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June 24, 2010

June 24, 2010

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New Triple Tap poster

Also a cool new dynamic flash poster inside. This must be the latest trend, if you recall the 31 Degrees North Latitude poster from earlier this month. (June 9, 2010) (Sina)

Poster for ‘36 Love Traps’ (36 Manoeuvres of Love)

Cast includes Chie Tanaka, Daniel Chan, Wu Jing and Qin Hailu in the love comedy which opens this summer.

Chie Tanaka (Sina)

Huang Yi at the Hong Kong premiere of The Legend is Born

Yip Chun is congratulate on his Best Supporting Actor award in Shanghai (Sina)

Winging it with Ip Chun

“This is the first and last time I’m acting in a film,” he announced heartily.

Break Up Club

FBA: Local films score despite World Cup challenge

A micro-blogger posted comparison photos of Liu Yifei and Joey Wang in anticipation of the new upcoming Chinese Ghost Story. The Liu Yifei images are from the TV series Return of the Condor Heroes.


Young Mao Zedong?

Insiders at the China Film Group press conference hinted Liu Ye will play a young Mao in The Founding of a Party.

Liu Ye, Zhang Jingchu (Xinhua)

Last Airbender from M Night Shyamalan

(Sina-slide show)

SG: Cecilia Cheung’s big return to the silver screen

Rumors of Cecilia Cheung returning to the screen has been rife and reports now confirm that she has accepted director Derek Yee’s offer.

With regards to a previous article that reported Derek’s interest in casting Cecilia’s son, Lucas Tse, for a fee twice his father’s, Derek said that he had seriously discussed the prospects with Cecilia before.

Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei is back to work, filming a mobile phone advert for a reported 7 figure fee. (Xinhua)(Sina)

Kelly Chen

Kelly Chen, Angie Chiu and Raymond Lam appearing for a watch brand in Hong Kong. (Sina)

Adam Cheng condemned as unfair the photos of Fiona Sit in apartment.

Adam and Liza Wang will hold a series of concerts in August. Daughter Joyce sent him a text message for Father’s Day. (Sina)

Fiona Sit feels violated

Fiona Sit and mother snapped by paparazzi at home (Sina)

SG: Fiona Sit in tears over paparazzo’s hounding

Because it’s Cherie Chung Dept.

Cherie Chung was spotted dining and shopping in Central with a friend (Xinhua)

June 17, 2010

June 17, 2010

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THR: MPAA’s Pisano calls for ‘open and free’ industry in China

THR: Product placement finding its place in China

Product placement strategies for China’s booming movie business drew a standing room only crowd to the film market’s closing day, on the sidelines of the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival.

  • But China’s catching up and imitating Western practice quickly, if not always smoothly. In the current boxoffice hit romantic comedy “Go La La Go,” by director Xu Jinglei, the male protagonist is cheered up when his girlfriend hands him a cup of Lipton tea without mentioning the American brand.
  • Actor Tony Leung appeared on an outdoor billboard for Head & Shoulders shampoo with the same haircut and black shirt he wore in “Infernal Affairs” (2002).
  • “With my film ‘Spicy Love Soup,’ Peter showed us all kinds of things we’d never seen done for movies in China, like a soundtrack using pop stars, posters in the subways and a Valentine’s Day,” said Zhang about the film he said grossed about 30 million yuan ($4.39 million), a killing for its time.

THR: Chan calls ‘Karate Kid’ role a nice break

City Monkey (6/10)

China’s first parkour movie is more about the teenage hero’s combative relationship with his mum than about the sport itself.

The Legend Is Born: Ip Man (8/10)

Unofficial Ip Man prequel has a quality look and lively tone, with plenty of good action.

Shanghai (7/10)

Full-on, pulpy mystery-thriller, set in spy-ridden ’40s Shanghai, entertainingly tips its hat to studio classics.

Short of having the Warner Bros. logo at the start, and Humphrey Bogart walk on screen and say “Play it again, Chan,” Shanghai is the closest thing to an oriental version of Casablanca in colour and widescreen as you’re likely to get. The surprising thing is that it pretty much works, on its own deliberately pulpy level, and even manages to pack some genuine emotion into its final section and must-make-the-last-ship-out finale. The central plot doesn’t really manage to combine the main character’s personal and professional quests, and some interesting side characters get beached by the tight editing; but while it’s running on screen, Shanghai doesn’t bore for a second…

