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February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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CF: ’LOVE’ Performs well in North America

Doze NIU’s Love has turned out to be a strong performer off a narrow platform release in North America.

New posters and stills from Carol Lai’s “The Second Woman”

Shawn Yue

Shu Qi


Zhao Wei, producer Stanley Kwan, writer Li Qiang and author of the original story, novelist Xin Yiwu, met with the Bejing press to announce the casting of Mark Chao in the lead for Zhao Wei’s directorial debut film “Farewell To Our Past Youth”. Without revealing the name, Zhao Wei said another important role would be played by a pop idol leaving the audience in suspense.

Stanley Kwan

Zhao Wei

Li Qiang, Zhao Wei

Xin Yiwu (c) (Sina-gallery)

Zhang Ziyi, wearing Elie Saab, attended the Elton John Aids Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party


MSN: Cherrie Ying angry at Chinese actress for being third party

In a post published yesterday afternoon, Cherie wrote, “If any women still dare to send Mr Chan any weird text messages or photos, I will post your name and telephone number on my microblog! Did I make myself clear?”

The model’s microblog entry sparked speculations on her relationship problems with Aaron Kwok

August 10, 2009

August 10, 2009

Overheard review

‘Green Hornet’ casts Kato role
Taiwan’s Jay Chou goes to Hollywood
Jay Chou to Play Kato in ‘Green Hornet’

Rain In the Dragon
Enter the Dragon remade as Awaken the Dragon

‘Mother’ to represent Korea for Oscars
Maternal thriller beats out vampire flick and farmer documentary

Cast Promotes “Sophie’s Revenge”
Yao ChenRuby Lin

Gillian Chung scenes cut from ‘Red Cliff’ parody

Zhang Yimou’s Daughter Edits His New Film

Questions raised over whether Murderer is plagiarized from DiCaprio produced Orphan

TGIO raps Jettone over ‘Miao’
Hong Kong-Taiwan co-production “Miao Miao” is under investigation by Taiwan’s Government Information Office over its entry and subsequent withdrawal from the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Fan Bingbing
Fan Bingbing and Guo Degang will both be 'general directors'
Fan Bingbing press conference announcing New Year’s film, retelling Flirting Scholar story

Fan will both produce and act in film

Hu Jun, Stanley Kwan

Stanley Kwan’s Dancing With the Heart/Energy Behind the Heart

Deng Chao
Deng Chao - Detective Dee

SCMP: Anthony Wong on ‘Vengeance’

SCMP: Michael Tse laughs his way to the big screen in Laughing Gor - Turning Point
After 20 years playing mostly two-bit soap characters, actor Michael Tse Tin-wah finally found his breakthrough role in the form of “Laughing Gor”, an undercover police officer in the TVB series ‘Emergency Unit’.

Zhang Ziyi & fiance still together, says manager

Suki Chui, Sarah Song
A big pair of Crocs

SCMP: Portrait of a master face-changer

August 3, 2009

August 3, 2009

Michelle Ye in Cheang Pou-Soi’s Accident (formerly Assassins)

Hong Kong art-house director Stanley Kwan tackles science fiction film

Zhang Yimou’s Three Guns story summary
The comedy-thriller is about the owner of a Chinese noodle shop whose plan to kill his cheating wife and her lover “spins out of control after the introduction of a gun into the lives of characters more accustomed to knives and swords,” Sony Pictures Classics said in a statement sent to The Associated Press late Friday.

Hong Kong cartoon piglet debuts - McDull
CCTV video in English

Nick Cheung – a late bloomer
CCTV video version (English)

Tangshan Earthquake represented on big screen
CCTV video in English
 Huayi Bro. Denies ‘If You Are the One’ Sequel in the Pipeline
Feng Xiaogang has decided that following his current project “The Tangshan Earthquake”(formerly named “Aftershock”), he will film a comedy but he has yet to choose a story.

Hollywood Reporter: Meat Grinder — Film Review
Thanks to “Meat Grinder,” Thai cinema now boasts its own Sweeney Todd in the form of a female psychopath who grinds her victims into meatballs for noodle soup

NY Times: Chasing Society’s Hidden Dragons - Ang Lee

Venice Launches 3D Film Prize, Ang Lee Heads Jury Panel

‘Talentime’, Yasmin’s final masterpiece?
[Related note: iTunes Store has three free podcasts available with interviews/discussions with Yasmin Ahmad and Sharifah Amani]

Actress Lee Sinje bags beauty ambassador role
Lee Sinje in Singapore as SK-II beauty ambassador - photos

