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August 4, 2013

Cold Eyes (Screen Daily review)

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Cold Eyes


Dirs: Cho Ui-seok, Kim Byung-seo. South Korea. 2013. 119mins

1 August, 2013
By Jason Bechervaise

Based on the 2007 Hong Kong crime thriller Eye In The Sky, the South Korean remake closely follows the original’s compelling premise of a surveillance unit tracking down a leader of an armed criminal organisation in the heart of a large city, but it’s also technically superior in its use of dazzling cinematography topped with a good eye for exploiting Seoul’s urban landscape along with a smartly chosen cast that arms Cold Eyes with a great deal of caliber and vibrance making it a highly accomplished thriller.

The film has amassed 5.4 million admissions (approx $34.3 million) in its local market of South Korea becoming the fourth most successful local film so far this year that’s due in part to its impressive cast that includes a host of names including Seol Kyung-gu (2012’s The Tower) and Jung Woo-sung (The Good, The Bad, The Weird), but the film has also largely benefited from strong word-of-mouth that has allowed it to successfully compete with films on significantly higher budgets such as Pacific Rim and Mr. Go.

Cold Eyes is also set for a dream start on the international circuit as it makes its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in the gala presentations section, giving the film the exposure it richly deserves and potentially attracting buyers who are after a solid and sophisticated South Korean thriller that will generate revenue on ancillary markets.

Much like the 2007 original film, Cold Eyes centers on a special crime division that specialises in surveillance activities on high profile criminals as it follows the members of this team, most notably Ha Yoon-ju (Han Hyo-joo) who is the newest member of this group who possesses a number of observation skills including the ability to remember almost anything.

Also playing one of the leads is Seol Kyung-gu who plays the unit’s tough but warm-hearted leader who gradually forms a close partnership with Ha as they attempt to track down a dangerous individual called James (Jung Woo-sung) who is the leader of a criminal organization that takes orders from a mysterious broker to conduct a number of heists.

One of the film’s greatest strengths is how it captures the Seoul metropolis through its stunning and energetic camera work switching between high level sweeps from tall skyscrapers as James monitors what’s going on below to footage on the ground ranging from conventional shots and panning to some nicely orchestrated handheld camera work without making it nauseating.

The film’s producers (Lee Eugene and co-producer Song Dae-chan) along with the directors (Choi Ui-seok and Kim Byung-seo) deserve s

pecial mention for bringing together a wealth of talent on screen. The cast doesn’t just include bankable names, but they are also both well suited to the roles, while also delivering something different to their respective onscreen personas.

Seol Kyung-gu, famous for portraying an unorthodox police detective in the popular Public Enemy films, plays a more gentle and fatherlike lead in the leadership role while Han Hyo-joo renowned for her roles as a romantic lead has never been so attractive as the fiercely intelligent rookie. Jung Woo-sung meanwhile plays the villain for the first time and yet still brings much of his charm as a cold hearted-killer. K-pop star Lee Jun-ho also leaves a lasting impression in his first significant role in a feature film as one of the younger team members.

Equally worthy of mention is the collaboration between director Cho Ui-seok who made local thriller The World Of Silence (2006) and cinematographer Kim Byung-seo – he’s worked on a number of films including Lee Hyun-seung’s Hindsight (2011) - who both work on the film as directors. Kim who is also credited as one of the film’s cinematographers together with director Cho have constructed a film that’s visually more arresting than the original while also ensuring it maintains a strong and consistent flow aided by some interesting characters that made the 2007 film an attracting prospect for a remake.

There are some minor quibbles in terms of a lack of background information regarding some of the film’s plotting and characters, especially the film’s villain, James, and his relationship with the broker, but the film’s strengths fortunately outweigh these weaknesses.

In a nice touch, Simon Yam who plays the chief of the intelligence bureau in Eye In The Sky plays a small but noticeable cameo at the end paying tribute to the original film.

While it will be a more challenging feat to further continue its strong theatrical run given that one of this year’s most anticipated local releases Snowpiercer is now attracting cinemagoers along with other new releases, it can, however, now begin to look overseas in what is a potentially lucrative market for the film after it screens at TIFF.

