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September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009

Huang Bo strikes a pose for Cow

Huang Bo, Director Hu Guan


Fan Bingbing has travelled to Chengdu to prepare shooting a new film, Guanyin Mountain. The movie will costar Sylvia Chang and the film’s director, Li Yu (Lost in Beijing). Sylvia Chang has been learning Beijing Opera for her role. Fan is red hot in demand this year, currently shooting Sunshine in Chongqing with Wang Shuoshui and Guo Degang’s Three Smiles (Flirting Scholar) and will soon be promoting Wheat. (

Posters for Huang Jia Ci Qing (Royal Tattoo)

The film is a costume kung fu comedy with a mix of a Chinese version of Prison Break. It’s a humorous reinterpretation of a classic plot about a Qing Dynasty royal secret treasure and tattoo treasure map. ( (

Taipei Times review: Somewhere I Have Never Travelled

Small town, big ambitions

Where do you go when you live at the edge of the world?

Hollywood Reporter: “Chaw” ready to tear up U.K.

Hollywood Reporter: Founding’ to open with record prints

Farewell, Dai Sor

Taipei Times: Short Takes

April Bride

In Japan, if you make a movie about a gorgeous bride with terminal breast cancer and cast the hottest young actors, you can make a lot of money. Whether or not it will encourage female viewers to have their breasts checked regularly is another matter. Nana Eikura is the unfortunate woman, whose diagnosis and a mastectomy send her fleeing from her perfect boyfriend (played by Eita), who manages to track her down in time to propose. Based on a true story.

Love Twisted

Late last year we previewed Man, Woman and the Wall (2006), a Japanese erotic thriller steeped in voyeurism. Love Twisted was made in Japan two years earlier, but shares the theme, as well as crossover porn star Sora Aoi in one of her first non-porn roles. Imagine Fatal Attraction with more nudity and set in a really depressing housing complex. Starts tomorrow.

Into the Faraway Sky

Taiwanese actor Chang Chen (張震) has a supporting role in this 2007 film set in Hokkaido about offbeat villagers standing in the way of an airport project and the government man sent to fix the problem. The Taiwanese distributor, ahead of a DVD rollout, has changed the Chinese title to link it to the otherwise unconnected Taiwanese production Orz Boyz! (冏男孩). Starts tomorrow.

Hollywood Reporter: Strand catches ‘Spring Fever’

The film, about a wife who discovers her husband is having an affair with another man, took the best screenplay award at the Festival de Cannes.

Hollywood Reporter: Hong Kong inaugurates Chinese film fest

Initiative designed to help promote creativity industry in HK

Lau Ching-Wan

Lau Ching-Wan voices Garfield again in Garfield 3D which opens Oct. 1 in Hong Kong. Lau previously was the voice behind the cat in both previous Cantonese editions of Garfield. (

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Brides, Bruce and boobs

August 18, 2009

August 18, 2009

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Michelle Reis
Michelle Reis on cover of L’Officiel

Sylvia Chang
Rosamund Kwan donates HK$500,000, Alan Tam, $300,000, Sir Run Run Shaw, $25M
Vivian Chow, Leo Koo

Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng

Karen Mok

Tsai Chin

Aaron Kwok

Karena Lam
Jerry Lam(?), Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan

Eason Chan, Jaycee Chan

Charlene Choi and other stars gathered to raise funds for Taiwan

Karen MokAaron Kwok
Ti Lung, Rosamund Kwan, Tony Leung

More press conference photos

Eric Tsang

Hong Kong Singers Gather for Fundraising Event

Grief-stricken A-mei’s unyielding aid continues in disaster-sricken Taiwan

Edison Chen’s mystery guest appearance cancelled at last minute
Fear of distraction from relief efforts by Hong Kong Performing Artists Guild aborted Edison’s comeback

Showing some 'tude
Gillian Chung shooting new clothing brand advert

August 15, 2009

August 15, 2009

Guo Xiaodong and Jiang Yiyan Pair up for “Qiu Xi”

Stops for fan photograph
Anthony Wong, Virginia Lok and Herman Yau bury the hatchet over Laughing Gor premiere seating incident

Dine over wine and pizza

HK actor Sammo Hung hospitalised for heart surgery

Brigitte Lin/Lin Ching Hsia recalls triad encounters

At the End of Daybreak -Film Review
Bottom Line: Well-meaning tale of young love misfiring lacks cohesion.
Shu QiAndy Lau
Jet LiKwai Lun-Mei>Wu Bai
Celebrities raise funds for Typhoon Morakot victims relief