Zhang Ziyi and Sun Honglei have signed on to star in the epic historical film ‘Revolution’. Sun Honglei plays Huang Xing, second only to Sun Yat-Sen, who led an alliance to overthrow the Qing Dynasty in 1911. Zhang Li will direct with a script by Wang Xiaodong, who wrote The Founding of a Republic. (Xinhua)

Pang Ho-Cheung

Hong Kong director Pang Ho-Cheung revealed in Shanghai that he was entering the mainland market. He will make three films in three years under an agreement with a subsidiary of Jiangsu Radio and Television Studios. He said Hong Kong producers at most invest $10M yuan. Pang’s first mainland film will have a $30M yuan budget. He admitted that he is still learning the mainland review system and that he will consult with his mainlaind partner and slowly he will learn it. Pang has already started preparation on his first film. It is an adaptation of a book whose rights have been purchased [Women's guide to catching spoiled boys] and it is in the scripting stage. The tentative Chinese title is ‘Spoiled Women, Best Life’. (Sina)23

Shanghai’s winning projects include Lost In Touch, Last Valentine’s Day (Screen Daily)

Quan Ling’s Lost In Touch and Sheng Zhimin’s Last Valentine’s Day took the top two prizes at China Film Pitch and Catch (CFPC) and Co-production Pitch and Catch (Co-FPC), the project market of Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF).

At a low-key awards ceremony in Shanghai last night, novelist Quan Ling (權聆, pictured) secured Most Creative Project Award for Lost In Touch (陌生), her melodrama about a husband and wife experiencing the seven-year itch that is to be produced by Jia Zhangke’s (賈樟柯) Xstream Pictures (西河星匯).

CJ readies 3-D creature movie

CJ Entertainment (CJ엔터테인먼트) is re-teaming with Haeundae (해운대) producer JK Film to deliver a 3-D creature movie.

Production gets underway this week on Block 7 (7광구, working title), a creature-action film set on and below an oil rig. (FBA)

Wang Xiaoshuai, John Woo

Pang Ho-Cheung, Doze Niu

3-D charges the air in Shanghai

From his own experiences working with a Hollywood studio, He Ping said that US producers see their own films as global films and not just as North American films, with powerful resources at hand to take the films into international markets. The implication is that Chinese producers are still thinking too locally. He also said that Chinese producers have a “not invented here” mindset and that they should work more closely with neighbouring countries on new technologies. (FBA)

Jiang Kai and Huang Yi, only separated?

Latest reports from ‘informed sources’ indicate that Huang Yi is trying to salvage her marriage to Jiang Kai. Previously reported to have a flash marriage and flash divorce, it’s said that the couple is only separated and that divorce proceedings were not finalized.

In the interview, Huang Yi said: “The question was repeatedly asked is sometimes annoying, I’m here to tell my friends who care about me, one thing, that I really had separated Jiang Kai.” As to the causes, Huang Yi stressed: “Just because personality clashes … … there are many problems, really hard to say a few words clearly. It is purely due to a financial (the people), one artist, two people working environment there is no way to reconcile, he will move. Some requirements may be I can not accept personal and work environment is the most important (reason). “

Huang Yi said she tried to restore their marriage, “as a girl, if not to the last step, certainly will be very hard to restore. I have this feeling, or serious, otherwise I would not be open to you this feeling. But indeed there are many problems in that period, I have been in a confused period. until the subsequent emergence of the photographs, I also can not question him, why did you do, but I think I tried, for me, This is not a good thing, is a great harm. “

She also revealed than in October she may work in Herman Yau’s new film ‘Qiu Jin’. (Xinhua)

Charlene Choi signed autographs in Beijing to coincide with the release of her Mandarin CD As a Sa. (Xinhua)

Zhao Wei

Ruby Lin, Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, and China Film Group Deputies visited a senior actress on her birthday at a Shanghai hospital. (Xinhua)

Lucas Tse takes on pop legend Michael Jackson

In a 5-minute clip circulated on a popular Chinese video-sharing website, Lucas Tse, son of power couple Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse, pouts and moonwalks to the beat of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’.

Twenty years her senior, Mu is said to be a native from the Shandong province who grew up in Taiwan. Apart from being the boss of a famous club in Shanghai, Mu is also active in the Taiwanese showbiz arena and is one of the masterminds behind many Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese productions.

June 10, 2010

June 10, 2010

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Poster for The Legend Is Born - Ip Man

The film premiered June 10 in Foshan, then it will screen in Shanghai June 12 and open nationally June 25  (Sina)

Enter the remakes: The Karate Kid (SG)

The Hong Kong film industry is in a steep slump, but, at the senior-citizen age of 56, he is still gainfully employed not only in Asian flicks, but also in numerous ang moh ones.