Production company: Zip Cinema

International sales: Opus Pictures,

Executive Producers: Lee Tae-hun, Kim Woo-taek, Stephen Ng

Producer: Lee Eugene

Co-producer: Song Dae-chan

Screenplay: Cho Ui-seok, based on the film Eye In The Sky

Cinematography: Kim Byung-seo, Yeo Kyung-bo

Editor: Shin Min-kyung

Music: Dalpalan, Jang Young-gyu

Main cast: Seol Kyung-gu, Jung Woo-sung, Han Hyo-joo, Jin Gyeong, Lee Jun-ho


March 24, 2013

Ripples of Desire (Hollywood Reporter review)

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Ripples of Desire
by Deborah Young

Despite its lurid English title, Ripples of Desire is more feminist romance than bodice-ripper. Set on a floating island populated by pirates and lepers off the shores of 17th century Taiwan, the costumer questions the status of women, in a tale of talented but doomed sisters who have become indentured courtesans in the House of Flowers. A break from her lesbian-themed films like Spider Lilies which won the 2007 Teddy Award in Berlin for best feature, and with hetero erotic touches, it could earn Taiwanese filmmaker Chou Zero a broader fan base among festival goers and Asian film lovers.

Enwrapping melancholy Chinese lyricism in a dream-like atmosphere, Chou navigates the cruel horrors of the day, which include murder, leprosy, kidnapping and abject betrayal. Though potentially beautiful to watch, the exotic pleasures are sometimes marred by a narrative that is opaque in key scenes. Audiences will need to leap over these gaps to enjoy a haunting and original film.

More graceful that any geisha when she performs on stage at Madame Moon’s, White Snow (Michelle Chen, You Are the Apple of my Eye) enchants an audience of pirates and sea-faring travelers with her melancholy songs and heavenly voice. Singing love duets with her sister White Frost (Ivy Chen, the popular star of Hear Me), who wears a mask and dresses as a man, they are the top attraction for at the establishment of businesswoman Moon (bewigged Hong Kong actress Sandra Ng).

Though their after-show activities are glossed over, as trained courtesans they are a bare step up from common brothel personnel. (“Folk music is just an ornament for prostitutes,” says Snow sadly.)

Moon still has feelings, as well as carnal relations, for her old but still burning flame, Master Hai. This larger-than-life figure, played by veteran actor Simon Yan of The Thieves, has rebelled against a Ming dynasty decree that forbids sea trading and is defiantly holed up with a motley crew aboard his outlawed ship. Though his pirate-like men don’t hesitate to kill for him, they have qualms about it afterwards, even his loyal henchman Scarface (model/pop singer Jerry Yan, costumed like an Asian Johnny Depp without the eye makeup.)

One day, naïve young music teacher Wen (TV star Joseph Cheng) arrives at Flower House to teach the girls new opera songs, and is brought to tears by Snow’s song about her childhood, how she and Frost were shipwrecked and were unable to save their father when the waves swept him off their raft. Afflicted by leprosy, his rotten hand comes off in Snow’s, as the little girl desperately holds on to it. Her piercing song makes the sensitive Wen fall in love with her on the spot.

What he doesn’t know is that the sisters guard a terrible secret: the first signs of leprosy have appeared on Snow’s fair skin. Madame Moon replaces her with Frost as her stage star, and cruelly suggests she can cure herself by infecting a man, thereby regaining her own health. This strange idea is one of the film’s required leaps of faith. Meanwhile, Frost has been meeting platonically with her childhood friend Scarface. Though she dreams of being in his arms, their potential romance is thwarted by the obvious problem of her being available to the highest bidder.

Chou’s screenplay neatly introduces a fourth couple, the lustful nobleman Sir Li and his beautiful, rich wife Lady Jen. Again the theme is love and loyalty versus trickery and betrayal, with women’s freedom to choose her own life at stake.

The cast is well-chosen and Michelle Chen and Ivy Chen (unrelated, but who also played sisters in Hear Me) are both intriguing on screen. The film’s cinematic qualities, shot by cinematographer Liu Hoho, could just be glimpsed on the DVD screened at Filmart. Chen Ming-Zhang’s notable score uses traditional Taiwanese folk music along with more modern sounds.

