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February 7, 2012

February 7, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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FBA: The Viral Factor review

Splashy but routine action thriller, with nothing between the shootouts and explosions.

CF: ”The Viral Factor” Celebrates it BO Success

CRI: ”I Do” Premieres in Beijing

Sun Honglei, Li Bingbing, Duan Yihong - Beijing (Sina)

Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing answers question at the Shanghai premiere (Sina)2

A batch of new still photos featuring the famous actress Shu Qi in the romance “Love” was released. The movie was slated for release on February 14th. Receiving enthusiastic responses during previous screening events, the movie’s producer Wang Zhonglei decided to bring forward its date to February 13th.

(Feb.6) Taipei premiere of “Love”

Doze Niu, Shu Qi, Mark Chao

Shu Qi

Amber Kuo (Sina)

Wong Jing’s “Mr. and Mrs. Gambler” opens Feb. 16

Stars Fiona Sit and Chapman To

It is said that the movie star has been receiving numerous high paying film offers ever since her return to Hong Kong, one of which is Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s period film,The Assassin.

A blockbuster film which boast of a US$10,000,000 (approximately S$12,480,000) production cost, the star studded lineup includes Shu Qi, Chang Chen and Tetsuya Komuro. Maggie Cheung is said to be portraying the role of a heroine, Nie Yin Niang.

MSN: Maggie Cheung calls comedies she acted in “rubbish”

Maggie also revealed that her initial image was “the girl with the bunny tooth”. To be taken more seriously, she decided to correct her teeth with braces, and that paved the way for more serious roles and acting projects.

CF: A Brand New Gao Yuanyuan on Esquire Magazine

Different from her former pure image, she portrays a sexy tango dancer in the pictures.

Liu Ye recently poses for two magazines “Comfort” and “His Life”, showcasing his different sides.

CF: Bai Baihe: Magazine Favorite

In 2011, a small-budget romantic film “Love is Not Blind” made a little-known actress Bai Baihe rise to fame almost overnight.


MSN: Nicholas Tse’s eldest son wants his parents to reconcile

CNA: Edison Chen feels victimised by Hong Kong tabloids over charity marathon

“I only want to do charity work; do I need to clean up my past?” said Chen.

MSN: Edison Chen runs for charity

Yesterday morning, the singer wore a long-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of shorts, arriving at the Standard Chartered Marathon in Hong Kong, 45 minutes before it began, to warm up. Edison let on that during his pre-marathon runs, he could not complete the entire 42km run, and added that he was nervous and had difficulty sleeping the previous night.

Choi remained vague when she was told that fortune tellers in Hong Kong predicted that she will get married for the second time in the year of the Dragon. Asked whether she will secretly marry her lover in the future, she replied: “I’ve already done it before.”

CNN: Apple manufacturing plant workers complain of long hours, militant culture

Miss Chen stares curiously at the iPad. Even though she works overtime in a factory in southwestern China that manufactures them, she’s never seen the finished product.

CNN: Inside story of Foxconn shrouded in secrecy

On the day we filmed there, we were followed by a mysterious white car. Wherever we went, it went. Then it was joined by another. We approached to ask why, but the driver refused to acknowledge us.

January 20, 2012

The Viral Factor (Screen Daily review)

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The Viral Factor
19 January, 2012
By Brent Simon

Viral pandemic drama takes a backseat to fraternal fisticuffs and gunplay in The Viral Factor, an enjoyably sprawling if completely scatterbrained action movie from director Dante Lam. A nervous tendency to flit to and fro between characters prevents the movie from successfully gaining much of an emotional foothold, and its two-hour running time renders vast swathes of its action theatrics redundant. But there’s enough expressive investment in the two leads to mark the film as a slightly stronger than average genre piece.

The Viral Factor, which unfolds in a mix of Cantonese, Mandarin and English, should do solid genre business in Eastern markets, and find specialty market penetration Stateside, where it releases in select AMC Theaters through a partnership with China Lion.

A mission gone wrong leaves cop Jon (Jay Chou, familiar to international audiences because of Green Hornet) with a bullet in his head, and the diagnosis of two weeks to live. His mother (Elaine Jin) tearily confesses to Jon that he has an older brother about whom he knows nothing. In traveling to Kuala Lumpur to track down his estranged father (Liu Kai-chi), Jon quickly crosses paths with this brother — Yeung (Nicholas Tse), a thief and single father who seems to attract shootouts like a magnet.

