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October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009

Francis Ng, a bounty killer?

Yu Nan, his partner

Four Marshals ( 四大名捕): two directors, one title, made famous by a martial arts novel written by Wen Rui’an .

Gordon Chan and Gao Qun Shu (co-director of The Message)  are contending for the use of the title 四大名捕. Gordon Chan has acquired adaptation rights to the wuxia novel and wants to make a costume martial arts (film?) series based on the novel. Gao Qun Shu has already been filming a modern tale in Gansu under the same title but the story is unrelated to the novel.

In Gao Qun Shu’s film, the story is about four police and a fugitive. Casting includes Duan Yihong, Ni Dahong, Wu Jing (replacing Wang Baoqiang, though rumors persist that he may be filming secretly), Zhang Li, Francis Ng ,Charlie Yeung (Francis’ girlfriend), Yu Nan,  (Xinhua) (2) (ifeng) HD slide show (4) ( Francis and Yu Nan play world weary bounty killers who look to retire in Gansu after one last expedition. His favorite song is The Eagles’ Hotel California.

Xia Yu, a fugitive

Filming in Gansu


Director Billy Chung, Cherrie Ying (2nd left), Wang Zi (left) promote New Year’s action film Wu Lin Xiao Zhuan (lit.Martial Arts Comedy).

The film is a joint Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan venture. (Sina) (Xinhua)

Jaycee Chan

Zhao Wei

Mulan cast and crew become honorary citizens of Mulan’s hometown Shangqiu, Henan Province. The crew also donated movie props to the city. (Sina)

The Robbers (lit.Tang Dynasty Brothers)

A martial arts comedy starring Hu Jun and Jiang Wu opens November 20 kicks off the New Year early. It has been positively received at the Shanghai and Pusan International Film Festivals. (Sina)

Radish Warrior successfully opened the weekend with $8.7M at the box office (Sina)

Love At Seventh Sight (lit.Seven Days To Fall in Love With You)

Alfred Cheung’s romantic comedy opens Nov. 3 and features Mike He and Li Xiaolu (Sina)

CRI: Director Zhang Yimou Tells “Amazing Tales” in Color

The Message has surpassed $220M at that box office and the prequel is set to begin filming next summer. (Sina)

Chinese movie-makers keep faith with martial arts

The Chinese film industry is hoping a little more martial arts magic will woo international audiences over the next 12 months with two productions set to take familiar stories one step further.

First up comes the US$12 million (eight million euro) budgetedThe Storm Warriors, directed by Hong Kong-based twins Oxide and Danny Pang, and set to make its film industry premiere at next month’s American Film Market ( as they try to sell it to the world.

The film is taken from the wildly successful Hong Kong comic series Fung Wan (Wind and Cloud), by Ma Wing-shing, which also inspired the Andrew Lau-directed The Stormriders (1998).

That film starred Asian idols Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng, and raked in HK$42 million (3.6 million euros) from the local box office that year. It still ranks as Hong Kong cinema’s 12th all-time top earner.

The Pangs — who built an international reputation thanks to the success of horror film such as The Eye (2002) — say they have tried to reinvent the martial arts genre with their production, reuniting Kwok and Cheng and mixing live action and cutting-edge computer generated imagery.

They also claim the story should stand on its own and not be thought of as a sequel, even thought it features the same characters.

The same line is being taken by the people behind the US$29 million (19 million euro) budgeted Shaolin Temple - which shares the same name as the 1982 film that launched the career of martial arts star Jet Li, and is obviously set around the same legendary martial arts school.

The film is set to star box office draws Jackie Chan, Andy Lau and Nicolas Tse — alongside more than 1,000 monks from the temple.

The film starring Li took in 100 million yuan (9.7 million euros) in China and saw the Shaolin monks start to take their martial arts skills on international tours, a trend which continues today.

But director Benny Chan — who made the award-winning New Police Story (2004) with Chan — told Chinese media that while his production shares a number of things in common with Li’s film, he plans to move the story of the monastery forward from the seventh century to the early 20th century.

Shaolin Temple will have its fight scenes choreographed by Hong Kong’s Corey Yuen (Red Cliff, X-Men) and is set for an end-of-2010 release. ([site flagged for trojan virus]

October 23, 2009

October 23, 2009

Miriam Yeung, Shawn Yue

Cheung Tat Ming, Shawn Yue

Shooting Pang Ho-Cheung’s new film in Tsim Sha Tsui (

Huang Bo in Radish Warrior/Stubborn Radish


CRI: Zhang Yimou Creates Vibrant ‘Tales’

Dazzling pink for the men, and garish green for the women. Chinese director Zhang Yimou only wants gaudy costumes worn in his latest film “Amazing Tales: Three Guns”

Variety: I Come With The Rain review

Storm Warriors slide show (7) (

China Confronts Difficult History in New Domestic Film Premiering at the Chinese American Film Festival in L.A.