Charlene ChoiJoey Yung
Charlene Choi and Joey Yung donate NT$1M for diaster relief

Jackie Chan in Beijing donates NT$1000M (HK$25M)
Chinese star Jet Li helps Taiwan typhoon relief
Sylvia Chang
Sylvia Chang campaigns for children

Zhang Ziyi throws out first pitch at Korean baseball game, accidently shows off T-back

Carina Lau
Carina Lau attends the Shanghai Book Fair

July 6, 2009

July 6, 2009

John Woo to Direct China’s Biggest Budget Film

The movie, a joint Sino-US production with a budget of US$100 million, will be about the Flying Tigers, the legendary US air squadron, which fought alongside China in World War II.
John Woo to direct Flying Tigers epic

Daming Chen - remakes Mel Gibson hit What Women Want for China & wins awards for other films

New “Ani-Men” Animation to Become Mini-Franchise

Book review by Donald Richie
The Shanxi trilogy: films that never made it back home
JIA ZHANGKE’S “HOMETOWN TRILOGY”: Pickpocket, Platform, Unknown Pleasures

All star blockbuster “Jian Guo Da Ye” opens official web site
“The Great Cause of Building New China”. It’s to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.
The final length of the film will be 2 hours and 14 minutes. It means another 10 minutes will be cut. Some actors and actresses will not see their performances.

Bong Joon-ho’s Latest Challenge in ‘Mother’

Kim Hye-ja marvels in an overwhelming thriller

New York Times: A Filmmaker Finds Her Play Is the Thing
Sylvia Chang’s Design For Living

‘Cape No. 7’ effect still going strong for Kenting

SCMP interactive video: Aaron Kwok on Murderer

Liu Ye and his French bride
Liu Ye’s Big Day
Liu Ye wedding slide show

Zhou Xun Plays Down Breakup at Public Appearance

Vivian Chow
Vivian Chow and husband Joe Nieh appeared together at child adoption charity event

Maria Cordero opens a household goods store in Tseung Kwan O
Plans to open 20, three this month, five next month.
Maria and Idy Chan

Arrest Warrant Sought for Late Actress’ Former Agent

July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009

“Magazine Gap Road” Review

Park Shanghai - Review

The First Light - Review

Brigitte Lin, Ti Lung and wifeBrigitte Lin and best friend Mrs Ti Lung/Tao Man-Ming
Brigitte Lin attended Sylvia Chang’s stage drama premiere last night

Other guests included Connie Chan, Kenneth Tsang, Johnnie To
and Raymond Chow

Ti Lung - looking tired according to the captionJohnnie To
Connie ChanRichie Ren
Sylvia Chang and costar Joseph Cheng
Photo gallery

Taiwan TV declines broadcast of A-mei’s video

Black Eats Black (Thanks, to Brian!)

Charlene Choi
Charlene Choi on stage in Golden Hits well received
Charlene Choi and her mother (!)

April 10, 2009

April 10, 2009

Taking Woodstock poster - Ang Lee

Huang Xiaoming, Richie Jen, Bowie Lam

The Sniper released on DVD today for mainland

New poster for Thirst

Gao YuanyuanJiang Yiyan
Yao Di
Director Lu Chuan
Nanking! Nanking! / City of Life and Death press conference - photo gallery

“Red River” Actor Nick Cheung Votes for Himself in Film Awards Race

Taipei Times Film Reviews
School Days With a Pig (Japan)
This little piggy went to school

Detours to Paradise (Taiwan)
Film critic and educator Rich Lee realizes his filmmaking dream with a sincere tale about two runaway foreign workers

Beautiful Crazy (Taiwan)
An artful combination of improvisational acting, non-linear storytelling, long takes and handheld camerawork make ‘Beautiful Crazy’ a beautiful movie

Big Soldier, Little General - Xu Dongmei(center)Xu Dongmei
Still from Big Soldier, Little General

Xu Dongmei
Jackie Chan video press conference with cast Wang Lee Hom, Xu Dongmei

Li Bingbing to join cast of Tsui Hark’s Detective Dee
Brigitte Lin inivted to play Empress Wu but Tsui Hark has also secretly met with Cherie Chung. Tony Leung Ka-Fai’s participation was announced last month.

Zhao Benshan, Wong Kar-WaiZhao Benshan, Annie Yi
Year-long rumors of a Zhao Benshan/Wong Kar-Wai collaboration heated up when Wong flew to Zhao’s headquarters in Dalian where he operates a dance and theatrical troupe.

Brigitte Lin Resurfaces, A Possible Cooperation With Louis Koo?
Sylvia Chang throws hat in the ring for the Brigitte comeback lottery.