Soon Jon and Yeung are both on the trail and in the crosshairs of Sean (Andy On), a corrupt government agent and former colleague of Jon’s working in cahoots with a billionaire funder and a legion of henchmen to develop a mutated strain of the smallpox virus, and its corresponding antidote, to create a panic and make a fortune in peddling the cure.

Lensed across a wide variety of locations, from the Middle East to Hong Kong and Malaysia, The Viral Factor encompasses a lot of local flavors, even if it doesn’t come across as self-consciously epic. Cinematographer Kenny Tse’s work touches on any number of inspirations. The film’s jittery and saturated opening 15-minute siege, set in Jordan, evokes Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down, while later passages recall the visual schemes of contemporary cop movies like Heat and We Own the Night.

The film’s action vocabulary embraces Hollywood excess in a manner equal parts charmingly naïve, curious and dispiriting. There aren’t huge set pieces, per se, which gives the action a more naturalistic and free-flowing vibe. But implausibility still courses through the movie, including sequences where protagonists walk away from tumbles down an elevator shaft or a car plunging headfirst several stories and landing on its roof.

The Viral Factor is big-budgeted and handsomely captured, but since its story doesn’t unfold in a state of heightened reality, these bits come off as transparently lazy, a shrugging aping of the worst instincts of overblown Hollywood genre moviemaking. The inclusion of Yeung’s daughter, Champ (Crystal Lee), also seems designed mainly to imperil a child late in the third act, when there’s plenty of unresolved fraternal friction that is more dramatically meaty.

Lam does best when keeping the action straightforward; it’s kind of exciting to see a car crash that doesn’t unfold in a series of orgiastic edits, but rather with regular everyday action going on in the background. Only on occasion does Lam mix in a bit of CGI, which comes across as jarring and unsuccessful.

Chou and Tse, meanwhile, each cut effective profiles, and lend a pinch of gravitas to the movie’s melodramatic inclinations.

Production companies: Emperor Motion Pictures, Beijing Universe Starlight Culture Media Company, Huayi Brothers Media Corporation

Domestic distribution: China Lion,

Producers: Albert Lee, Solon So, Wang Zhonglei, Candy Leung

Executive producer: Albert Yeung

Co-executive producers: Solon So, Wang Zhongjun

Screenplay: Dante Lam and Jack Ng, based on a story by Candy Leung

Cinematography: Kenny Tse

Editor: Chung Wa-chi

Art directors: Alex Muk, Joel Chong

Music: Peter Kam

Main cast: Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse, Bai Bing, Lin Peng, Andy On, Carl Ng, Liu Kai-chi, Elaine Jin
Screen Daily

January 20, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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CRI: Yen, Zhao Collaborate on Action Movie

Donnie Yen says he feels excited about his first collaboration with fellow action star Vincent Zhao in the new film “Special Identity”

Vivian Hsu

Vic Chou, Ella Chen, Director Chu Yen-ping and Little Bin Bin (Benny Wen)

Dressed in black, mourning the passing of her grandfather (Sina)

ScreenDaily: The Viral Factor review(HKMDBNews)

Viral pandemic drama takes a backseat to fraternal fisticuffs and gunplay in The Viral Factor, an enjoyably sprawling if completely scatterbrained action movie from director Dante Lam. 
FBA: 10+10 review

Largely interesting collection of shorts showcasing older and younger Taiwan talent.

ChinaPost: Bang Bang Formosa review

“Bang Bang Formosa”, directed by Andy Luo An-de, is a delightful road movie that moves boisterously through contemporary Taiwan.

The film has a very strong Jack Neo flavour and greatly resembles his previous offerings like “I Not Stupid”, mixing in moral messages with some humour and a good dose of drama.

The problem is “We Not Naughty” tries to do too much – while Neo’s previous films tend to deal with a specific issue, like the immense pressure to excel Singaporean children face in “I Not Stupid”, “We Not Naughty” deals with a whole basket of issues.

Lin Chi-ling is wrapped up in Dubai for “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”

Zhang Jingchu and the Burj Kalifa nee Burj Dubai, world’s tallest building at 828 meters

Zhang Jingchu and a Dubai dolphin


Poster for a “Love in the Buff” online micro-film, the 3rd ’secret love’ chapter

So far, the 3 micro-films have received over 10 million views

There will be a total of 10 chapters, or micro-films


Lunar New Year greetings from “Love in the Buff”’s Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue


Greetings from “The Great Magician” cast


Actress Yang Mi poses for a series of photos to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year. 
A1: I don’t think I’m very handsome, says Daniel Wu

MSN: Aaron Kwok not ready to start a family

MSN: Hannah Quinlivan absent from Jay Chou’s birthday party

1 Pct News, excerpted from a recent SCMP article:

A clear and starry night sky in Hong Kong is about as elusive as eternal youth - which is why La Prairie needed to deploy a little technological magic at a gala dinner to launch its new Cellular Power Charge Night collection…

While guests dined, a harpist performed in the background and models weaved among the long tables showcasing the collection on glowing silver trays.

