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May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011

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THR: China Studio Huayi Brothers to Build Theme Park Near Shanghai

The announcement comes on the heels of Huayi’s February announcement that it would build East Asia’s largest indoor film and TV studio in Shanghai as a part of a one billion yuan ($152 million) cultural tourism complex, and follows The Walt Disney Company’s April groundbreaking on a $4.4 billion theme park, also in Shanghai.

FBA: Huayi unveils $460m theme park plans

Meanwhile Chinese films stars including Jet Li and Maggie Cheung are expected to turn out for the official opening of the Universal Studios park in Singapore.

Tang Wei

With Best TV Actress winner, Han Hyo Joo (Sina)234

Wang Quan’an and actress Zhang Jingchu will join American director Barry Levinson in the main competition jury for next month’s Shanghai International Film Festival, the organizer has announced.

Set in 1920s, the film featuring Wu Chun and Han Geng as two Peking opera-singing brothers who are searching for fame, love and revenge.

Mysterious Island poster

Jordan Chan, Yang Mi and other pop idols are cast in the thriller which opens July 8. (Sina)

Cherie Chung, Chingmy Yau and Simon Yam were among the celebrity visitors to the Hong Kong International Art Exhibition yesterday.

Cherie Chung wearing a cool t-shirt

Simon Yam and wife, Qi Qi (Xinhua)

According to a Hong Kong magazine, 90’s-era actress, Jacqueline Law, is recovering from 6 months of chemotherapy. Diagnosed with stage 3 cancer last year, the actress suffered from depression and contemplated suicide. A former girlfriend of Stephen Chow, Law married Singapore businessman Liu Chee Ming in 2008. Law is deaf in one ear due to a diving accident. Law’s father died of lung cancer in 1998 and Liu’s ex-wife also died of cancer, so the word ‘cancer’ is taboo between the couple. Law is thought to have NPC, Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.

With Stephen Chow

Wearing wig

On right

Wedding photo (Xinhua)

Appearing at a store opening event for Juicy Couture, Gaile Lok was asked once again whether she’d had plastic surgery.


TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

MSN: Joey Wong’s father denies pregnancy rumour

MSN: Nicholas Tse giving Cecilia Cheung the silent treatment?

CNA: Donnie Yen to groom son as successor

Selina Jen plans October comeback

May 26, 2011

May 26, 2011

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THR: Ip Man’ Director Wilson Yip’s Comedy Debut ‘Magic To Win’ Sells in Europe, Southeast Asia

Filming will begin in June in Hong Kong for a late 2011 release in Hong Kong and China.

Tang Wei appearing for a TV brand in South Korea. Tang Wei was unfazed by news that her name was not among the 109 actors listed in the official cast list released for The Founding of a Party. Over 170 actors were originally cast but many were left on the cutting room floor. Director Huang Jianxin called them the ‘unsung heroes’ and apologized to them. An 18 minute clip of their scenes would be posted on the internet as compensation to them.

Tang Wei


Frankie Chan and Ti Lung have been signed on for a remake of Blood Brothers. The film is a co-production that includes Aoying Media and Shanghai Heying Media

Frankie Chan Fan-Kei

Ti Lung (Sina)2

Joey Wang (Xinhua)

MSN: Joey Wong rumoured to have a 17-year-old daughter(Xinhua)

MSN: Cecilia Cheung celebrates birthday in Taiwan

MSN: Selina Jen will not wed in December

Two nights ago at a pub in Hong Kong a female Hong Kong Apple Daily journalist met two US servicemen from the USS Carl Vinson. The journalist managed to get a basic illustration that explains Bin Laden’s burial process.

May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

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FBA: Tang leaves Party early

FBA: 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy review (6/10)

Okay but over-long costume hijinks that turn rather dark in the second half

FBA: Bullets fires up volley of Cannes deals

The response has been very good so far and we’re very close to announcing our partners for Germany, North America and French-speaking territories very soon,” said EMP CEO Albert Lee.

FBA: Wu Xia puts style over substance

CF: Stars of “Wu Xia” in Cannes

CRI: Two Bingbings Luminous Presence in Cannes

CRI: Fan Bingbing and Jang Dong-gun Promote “My Way” at Cannes

CF:Heroes of Nanking” Fixes Overseas Sales Company

Fan Bingbing doing an interview in leopard print dress

Keep your eyes peeled for the June Marie Claire, featuring Li Bingbing on the cover. Photography by Chen Man. I know I will.

