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May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011

CRI: ”Love for Life” (Zui Ai) Premieres Thursday

A grand premiere was held in Beijing on Thursday, May 5, for director Gu Changwei’s AIDS-themed feature film, “Love For Life”(Zui Ai)[vide. Till Death Do Us Part] starring Aaron Kwok and Zhang Ziyi,

CF: ”Till Death Do Us Part” Premieres Thursday

CF: Aaron Kwok Premieres “The Detective 2″ in Hong Kong

CF: ”The Grandmasters” Scheduled to Wrap in Mid-May

HKStandard: Sex in a new dimension - Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

The big gripe doing the rounds is that it does not live up to the promise of the title. That’s the grumble from hard-porn- hardened youngsters who paid the HK$100 ticket price to gaze at it on one of 73 screens in Hong Kong.

“Why would a porn flick show more piercing cries rather than moans of ecstasy? Why would a porn flick turn into a horror movie? Why would it contain head explosions, disembowelment and dismemberment? I watch porn because I want to see people having sex, not murdering each other.”

“Asking them to pay a hundred bucks was unfair to them,” he [Stephen Shiu] says. “I’ve just realized that.”

“Vegetate” directed by Wang Jing was the biggest winner of the night, including best picture, best sceenplay, best actor and actress.

In previous versions, Liu Ye and Tang Wei were on the right

No Party for Tang Wei. All traces of Tang Wei have been removed from the official website for The Founding of a Party, including videos and stills according to reports from netizens. (Sina)

Poster for North American release, May 20, of A Beautiful Life (Sina)

Andrew Lau, Shu Qi and Liu Ye met the media for interviews to promote A Beautiful Life.


Tsui Hark personally inscribed the calligraphy on the limited-edition fans promoting Flying Swords of Dragon Gate to be given away at the Bona Film Group banquet at the Cannes Film Festival later this month.


Twins are in Queensland, Australia to shoot a MV commemorating their 10th anniversary. Here, in a seafood restaurant posted on their weibo. (Xinhua)

Huang Yi

Huang Yi (l), Chen Lu Yu (c), Zhou Xun (r)

Huang Yi was invited to be an ambassador for disaster prevention and relief by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs at the Great Hall of the People.  (Sina)

Such is his popularity that Hui has been commandeered by the Hong Kong government to join the election committee which chooses the city’s chief executive while he also sits on China’s National People’s Congress — a rare honour for man who makes a living out of poking fun at society.

Although Hui has not made a film since “Rob-B-Hood” alongside Jackie Chan in 2006 he says he has been inspired now by recent happenings both at home and abroad to start writing again.

CF: Donnie Yen Covers “Fashion Weekly”

Director James Lee has begun shooting for his upcoming martial arts comedy “Petaling Street Warrior” in a small street with ancient buildings at Siputeh, Ipoh

The House of Dancing Water” is the latest brainchild of veteran Vegas show-maker Franco Dragone, the director of Cirque du Soleil’s most prestigious shows in the 1990s.

Drugs, money, mother-in-law

In other news, Jay, who is currently in Malaysia filming The Viral Factor, secretly cut his hair short to achieve a rugged look for his new role. When his new on-set image was exposed, fans praised him for looking more mature and manly.

May 5, 2011

May 5, 2011

THR: Feng Xiaogang’s Next Film Tackles China Famine During Japanese Invasion

Remembering 1942 will be the first time Feng addresses on the big screen Japan’s WWII era atrocities, a fraught subject for Chinese filmmakers, but one that in recent years has proven commercially popular in the marketplace.

CRI: ”Nanjing Heroes” Reveals Battle Scenes

CRI: ”Wu Xia” to Premiere in Cannes Film Festival

Peter Chan Ho-sun’s martial art flick, “Wu Xia,” originally known as Swordsman, will have a global premiere on May 13 at the 64th annual Cannes Film Festival this year.

