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July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

THR: Love For Life review

An incurably sentimental and didactic take on China’s AIDS patients.

Revenge: A Love Story review (FBA)

An effective enough exploitation movie dressed up in apocalyptic clothes.

Chinese movie director on ‘absurdity’

Chinese movie director Jiang Wen used a key word Saturday to tell Taiwan movie lovers what he tries to express in his works:

Tsui Hark: Bringing a Wealth of Cinematic Knowledge to the Screen in 3-D (NYTimes)

In November, he will begin filming “The Taking of Tiger Mountain.” He has begun to write the screenplay for another “Detective Dee” movie.

CRI: Cecilia Cheung Featured in ‘Lion Roars 2′ Posters

CF: Tang Wei Promotes Romance Film “Late Autumn” in Taipei

Mysterious Island poster featuring Jordan Chan

Yang Mi with strange smile

Anya tortured (Sina)

Latest poster for Coming Back

Simon Yam

Qi Wei

The film’s producer denied rumored reports that Qi Wei’s scenes were deleted due to her breaking unspoken rules. Speculating that it was self-promotion by the actress, he said that the editing was due to normal requirements of filmmaking. She can be seen in the latest trailer released. (Sina)2

Qi Wei dropped after refusing sex

Promotional stills from Beach Spike

Chrissie Chau

Jessica C (Sina)

Summer Love

Romantic comedy features pseudo-models and raging hormones, on the beach

Alex Fong Lik-Sun, Zhang Xinyu (Viann Zhang)

Liu Yuqi, Terence Tsui (Xiao Fei) (Sina)

Peter Chan, Jimmy Wang Yu

Peter Chan visited Jimmy Wang Yu in Taiwan while doing publicity for Wu Xia. The director brought fruit and chicken and felt a little more at ease after seeing Wang Yu in person. Wang Yu is rehabilitating after suffering a stroke last month. Besides watching his diet and giving up wine, Wang Yu has been exercising his left arm and walking the stairs at home. Even going so far as threatening to drive with one hand to the rehab center, Wang Yu said he scared the wits out of his assistants. He promised director Chan that he would attend the Taiwan and  Hong Kong premieres on July 20 and July 26.

Both Donnie Yen and Peter Chan grew up admiring and imitating the legendary Wang Yu

Young Donnie Yen

Young Peter Chan


Nic Tse hires ex-FBI agent

Nicholas Tse hired a former FBI agent to dish out the dirt on former wife Cecilia Cheung and to fight for the custody of his two sons…Cecilia is not one to be taken lightly though. MSN: Deborah Li on the verge of breaking down

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s marriage woes has taken a toll on the actor’s mother Deborah Li.MSN: Michelle Yim exploited for a scam

Ariel Lin bids farewell to showbiz

Boston gets a nonreality show

CBS broadcasts impossible views of 4th fireworks

[Remind anyone of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony?]

Chinese fans are putty in Potter’s hands(CRI)

Emma Watson, the lead actress in the Harry Potter films, opened a Weibo account, the Chinese version of Twitter, on Friday and had more than 30,000 fans in six hours.

July 8, 2011

July 8, 2011

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WSJ: Tsui Hark’s Golden Life in Film

WSJ: Taiwan’s ‘Night Market Hero’ Makes Mainland Debut

CRI: ‘Kung Fu Prince’ Ashton to Star in Disaster Movie

Ashton Chen, better known by his Chinese name Shi Xiaolong, will star in the Sino-Australian 3-D disaster movie, “Bait”.

CRI: Chen Kaige’s Stage Show ‘Xiyi’ Premieres

Chen Kaige’s outdoor stage show “Xiyi” has finally premiered after almost a year’s delay.

CF: First Joint Movie Production to Enhance Friendship Between China and Italy

Maria Grazia Cucinotta is the co-producer of and lead actress in a romantic comedy named “C’ e sempre un perche” (There is always a reason why), whose shooting will start in September in Italy’s Sicily island.

“Our comedy will tell the story of a young Shanghainese cook [Huang Bo] who comes to Italy to study the culinary arts. In Sicily, he meets a heartbroken woman who does not believe in love anymore,” Cucinotta said. (Previously)

CF: Three Magicians of “Magic to Win” Unveiled

Summer Love is coming, August.

Directed by Wilson Chin Kwok-Wai, currently on trial in the TVB corruption scandal (Sina)

Stills from biopic Qian Xuesen starring Chen Kun and Kitty Zhang Yuqi


Fan Bingbing is a doll, literally. Netizens discovered this prototype online recently.


TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Nicholas leaves KL for HK

Will the real mistress please stand up?

Li Meixi (Xinhua)

Edison got irate when asked about Fung-Chi at Taipei appearance for Disney at toy fair. Reporters noted that he was wearing a bracelet similar to one that Cecilia wears.


Media scrum for Nicholas Tse in HK


MSN: Rosamund Kwan tours Milan with Chen Tai Ming

The actress was spotted shopping with the businessman whom she had been secretly dating for the last three years (Xinhua)

Jiang Wen lashes at reporters

Jiang Wen, actor and director of China’s highest grossing film, “Let the Bullets Fly”, was involved in a vicious confrontation with media reporters upon arrival at a Hong Kong court


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