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October 12, 2009

October 12, 2009

CRI: Donnie Yen Is a Royal Spy in New Martial Art Film 14 Blades

Yen will continue his action hero routines to play the head agent of the royal espionage network during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), a relatively dark period in China’s history when the feudal court made unprecedented use of a spy system to run the ruling machine…

Peter Ho Yun-Tung - Once Upon A Time In Tibet

Variety: The Warrior and The Wolf review

Variety: Fireball (Thailand) review

Basketball becomes an underground bloodsport in “Fireball,” a lively Thai actioner in which Bangkok’s toughest street gangs smash each other senseless in the quest for championship honors.

Screen Daily: Paju (South Korea)

Glenn offers us his thoughts on Francis Ng’s Tracing Shadow

Imagi hitches rocket to ‘Astro Boy’

“Astro Boy II” could soon be in the works if all goes well with this week’s release of the animated superhero movie “Astro Boy.” That would also spell a new lease on life for its production house Imagi and could redefine the concept of co-production in Asia.

Chinese directors pay tribute to quake-hit city

In the same style as the anthology films “New York, I Love You” and “Paris, I Love You,” two Chinese filmmakers have profiled a Chinese city that was hit by a massive earthquake last year.

“Chengdu, I Love You” was conceived as a tribute to the southwestern city in Sichuan province that was decimated by a 7.9-magnitude quake in May 2008, leaving nearly 90,000 people dead or missing, Hong Kong director Fruit Chan said.

OCRegister: Red Cliff West Coast Premiere

The Regency South Coast Village Theater will screen, in its West Coast premiere, John Woo’s latest epic, “Red Cliff” (Oct. 15), the most expensive Chinese film ever made, followed by a Q and A with the director. In collaboration with the Richard Nixon Presidential Library & Museum, a series of ping pong tournaments will be held in South Coast Plaza to commemorate Nixon-era Ping Pong Diplomacy (Oct. 17-18). The Bowers Museum, South Coast Repertory, and the Orange County Museum of Art will also present “Ancient Paths” events.

Two Hollywood projects lined up for John Woo

THR: ‘Ong Bak’ team ready for English-language ‘City of Angels’

Dwayne Johnson and Robin Shou to costar

THR: Disaster director ready for America

‘Haeundae’ helmer writing English comedy with Korean story

Fan Bingbing

With Wilson Chen Bo-lin

Fan Bingbing has started work in Chengdu on Li Yu’s Guanyin Mountain which also costars Sylvia Chang. (

Ge You to Chair Macao Int’l Film Festival

Li Feier - newcomer in Wang Xiaoishua’s Mosaic/Sunshine in Chongqing

Visitors From the Sui Dynastyslide show

A time travel comedy.

China’s Hottest Entertainers for 2009

Xiao Shenyang, Liu Qian, Li Yugang

August 6, 2009

August 6, 2009

Warners offers Bruce Lee role to Rain
Korean singer-actor still mulling remake of ‘Enter the Dragon’

Jaycee Chan Comedy novice in Tracing Shadow

Johnnie To: Johnny Hallyday wasn’t prima donna on ‘Vengeance’ set

‘Chengdu, I Love You’
“Chengdu, I Love You” may not be shown in its entirety as its premiere closes the 66th Venice International Film Festival.

“Empire of Silver” Generates Its Own Fortune in Taiwan

Kungfu Cyborg - Eric Tsang, Law Gar-Ying photos
Opens August 20 simultaneously in Hong Kong and Mainland

Barbie Hsu, Wong JingLouis Koo
Meng YaoJing girl - Liu Yang
On His Majesty’s Secret Service premiere - photo gallery

Maggie Siu, Simon Yam
Michelle YeAnthony Wong

Vengeance premiere photos

Opening ceremony at Hong Kong Summer International Film Festival

Mao Mao
Mao Mao - Zhang Yimou’s Amazing Tales - Three Guns

Jet Li: Never Heard about ‘Shaolin’ Remake

Gillian Chung scenes deleted from Jeff Lau’s Light-Transcending Pandora’s Box for fear of Mainland objection

Mars Baby photo gallery

Charlene Choi: Twins will not be disbanding

Zhang Ziyi and Vivi Nevo separated
Recently, Zhang has been staying in Beijing to help her brother take care of his children and promoting her new film. Supposedly, the real reason is that the two have parted company.