Guests were treated to a 3-D film highlighting the product - viewed through Venetian masquerade head-dresses fitted with dual-coloured 3-D lenses. A sizzling performance of the Argentinian tango wrapped up the evening’s entertainment.  

January 17, 2012

January 17, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

ChinaPost: ’Black & White Episode I: The Dawn of Assault’ review

From the opening moment when a bomb explodes and annihilates everything in sight, “Black & White Episode I: The Dawn of Assault” makes clear its intention to claim all the tropes of Hollywood action films.

FBA: Black & White loses during elections

CRI: ’You Are the Apple of My Eye’ review

CF: Apple Tastes Sweet

CF: ”The Viral Factor” Premieres in Hong Kong

The action-packed film “The Viral Factor” premiered in Hong Kong, on January 15, 2012. Director Dante Lam, along with Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse, Lin Peng attended the ceremony.

Patrick Tse and Albert Yeung at the Hong Kong premiere of “Viral Factor” Sunday

Lin Peng

Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse

Nic with parents Deborah Li, Patrick Tse

Two shady Tses, ngar, ngar (Sina)234

CF: Chilling Ruby Lin in “Blood Stained Shoes”

The film is scheduled for release in March, 2012.

CRI: ’Flowers of War’ Stars at Golden Globes

Surely, you saw them on the broadcast. No? (Sina-slideshow)

CF: China’s ‘Flowers of War’ Stuck in Trenches

Chen Shan, professor at the Beijing Film Academy, added that “Zhang is good at blending sights and sounds with a forceful impact, but often fails to express a film’s inner meaning.”

FBA: The Flowers of War review

Good-looking but dramatically weak Nanjing Massacre drama, with a miscast Christian Bale. 

Mainland edition of poster for Johnnie To’s “Life Without Principle” (Sina)

Latest poster for “Harpoon”. The Lunar New Year sado-masochistic thriller stars Hu Bing, Monica Mok (Mo Xiaoqi) and Zhao Ming. It’s being promoted as “Saw” with Chinese characteristics.

Daniel Wu makes a guest appearance in Derek Yee’s “The Great Magician”. Other guest stars include directors Tsui Hark and Vincent Kok and funny man Jung Hsiang (Rong Xiang).

Daniel Wu (Sina)

Daniel Wu, Derek Yee and Yan Ni attend a media appreciation event to mark RMB$100M box-office since opening Jan.12 (Sina)

Stills from Valentine’s Day zombie thriller, “Night Club Suspense Tale”, featuring Chrissie Chau and other youth idols.

Zhang Yingjun in a “Thriller” spoof

Chrissie Chau

No longer just a “flower vase” (Sina)2

Yao Di and Jimmy Lin Zhi-Ying in a scene from the romantic comedy  ”If I Were You”, by way of “Ghost”

Li Qi’s film opens Jan. 26 Sina)

Chu Yen-ping’s “Perfect Two” Shanghai premiere press conference.

Vivian Hsu, Chu Yen-ping, Ella Chen, Vic Chou and Little Bin

Vic Chou, Little Bin

Vivian Hsu, Ella Chen

Vivian Hsu (Sina)

Sunday in Beijing

Yang Mi, Vivian Hsu

Yang Mi and Little Bin (Sina)2

CF: Zhang Ziyi on “Marie Claire” Cover

CF: Wax Statue of Yao Chen Unveiled in Shanghai

SGYahoo: Bosco Wong defends girlfriend’s honour

Assertions that clearly hints at TVB beauty, Myolie Wu were made that the actress has dabbled in prostitution involving rich Hong Kong business tycoons for money.

MSN: Miriam Yeung is not pregnant with twins

It is believed that Real did not want his wife to drink at the banquet, and wanted her to leave early. Miriam decided to take her leave, so as to avoid her husband’s incessant nagging.

Ever since the 37-year-old singer got pregnant, her husband had been very strict with her eating habits and health. He also made sure his wife abided to every pregnancy taboo.

“To people of my age, Shu Qi is our goddess, so I was really nervous working with her on ‘LOVE’,” said Ruan.