Venue: Hong Kong Filmart, Mar. 20, 2013.
Production company: South Island Film Inc.
Cast: Ivy Chen, Michelle Chen, Jerry Yan, Joseph Cheng, Simon Yan, Sandra Ng, Mao Zi-Jun, Li Xiao-Ran
Director: Chou Zero
Screenwriter: Chou Zero
Producer: Wang Mimi
Director of photography: Liu Hoho
Production designer: South Island Creative Team
Costumes: Jessie Dai
Editor: Chen Powen
Music: Chen Ming-Zhang
Sales Agent: Serenity Entertainment international (world), TC-1 Culture Fund (Asia)
No rating, 121 minutes.

May 2, 2012

May 2, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

CF: Theme Song of “Shadows of Love” Released

Kwon Sang-Woo, Cecilia Cheung


CF: ”Du Zhan” [Drug War] Wraps up in Beijing

Jointly-produced by the Hong Kong film production company Milkway Image and mainland company HaiRun Movies & TV, the movie marked Johnny To’s first attempt at filming a gangster film on the mainland, touring cities like Tianjin, Guangzhou and Zhuhai.

Andy Ng’s suspense-thriller “Death Zone” opens this month. The cast includes Leon Jay Williams, Chen Zihan, Niu Meng-Meng, Lee Siu-Kei, Patrick Tam and Liu Hai-Long. The film was shot in the mountainous jungles of Yunnan and Thailand.

Lee Siu-Kei

Chen Zihan, Leon Jay Williams

Patrick Tam, Niu Meng-Meng

Wei Lu, Liu Hai-Long (”He Man 2″, “Choy Lee Fut”)


Wang Baoqiang plays a serial killer in Danny Pang’s “Fairy Tale Killer”. Lau Ching-Wan finds clues in his son’s fairy tale book. Opens May 11.

Wang Baoqiang

Lady Gaga

So, Lady Gaga performs in concert in Hong Kong. Who would you expect to attend?

Edison Chen and Lady Gaga’s mama

Carina Lau

Brigitte Lin

Simon Yam, Qi Qi, Brigitte Lin

Simon, wife and daughter

Jennifer Tse Ting-Ting (Sina)

MSN: Jay Chou to accept Christianity for Hannah Quinlivan

March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

Variety: Studio complex puts China in the picture

Huairou Film Base hopes to lure Westerners

In a recent coup for Huairou, Keanu Reeves signed on to shoot “Man of Tai Chi,” a $32 million contemporary chopsocky and tai chi actioner that will film here. The cast includes Tiger Chen and Karen Mok, with Reeves as a bad guy — and martial arts choreography by Yuen Woo-ping (”The Matrix”).

Variety: Film is art to Chinese helmer Lu Chuan

Local auds didn’t flock to “City of Life and Death” in expected numbers, partially because Lu made the Japanese general in the war movie a real character.

Now the director wants his vision to appeal to auds in the booming China market as he gets ready to unveil “The Last Supper,” a costume drama about two warring generals, toplining mainland-friendly stars Liu Ye, Daniel Wu and Taiwanese thesp Chang Chen.

FBA: Audience invited to all or nothing Supper

Qin Lan as Empress Lu in “The Last Supper”, opening July 5th

Qin Lan

Liu Ye, Qin Lan, Daniel Wu, Chang Chen at recent Beijing press conference (Sina)

Daniel Wu

Liu Ye

Chang Chen (Sina-gallery)

Trailer for “The Last Supper”

Gong Li will play Empress Wu in “Tang Dynasty Mystic/Mystery Map”

Two versions of the film are in the pipeline, with Jacob Cheung Chi-Leung directing and Tony Ching Siu-Tung producing and filming to begin in July. An international US-China version hopes to get Danny Boyle to direct with an unnamed actress in the lead.

Gong Li


First stills from Guan Hu’s black comedy “Design of Death”

A quack doctor (Simon Yam) performs an autopsy to determine whether the cause of a death is a murder or an accident. The setting is an ancient village in the mountains.