New Faye Wong advert photo found on her Facebook page

Karena Lam
Karena Lam promoting cosmetics

Zhang Pimin promoted to deputy director of China’s SARFT

July 30, 2009

July 30, 2009

New Sophie’s Revenge poster

Zhang Ziyi

More stills - Sophie’s Revenge

Tracing Shadow poster

Recent posts from Bey Logan’s blog
Bey Logan: Chow on Fire
Fat Gor tries to change a flat tire/tyre

Bey Logan: Coffee with Gong Li
Gong dominated Chinese cinema to such an extent that, when she proved unavailable for the project, Chen Kaige begrudgingly began his film Temptress Moon with another actress, Iron Monkey’s Jean Wang, before summarily dismissing her when Gong Li did become available (and then, rather unkindly, criticizing Wang in the press.)

Bey Logan: The Man With The Deadly Pen
Ngai Hong (AKA Ni Kuang) (and Vivian Chow’s father-in-law)

Guardian: Can Kung Fu Cyborg kick Transformers’ arse?

Shu Qi performing action stunts on City Under Siege - slide show

Fruit Chan
Chengdu, I Love You
Fruit Chan’s Chengdu, I Love You to close Venice Film Festival

Xiao Shenyang
Sun Honglei
Zhang Yimou’s Three Guns

Li Bingbing was admitted to the hospital with heat stroke and hospitalized for two days but has now returned to the set of Detective Dee

Chow Yun-Fat possibly joining the cast of Jiang Wen’s Let the Bullets Fly

The woman who changes one man’s destiny - Michelle Reis
“If a woman can change a man’s whole life, that’s an attractive story to me,” the 39-year-old says. “My role encourages a beggar to stand up to hardship and live with dignity and confidence. She makes me believe in love.”

Qin Hailu

Qin Hailu to star in Sun Zhou’s 1949 war drama set in Guangzhou

Kelly Chen

Hong Kong media is reporting that Kelly Chen is not getting along with her mother-in-law

Supposedly clashing over cooking and child care

Zhao Wei releasing new album on digital platform via China Mobile (a la Karen Mok) in August

Rumor: Zhao Wei has registered for marriage in Singapore to a businessman
She was spotted with a wealthy merchant outside a marriage registration office in Singapore. To register in Singapore one must be a Singaporean or a permanent resident of Singapore.
If so, can a change in citizenship be far behind? :)

Liu Ye promoting auto brand

First public appearance since marriage

Pace Wu

Pace Wu in Taipei promoting cosmetics - gallery

Paris Hilton dons a Hello Kitty dress

Group wants to stub out film smoke
Chinese anti-smoking group call for a ban on smoking scenes

Hong Kong gang convicted for piracy
Leader sentenced to 74 months; $1.1 mil in assets seized

July 28, 2009

July 28, 2009

Jet Li
Still from Sylvester Stallone film The Expendables - Jet Li

SCMP: Daniel Wu discusses new film ‘Overheard’
Zhang Jingchu, Lau Ching-Wan
Overheard takes in 35M yuan in the opening weekend

‘Tracing Shadow’ Premieres

More photos of premiere

Peter Chan wanted to cast Michelle Reis ten years ago when Bodyguards and Assassins was first planned

Additional photos of Michelle Reis on set of Bodyguards and Assassins
Andrew Lau received a 1905 HK$10 bill as a reward and commemoration for his efforts
Peter Chan, in a surprise, introduced Andrew Lau on the last of shooting. Lau had been called in to assist due to an unnamed large crisis.
‘Infernal’ Lau joins ‘Bodyguards’

