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February 10, 2011

February 10, 2011

Variety: In search of that mainland market

The refocus on the greater China market has meant a change in the kind of films that Hong Kong directors are making. Hong Kong directors have to learn to live with censorship rules. This means no ghost stories and the cops all have to be good guys - some of Hong Kong’s finest movies have focused on the antics of hyperactive ghosts and corrupt officers of the law.

Eyeing Chinese market, Hong Kong’s Johnnie To shoots second straight romance (ABCNews)

The film, called “High Altitude Romance II” in Chinese, doesn’t have an English title yet.

To also revealed that he will start shooting a third movie geared at the Chinese market in July or August — a comedy starring Sammi Cheng and superstar Andy Lau.

To is juggling a third project, a thriller starring veteran Hong Kong actor Lau Ching-wan and Taiwanese actor-singer Richie Jen. To said that movie, called “Lethal Gold” in Chinese, has been delayed because the actors have other commitments, but he still aims to finish it by the end of the year.

WSJ: ‘Shaolin’ and Director Benny Chan

FBA: Vampire Warriors (4/10)

Disappointing modern vampire movie gets some heft from Mainland action queen Jiang Luxia.

FBA: Amazons added to JJ’s Berlin slate

Legendary Amazons new title for Lady Generals of the Yang Family

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart fight scene between Louis Koo and Daniel Wu

Opening Mar. 31 (Sina-slide show)

New billboards promoting Wong Kar-Wai’s The Grandmasters appeared in the streets of Berlin prior to the upcoming film festival. The festival begins today and run until the 20th.

(Sina) (2)

Tang Wei arriving in South Korea, Feb. 8, to promote Late Autumn.

Sandra Ng family photos

Sandra Ng recently released nostalgic photos from the past (Sina)2

Shu Qi spent the holidays shooting a watch advert in Paris, later she went to Geneva and visited at Peter Lam’s nearby villa with a view of Mont-Blanc.


Zhang Ziyi spotted in Tokyo during Spring Festival

New boyfriend or just a shopping buddy?

Zhang Ziyi turned 32 years-old yesterday (Feb.9) (Sina)2(Xinhua)

Recovering mom, Michelle Reis (Xinhua)

Cousin Ayden meets JM (Jayden Max)

JM also happens to be initials of parents Julian and Michelle

Ayden is Michelle Reis’ sister’s baby boy (Sina)

MSN: First look at Michelle Reis’s son (Sina)

MSN: Sandy Lam and rumoured boyfriend performed in Australia

Jay Chou rumoured to have a new girlfriend

The new ‘J girl’ is said to be a 17-year-old Australian Taiwanese

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