Li in ‘The Lost Bladesman’ (Sina)

CRI: Xu Qing Joins Bruce Willis for Time-Travel Movie

FBA: Kang does things My Way

Its cast includes a trio of Asian stars with pan-regional following Japan’s Joe Odagiri, South Korea’s Jang Dong-gun and China’s Fan Bingbing.

FBA: Hong Kong IFF puts on Wai tribute

Andy Lau turns “sexy goddess” for new movie

In “What Women Want”, Lau plays an ad exec who can read women’s minds. He uses the ability to sabotage his boss, played by Gong, but ends up falling in love with her instead.

MSN: Comedian Eric Tsang’s 94-year-old father dies

He was charged with embezzlement in 1975. Tsang fled to Taiwan after pleading guilty. The next year, ICAC issued an arrest warrant, which lasted for the next 35 years. Tsang kept a low-profile and lived a reclusive life during his years in Taiwan.

1975 wanted poster (Xinhua)

January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011

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Glamorous exhibition and archival films to celebrate Hong Kong Film Archive 10th Anniversary

  • The HKFA now plans to embark on the restoration of the films “Colourful Youth” (1966), starring Connie Chan Po-chu, Josephine Siao Fong-fong and Woo Fung, and “The Arch” (1970), directed by Tong Shu-shuen. These restored archival treasures will then be introduced to local and overseas educational and cultural organisations.
  • In addition, a “star cards gift box” containing some of the finest photos of the featured film stars will be on sale at $88 at the HKFA.
  • Other thematic exhibitions and screenings to be held later this year include a retrospective of the Union Film Company, Movies on Railways, and the films of director and martial arts choreographer Lau Ka-leung.
  • A HKFA 10th Anniversary souvenir booklet is also being published.


THR: ‘Let The Bullets Fly’ Now China’s All-Time No. 3 Film

Shaolin poster, film opens Jan. 19 (21cn)

Michelle Yeoh is secretly filming The Lady in Paris to avoid affecting the safety of Aung San Suu Kyi who could be rearrested by the Burmese government at any time. A fall UK release is planned. (Sina)

Rosamund Kwan joins Andy Lau onstage.

Fellow Five Tigers Felix Wong, Michael Miu and Ken Tong also joined Andy to sing As Time Goes By. (The other, 5th Tiger, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai was not there.)


Carina Lau (Sina)

(1) Liza Wang, (4) Idy Chan (Kwongwah)

Godmother Deanie Ip, according to one report, got embarrassingly drunk at the concert celebration party.

(ifeng) (tom)

MSN: Carina Lau wants Andy Lau to thank Carol Chu for her sacrifices

Andy’s guests for the night included Idy Chan, who acted with him in The Return of the Condor Hero as Little Dragon Maiden. Both of them shared a duet, ‘The Courageous Chinese’.

Desperately seeking publicity?

Carina Lau marks her 45th birthday with a sultry calendar shoot, but critics say it’s a desperate attempt to boost her sagging popularity.

December 28, 2010

December 28, 2010

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THR: ‘City of Life and Death’ Gets North American Distribution

City of Life and Death, the award-winning Nanjing Massacre film by Chinese writer-director Lu Chuan, will screen in North America this spring.

CRI: Trailer for Tang Wei’s New Film ‘Late Autumn’

Tang Wei plays a woman named Anna who is released from prison on probation for 3 days. She meets Hyun Bin’s character on her way to Seattle, and they fall in love after spending a day together. But Anna must return to prison after three days, while Hyun, who is a counterfeiter, is being chased by police.

CRI: Director Introduces ‘Little Big Panda’

China’s first 3-D animated film, “Little Big Panda”, will be released in cinemas on February 3.

Beijing premiere of Lovers Discourse (Dec.27)

Kay Tse

Derek Tsang, Kay Tse, Eric Tsang

Eric Tsang, Derek Tsang, Kay Tse, Pang Ho-Cheung, Jimmy Wan Chi-Man (Sina-gallery)

Gillian Chung

William Chan Wai-Ting

Gillian and William Chan are promoting the mainland release of Heiward Mak’s Ex (Former) in Guangdong. William is currently Charlene Choi’s boyfriend so the press had to ask about their intimate scenes together. He deflected questions by saying that he and Charlene were not together at the time of the shooting. (Xinhua)(Sina)2

Hong Kong premiere of If You Are the One 2 (Dec.27)

With ex-boyfriend Stephen Fung (Xinhua-gallery)(Sina)

MSN: Leon Lai, Gaile Lok rumoured to be parents soonLeon Lai to become father

MSN: Barbie Hsu brushes away talks of pregnancy

Barbie Hsu, Wang Xiaofei (Sina)

MSN: Matilda Tao reveals Selina Jen’s serious face injuriesMatilda Tao reveals severity of Selina Jen’s injuries(Photo)

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