Shing Fui-On
Shing Fui-On suffers recurrence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

The 54 year-old actor was treated in 2004 with chemo and radiation therapy and he lost 45kg in weight. He also lost his sense of taste and hearing. Nonetheless, Shing was elected village head in Sai Kung and later ran for election to the legislature but was defeated.
Nick Cheung, also a Sai Kung resident, went directly from shooting To Live and Die in Mongkok to visit Shing at the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital. He is due to be released in a couple days.

Prison on Fire
1988 - The Greatest Lover
2001 - ATV series with Japanese beauties
Secret Lover, 1995The Detective, 2007
2003 running for legislative council member

Shing Fui-On continued auto racing even after first being diagnosed in 2004

Zhang Ziyi Interview: From Actress to Producer (Thanks, to duriandave, for pointing it out)

Chinese filmmaker Feng Xiaogang begins shooting earthquake movie
“Aftershocks” tells the story of a seven-year-old girl who survived the quake that killed more than 240,000 people.

Hong Kong filmmaker Lee Kung-lok’s romantic comedy Let’s Fall in Love starts shooting in Beijing on July 24.

MIFF weighs future of Chinese pics
Claustrophobia, Miao Miao also withdrawn

Hollywood Reporter: Haeundae - film review
Bottom Line: Korea’s first disaster movie is slow to reach a crest of excitement but eventually delivers shiploads of action and visual spectacles.
Disaster film a Korean BO success

Comic-Con ‘Thirst’ panel with director Park Chan-Wook

Sassy Girl Returns as a Cyborg (video/photos)
Sassy girl returns as robot in Cyborg She

HK singer Eason Chan’s marriage in trouble?

Donnie Yen’s birthday party
Donnie Yen and wife
Raymond WongLynn XiongCheung Tat-MingVincent Kok
Roy CheungLeon LaiAndrew Lin
Donnie Yen celebrates his 46th birthday with friends

Additional photos

Yasmin Ahmad

  • Touched by her maternal glow
  • Friend to All
  • Tears and tribute

    ESWN: Young Models At The Hong Kong Book Fair

    SCMP: Anti-model activists protest at HK Book Fair

    SCMP: Kobe brings MVP skills to HK

  • July 17, 2009

    July 17, 2009

    Ronald Cheng
    Kungfu Cyborg poster features comedy aspect

    McDull Wudang poster

    Battle Film “Wheat” to Be Released in September

    Jaycee Chan
    Jaycee Chan in Hua Mulan

    Tough Tony
    Tony Leung Chiu-Wai photos

    Gao YuanyuanYu Feihong director,actress
    Gao Yuanyuan supports Eternal Beloved’s first time director Yu Feihong

    August release scheduled

    Epic of the East
    John Woo’s Red Cliff

    Copy of ‘Tracing Shadow’ donated to museum

    Karen Mok promoting new CD
    Karen Mok’s new CD made in cooperation with China Mobile

    Race WongRace WongTi Na
    Ti Na speaks out against photo albums that show too much skin

    Warns young women against seeking quick fame and fortune. The upcoming Hong Kong Book Fair features a large number of photo album books such as Race Wong’s.

    Charlie Yeung
    Charlie Yeung visits cancer patients

    Maggie Q and The O.C.'s Kaitlin Cooper (Willa Holland)
    Maggie Q attending LA Vogue anniversary party

    Gillian Chung

    Gillian Chung promotes beer in Malaysia

    Ruby Lin cosmetic surgery?