“Sometimes, I’d even forget to breathe.”

Shu Qi may be his “goddess”, but Ruan had recently declared in a post on his micro blog that Taiwan model Tiffany Hsu is his true love.

September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

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FBA: 1911 review

Handsome but unengaging anniversary film about the founding of China’s first republic.

CF: Jackie Chan vs Feudalism as Heroic General on Screen

According to statistics from, the largest online movie ticket sales platform in the Yangtze Delta, China 1911 was the second most popular movie on Friday. It fell behind May Day 3DNA, a music movie from Taiwan.

Scheduled to open in China on 16 Dec 2011, the film began its eligibility run at a 22-seat VIP screen at Beijing’s Capital Cinema yesterday. It is screening once per day for seven days.

THR: China to Submit ‘The Flowers of War’ in Foreign-Language Oscar Race

CF: ”The Mural” Premieres in Beijing

CF: Taiwan Actress Plays Twin Roles in Romantic Comedy

Taiwan model/actress Lin Chih-ling plays identical twins - one a material girl and the other, a down-to-earth office worker - in Love on Credit, a romantic comedy to be released this autumn.

“The Sorcerer and the White Snake (Its Love)” will be screened simultaneously in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian regions on September 29.

Actor-singers are not a new phenomenon, but what is new is that fierce competition is forcing more young stars, with indifferent skills, to release albums to stay in the limelight.

In the horror film, Mysterious Island, which grossed more than 90 million yuan ($14 million) in the mainland, Yang [Mi] is not just the lead actress, but also the singer. Her two singles, Love of Support and Summer in Love, have topped local new song charts and are highly rated online.

The actress, who began acting at the age of 4, played a minor role in King of Beggars in 1992, which starred Stephen Chow in the lead. The slim, big-eyed girl then went on to study at Beijing Film Academy.

Last Train Home on PBS

Now in post-production, Dante Lam’s The Viral Factor will be released in early 2012

Jay Chou

Nicholas Tse (Sina)

(Sept 26) Mark Chao, Zhao Wei and Doze Niu promote his latest film LOVE in Beijing. No word on where costars Ethan Ruan or Shu Qi were. Huayi’s Wang Zhonglei said that despite the the title, LOVE is not a romance but a realistic social documentary. The film opens next Valentine’s Day.

Mark Chao, Zhao Wei, director Doze Niu

Mark Chao, Zhao Wei, Doze Niu, Wang Zhonglei (Sina)

Li Bingbing, Jackie Chan - Hong Kong premiere of 1911

Li Bingbing (Sina)

Winston Chao, Li Bingbing, Jackie Chan

(Sept.25) 1911 Hong Kong press conference


Nancy Sit’s lover 17-years her junior

MSN: Gaile Lok may move out of marital home

The model replied “maybe” when probed if she was moving out, causing speculations that she was using the rumour to help husband Leon Lai promote his concert

Cinemagraphs: Still images that move (CBSNews)

September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

WSJ: Deanie Ip on ‘A Simple Life’ and Winning at Venice

HKStandard: Golden girl Deanie Ip takes best actress prize at Venice

Film director and producer Ng See-yuen said: “Her achievement not only gives her center stage at the top-tier film festival, it also raises the world’s awareness of Hong Kong’s film industry, especially for female actresses.”

FBA: People Mountain People Sea

Strikingly mounted, existential tale of revenge that’s let down by being over-elliptical.

Variety: People Mountain People Sea review[HKMDBNews-reprint]

A pitch-black tale of murder, corruption and almost every other conceivable form of human injustice is taken to its bleakest possible conclusions in “People Mountain People Sea.”

Cai Shangjun holds up Silver Lion

THR: 11 Flowers review

Chinese director Wang Xiaoshuai evokes memories of provincial life prior to Mao’s death

FBA: The Sword Identity review

Original, lowkey satire of martial-arts codes that’s too academic for its own good

The Sword Identity director Xu Haofeng

The Sword Identity - Zhao Yuanyuan, Song Yang (Sina)

TimeOutHK: Treasure Hunt review

A milk powder TV commercial disguised as a feature-length adventure comedy, Wong Jing’s latest folly is so thoroughly mediocre that anyone other than its sponsors will struggle to sit through it.