Lady Knight Barbie Hsu Protects Louis Koo in Forbidden City Cop: Smart Dog

Confucius: Fans, experts in doubt over making greatest philosopher film star

Li Xiaolu
Li Xiaolu a demoness and Vanness Wu a schizophrenic in upcoming film similar to Rouge (’Waiting For You to Return’)

Ken Yip Wing-Kin to direct
Van Ness Wu featured in “Singapore ghost stories”

Kelly Lin, Sun HongleiNewcomer Xian Seli, Director Li Juyuan, Kelly Lin
Kelly Lin and Sun Honglei attend opening ceremony in Xiamen (’Elegant Gentleman’)(’Dirt Rich in Shanghai’,wikipedia)

Taipei Times Pop Stop

Cherie Chung
I spy: Cherie Chung attending secret business meeting

The article notes that after finishing a three hour dinner with business people, Cherie was all smiles, friendly, polite and courteous. But after the group broke up, her face looked tired, listless and worried. Whether due to concern over finishing the resort or remembering her late husband, the writer could only speculate. :)

Charlene Choi’s album cover tampered with
Twins’ Charlene Choi releases solo album
Charlene Choi Thanks Fans by opening Mini Live Band Show

Cecilia Cheung and Nic Tse Move Into New Multi-Million Dollar Home

Jay Chou breaks Asian celebrity endorsement fee record

Edison Chen flies into Beijing under the radar
Just a week after his hyped up visit to Singapore where he arrived in a private jet and had over twenty security personnel’s protection, Edison Chen touched down in Beijing on Thursday without any security.

He exited the Beijing Airport casually with only two assistants and light luggage on April 9 at 11.40am.

Chen Zemin, Edison’s father, when contacted by Chinese reporters, said that his son was visiting Beijing for private matters.

The father-and-son meeting has been the focus of media especially when the former, who recently declared for bankruptcy, was seen arriving in the Beijing airport earlier in March. However, the father refused to reveal his own whereabouts and only admitted that he is currently still in China. He told reporters that he is eager to meet up with his son as soon as possible

Classic Pictures of Crystal Lau/Liu Yifei

Ariel Lin admits having operation

Jill Vidal’s trial for illegal drug-use will be held on the 24th

Texas Lawmaker Tells Asian-Americans To Get “Easier” Names

Under-skirt photos zoom
There has been a 30 percent jump in the number of people taking under- the-skirt pictures of women on MTR escalators.

April 1, 2009

April 1, 2009

Leslie Cheung (1956 - 2003)
Fans Pay Tribute to Leslie Cheung on Sixth Death Anniversary

Madame Tussauds wax figure of Leslie

Leslie Cheung - Smallest of 10 siblings - Sup Jai1969 - British middle school
1978 - First leading role - Erotic Dreams of Red Chamber1980 - Proposed to Teresa Mo

Korea Times: Park Chan-wook Explores Self, Dream in ‘Thirst’
“Thirst” is the first South Korean film to be co-produced and distributed by a major Hollywood studio.

Hong Kong, Mainland Plan ‘Big Movies’
Ten blockbusters in 5 years! Investors of the 5510 Big Movie Plan announced their ambition Tuesday as they launched the project…
Hong Kong film producer Jimmy Heung, whose company - Win’s Entertainment - is one of the five investors.
Li BingbingWu Jing and Monica Mok
Liu Zi and Wu JingKong Wei and Jiang Yiyan
Miu Miu aka Gong Xin-Liang
Director Lee Lik-ChiJimmy Heung
Photo gallery

Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu - Singapore
Early birthday celebration for Jackie Chan (April 7)
Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu promote Shinjuku Incident in Singapore

Saving the world is still on Jackie Chan’s agenda
He spent more time at the press conference indignantly telling reporters about the role of films and the current state of the world, than promoting Shinjuku Incident.

Peter Chan directing Leon Lai in Founding of the Nation

Donnie Yen
Lynn Hung
Sammo Hung
Gordon LamFann Siu WongProducer Raymond Wong
Ip Man 2 press conference photo gallery

Shooting begins in August. Raymond Wong, speaking on whether Bruce Lee will appear, he said because the second part takes place in 1949 it should not include Bruce Lee. He hopes that if there is a third part, he should appear then. Yip Man took Bruce as a disciple in 1960.

