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June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009

Leon Lai
Leon Lai shooting a stunt scene five stories up in Tsim Sha Tsui for Dante Lam’s film, lit. Fire Dragon

Slide show of location shoot

Louis Koo

On His Majesty’s Secret Service (Forbidden City Cop: Smart Dog) with Louis Koo is scheduled for July 30 release in the Mainland

Ekin Cheng
Ekin Cheng - Storm Warriors

Tracing Shadows

“The Magic Aster” Starts Animation Battle of the Summer
Related video

Mulan: Ancient heroine hits Shanghai Film Festival

Michelle Yeoh to star in John Woo kung fu movie
Woo, Yeoh set to collaborate on martial arts project
Michelle Yeoh
Michelle Yeoh - Shanghai International Film Festival closing ceremony

Danish-Swedish drama best film at Shanghai

‘Original’ tops in Shanghai awards

Karen Mok at closing ceremony

Shanghai film festival panned by critics
Shanghai Film Festival Catalyzes Co-Productions

A retrospective film from 1949-1959 (II)
Video - one hour program

New York Asian Film Fest: Bigger, Louder, Weirder
Hong Kong Bounces Back
Asian Movies All Over the Map

Tai tai tie-ups

Isabella Leong’s climb up the social ladder via Richard Li has set tongues wagging. But she’s not the only HK star who snagged a rich man

Fan Bingbing Cherishes Memories of the Past

Francis Ng

Photos from Francis Ng’s first fashion photoshoot in the Mainland

(Thanks to Valerie - this site’s No.1 Francis Ng Fan ;) )

Josephine Siao
Josephine Siao was spotted entering into a Hong Kong eye hospital accompanied by her daughter.

It is thought that a relapse of a 2003 eye condition (interior bleeding) has recurred. She stayed three hours at the hospital before leaving by taxi to a mall for dinner with her daughter. The daughter has been studying at university in the US but returned in recent months to work in Hong Kong and care for her mother.

Simon Yam and wife
Hong Kong Repetory School For Children where Simon Yam’s daughter attends school has two cases of H1N1

Martin Lee and Jimmy Lai likely targets of shooting plot

June 14, 2009

June 14, 2009

Chow Yun-Fat lost ten pounds for role in Confucius

Also reportedly acting the big star requiring private car and high quality apartment

Fan Bingbing suddenly sobs recalling film shootFan Bingbing, Wang Zhiwen

Wheat premiere in Shanghai
Director He Ping and cast members Huang Jue, Fan Bingbing, Wang Zhiwen and Wang Ji
“Wheat” Grows out of Golf Course

Shanghai Film Festival opens
Zhao Wei
Li Yuchun
Fan Bingbing
Charlene ChoiZhang Ziyi

Zhou XunCharlene Choi, Yumiko Cheng

Tang Yan
Lynn Xiong, Raymond WongManfred Wong, Zhang Guoli

Gan Wei, Kungfu CyborgAnthony Wong

Aaron Kwok
But wait, there’s more…
Yet, more still…
Zhang Hanyu, Zhou XunLi Bingbing

Sun Li and  robot KX

CAA signs director Lu Chuan
“City of Life and Death” helmer moves from William Morris

Shanghai fest opens with “Wheat”

New York Times: Anna May Wong subject of performance and video artist Patty Chang in “The Product Love”

US TV Looks to China for Value, Inspiration
Lower production costs and potential new series ideas will drive the increasing collaboration between the Chinese and American TV industries.

Simon Yam cancels trip to New York film preview due to H1N1

Will spend time at home with daughter and shoot a movie since school is closed

Mong Kok acid drill a washout

China’s Filtering Software Contains Pirated Code
Does ‘Green Dam’ steal code from CyberSitter? And what are PC OEMs to do?
Jing Jing and Cha Cha have a new playmate, Green Dam Girl

Invisible Wings: 2009’s college exam essay questions”
Gaokao: I’m _not_ smarter than a high schooler!

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