MSN: Zhang Ziyi initiated split from Vivi Nevo

Currently busy promoting her latest movie Love for Life, Zhang Ziyi admitted that she was the one who initiated the split from her former boyfriend, Vivi Nevo, citing cultural differences as the main reason for their split.

MSN: Lynn Xiong’s mother unhappy with Aaron Kwok’s betrothal amount

According to sources, Lynn Xiong’s mother flew in from Nanjing to meet her future son-in-law in Hong Kong. Lynn’s mother reportedly asked for a huge amount of money from the 45-year-old singer as a betrothal gift.

Aaron Kwok hit with costly dowry

The skinflint Aaron is no doubt being reminded of the huge dowries paid by other Hong Kong celebrities.

Faye Wong’s a redhead

Sheren Tang blasts TVB

A1: HK drama series portrays controversial scenes, draws flak

A Hong Kong TVB drama serial has been raising eyebrows for some controversial scenes that portray rape, sadism and homo-eroticism.

CNA: A-mei dating mystery man, changing ‘manly’ ways

Bob Dylan: “Allow Me to Clarify This So-called China Controversy…” (CDT)

May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011

CRI: ”Love for Life” (Zui Ai) Premieres Thursday

A grand premiere was held in Beijing on Thursday, May 5, for director Gu Changwei’s AIDS-themed feature film, “Love For Life”(Zui Ai)[vide. Till Death Do Us Part] starring Aaron Kwok and Zhang Ziyi,

CF: ”Till Death Do Us Part” Premieres Thursday

CF: Aaron Kwok Premieres “The Detective 2″ in Hong Kong

CF: ”The Grandmasters” Scheduled to Wrap in Mid-May

HKStandard: Sex in a new dimension - Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

The big gripe doing the rounds is that it does not live up to the promise of the title. That’s the grumble from hard-porn- hardened youngsters who paid the HK$100 ticket price to gaze at it on one of 73 screens in Hong Kong.

“Why would a porn flick show more piercing cries rather than moans of ecstasy? Why would a porn flick turn into a horror movie? Why would it contain head explosions, disembowelment and dismemberment? I watch porn because I want to see people having sex, not murdering each other.”

“Asking them to pay a hundred bucks was unfair to them,” he [Stephen Shiu] says. “I’ve just realized that.”

“Vegetate” directed by Wang Jing was the biggest winner of the night, including best picture, best sceenplay, best actor and actress.

In previous versions, Liu Ye and Tang Wei were on the right

No Party for Tang Wei. All traces of Tang Wei have been removed from the official website for The Founding of a Party, including videos and stills according to reports from netizens. (Sina)

Poster for North American release, May 20, of A Beautiful Life (Sina)

Andrew Lau, Shu Qi and Liu Ye met the media for interviews to promote A Beautiful Life.


Tsui Hark personally inscribed the calligraphy on the limited-edition fans promoting Flying Swords of Dragon Gate to be given away at the Bona Film Group banquet at the Cannes Film Festival later this month.


Twins are in Queensland, Australia to shoot a MV commemorating their 10th anniversary. Here, in a seafood restaurant posted on their weibo. (Xinhua)

Huang Yi

Huang Yi (l), Chen Lu Yu (c), Zhou Xun (r)

Huang Yi was invited to be an ambassador for disaster prevention and relief by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs at the Great Hall of the People.  (Sina)

Such is his popularity that Hui has been commandeered by the Hong Kong government to join the election committee which chooses the city’s chief executive while he also sits on China’s National People’s Congress — a rare honour for man who makes a living out of poking fun at society.

Although Hui has not made a film since “Rob-B-Hood” alongside Jackie Chan in 2006 he says he has been inspired now by recent happenings both at home and abroad to start writing again.

CF: Donnie Yen Covers “Fashion Weekly”

Director James Lee has begun shooting for his upcoming martial arts comedy “Petaling Street Warrior” in a small street with ancient buildings at Siputeh, Ipoh

The House of Dancing Water” is the latest brainchild of veteran Vegas show-maker Franco Dragone, the director of Cirque du Soleil’s most prestigious shows in the 1990s.

Drugs, money, mother-in-law

In other news, Jay, who is currently in Malaysia filming The Viral Factor, secretly cut his hair short to achieve a rugged look for his new role. When his new on-set image was exposed, fans praised him for looking more mature and manly.

March 17, 2011

March 17, 2011

Honestly, the situation in Japan seems dire. Circumstances are worsening, official reports appear sugar-coated and the response so far does not appear effective. The citizens, surely, feel frustrated and abandoned. But let’s, at least, recognize the bravery of the Fukushima 50.