Gao Kao 1977 becomes Examination 1977, Exam 1977, for US, Turning Point 1977

TURNING POINT 1977 tells the sympathetic story of young people who struggle to determine their own futures.

Jiang Wenli has double cause for celebration.

Golden Rooster’s Best Actress for And The Spring Comes and

PIFF’s Audience Award for Lan in her directorial debut


CRI: New ‘Journey to the West’

House of 72 Tenants Cast Launch Ceremony

Producer, director Eric Tsang,

Anita Yuen and Jacky Cheung play husband and wife

Jacky Cheung (

Bernice Liu

Joyce Cheng reprises her mother’s (Lydia Shum) role

Charmaine Sheh

Linda Chung

Michael Tse Tin Wah

Bosco Wong

Joyce Tang

Lawrence Ng, Raymond Cho Wing-Lam

Eric Tsang

(Xinhua) (

The singer-actor produces, directs and acts the 20-episode Sci-Fi TV series, which is now in post production. (Props,

October 20, 2009

October 20, 2009

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Producer Manfred Wong promotes Stubborn Radish aka Radish Warrior which opens later this month. (

The Message premiere in Taipei, Taiwan


Abu Dhabi - Maggie Q, Tian Zhuangzhuang, Joe Odagiri (The Warrior and The Wolf)

Vivian Chow

Vivian Chow was photographed in a gay bar preparing for her role in Ann Hui’s ‘Up and Down’ 《上上下下》. Ann Hui arranged for Vivian to visit an lesbian bar establishment in Lan Kwai Fong and meet some gay women. Vivian is earning a reported seven figure fee for her role in the film costarring Sandra Ng. (Xinhua)

Vivian Hsu

Vivian Hsu has been cast in the lead of the new film from Cape No. 7 director Wei Te-Sheng, to be produced by John Woo. Vivian will be putting her multi-lingual skills to use as she will be speaking in Japanese. (

Anthony Wong

CRI: Vivid Tang Dynasty Shown in TV Drama

Ning Hao

Ning Hao’s latest film ‘No Man’s Land’ is in post-production. It will feature a new side of Huang Bo, who is having a busy year with Cow, Radish Warrior and Crazy Racer. (

Zhang Yimou’s Three Guns is also in post-production and expected to be completed next month. The original story has changed and now is said to be three connected stories about paired couples and their quarrels. Staff have had to sign confidentiality agreements with $1M fines. Zhang Yimou has spent a great attention to the colors of the costumes discarding the originals and having them redone. Zhang is also busy working on his Turandot production at the Bird’s Nest. (

CRI: ‘True Legend’ to Open during Chinese New Year

Yuen Woo-Ping’s new film about 19th-century hero Su Qi-Er (Beggar So) will open in Chinese cinemas around mid-February in time for the Chinese Lunar New Year, the movie’s producers announced on Monday.

Moviegoers will also be able to see a few scenes featuring the late Hollywood actor David Carradine, who was known for his role in the “Kill Bill” series. Director Yuen invited Carradine to work on his film after a pleasant collaboration in “Kill Bill” for which Yuen was the stunt advisor.

THR: ‘Founding’ now top Chinese film

CRI: Zhou Xun Celebrates 35th Birthday and Best Actress Award

Black &; White sweeps Golden Bell amid controversy

101-year-old founder to become non-executive chairman

September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009

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Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith working on Kung Fu Kids (

Q&A: Lu Chuan - City of Life and Death (Nanjing, Nanjing) (Hollywood Reporter)

Ronny Yu Faces Fear Itself

I read a script called Black Moon Rising, you know like the song, and it was fantastic. It was written by this young kid from Australia and it’s werewolves against vampires. They’re all in human form and somewhere in the middle of Australia, there’s this bank and these vampires try to rob this bank and the bank is owned by the werewolves (Laughs). It’s like a tongue-in-cheek thing, not a serious thing, but it was pretty funny that the bank robbers are vampires and the owner of the bank is a werewolf. There’s a human element in it so that’s something I might develop a little bit further…

Huang Yi

Huang Yi, though recently rumored to have gotten married, these photos are from the Manfred Wong produced ‘Stubborn Radish’

costarring Huang Bo. The film is scheduled for an Oct. 23rd release. (

Sun Nan, Liu Zi

Liu Zi

Suspense comedy Copy Cat’s Sun Nan plays a Bruce Lee like crusader against music piracy. (

A More Stellar Extravaganza than “The Founding of a Republic”? (CRI)

Director Han Sanping has revealed that a prequel to “The Founding of a Republic” is set to be made and released in 2011.

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