Simon Yam

Yu Nan atop a coffin

Huang Bo

Alec Su (Sina)

CF: China’s First Banned Film Released after 60 Years

After its premier in 1951, the film was soon caught up in ideological disputes, which saw it pilloried as being pro-capitalist, a severe accusation in an era characterized by its black-and-white politics. However, Mao Zedong’s criticism of the film, in which he labeled it as carrying a message detrimental to the principles of socialism, was perhaps the main reason behind the banning of the film.


MSN: Showbiz boss Albert Yeung dishes the dirt on celebrity scandals

Jackie Chan, Elaine Ng (Sina)2

WaPo: Hong Kong selects new leader after tumultuous contest

After a boisterous but highly undemocratic contest featuring feuding tycoons, dark rumors of closet communism and a host of scandals over sex, gangsters and an illegal wine cellar, Hong Kong elites on Sunday selected a wealthy, China-backed populist as the new leader of this former British colony.

SCMP: Leung wins chief executive race

“We, Hong Kong people, have no rights to cast our votes, We come here just to voice our anger,”

“We already have no right to vote in the real election. Why should we be deprived of our rights even in a fake one?”

March 16, 2012

March 16, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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CRI: Tang Wei Sings “Late Autumn” Theme

Tang Wei will sing the theme song for the film “Late Autumn” (Wan Qiu), her latest collaboration with South Korean actor Hyun Bin. This marks Tang’s first foray into a singing career.

CRI: ”A Simple Life” a Hit at the Mainland Box Office

New cast posters for Ning Hao’s “Guns and Roses” released yesterday at a press conference in Beijing. Huang Bo revealed that he only had a small role in the film and did not charge the director a fee.

Huang Bo

Fan Wei

Guo Tao

Liu Hua

Sun Chun

Tao Hong

Yue Xiaojun

Cheng Yuanyuan

Lei Jiayin

Guo Tao, Tao Hong, Jue Xiaojun, Ning Hao, Huang Bo, Liu Hua (Sina)

Simon Yam and Sandra Ng are working in southern Taiwan on Zero Chou’s “Hua Yang”, a costume drama. The cast includes Ivy Chen, Jerry Yan, Michelle Chen and Cheng Yuan-Chang. A midsummer release is expected with a premiere at the Venice International Film Festival.

Ivy Chen, Cheng Yuan-Chang, Sandra Ng

Jerry Yan, Simon Yam

Jerry Yan

Simon Yam is a pirate king

An early birthday celebration for Simon Yam who turns 57 on the 19th (Sina)

CNA: Michelle Yeoh receives France’s highest honour

MSN: Gigi Leung is two months pregnant

MSN: Has Kelly Chen given birth?

February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

FBA: White Deer Plain review

Potentially epic peasant drama, with a fine cast, is undercut by an uninvolving approach.

CF: ”Love” Presented at Berlin Film Festival

CF: Bullets Sweeps the 24th Harbin Film Festival

The awarding ceremony of the 24th Harbin Film Festival was held on February 16th. “Let the Bullets Fly,” the top grossing blockbuster in 2010, and “The Piano in a Factory” swept the festival and obtained three awards respectively.

Leon Lai Ming, Charlie Yeung, Kara Hui, Feng Shaofeng and directors Daniel Lee, Huang Jianxin were spotted on the red carpet of the festival.

TimeOutHK: Simon Yam interview

Synonymous with Hong Kong movies by appearing in seemingly half of them, veteran actor Simon Yam tells us about his thespian secrets – and why he never gets tired of playing cops.

CRI: Final Posters of “Nightfall” Unveiled

Award-winning actor Simon Yam unveiled the two movie posters featuring Nick Cheung and himself in the run up to the film’s much anticipated release.

Simon Yam

Janice Man (Sina-gallery)

CF: Poster Released for “The Second Woman”

The movie will hit national screens on March 8th. Actress Shu Qi and actor Shawn Yue were featured as leading roles in it

CF: Promotional Poster for “An Inaccurate Memoir” Unveiled

Featuring Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Yi and actress Zhang Xinyi, the film is currently in an intense post-production stage.

“An Inaccurate Memoir” poster


Stills from Herman Yau’s “Love Lifting” starring Chapman To and Elanne Kong. Chapman To plays a house husband to Elanne Kong who hopes to fulfill her athletic dreams.