Reportedly, the director has employed a very different approach to demonstrate the physicality of martial arts by magnifying some medical and scientific elements in the action choreography.

CRI: First Peek of Love Birds Deng and Sun in “Painted Skin 2″

Deng Chao opened up on his marriage with years-long girlfriend and fellow actress Sun Li in a recent on location interview of his new film “Four Famous Detectives.”

Deng Chao in The Founding of a Party

Pan Yueming, Deng Chao (Sina)

CF: Theme Song of “Till Death Do Us Part” Releases

CF: Poster Released for “My Kingdom”

“My Kingdom” is based on an epic story about two orphans adopted in an opera troupe in the 1920s in Shanghai.

THR: Chinese Director Chen Kaige Named Jury President of Sydney Film Festival(FBA)

A1: Bladesman of Glory

The Lost Bladesman - Granted that the feature-film format provides only a limited canvas to properly explain the entire history and myriad of characters of that era, it’s clear that at the core of the film is the treachery of politics that even heroes can’t get untangled from.

The Lost Bladesman made a robust RMB100.4 million ($15.5 million) in its first six days in cinemas last week.

Stills of Kelly Lin from newly-released trailer of The Devil Inside Me

Additional stills (Sina)

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu press conference in Guangzhou, the film opens May 10 (May 5)

Wang Baoqiang, Michelle Ye

Wang Baoqiang, Ng Man-Tat (Sina)

Gillian Chung and Kevin Kwan have been filming in the mainland. The Chinese title is literally Midnight Angel and Gillian plays an OL (office lady).


Beijing premiere press conference for Gu Changwei’s Love For Life/Till Death Do Us Part (May 5)

Zhang Ziyi , Aaron Kwok , and Pu Cunxin , Jiang Wenli , Tao Zeru , Sun Haiying , Cai Guoqing , and others attended the press conference for the premiere of Till Death Do Us Part.

Zhang Ziyi and Aaron Kwok arriving

Gu Changwei

Zhang Ziyi

Tao Zeru, Li Danying


Edison Chen, Andrew Lau

Edison Chen helped Andrew Lau promote A Beautiful Life by recording the theme song with him. According to the report, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai is also helping out. (Sina)

Poster for The Pretending Lovers

Huang Bo

The Pretending Lovers (lit.Pretend Couple) is an urban romance-comedy shot in Norway(!) and stars Huang Bo and Jiang Yiyan. The film is set to be released June 24. (Sina)

Tse and Chou in action as filming gets under way(A1)

KUALA LUMPUR: Hong Kong superstar Nicholas Tse and Taiwanese heart-throb Jay Chou have started shooting for the action movie Against War at two locations right in the heart of the city.

MSN: Andy Hui meets his in-laws to discuss wedding plans

MSN: A-Mei has a fear for crowds

During the shoot of her album cover, she had an attack and was spotted to be trembling and sweating profusely. The sudden attack brought on by her fear for crowds caused her manager, Chen, to suffer a relapse in depression.

MSN: Wu Chun donates $5.2mil to Japan relief efforts

Suzanne Siu (Xinhua)

Suzanne: “How come I’m such a bitch?”

Taiwan actress Suzanne Siu went behind bars yesterday for the second time and is paying the price again for her drug-related offences, according to Apple Daily.

The jail term is one year and seven months but with good behaviour she might be released on probation in March 2012 the earliest.

The 34-year-old Siu (other aliases Suzanne Siu Suk-San, Lily Siu, Suzanne Xiao Shu-Shen, Hsiao Shu-Shen, Cecelia Hsiao, Siu Sou-San and Suzanne Hsiao) was viewed as a shining star when she first entered showbiz at the age of 21

.”Other people who take drugs never get caught. Why does it have to be me? So I just abandoned myself to vice,” she said in a recent interview.