Shu Qi, Aaron Kwok

Stills featuring Shu Qi in City Under Siege. Film is to be released Aug.6. (Sina)

Lin Huiyin to be portrayed by Zhang Ziyi

Famous architect and poet Lin Huiyin will be portrayed by actress Zhang Ziyi in the second half of the year according to media reports. In 1949 Lin, who died in 1955 of tuberculosis, was part of the design team that designed the new PRC’s national emblem and the People Heroes’ Monument in Tiananmen Square. Interestingly, last year, on the 60th anniversary of the republic, in a vote of the 12 most beautiful women Lin Huiyin was ranked first and Zhang Ziyi was voted 12th. Lin’s husband, also an architect, Liang Sicheng will be played by Chang Chen. Both studied architecture in the US at the University of Pennsylvania. Ethan Ruan will play poet Xu Zhimo whom she was also very close to. Chinese-American architect Maya Lin is the niece of Lin Huiyin.  (Xinhua)

Cheng Pei Pei

Cheng Pei Pei recently appeared on a Beijing TV program (Sina)

Lin Chi-Ling (DivaAsia)

Lin Chi-ling’s maiden J-drama may face cancellation (SG)

Taiwan model-actress Lin Chiling’s maiden Japanese drama serial “Moon Lovers” suffered from dismal ratings in Japan and may face cancellation, reported Taiwan media.

New office hours for the World Cup :D

Good luck to your team!

June 3, 2010

June 3, 2010

Global Times: City Under Siege, breaking new ground

With blockbusters New Police Story, Rob-B-Hood and Connected, Chan is among the first directors to find success with Chinese mainland-Hong Kong co-productions. In his opinion, co-production projects are a must, as the Hong Kong film industry is witnessing a decline.

Global Times: Shu Qi and Liu Ye back together in Beautiful Life

After their successful on-screen cooperation in Years Without Epidemic in 2003, Taiwanese actress Shu Qi and Chinese mainland actor Liu Ye are now starring in new romantic film Beautiful Life (working title), which started shooting last Wednesday in Beijing. Writer/ director Wai-keung Lau [Andrew Lau] is behind the production and the cast includes former Olympic diving champion Tian Liang.

Global Times: The Legend is Born

Directed by Hong Kong former cult film director Herman Yau and starring To Yu-hang and Huang Yi, The Legend is Born centers on Ip’s life between the ages of 12 and 30, promising a different approach and revealing how a young Ip grew to became a grandmaster of Wing Chun.

Ip Chun appears in the new film as Ip Man’s second mentor Leung Bik, with several action scenes promised, leaving many in suspense of what may be the work’s biggest surprise. Ip Chun said that his experience of being an actor was a little tedious, adding that he is unlikely to do it again.

Global Times: Monkey King madness

3 version in the works:

  • Hong Kong director Hark Tsui has vowed that he will not retire until he shoots a film based on the novel, for which he has been preparing for 20 years.
  • Action star Donnie Yen recently announced his decision to play the role of Monkey King in Da Nao Tian Gong (Pou-soi Cheang), a Chinese mainland-Hong Kong co-production based on the novel’s first few chapters that will start shooting later this year.
  • However, it is Zhang Jizhong, a TV drama director, who has the biggest ambition. He will work with a Hollywood team to shoot a Monkey King trilogy in IMAX 3D, with an expected investment of $300 million, according to an announcement at a recent press conference in Beijing.

Zhang admitted that after communicating and cooperating with the Hollywood crew over the past two years, he came to the realization that the industrialized Hollywood model would be the path for the Chinese film industry “sooner or later.” He said that he hopes to enhance Chinese film via the cooperation and lessons learnt from the Hollywood crew.

HKMagazine: Once a Gangster

“Once a Gangster” is a clever comic reinvention of the triad film genre. Its central question is: “What happens to those ‘Young and Dangerous’ gangster dudes once they grow up?” The answer: They want to do anything but “chop friend.”

Josie Ho, daughter of Macau casino tsar Stanley Ho, is a singer, actress, and billionaire heiress. Her new slasher movie “Dream Home” takes local films to a gore-iffic new level.

  • I don’t go clubbing anymore [started at 12; semi-retired by 23]. It’s such a chore nowadays. The music’s so loud, your friends are screaming in your ear, spitting saliva onto your face.
  • Oh it’s an absolute necessity to save money, because shit happens.
  • In this movie, I play a loser. She is willing to do anything to get her dream apartment. She doesn’t even think she is insane.