Herman Yan, Elanne Kong and Chapman To at the Harbin Ice and Snow Film Festival (Sina)2(Poster)

“Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” held a press conference after they wrapped up shooting in the National Museum in Beijing recently

Andy Lau, Zhang Jingchu, Lin Chi-Ling, Tong Dawei, co-director Bob Brown

Co-director Sun Jianjun (l)

Four leads - Tong Dawei, Andy Lau, Lin Chi-Ling, Zhang Jingchu

Lin Chi-Ling

Lin Chi-Ling, Zhang Jingchu (Sina-gallery)

CNA: First ever ‘4D’ Hong Kong adult film in the works, says HK film producer

Hong Kong film producer Stephen Shiu Jr, who had worked on the Hong Kong adult film “3D Sex and Zen” which made waves across Asia last year, recently revealed that he plans to release a ‘4D’ sequel to the film, reported Hong Kong media.

CNA: 64 injured at Faye Wong concert after spectator stand collapses

Faye Wong’s concert in Chongqing on Friday was abruptly cancelled, after a section of the spectator stands suddenly collapsed, leaving 64 people injured, reported Chinese media. 
MSN: Faye Wong utters 36 words at concert

The Chinese singer moved her fans to tears when she went beyond her usual “Thank you” at her concert

July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011

CRI:  Jet Li Plays Sorcerer in ‘White Snake’

White Snake” is currently in its post-production stages, with a release scheduled for the end of this year.

CRI: Charlene Choi, Wen Zhang Seen in New Film

Still photos from Ching Siu-tung’s upcoming fantasy film “The Sorcerer and the White Snake” (Sina-gallery)

CF: “Overheard 2″ to Hit Screens on August 18

According to the details that have been released, Lau Ching-wan plays Law, an influential figure in Hong Kong’s stock market, who is involved in a traffic accident. As the investigation continues, police officer Ho (Louis Koo) discovers a man named Cho (Daniel Wu) has been intercepting the stock mogul’s phone calls, which in turn leads Ho to uncover a conspiracy.

FBA: Cleopatra Wong revamped

Poster for the Ricky Lau-produced Assassin (Sina)

A sequel to Lost in Panic Room, Lost in Panic Ship, again directed by Zhang Fan Fan, begins filming in July. Alec Su returns in the lead role.


My Way featuring Jang Dong-gun, Joe Odagiri and Fan Bingbing will be released simultaneously in Japan and South Korea sometime in December. The story is about Koreans conscripted by the Japanese and attached to the Germans to defend against the Allies invasion of Normandy.

Jang Dong-gun


Simon Yam plays an art painting restorer disguised as a perfume expert in Coming Back. Opens July 14.


Stephen Chow’s spokesman did not deny reports that he would step forward and play the Monkey King in the new version of Journey to the West. This would leave the roles of Aarif Lee and Show Luo up in the air. (Sina), 2

Latest poster for Mysterious Island

Features heavily promoted Yang Mi (Sina)

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Plastic surgery, Fung-Chi, Selina

MSN: Nicholas Tse signs divorce papers

Cecilia Cheung’s act of entrusting sons Lucas and Quintus to her makeup artist friend Rick Chin, was reportedly the factor that pushed Nicholas Tse to speed up the divorce procedures.

MSN: Cecilia Cheung loves Nicholas Tse no more

MSN: Nicholas Tse clashes with father over his marital woes

CNA:  Nicholas Tse ignored Cecilia Cheung when she had a miscarriage?

Cheung Ho-lung said his sister had tearfully confided in him about these things on many occasions, and expressed that he was very angry people viewed her as a shrewish wife, when it was Tse who did her wrong.

March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Variety: H.K.’s Filmart gets Beijing accent

The 15 years of Hong Kong Filmart have been a busy and transformative decade and a half in the territory, a period during which Cantonese movies developed a pronounced Mandarin accent, reflecting deepening cross-border relations with mainland China.

Co-production is always a big theme at this key event at the Hong Kong Intl. Film Festival, especially co-productions with the booming Chinese mainland.”