Charity for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (NHK)

Donate to the American Red Cross - select the International Relief Fund option.

THR: What Hollywood Is Doing to Help Japan (List)

MSN: Taiwanese celebs come together for Japanese disaster relief


March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011

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Happy International Women’s Day! But don’t be a 3-8 po, okay?

Today is also the 76th anniversary of the suicide death of Ruan Lingyu at the young age of 24.


THR: Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang Push Beijing for Piracy Crackdown

Tang Wei portrayed Mao’s girlfriend

There are unconfirmed reports that Tang Wei’s scenes in The Founding of a Party have been all deleted. The film has been edited down from 2 hours 50 minutes to 2 hours 20 minutes currently.(Xinhua) (Sina)

Poster for The Detective 2 (B+ Detective) starring Aaron Kwok, directed by Oxide Pang. (Sina)

Ning Hao’s No Man’s Land is reportedly going to be released April 20 according to anonymous sources. Distributor China Film Group could not give a definitive answer. (Xinhua)(Sina)

Jordan Chan demonstrates his Pushing Hands technique (Sina)(Sina-gallery)

Beijing premiere press conference for Dragon Pearl costarring Jordan Chan and Wang Ji. (Mar.7) (Xinhua-gallery)

Chen Kun and Zhang Yuqi reproduce a photo of Tsien Hsue-Shen and wife for the upcoming biography Qian Xuesen

Tsien Hsue-Shen (Qian Xuesen) became the father of the Chinese missile program after being deported from the US under suspicion of being a spy. (Sina)

The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman will be without the promotional services of Kitty Zhang Yuqi.

Multiple explanations were cited, it was either due to a work schedule conflict with Qian Xuesen or the issue of her breakup with former boyfriend Barbie Hsu’s fiance, according to sources.

Liu Ye He-Man (Underdog Knight 2)

Liu Ye said that he hoped to emulate the Japanese Tora-san film series and create a long-lived Chinese film series. He-Man opens April 1. (Sina)

Poster for Chase Our Love (lit. Otaku Story)

The film opens April 1 and features a cast that includes Kenny Bee, Stephy Tang, and Alex Fong Lik-Sun. (Sina)

79 year-old Lee Heung Kam is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease according to HK media reports. She does not want to disclose it but was spotted going to the doctor’s with Susanna Kwan. Still working tirelessly on various TV series, Lee suffered a fainting spell on set last year.  (Xinhua)

Poster for upcoming Joey Yung concert in London (Sina)

Additional photos of Yao Chen in Paris


Backstage at the showroom for the Chanel show (Sina-slide show)

A few more of Fan Bingbing in Paris at the Dior fashion show (Sina-slide show)

Nicholas Tse

Jordan Chan, Jan Lamb

Jeff Lau, Andrew Lau

Ekin Cheng, Pakho Chau

(Sina) Backstage celebration (Sina-slide show)

MSN; Michelle Reis shares photo of son on microblog

MSN: Isabella Leong initiated split from Richard Li

Craving for her previous glamourous lifestyle, the actress chose to split with the Hong Kong tycoon

“This news fits the will of the people better than any Government policy or budget plan. I was very happy when I heard about it,” said Hui’s Big 4 band mate William So.

Police may reopen probe into suicide of Korean actress

THR: China Roughs up Journalists over ‘Strolling’ Protests

Three Sundays running, online calls for organized “strolls” and a “Jasmine Revolution,” inspired by the recent popular overthrow of Tunisia’s government, were posted to Chinese social networking sites.

February 17, 2011

February 17, 2011

CRI: Jackie Chan’s New Movie Gets U.S. Release

The film, with a former title, “The 1911 Revolution”, is a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the monumental Xinhai Revolution that began in 1911 and eventually brought an end to China’s last feudal dynasty.

PeoplesDaily: ‘Bullets’ copyright scores Hollywood bullseye

Last year’s blockbuster comedy Let the Bullets Fly, which became the biggest-grossing Chinese language movie ever, has now set another record - the top price paid in Hollywood for the rights to adapt a Chinese film.

FBA: Fox to release Butcher in Hong Kong

20th Century Fox is to release The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman in Hong Kong on 7 April.

Pulpy psychodrama is made watchable by its two female leads.

‘Late Autumn,’ a modern fairytale for adults

Heart-stopping and transcending sentimentality, Kim Tae-yong’s “Late Autumn” is a remake with a greater purpose than simply pairing superstars in a new setting.