(Nov.6.2009)(Oct.10 2009)(Nov. 2008)(Nov.2007)2

Speaking at an anti-drug rally in Taiwan recently (Xinhua)

May 4, 2011

May 4, 2011

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Variety: The Lost Bladesman review

CF: New Take on Legend

Director lauds Christian Bale for China film work (AP)

“Nanjing Heroes,” a $90 million production, is scheduled to finish shooting in June and will be released in China on Dec. 16. CF: Christian Bale Finishes Shooting “Nanjing Heroes”

Nanjing Heroes

Dou Xiao

Huang Haibo

Tong Dawei (Sina)

AP: Dancer-turned-actor Kwok is focus in 2 May movies

The dancer-turned-singer-turned-actor stars in two of the month’s major releases — Gu Changwei’s romance “Love for Life,” and Oxide Pang’s crime thriller “The Detective 2″ — and has earned rave reviews from both directors.

CF: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” Goes to Cannes

Just a few days before, actress Fan Bingbing revealed that she would join Korean director Kang Je-gyu and actor Jang Dong-gun to promote her new movie “My Way” at Cannes.

Green Snake (1993) will be released alongside It’s Love later this year; The Soong Sisters (1997) will be showing with new film 1911; New Dragon Inn (1992) with the original Dragon Inn, and King of Western Chu (1994) with The Last Supper.

First poster for My Kingdom

My Kingdom will screen at Cannes

Four years in the making, MY KINGDOM is a sweeping story of love, honor and revenge set against the backdrop of Chinese opera during its heyday in 1920s Shanghai. Written by Zou Jingzhi, one of China’s most popular writers, the story centers around two sworn brothers and their quest to regain their master’s honor. Their relentless quest leads them to fame and love, but also to their own downfall.

Bringing this epic tale to life is director Gao Xiaosong, one of a new wave of young Chinese directors defining the next evolution of Chinese cinema. Although Chinese opera performers have been the subject of iconic films before, Gao wants audiences to see a different side of this art form, one filled with strength, honor and deadly duels. Playing the lead roles are three of today’s hottest young idols in Asia: Wu Chun, Han Geng and Barbie Hsu. Each actor trained for over three months to hone their martial arts skills in order to perform the duels in the film. (FBA) [Sammo Hung provides the action choreography] (Sina)

Till Death Do Us Part premieres in Beijing May 5, with a full release May 10.

Zhang Ziyi, Aaron Kwok

The Founding of a Party - following the tradition of The Founding of a Republic, Huang Jianxin selected Lu Chuan to help co-direct a key scene in the new film. The production also released an NG trailer to thanks all the big name guest stars in the film.

Wang Bo-Chieh plays a patriotic student

Wang Lee-Hom

Liu Ye as Mao Zedong (Sina)

Jackie Chan and Tan Jing ;D opened the torch relay at Tsinghua University in Beijing for the 26th Shenzhen Universiade

Tan Jing

Tan Jing and Jackie performing at the recent 100th anniversary celebration of Tsinghua University (Apr.24) (Sina)

Tan Jing singing the theme song at The Lost Bladesman premiere (Apr.18)

(Sina-slidshow)23, (Xinhua)Shenzhen Universiade flame lit at Tsinghua University

Hong Kong soap actor Law Lok Sam who is making headlines for dying so often on TV shows.

CNA: Shawn Yue denies romancing Shu Qi: “I’m not so lucky”

He exchanges intimate micro blog posts with Shu Qi, was spotted chatting her up on a few occasions and described the 35-year-old Taiwan actress as “very charismatic” and “a good girl” when he met the Taiwan media on Sunday.

Shawn will be singing the theme song in Shu Qi’s A Beautiful Life directed by Andrew Lau who also accompanied Shawn on guitar.  (Sina)

Angelababy gets apology

Hong Kong-based publication Three Weekly has issued a statement apologising for its untruthful reports about Angelababy’s facelifts, in the latest development to frequent media speculation about the Chinese beauty.

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