Chinese censors requested that several scenes, including sequences of bullying and a kiss between Dre and his Chinese love interest, be left on the cutting room floor. (KoreanHerald)

Liu Yifei’s agent has confirmed that she will star in Wilson Yip’s Chinese Ghost Story and the director refuted rumors that Joey Wang would return in a role. Arthur Wong Ngai-Tai (Chinese Ghost Story 2) will return to shoot the movie in a new and updated form. (Sina)

Stanley Tong will announce the cast for his new film (”Two-Color Island”) a Chengdu-Okinawa love story, at the Shanghai International Film Festival. (Xinhua)

Qin Hailu is currently filming a TV series in Hengdian (cri)

Huang Yi

Huang Yi appeared on a TV talk show struggling to express herself over the marriage-divorce revelations.

As for the leaks, she said, ‘This is not my own doing.’ (Xinhua)

Yao Ming and Kobe Bryant may co-star in “amazing” film

May 20, 2010

May 20, 2010

Variety: Poetry (Sourth Korea) Latest film from Lee Chang-Dong

A woman takes up writing poems as a means of coping with her difficult grandson and the onset of Alzheimer’s — a description that conveys little hint of the subtle intelligence at work in Lee Chang-dong’s quietly haunting new picture. Calmer and less shattering than his masterly psychodrama “Secret Sunshine” (2007), “Poetry” is a deceptively gentle tale with a tender ache at its center, as well as a performance from Yun Jung-hee that lingers long in the memory.

CRI:Movie Guide: ‘Gallants’

Although the story is set in present-day Hong Kong, the film’s trailer easily conjures up the Shaw Brothers movies of the 1970s and ’80s. The background music is familiar, and text in old-school fonts is deliberately printed from right to left. A cast of ’80s stars also adds to the retro feeling.

“Gallants” will open on the Chinese mainland on June 4 without a Mandarin version, unlike most Hong Kong movies, which usually are released in an additional Mandarin version to cater to mainland audiences.

CRI: Chinese Crime Thriller ‘Wind Blast’ Unveils Trailer, Poster (Previously, Fierce West Wind here)

September 2 release date.

Lam Suet, Huang Yi - Legend is Born

To Yu-Hang - Legend is Born

CRI: ‘The Legend Is Born - Ip Man’ Set for Release in June

CRI: Jet Li’s Father-Son Film Competes in Shanghai

Jet Li’s first non-action drama, “Ocean Heaven” [Ocean Paradise], is among the 16 films competing for the top Golden Goblet award at this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival, the organizer announced Thursday.

Guei Lun-Mei’s pole dance scene was, regrettably, deleted

Wen Zhang, Guei Lun-Mei - Ocean Paradise (HunanTV)

(May 18) Jeff Lau’s Fantastic Water Babes began its publicity tour in Changsha, Hunan. A July 9 release is planned.

Jeff Lau, Alex Fong Lik-Sun, Gillian Choi, Stephen Fung

Gillian Chung

Jeff Lau

Stephen Fung, Alex Fong (HunanTV)

Jiang Wen is busy in Cannes promoting Let the Bullets Fly (Xinhua)

CNNGo: Complete guide to the best Hong Kong movie experiences

[I'm guessing the Fanling Theatre is the one that's often seen in the old Connie Chan films.]

THR: Bangkok cinemas burned by rioters

Multiplexes, classic theater destroyed by arsonists

The classic Siam Theater nearby was gutted by fire. The 1,000-seat, single-screen cinema opened in the 1960s, and was considered a Bangkok landmark, especially among film fans.

The fires were sure to slow the boxoffice of Tony Jaa’s newest martial arts release, “Ong Bak 3,” released May 5.

Wang Xueqi

Wang Xueqi, lead actor in Chongqing Blues, missed the Cannes red carpet due to problems obtaining a visa. He is hoping to join the rest of the cast and crew before the closing ceremony and also get in some sightseeing. In 1998, he won the Special Grand Jury Prize at the Montreal Film Festival for Sun Bird a film that he co-directed. It’s also reported that the crew has been asked to stay in Cannes, a hint and usual indicator that the film may collect a prize or two. (HunanTV)2

Andy On Chi-Kit’s birthday

Andy On, Donnie Yen

Cast and crew conspired to surprise Andy On with two large birthday cakes on the set of Felix Chong’s and Andy Mak’s Guan Yun Chang (Lost Bladesman) (Sina)

Sammi Cheng gets a (temporary) tattoo for a cause

July 7 (7.7) is MSF (Doctors Without Borders) 2010 Day

Sammi is donating part of her album royalties as Action Ambassador for MSF (Sina)

Fan Bingbing, Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele of Chopard

Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele is the co-president of luxury watch and jewelry brand Chopard. Chopard redesigned Cannes’ highest award the Golden Palm (Palme d’Or) in 1998. (Sina)

February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010

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Avatar Fever, Catch It Series (China Hush)

With a stellar cast and entertaining storyline that weaves together action and drama, the film should do well with younger audience members who like to view the underworld through rose-tinted glasses.