I majored in directing at the Central Academy of Drama (in Beijing) because I wanted to become a director. When you study directing, you also learn how to act.

It was recently reported that the investor was unhappy with Cecilia, as she did not have time to complete the filming of The Lady Generals of Yang Family, due to her busy schedule.

The investor also put down the rule that the movie must be completed by the end of the month, else it would be cancelled.

A Chinese Fairy Tale

Louis Koo, Yu Shaoqun, Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei

The first stills from the secretive shoot of Wilson Yip’s A Chinese Fairy Tale was released yesterday.

A world-wide release is planned for April. (Sina)

In December, the Chinese Fairy Tale cast went into the studio for post-production getting head scans to enhance the 3D effects.

Liu Yifei

Fan Siu-Wong

Kara Hui (Sina)

Kara Hui in costume


Zhang Zilin (Zhang Zhilin)

Zhang Zilin

Stills from Underdog Knight 2 features Liu Ye and Zhang Zilin (Miss World 2007)

The film opens April 1. (Sina)

Daniel Wu - Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Daniel Wu, Gao Yuanyuan

Daniel Wu plays a depressed but brilliant architect who restores his self-confidence after meeting Gao Yuanyuan (Sina)

It was reported that Leon, who rarely appeared in events, began taking up more work recently. This drove speculations of a pregnant Gaile Lok and that Leon was saving up for the birth of his Rabbit child.

February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011

Variety: Stool Pigeon review

Compelling Hong Kong police meller offers a judicious blend of gritty morality and frisky action.

Variety: Sacrfice review

An emotionally fertile exploration of paternal love and revenge, and a welcome return to form for Chen Kaige.

THR: Battle Royale 3D: Berlin Review

3D conversion of a classic teen massacre thriller raises the gore level.

Variety: Taiwan movie biz rides high

Commercial focus has production, grosses on upswing

CRI: Johnnie To’s New Film to Hit Screens on Mar. 31 (Don’t Go Breaking My Heart/Single Men and Women)

The film has passed the review at the film bureau without any changes being made.

Valentine’s Day edition of poster with stills

Johnnie To directs kissing scene

Sparks fly between Gao Yuanyuan and Daniel Wu (Sina)

Film director Zhao Liang and producer Gu Changwei attended a press conference to discuss the film on February 12 in Beijing.

Gu Changwei

Zhao Liang, Gu Changwei (Sina)

THR: TF1 Taking ‘Wu Xia’ to France (Berlin)

TF1 has taken French rights to Peter Ho-Sun Chan’s new action film Wu Xia from We Pictures.

The film, starring Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro andTang Wei also features a cameo by One-Armed Swordsman star Jimmy Wang Yu, his first on-screen appearance in 18 years. Wu Xia is currently in post and is set for release this summer.

FBA: Wu Xia adds French sale

Wu Xia is set for delivery by late spring and is slated for wide release in summer 2011.

ScreenDaily: Buyers hopping for hot Chinese animation Rabbit

Tianjin Film Studio off to a roaring start with Legend Of A Rabbit.

To keep a promise to a dying Kung Fu master on the run, a humble farmhouse Rabbit must step out of the kitchen, and take on ancient Beijing’s baddest Panda in order to save the fate of China’s Kung Fu Academy forever.

Stills from The Lost Bladesman

“Film is the realest fantasy world. It is fiction, but it is the most realistic. The me in the film is fictional, but the work of acting makes me realistic. Typically, people do not think deeply about themselves, so they do not really know what they should do or who they are. It is different for an actor. You think about the role, and you develop reality.”

Tang Wei, Hyun Bin attend the premiere of Late Autumn in Seoul (Sina)

First concept drawings of The Sorceror and The White Snake released to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

(Sina-more) (Xinhua)

Aarif Lee, Eric Tsang

Bosco Wong, Koni Lui

Eric Tsang and the cast of I Love Hong Kong promoted the film in Guangzhou and celebrated topping rival film All’s Well Ends Well 2011 at the box office. (Sina)

Li Bingbing: “Shameless narcissism on the beach to celebrate the New Year”

Kitaro and Jane Zhang attending the Grammy Awards

Kitaro was nominated for Best New Age Album but did not win.

Pink Stretch Hummer arrival (Sina)2

GlobalTimes: The missing pieces of the broken mirror of celebrity marriage

On the Yao Chen-Ling Xiaosu divorce, double, double, toil and trouble.