    Netizens note change in appearance
    Ruby Lin swarmed with plastic surgery rumours

    Shu Qi seen in Stephen Fung’s house

    Paulyn Sun in the news
    Wealthy ex walks free after model punch rap

    Hong Kong filmmakers visit China
    Delegation announces promo plan, new projects

    Edison Chen re-engaged as jeans endorsee

    Taipei Times: Pop Stop

    Carol Cheng - too much plastic surgery

    July 13, 2009

    July 13, 2009

    A tale of two Tonys
    Meeting Tony Leung Chiu-Wai

    “Murderer” Premieres in Hong Kong

    Xu Jinglei on Office Politics

    New Stills for Francis Ng’s ‘Tracing Shadow’

    Kung Fu Kid: Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith start ‘Karate Kid’ remake

    Stephen Chow quits Kato role in ‘The Green Hornet’
    Oriental Daily article

    Taiwanese film industry looks to China for growth

    Liu Ye
    ‘Role Model’ Movie’s Bumpy Road to Success

    ‘Iron Man’, which eulogizes an oil field worker, has walked the tight rope between profit-making and being just an ethics sermon

    Sandra Ng
    Barbie Hsu
    Sandra Ng, Barbie Hsu promote On His Majesty’s Secret Service

    Barbie Hsu, Louis Koo
    Maggie Lee Man-Kwan
    Louis Koo, Barbie Hsu, Maggie Lee Man-Kwan

    More photos

    Xie Na
    Liu Yiwei, Xie Na
    Upcoming sci-fi comedy Martian Baby/Mars Baby also costars Wong Jing

    Rosamund KwanSimon Yam
    Rosamund Kwan, Simon Yam attend charity for Operation Smile

    Kelly Chen’s baby boy English name is ‘Chace’, Chinese name ‘Lau Sing’
    New mom Kelly Chen to return to work next month

    Gigi and Sly
    Gigi Leung
    Hong Kong media reports that Gigi Leung will marry her secret boyfriend ‘Sly’ in France next year

    Josie Ho
    Edison’s night out in Hong Kong

    `Whatever Man’ ponders his next play

    July 10, 2009

    July 10, 2009

    Kungfu Cyborg poster

    Retrospective of 50 years of Hong Kong cops and robbers films

    Zhang Jingchu, Lau Ching-Wan
    Still from Overheard - Zhang Jingchu, Lau Ching-Wan

    Alice Mak

    Cartoonist Alice Mak, McDull’s creator

    Jackie Chan and Will Smith - Kung Fu Kid

    Andy  Lau

    Andy Lau - Detective Dee

    Detective Dee Talks to Animals

    Laughing Gor still

    Tracing Shadow musical number pays tribute to a certain Oscar winner filmed in India

    ‘Breathless’ Reaps 13th Award in New York

    Taipei Times: Pop Stop

    Kelly Chen in labor checks into hospital unassisted

    Baby brings early joy for Kelly Chen

    Li Bingbing Shows off in Style

    Li Bingbing slide show

    Chen saga finally behind Cheung with Tse Jr 2 on the way?
    Funny and snarky
    Joey Wong a nun?
    Is ex-actress Joey Wong now a nun?

    A-Mei Beijing press conference

    Danwei: Two actresses barely survive botox overdose

    Chinese group planning Neverland ranch replica

    July 3, 2009

    July 3, 2009

    Overheard opens July 24

    Sophie’s Revenge expected to do well this summer

    Tracing Shadow: tribute to Chang Cheh, King Hu, Li Han-Hsiang

    Francis Ng wants to inspire young film viewers to golden age of Hong Kong martial arts film and modern interpretation of classic films like Gone With the Wind (above)

    Zhao Wei
    Zhao Wei decapitates a head in Hua Mulan

    Wong Jing confirms he is planning a Mainland remake of Flirting Scholar

    Taipei Times - Pop Stop

    China media body gets new film boss

    Zhang Pimin rises out of anonymity at SARFT

    Gillian feeling more confident

    Gillian Chung 30 days after 24 shots of Botox

    Richard Ng
    Richard Ng appeared on Stephen Chan’s TV interview program recently