In the early days, co-production meant working with China to get a mainland release. But now the emergence of the China market has changed that frame of mind. The emergence of the China market has been a godsend, as we watched Hong Kong’s market share in Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and other regional markets diminish. In the past two to three years, co-productions have gradually evolved into co-productions in a real sense,” says Albert Lee, chief executive of Emperor Motion Pictures.

FBA: Lover’s Discourse awarded in Osaka

International edition of poster for Wayne Wang’s Snow Flower and The Secret Fan. Release is set for July 15. ( (Xinhua)

CRI: Foreign Poster for “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan”

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart poster released on White Day (30 days after Valentine’s Day, when men receive chocolates and gifts from women) (Sina)

Beautiful Life poster

Beautiful Life - Shu Qi

Andrew Lau’s Beautiful Life opens the summer film season on May 20. Shu Qi plays a Hong Kong woman who comes to Beijing and in the process disrupts the lives of Liu Ye and Tian Liang who plays his brother. Anthony Wong also costars. (Sina)2

CRI: Shu Qi’s new film to open during summer season

Yu Shaoqun - A Chinese Fairy Tale

Yu Shaoqun hopes to pay tribute to Leslie Cheung in his portrayal in the update to A Chinese Ghost Story (Sina)

Simon Yam

Huang Shengyi

(Mar.13) Simon Yam and the cast of The Man Behind the Courtyard House promoted the film and anti-piracy in Guangzhou. Simon said he dared not let his daughter watch this movie. The film opens March 25. (Sina) (Xinhua)

Simon Yam’s view of Shanghai (Mar.10)

March 13 - Andy Lau is in Beijing doing post-production dubbing for The Founding of The Party (Sina)

Josie Ho starring in The Liaisons

Liaisons is a stage drama by Frederic Mao that reworks the classic Cantonese opera The Purple Hairpin. Alan Mak and Felix Chong wrote the script. The Liaisons: The next frontier for Cantonese opera


Faye Wong finished her series of concerts in Hong Kong. She dedicated her song Heart Sutra to the victims of the earthquakes in Japan and Yunnan. Guests in the audience included Eason Chan, Sandy Lam, Mona Fong, and Virginia Lok. Faye considered cancelling the post-concert celebration party but after discussions decided to carry on as planned in order to cherish and celebrate the company of friends and family.

Faye Wong

Sandy Lam

Carina Lau, Zing (Mar.12)

Zing, Faye (Mar.11)

(Sina-slide show)2(Xinhua)

CNA: Faye Wong to perform in Singapore in October

Kelly Chen’s home in Kadoorie Hill was staked out by the media but there were no signs of Kelly and her family. Besides her age, the additional complications of having twins, Kelly’s work scheduled were speculated by the media as possible factors in her having the miscarriage. (Sina)

Kelly Chen miscarries twin girls at five months

According to media reports, Kelly Chen had known early in March there were problems with her pregnancy. Due to her unstable condition, her doctor had ordered her to five days bed rest. Thus, she was in the hospital when the miscarriage of her twins occured. (Sina)

Johnnie To, Sammi Cheng, Louis Koo(?) dining in Shangi-La

Friday, Yunnan Province experienced a 5.8 earthquake near where Johnnie To and cast are filming High Altitude Romance. More than twenty people died when buildings collapsed. Sammi assured fans that she was safe via her microblog. (Sina)

The spa featured in Feng Xiaogang’s If You Are the One in Hokodate, Hokkaido was reported flooded by the tsunami this weekend. The location became a popular site with Chinese site after the movie’s release. 2009: Hit China movie aids Hokkaido’s tourism Feng’s After Shock was set for release in Japan on March 26 but is likely to be postponed now. Pang Ho-Cheung and Peggy Chiao were in Tokyo and Osaka during the earthquake and microblogged their experience of it. (Sina)

Angelababy was called back home to Hong Kong by her manager after she was evacuated from her hotel into the middle of the street in Tokyo during the earthquake (Sina-slide show)

October 15, 2010

October 15, 2010

Variety: Addicted to Love (China) review

A Chinese senior citizen rediscovers the power of the heart in the beautifully observed and played “Addicted to Love.”