A romance as pretty and immaterial as a swirl of bubbles.

A love story between an elderly couple that is tender without being schmaltzy.

Limited US release begins this Friday

On the popular movie site, it scored a 3.8 out of 10 in user-submitted reviews, compared to 9.4 for Avatar. The Global Times gave it a 4 out of 10, calling it “thoughtless and mind-numbing.”…

Han Han, one of China’s most popular writers who is widely viewed as a key voice of the country’s youth generation, gave it a two on his popular blog, calling it an entertainment, educational, and business failure.

HK Magazine: Confucius

Sze Nga (Michelle Wai)

Former - Sze Nga, Chapman To

Chapman To convinced Albert Yeung to produce small films like Former designed to bring new acting and directing talent to the screen. The artists are given creative space with no interference from Yeung. (Sina)

Huang Yi - Legend is Born - Ip Man

Bernice Liu

Sire Ma Choi

Xu Jiao

Rose Chan, Bernice Liu

The cast of The Legend is Born - Ip Man (Ip Man Prequel), including Lam Suet, Yuen Biao and Du Yuhang, gathered for a production wrap banquet in Hong Kong last night. (Xinhua) (23)(Sina)

Chen Kaige - Zhao’s Orphan

Chen Kaige held the first press conference for Zhao’s Orphan. He said that the film will promote Tibetan culture. (Sina)

Zhang Ziyi embroiled in donation scandal

Wedding bells for Angelica Lee and Oxide Pang this Saturday

Aaron Kwok once gave Lynn Hung lingerie

Glass CDs, Panda Men and Golden Brooms

Spring Festival means 2.5 billion people on the move In photos (China Hush)

January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010

Jeff Lau’s Once Upon a Chinese Classic will be pushed back to a March release due to the huge competition during the Spring Festival season. (Sina)

Variety: Jackie Chan’s ‘Incident’ heads for U.S.

Film to open on 20 screens in 10 U.S. markets

BEIJING — Jackie Chan crimer “Shinjuku Incident” has secured theatrical distribution in the U.S. and will open Feb. 5, followed by a Sony Home Entertainment DVD release on May 25.

Pic’s producers have partnered with Barking Cow Distribution to release the film in Chinese with English subtitles on 20 screens in 10 U.S. markets with large Chinese communities.

The DVD will offer a choice of either Chinese or English-language and subtitles.

In the pic, which was exec produced by Chan and helmed by Derek Yee, Chan plays an illegal Chinese immigrant trying to survive on the gangster-run streets of Tokyo in the 1990s. Pic also features Daniel Wu, Xu Jinglei and Fan Bingbing.

Pic was nixed by censors in mainland China for its violence and depiction of malcontent mainlanders fleeing to Japan.

Du Yuhang, Yip Chun, Huang Yi

Huang Yi

Yuen Biao

Fan Siu-Wang, Yuen Biao, Du Yuhang

Ip Man prequel begins shooting in Foshan The Legend is Born - Ip Man features Du Yuhang, Hins Cheung,  and Huang Yi. Costars include Yuen Biao and Fan Siu-Wong. HD slide show (12)(Sina) (Sina) (Xinhua)

Year of the thriller for Korean movies

Film insiders excited over new works by three star directors

Edison Chen

Host Jon Niermann

In a television interview on a Star World Satellite program based in Shanghai, Edison described last year’s photo scandal as an ‘invisible gift’. He said he didn’t know if he was the criminal or the villain, but many friends supported him through much distress and unnecessary attention. Edison is relieved to say: “This never-ending nightmare has ended.” As for the future, he is contemplating developing a film and play a pervert or homosexual killer.(Sina)

Cheeky Edison’s back on the scene

Chow’s wife, Anita Yuen, Chow Yun-Fat, Coco Lee

Coco Lee

Anita Yuen (Xinhua)

Qin Hailu


Chow Yun-Fat, Coco Lee, Anita Yuen, Qin Hailu and many other celebrities opened a luxury brand flagship store in Beijing. HD slide show (30)(Sina)

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