Nick Cheung - Red River
Nick Cheung goes crazy in lumber mill scene in Red River

Shu Qi and Sylvia Chang
Shu Qi and Sylvia Chang endorse Cartier
Shu Qi waiting and hoping for love.
Shu QiSylvia Chang
Photo gallery and video

Edison Chen missing Hong Kong badly

Michelle Reis Poses for Marie Claire

Tang Wei
Tang Wei Vogue photo shoot - gallery and video

Yammie Nam
Yammie Nam panhandling outside of a convenience store

Three years ago, she declared bankruptcy and has been living on public assistance. Regular readers will recall that in April 2008 Yammie was spotted soliciting men in a red-light district.

Five hurt as mop-wielding woman runs amok

March 30, 2009

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Wong Jing and Meng Yao
Wong Jing’s latest ‘Jing girl’ is Meng Yao
Meng Yao appears in both Wong Jing’s Future Cops and I Corrupt All Cops
I Corrupt All Cops
Meng Yao photo gallery

John Woo’s Titanic Runs Aground

California Chronicle: Oxide Pang’s Basic Love

Fan Bingbing
Stills from Wheat released

Fan Bingbing, Wang Xueqi film set for summer release
A Peek of the ‘Wheat’ Wedding

Bodyguards and Assassins recreates 1905 Hong Kong

100 acres and 43M yuan spent on construction costs in Shanghai

Tang Wei: “Lust Caution” is history
Chinese female star Tang Wei, blacklisted in China for her performance in “Lust Caution”, sees daylight again. Though a relatively new performer, her appearance at events is made so pompous, it is nothing less grand than that of an A-grade artiste.

Besides being paid almost RMB$1 million (about S$200,000) for being special guest at a brand’s flagship opening, it was a full crew - hair stylist, make up artiste, wardrobe coordinator, and a personal assistant - that traveled with her.

While the media is concerned about Tang’s future development in her career, she is taking it with an open mind. “Lust Caution is history and everything is brand new now. Currently I am just a new actress with one movie on my portfolio. In comparison to many female stars, I’m just too amateurish,” Tang said.

Desperate to break away from her image in “Lust Caution”, Tang said her current wish is to try as many different roles as possible. “As long as the script is good, there’s nothing else I can pick on,” she said.

Since she was made famous through “Lust Caution”, her market value soared and dipped; she was described to be an artiste with high value but no available market. On the press conference, Tang did not reply to any of these sensitive questions and also appeared dodgy when asked of her reward for being special guest at the opening ceremony. She merely said, “I’m already very satisfied with the glamorous outfit they arranged for me. I’m just a new artiste and will take on all assignments without considering the reward.”

According to a staff of the brand, Tang should be receiving about RMB$1 million for her appearance at both the press conference and opening ceremony which summed up to a total of an hour. “That’s her market rate in Hong Kong,” the staff said.

The well-rewarded artiste was also a diligent guest, taking on every question asked by the media and attended to every request of photographers.

Also according to the person-in-charge of the event, Tang’s outfit for the day was not as lavish as she had put it to be. “The necklace costs RMB$3,000, shoes RMB$3,500 and dress RMB$10,000,” total costing not more than S$4,000.

Tang WeiJacky Cheung
Danny Lee also in Ivy Ho’s Crossing Hennessy

Ashes of Time - Lovers and Fighters

Shu QiSylvia Chang
Shu Qi, Sylvia Chang and Chen Kun shoot jewelry ad

Singing Jane Zhang Debuts in Japan

Pretty singer gets hooked on DIY plastic surgery

March 26, 2009

Ashes of Time Redux Beijing press conference gallery

‘Ashes of Time Redux’ Premieres

Kenny Bee and Sylvia ChangWith Nansun Chi and Tsui Hark
Kenny Bee and Sylvia Chang attend HKIFF exhibition organized by Tsui Hark and Nansun Chi titled ‘Romantic Historical Novel’

Angelica LeeBrigitte Lin
Kwai Lun-MeiEric Tsang
Gallery of guests

Q&A: Noh Young-seok
“Daytime Drinking”

Korean Films to Return in April
10 domestic titles are slated for release next month

BC Magazine Film Reviews
Tokyo Sonata
Oxide Pang’s Basic Love
The Equation of Love and Death
Love Connected
A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

Love triangle
Oxide Pang Chun offers a melodramatic teen love story in Basic Love

Charlie Yeung
HAF lauds Charlie Yeung for financial acumen
‘Christmas Rose’ is first project to get fully financed at HAF

China takes on Hollywood in box office battle
Directors offer ways to defeat dominance of imports

Feng Xiaogang created a stir when he made some controversial remarks. [fuzzy and partial translation follows]

Feng XiaogangSpeaking on a panel with John Woo and Wei Desheng (Cape No. 7), Feng said that although many mainland films are screened in Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Taiwan do not sufficiently understand mainland culture, “therefore I simply do not want to make films for overseas market. Mainland culture to Taiwan and Hong Kong is strange.”