Reign of Assassins - Michelle Yeoh’s swordplay gem

CRI: ’If You Are the One’ Sequel in Theaters Dec. 22

CRI: ’The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman’ Releases Final Trailer

CRI: Latest Stills of ‘Wind Blast’

THR: Pang Brothers’ 3D horror films bows in HK

Pang went to the cinemas to observe the opening day crowd for “The Child’s Eye” on Thursday in Hong Kong, and saw firsthand the three main advantages that 3D brings to the film industry as a whole.

Also: Filming for “The Sleep Walker” is scheduled to start at the end of this month in Hong Kong and Thailand for a 2011 release.

Indomina Releasing has acquired domestic rights to Hong Kong martial arts thriller “Bodyguards and Assassins” from We Distribution.

Indomina also recently acquired “Griff the Invisible,” “Wasted on the Young,” “True Legend” and “Fire of Conscience.”

Midnight Heartbeat/Midnight Pulse new poster

The Simon Yam, Francis Ng hospital horror film has finally received an official release date after passing a final cut and review following another round of edits. The release date is set for December 24th. Ho, Ho, Ho! (Sina)

Ning Hao’s film No Man’s Land has finally been freed from limbo. Originally scheduled for a December 8, 2009 release, the film had been held up by authorities and now finally granted a December 18, 2010 release. Reportedly too dark for censors, the film has been reedited many times. Though Ning Hao had previously said the changes were minor, netizens were expressing doubts. (Sina)

Zhou Dongyu, Shawn Dou Xiao

Zhang Yimou brought Under the Hawthorn Tree to the Hawaii International Film Festival. As Dou Xiao is fluent in English, he acted as Zhou Dongyu’s translator.


Alec Su, Pace Wu

Pace Wu

Hidden Chamber of Secrets unveiled the film’s poster and officially launched its website yesterday. The film opens October 29. (Sina)2

The cast of Jingle Ma’s Dynamic Angel (Race Car) celebrate Jimmy Lin’s 36th birthday.

Cecilia Cheung, Jimmy Lin, Tang Wei, Chie Tanaka, Han Jae-Seok

Jimmy Lin, Rene Liu, Jingle Ma (Sina)

On the set of Love Island

Simon Yam, Francis Ng

Francis Ng

The cast also includes Song Jia, Janice Man, Chang Chen and Joan Chen

(Sina) (Thanks, to Valerie)

Stanley Fung

Stanley Fung appeared on a Beijing TV program recently (Sina)

October 1, 2010

October 1, 2010

First official poster for 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy (Sina)

THR: Stephen Chow’s ‘Odyssey’ continues filming Feb.

WSJ: A Chinese Detective Story

“Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame” cost $15 million and makes wide use of computer graphics to create a bustling Chinese city centered on sprawling palace grounds and a giant Buddhist statue.

Indomina Releasing Acquires FIRE OF CONSCIENCE for US

The Indomina Group is based in Los Angeles and the Dominican Republic.

(Sept.29) Tony Ching Siu-Tung and Huang Shengyi attended the launch conference for Madame White Snake in Heibei. The cast includes Jet Li, Charlene Choi and Raymond Lam Fung.

Huang Shengyi

Director Tony Ching Siu-Tung (Sina)

Joan Chen and Simon Yam

Xiao Song Jia, Francis Ng

Joan Chen, Simon Yam, Chang Chen, Janice Man

Simon Yam, Francis Ng

The opening lens ceremony for Kam Kwok-Leung’s Love Island was held yesterday. The cast includes Francis Ng, Chang Chen, Xiao Song Jia and Janice Man. Joan Chen was cast after earlier rumors had Sandra Ng and Carina Lau being invited and declining the role. (Sina)2, 3, (Sina-slide show), (Xinhua-gallery)

Jung Woo-Sung, Michelle Yeoh, Shawn Yue

(Sept.29) Reign of Assassins Hong Kong premiere press conference (Sina-gallery)

Andy Lau shows the illustrations for postcards accompanying his upcoming CD. (Xinhua-gallery)

Miriam Yeung

Miriam Yeung rehearsing for upcoming concert (Sina)

SG: Vicki Zhao: My husband is proud of me

SG: Lee Hom’s plan to go topless a no-go

“This is not the Wang Lee Hom that I know of,” they said.

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