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June 18, 2009

June 18, 2009

Simon Yam

Ekin Cheng
Storm Warriors stills released, special effects compared to 300

6 New posters for Searching For Jackie Chan, now titled Looking For Jackie Chan

Shu Qi

Shu Qi appears on TV cooking show in Taiwan

First Cross-Straits Film Show opens in Taipei

Shu Qi and Feng Xiaogang promote If You Are The One

‘If You Are the One’ in Taiwan
The inaugural Cross-Straits Film Exhibition aims to boost exchanges between filmmakers and audiences of the mainland and Taiwan.

Jackie Chan recommends his New Seven Little Fortunes for upcoming Kungfu Dreams to director

Fortunes coming to sing and perform in the Los Angeles Chinese community

Director in Despair
Wang Xiaoshuai has caused a stir at this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival, condemning his fellow directors during a seminar on the state of the Chinese movie industry
- The art-house filmmaker suddenly turned to his fellow panelists and told the audience: “They’re all successful members of the 100-million-yuan club but they fail as directors.”
- Director-actor Zhang Guoli, the seminar host, pointed out that only 100 [out of 406] of the new feature films had gained national releases.
Shanghai shines as China film market continues to grow

Enlight spends $30 mil on 40 pics
Gordon Chan leads new effort to cash in on growing China boxoffice

Actor Liu Ye Sets Wedding Date

Ekin Cheng resisting marriage with Yoyo Mung

Ekin’s manager said he is focused on work and will work with Jordan Chan (in another installment of Young and Dangerous ?) to be directed by Alan Mak

Kung Fu Star Jet Li Takes up Singapore Citizenship

Zhang Liangying Signs with Universal

Charlene Choi

Charlene Choi promotes the spirit of happiness for Smiley World

Gillian Chung promotes cell phone brand in Mainland

Tsai Chin finds love in work

May 22, 2009

May 22, 2009

Tony Leung Ka-FaiFan Bingbing
Donnie YenHu Jun
Preview of Bodyguards and Assassins released- photo gallery

Meet the ‘Bodyguards and Assassins’ (trailer)

Zhang Ziyi
Zhang Ziyi regrets not heeding Ang Lee’s advice to learn English


Asia’s dark pics make a splash at Cannes

Tang Wei Wei (right)
Chengdu, I Love You scheduled for October release

Iron Man
Iron Man opens this month

bc magazine: Simon Yam - Breaking the Boundaries

Screen Daily: Karaoke (Malaysia)

Taipei Times: True Women For Sale

bc magazine: Night and Fog

HK Magazine: Night and Fog

bc magazine: Ashes of Time Redux

bc magazine: A Frozen Flower (South Korea)

HK Magazine: A Frozen Flower

Wedding bells for Miriam Yeung?

Surviving a blacklist brought Tsai Chin new found freedom

Taipei Times: Pop Stop
Faye Wong to return in Feng Xiaogang’s Tangshan Earthquake?

Shu QiZhang Ziyi

Shu Qi, Zhang Ziyi, Bill Clinton attend Cannes Amfar benefit

Vivian Chow
Vivian Chow at a product promotion event

Maggie Cheung, Ole Scheeren
Maggie Cheung and Ole Scheeren remain in Hong Kong

Maggie Cheung Okay with ‘Basterds’ Cut
Simon Yam and wife
Simon Yam and wife

More Faye Wong advertisment photos released

Faye Wong’s shampoo advertisement exposed

Bobby Yip
Bobby Yip puts up Shenzhen clothing shop up for sale.

Bat Leung Gam has discounted the sales price after struggling through the financial tsunami. Plans to remain as the brand spokesman. Shortly, he has plans to go to Beijing to work on his new CCTV comedy program.

Li Yuchun gets measured for Madame Tussauds

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Takeshi Kaneshiro beer advert

Lynn Xiong
Lynn Xiong glamour shots

Charlene Choi,, Eric Tsang, Chin Kar-Lok arrive at studio for dubbing session

Ruby Lin in New Ad

May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009

Posters for Bodyguards and Assassins released

Tony Leung Ka-Fai

Hu Jun, Eric Tsang, Nic Tse, Donnie Yen, Leon Lai, Fan Bingbing, Wang Po-Chieh, Wang Xueqi, Zhou Yun, Li Yuchun
Scheduled for December 18th release

Louis Koo
Lau Ching Wan, Daniel Wu
Overheard/Wiretap - Lau Ching-Wan, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu

Louis Koo put on thirty pounds for the role

Director Hung Yan-Yan with cast
Hung Yan-YanJiang Luxia - leading lady
Sam LeePeggy Tseng Pei-Yu
Coweb Beijing press conference

Li Bingbing - The Message

Donnie Yen in for Bond-esque actioner
‘14 Blades’ will be directed by Daniel Lee

Chinese director Lou Ye to premiere movie at Cannes film festival despite ban - Spring Fever
Lou Ye - Spring Fever press kit

New H.K. sales firm embraces actresses
Vicky Zhao Wei, Tang Wei have faced career hurdles

Ethan Ruan replaces Jay Chou as triad member in new film

Cinema Popular unveils China’s first superhero movie
Cinema Popular is unveiling four new projects at Cannes:
Jung Ku - The Man From 18th Hell (Peter Chan), The Flying Guillotines - (Dante Lam), Queen’s Road Ripper, God of Wealth
Korea’s Sidus to co-produce One Armed Swordsman remake
Fortissimo takes on Tian Zhuangzhuang’s Warrior
Focus, Edko seal three film deal
True Legend, The Warrior and The Wolf, and Murderer (starring Aaron Kwok)

Don’t bow down to vices, says Tsai Chin

Attending Guests: Want a date with Taiwanese female stars? Pay up

Ashes of Time cast
Stumbled across this picture and I thought people might enjoy seeing it. Notice who’s in it? Joey Wang!
And a couple more:

Zhao Wei slide show

Jamie Cheung (Dragonball: Evolution) slide show

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