Andy LauGong Li
Patrick TseKelly Lin, Simon Yam
Kenny BeeJordan ChanAndy On, Jennifer TseJet LiLau Ching Wan
Stars open Lan Kwai Fong Hotel in Macau promote child adoption - photos

More photos

Aaron Kwok Taipei concert

Photo gallery

SCMP: Gillian Chung interview with subtitles
Plays Carmen Mok in remake of Neil Simon’s I Ought To Be in Pictures

July 23, 2009

July 23, 2009

The Storm Warriors to create new Wuxia world with more special effects

Preview of the Set in Zhang Yimou’s “Three Guns”
Three Guns

‘Sick’ Detective Deng Smells out Clues

Chinese actor Deng Chao plays an albino detective who finds clues with the help of his super strong sense of smell in the new martial-arts and mystery film “Detective Dee”.

Fan Bingbing, Wang Xueqi
Fan Bingbing, Wang Xueqi - Bodyguards and Assassins photos

Cecilia Cheung visits set of Bodyguards and Assassins - photos

Replacing Song Hye-Kyo?

‘Overheard’ the best Chinese film this summer
“Overheard” will premiere on the mainland tomorrow, one week ahead of Hong Kong.

Shanghai Blues remake?
Reportedly, Kwak Jae-Yong (My Sassy Girl) and Tsui Hark will team together again to remake Shanghai Blues. Kwak, who wrote All About Women, will direct while Tsui will write this time. Kwak also directed the recent Cyborg She. A number of Korean actors will likely be involved as well.

Stanley Kwan filming the solar eclipse in rainy, overcast Shanghai

Feng Xiaogang slams MIFF over Uighur doc
Top Chinese director decries calls subject ‘a political liar.’
Film directors’ withdrawal supported at home
Stanley Tong, a well-known Hong Kong director, said he was shocked by the news because it was “extremely inappropriate” for a film festival to play a documentary about a “terrorist.”

Exhilarating ‘Take-Off’ in Korean Sports Drama

Vivian Chow

Vivian Chow promoting cosmetics brand in Shanghai

More photos

SCMP: Lynn Xiong poses for Harper’s Bazaar

SCMP: Anti-model activists protest at HK Book Fair

Check out the 1st Hong Kong International Kung Fu Festival

Asia witnesses solar eclipse

July 22, 2009

July 22, 2009

Aaron Kwok, Shu Qi
Aaron cools down
Aaron Kwok, Shu Qi film City Under Siege

Louis Koo gains 14kg for ‘uncle’ role in Overheard

Remind you of anyone?
Li Bingbing back to Tang Dynasty in Detective Dee

Looking for Kung Fu Girls for Andy Lau’s New Film ‘Unshakeable Military Orders’
Based on Yang Family saga

Stanley Kwan, Christopher Doyle Chase Solar Eclipse for New Film “Energy Behind the Heart”

My Interview with Francoise Yip

One of our readers, scores an interview with Francoise Yip.
She speaks to Glenn on a range of topics: working with Anthony Wong, her impressions of Anita Mui and her new film Motherland.
Motherland is directed by Doris Yeung starring Francoise Yip, Kenneth Tsang and Byron Mann.

Jeff Yang: The rise and fall — and rise? — of Hong Kong cinema

Bruce Lee Legend Remains Strong in H.K. 36 Yrs after His Death
Bruce Lee’s family OKs biopics
J.A. Media plans at least three films

Singapore’s Boku Films to co-produce The Host sequel

Chengtian reaps Golden Harvest
Name change completes takeover

Photos from opening ceremony of Lydia Shum exhibition

Vivian Chow arrived in Shanghai to view the solar eclipse - more photos

Where’s Joe?

Leon Didn’t Announce Wedding at ‘Dream Wedding” Concert

Unsuccessful Graduate Zhao Wei to Halt Career for School
Vicki Zhao delays graduation for ‘Mulan’

Denise Ho out of the Closet?
HK singer Denise Ho comes out of the closet

June 23, 2009

June 23, 2009

Stanley Kwan, Christopher Doyle (channeling Keith Richard)
Stanley Kwan, Christopher Doyle - Shanghai International Film Festival closing ceremony

Faux Jet, Jackie and Andy
Tracing Shadow’s shanzhai Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Andy Lau

Focus Films launches Fight with ‘Fists of Dignity’
Film reunites Shaw Brothers stars from 1970s
Focus Films is also developing a $6.5 million starring vehicle for boss Lau, tentatively titled “Hao-yun Lian-lian” (”Continuous Luck”), a comedy scheduled for 2010 Chinese New Year holidays in China and Hong Kong

Chiu Man-Cheuk, Zhou Xun
‘True Legend’ with True Stunts

Chiu Man-Cheuk will play the lead role in the film “True Legend”, a biopic of Su Qi-Er, or Beggar Su, directed by Yuen Woo-Ping and due out later this year.