MSN: Andy Lau coaxes wife with mushy gestures

The Hong Kong actor revealed how he shares Valentine’s Day with his wife

MSN: Royston Tan hopes to release a new movie at the end of the year

February 10, 2011

February 10, 2011

Variety: In search of that mainland market

The refocus on the greater China market has meant a change in the kind of films that Hong Kong directors are making. Hong Kong directors have to learn to live with censorship rules. This means no ghost stories and the cops all have to be good guys - some of Hong Kong’s finest movies have focused on the antics of hyperactive ghosts and corrupt officers of the law.

Eyeing Chinese market, Hong Kong’s Johnnie To shoots second straight romance (ABCNews)

The film, called “High Altitude Romance II” in Chinese, doesn’t have an English title yet.

To also revealed that he will start shooting a third movie geared at the Chinese market in July or August — a comedy starring Sammi Cheng and superstar Andy Lau.

To is juggling a third project, a thriller starring veteran Hong Kong actor Lau Ching-wan and Taiwanese actor-singer Richie Jen. To said that movie, called “Lethal Gold” in Chinese, has been delayed because the actors have other commitments, but he still aims to finish it by the end of the year.

WSJ: ‘Shaolin’ and Director Benny Chan

FBA: Vampire Warriors (4/10)

Disappointing modern vampire movie gets some heft from Mainland action queen Jiang Luxia.

FBA: Amazons added to JJ’s Berlin slate

Legendary Amazons new title for Lady Generals of the Yang Family

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart fight scene between Louis Koo and Daniel Wu

Opening Mar. 31 (Sina-slide show)

New billboards promoting Wong Kar-Wai’s The Grandmasters appeared in the streets of Berlin prior to the upcoming film festival. The festival begins today and run until the 20th.

(Sina) (2)

Tang Wei arriving in South Korea, Feb. 8, to promote Late Autumn.

Sandra Ng family photos

Sandra Ng recently released nostalgic photos from the past (Sina)2

Shu Qi spent the holidays shooting a watch advert in Paris, later she went to Geneva and visited at Peter Lam’s nearby villa with a view of Mont-Blanc.


Zhang Ziyi spotted in Tokyo during Spring Festival

New boyfriend or just a shopping buddy?

Zhang Ziyi turned 32 years-old yesterday (Feb.9) (Sina)2(Xinhua)

Recovering mom, Michelle Reis (Xinhua)

Cousin Ayden meets JM (Jayden Max)

JM also happens to be initials of parents Julian and Michelle

Ayden is Michelle Reis’ sister’s baby boy (Sina)

MSN: First look at Michelle Reis’s son (Sina)

MSN: Sandy Lam and rumoured boyfriend performed in Australia

Jay Chou rumoured to have a new girlfriend

The new ‘J girl’ is said to be a 17-year-old Australian Taiwanese

January 21, 2011

January 21, 2011

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WSJ: Tang Wei Is a Serious Player

THR: ‘Bullets,’ ‘Confessions’ Lead Asian Film Awards Nominations

CRI: ’Buddha Mountain’ to Be in Theaters on March 4

TaipeiTimes: 2010: Year in review: Taiwanese movies

FBA: Piano strikes chord in US

The Piano In A Factory, the much-travelled Chinese drama, will get a release in the US in summer this year.

(Jan. 20) Johnnie To held a secretive launch ceremony in a Kwun Tong warehouse for his latest film which stars Louis Koo, Sammi Cheng and Huang Yi. Huang Yi said that she has seen no script so there is a sense of  mystery. She is busy practicing her Cantonese in preparation.


Louis Koo unveils new wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong

More bronzer needed! (Xinhua-gallery)

Jet Li’s new (and terrible looking) wax figure in Shanghai

Chinese Kungfu star Jet Li’s wax figure unveiled in Shanghai

Shu Qi endorses a hair care brand in Beijing (Xinhua-gallery)

Jordan Chan

Jordan Chan sported a skirt at the recent 2010 Sina awards event at the Beijing Water Cube.

Did he dip into Shawn Yue’s wardrobe?


Michelle Ye Esquire photo shoot (Xinhua-gallery)

HK’s Kelly Chen pregnant again

Kelly Chen announced Friday during a publicity event for Hong Kong Disneyland that she is three months pregnant with twins conceived via artificial insemination

Twins for Kelly (Sina)

MSN: Andy Lau promotes ‘Shaolin’ in Singapore

When asked which female celebrity he would like to work with, Andy named Taiwanese actress Sylvia Chang after much thought.

MSN: “I Have A Date With Spring” director hopes to visit Selina

Following his apologies on Wei Bo, the Chinese director expressed that he would like to meet with Selina Jen to express his deepest apologies

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