    Miriam Yeung forced to postpone wedding
    Real Ting backs out

    Michelle Reis Now Says No to Surrogate Mother

    Vivian Hsu Denies Relationship with Stephen Fung

    A belated post, but still amazing pictures:
    Building Collapsed In Shanghai
    Why Did The Apartment Building In Shanghai Collapse? (Humorous)
    [The phallus shaped rock formation appears to be Yangyuan Stone in Guangdong Province.]
    Nine held in connection to collapsed Shanghai apartment building

    Mainlander gets 16 years in Martin Lee, Jimmy Lai case

    July 1, 2009

    July 1, 2009

    Brigitte Lin
    Brigitte Lin

    Chen Hong, then known as “Little Lin Ching-hsia”,
    completed New Dragon Inn after Brigitte Lin returned to Hong Kong
    (Can anyone confirm this? All I’ve found is that Chen Hong,Chen Kaige’s wife, played the role in a TV series version with Steven Ma.)

    Pace Wu
    Francis Ng and Pace Wu
    Beijing press conference for Tracing Shadow

    Photo gallery
    Slide show

    On His Majesty’s Secret Service
    Louis Koo, Barbie Hsu slide show

    Over 170 actors

    Ge You

    The Great Cause of China’s Foundation (Founding of the Nation: A Great Cause) - Launching ceremony in Beijing

    Andy Lau
    Latest Poster and Trailer

    One Night in Supermarket trailer

    Korea Times: Summer Action Flicks Are Coming

    Stefanie Sun - Her thigh steals the thunder
    20th Global Melody Awards (Taiwan) gallery

    Rosamund Kwan
    Rosamund Kwan attending Spring Summer Fashion Show in Hong Kong

    Joey Yung plastic surgery rumors continue

    Before and After

    China to spread the news in English

    Shandong and Metan are ‘Golden’
    120-episode series ‘Golden Mountain’ will be shot in China, U.S

    June 25, 2009

    June 25, 2009

    Shu Qi, Aaron Kwok
     Colin Chou, Aaron Kwok, Shu Qi, Wu Jing, Zhang Jingchu
    Zhang Jingchu
    City Wide Alert cast photos

    Colin Chou, Shu Qi, Aaron Kwok, Wu Jing, Zhang Jingchu
    Slide show

    Benny Chan Builds ‘City’ with Special Effects

    Faux Jackie and Jaycee Chan
    ‘Jackie’ meets Jaycee Chan in Tracing Shadow

    Seven Little Fortunes gather
    Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan

    MC Yuan Chau
    Over 20 Seven Little Fortunes gathered for a reunion to celebrate their 50th anniversary

    Yuen Chau/Yuen QiuYuen Wah
    Slide show

    Cherie Chung cover girl
    Cherie Chung will be on the upcoming cover of Elle

    Fan Bingbing Covers COSMO July Issue

    Zhang Ziyi Interprets ‘Precious Woman’

    Jackie Chan Promoted Patriotic Song in LA

    Zhou Xun Breaks up with Stylist Boyfriend
    Flashback of Zhou Xun and Li Daqi’s Five Years in Love

    China Film Association Names Best Chinese Films of 2008
    2008 saw an annual output of 406 Chinese films, among which 260 were digital productions. It was the first time the number of digital films exceeded traditional films, the report said.
    166 films, including 42 foreign-made films, were widely released.

    Karen Mok

    Photos from Karen Mok’s digital album release event in Beijing

    Karen Mok back with Digital Album

    Gillian Chung taking Botox shots to lose weight in arm and legs

    Paid a seven digit endorsement fee to get rid of ‘elephant legs’
    Gillian Chung’s secret to slimmer legs: Botox

    No Botox for Charlene

    Thrilled to have photo take with Clive Owen at SIFF

    Hong Kong’s Happy Ambassador

    Japanese Police Arrest Late Actress Jang’s Ex-Manager

    ICAC fury sparked mutiny 32 years ago

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