“In the mainland, my movie in one day makes 20,000,000 Yuan box office, but here (in Hong Kong) only takes in one month 2,000,000 Yuan. Is my film really not good?”

“I must tell the truth, Hong Kong audience look down upon us.”

Feng Xiaogang is quite confident in his brand and thinks he does not need Zhang Ziyi to make Tangshan Earthquake  (his upcoming film). He said, To use her, I’d have to pay her $20M yuan, I will simply use a new person. I want that $20M yuan to be put into the filmmaking.

Andy Lau wedding on hold?
Falsely led to believe Carol Chu was pregnant?
Carol not pregnant, Andy plans to call off wedding

Faye Wong in Hong Kong
Faye Wong recently signed an 8-digit contract to film a shampoo ad

The ad is set to be broadcast on regional TV in April. The brand was previously promoted by Jackie Chan for $14M yuan. Faye’s fee is estimated at betwee $15M - $20M yuan. This has sparked speculation of Faye’s return to stage. Today marks the 20th anniversary of her debut.

Faye Wong makes return with S$4million advertisement
New CD? Role in Feng Xiaogang’s Tangshan Earthquake?

Gigi Leung
Gigi Leung celebrates birthday and CD release with fans

Joey Yung has no love for Edison Chen; only resentments
There is no pity for Edison Chen; neither is there love. Hong Kong singer Joey Yung, who will be holding her concert in Singapore in April for the first time, tells local media in a phone interview that she has never had good impression of Edison and disdained any interactions with him.

“I do not want to have any relations to him. I’ve always never had any good impression of him or admiration for him. I have no feelings about his ordeal,” she said.

On the other hand, she is supportive of her good friend Gillian Chung, who has had a sexual relationship with Edison and was twirled into a sex photos scandal last year. To relieve Gillian’s stress and cheer her up, Joey was seen out shopping with the former; she said that was the only thing she can do for a friend in such crisis.

“Nobody can ever relieve her of the hurt and sorrow she suffered. But I hope it is a lesson learned and she can learn to love herself more. I hope everyone can give her a second chance,” Joey said.

Though fully supportive of Gillian’s comeback, Joey said she will not invite her as the concert performing guest. “I think she is more than a special guest; Gillian should always be the center of attraction,” she said. However, Joey will not hesitate to invite Gillian to Singapore as guest of the concert if the latter is available.

Joey is now among the top female singers in Hong Kong music industry and has even been named the Queen of Pop; she is now hoping to extend her performing career further in acting. Since “The Return of the Condor Heroes”, Joey has not received any new scripts. She hoped to be landed with a role that offers room for character development.

When reporters hypothesized for the male lead of Joey’s next movie to be Edison, she was stunned and speechless for a moment. After seconds of pauses, she replied, “I’ll let the company decide for me. I believe their decision is the best for me.”

Her friendship with Hong Kong female singer Denise Ho was rumored to be more than just that. Joey said she was indeed vexed and afraid initially, but got used to the rumors as years passed. However, she wished those meaningless rumors would not affect their friendship.

“Denise is a very special girl with her own unique perspectives about things; she will also offer me opinions on my work. To get such a loyal and reliable friend in showbiz is rare. I will do everything to treasure this friendship,” she said.

Joey, who denied to be homosexual, shyly said she has never been molested. “Perhaps people do not have any fantasies of me. If you don’t give people the “Welcome” message, he will not come over. I am someone who is very self-protective.”

Mid April, Joey will be holding a concert for the first time in Singapore and challenging tough dance steps; she is not just going to do somersaults but also stunts. Without a background in action and dance, Joey spent one month practicing for a 20 minute performance and ended up with injuries.

When asked if her company will increase her insurance coverage, Joey was bold and uninhibited. “I’ve never asked my company about this, but it’s an honour to die on the stage!”

Gillian Chung appears in Shanghai for an online game, FIFA Online

Annie Yi shouts for justice

Caged in by poverty - Cage Men
Hong Kong art gallery exhibits ‘cage homes’ to highlight wealth gap

February 21, 2009

Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing rivals in love in Perfect Life

 Six Flavors of Hong Kong
The six shorts from The One Days: HK are deliberately short and indefinite, enough to intrigue but never time to stop and explain.
DVD available here (thanks, to David Wells):

APA Top Ten: Female martial artists in Asian film


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