Taipei Film Festival - Taipei opens new fest, new era
The territory’s newfound focus on mainstream mass audiences may also help Taiwanese cinema connect better with its neighbor on the other side of the straits – and prove handy vehicles for the island’s many “Mandopop” music stars.

Zhang Yimou starts shooting Coen brothers remake

Lights, camera… film school

Actress Under Fire for Backing Marijuana

Yao Ming enjoys vacation, voicing for Chinese film

Jackie Chan’s New Seven Little Fortunes will be featured in Will Smith’s Karate Kids

Karen Mok in Beijing with Zhang Yadong release a new digital album

Edison Chen and Sam Lee (far right)

Edison: I love my life!

Josie Ho to join his record company
Chung avoids bumping into Edison while in KL
Edison Chen not ready for lead roles after scandal

Jennifer Tse Ting-Ting
Jennifer Tse and Albert Yeung help open a new ramen museum in Central

Gong Mi
Gong Mi new photo album

Cecilia Cheung and Lucas visit Disneyland and Ocean Park regularly

Jimmy Lai in dark over possible motive for plot

June 12, 2009

June 12, 2009

Kungfu Cyborg opens Aug. 13th

Huang Jue
6 new Wheat posters released

Carina LauWith Sammo and Tsui Hark
Detective Dee press conference at Hengdian Studio with Sammo Hung, Carina Lau, Andy Lau, Li Bingbing and Tsui Hark

Sammo said the Seven Little Fortunes plan to commemorate their 50th anniversary when all arrive

Questioned three times about marriage, Andy Lau finally threw down his microphone and walked
Tsui Hark (and Crocs?)
Take a tour of Hengdian World Studios (and Theme Park!)
Yuen Qiu (left)
Yuen Qiu originally given name ‘Yuen Rong’ by Master Yu

Stanley Kwan to shoot Chinese musical in Shanghai
Carina Lau, Hu Jun, Li Bingbing and Deng Chao will provide guest performances

Chinese Stories
Lou Ye on why any portrait of Chinese people in cinema also involves politics.

File photo
Yip Chun’s half brother demands royalty and consultancy fees for ‘Ip Man’.

After ten unsuccessful visits to Yip Chun, Yip Siu-Wah threatened to jump from an upper story building. The matter was resolved after police arrived. The half-brother has a history of seeking money from Yip Chun.

Li Bingbing Shot Commercial in Rome

Edison Chen expands fashion business to Malaysia
Residents and neighbors voice displeasure and applying public pressure to prevent store from opening

Lin Chi-ling in financial difficulties?

Chin Han (right)
Chin Han promotes his new Mainland TV series based on The Cowherd and the Maiden

I spy: A fan runs into Tony Leung Chiu-Wai shopping for DVDs

Tony satisfied all photo requests from fans before finally leaving with a full load of DVDs

More accounts of marital discord between Josie Ho and Conroy Chan

Conroy photographed with mainland model, sent packing by Josie?

Scud comes up with a dud
‘Permanent Residence’ would have been a much more enjoyable gay flick if the audience were spared the feeling that the film was not based on the director’s life

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

‘Commander’ Arguably the Most Popular
There was little surprise when ‘Soldiers and Their Commander’ led the People’s Choices Awards Thursday at the Shanghai TV Festival.

More Test Results On Green Dam
Hello Kitty and Garfield fail their test
A User Report On A Green Dam Trial
A humorous account

Acid attack probe narrowed down to two buildings

April 25, 2009

April 25, 2009

Complete List of Competitors for Cannes Announced

China’s Shu Qi among Cannes Jury

1 Massacre, 2 Films and 3 Perspectives

Zhou Xun lends support at Beijing Student Film Festival

Anthony Wong
Wong Jing
Beijing premiere of I Corrupt All Cops

Tang Wei Regrets over Cut Scenes

Shu QiCarina Lau (Photos:
Andrew LauStanley Kwan
Wong Kar-Wai opened a new company in Shanghai
Guest included Carina Lau, Chang Chen, Shu Qi
Wong Kar-wai launches regional events company

Rosamund Kwan
Rosamund Kwan enjoying retirement, no plans to return to film business

Baby Lucas and mother
The Baby Lucas Tour continues in Taiwan

cfensi: What Jackie Chan Was Really Talking About

Jackie’s interview transcribed

NYT: Software That Copies DVDs Is on Trial

“Nine tailed-fox” swindles, “Crying Game”s unsuspecting netizen

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