Seizing on the ongoing world banking crisis to add spin to an otherwise ho-hum crime story, Hong Kong helmer Johnnie To finds greed to be the root of all evil in his patchy “Life Without Principle.” [HKMDBNews-reprint]

There are some good ideas knocking around in Hong Kong genre auteur Johnnie To’s multi-strand financial crisis dramedy- but they’re swamped by an inept script that keeps getting bogged down in details and forgetting the big dramatic picture. [HKMDBNews-reprint]

AP: Hong Kong director focuses on financial crisis

The movie is shot in a style that is partly serious, partly caper-comic — or, as To put it, “this film is a bit realistic but also fantasy

Toronto 2011: Christian Bale’s China movie previewed for buyers

Zhang Yimou’s Heroes of Nanking now retitled The Flowers of War

THR: Top U.S. Buyers Get First Glimpse of Christian Bale’s ‘The Flowers of War’

WSJ: Zhang Yimou Previews ‘The Flowers of War’ in Toronto

FBA: Buyers get taste of Zhang’s War

Too Much Heaven: Shaolin, My Kingdom, and Love In Space movie reviews (beyondasiaphilia)

Taiwanese epic film draws lukewarm reception from China

As Taiwanese enthusiastically flock to the cinema for “Seediq Bale,” the biggest blockbuster this summer, reactions to the film from China had been far more muted and critical ahead of its release earlier this week.

First poster for Dante Lam’s The Viral Factor, now in post-production

Stills featuring the Midlle East back drop


Deanie Ip and Ann Hui also accepted the Equal Opportunity Award at the close of the Venice Film Festival from Rosalba Veltri, Director General for Equality and Equal Opportunities. The prize goes to the work which best represents the official selection of a complaint or a message of hope with respect to the issue of discrimination, intolerance, inequality, social or gender. (Source) Andy Lau had rushed back to Hong Kong and missed the closing ceremony and awards announcements.


And the SIGNIS Prize, a Catholic humanitarian organization award (Sina)

CNNGo: World’s first Jackie Chan Museum to open in Shanghai

MSN: Cecilia Cheung and Lucas go on a secret holiday

MSN: Edison Chen’s girlfriend breaks up with him

Currently in New York, Edison also tried to build up a lovelorn image of himself by uploading a photo of the city with the words: “Lonely Street’s of NY (sic).”

CNNGo: To hell with tradition, Hong Kong mooncake marketing at a high

Hong Kong food anthropologist unfazed by Angry Birds taking over our Mid-Autumn Festival

July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

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“MY KINGDOM in theatres AUGUST 19th!” This, from China Lion’s Twitter account earlier this month. Look for the usual cities and usual theaters in the US. Their website seems to be broken.

FBA: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan review

CF: Wong Jing Funny in ‘Treasure Hunt’

The production company of director Wong Jing’s imminent comedy, “Treasure Hunt,” released new still photos featuring Wong Jing in the movie.

FBA: Viral Factor set for New Year outbreak

CF: Juno Mak Wins Best Actor Award

Actor Juno Mak has won the Best Actor Award for his performance in the Hong Kong thriller, “Revenge: A Love Story,” at the 15th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in Korea on July 22.

(July 25) Beijing premiere of Alan Mak and Felix Chong’s Overheard 2

Felix Chong

Louis Koo

Michelle Ye

Yu Dong dubbed Louis Koo the “summer box office king” and expressed confidence to break 300 million at the box office.

Poster unveiling

Bona CEO Yu Dong, Alan Mak, Louis Koo, Michelle Ye, Felix Chong


Huang Bo stars in The Story of David (lit. Egg Fried Rice) described as a Chinese Forrest Gump. (Sina)

Cherie Chung appearing at a ribbon cutting event in Chongqing (Xinhua)2

MSN: Cecilia Cheung refuses to sign divorce papers

A1: Tang Wei was unaware of Cecilia Cheung’s marital crisis

Tang Wei walked away with many happy memories from the set of Speed Angels, a soon-to-be-released car racing film which also stars Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung.

MSN: Gigi Lai’s twin daughters make their first public appearance(Xinhua-gallery)

MSN: Raymond Lam visits a night club after grandmother’s funeral

Jet Li’s low paycheque

March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

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WSJ: HK Film Industry Reaches Out to Japan

FBA: HK festival gets underway

CRI: 35th HK Int’l Film Festival Opens

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart cast

Larisa, Daniel Wu, Gao Yuanyuan, Wa Ka-Fai, Louis Koo, JJ Jia

Festival Ambassador Miriam Yeung

Kara Hui (Xinhua-gallery)

Gao Yuanyuan (Sina)

KoreaTimes: Hong Kong’s urban exoticism caught on film

Moreover, the movie [Don't Go Breaking My Heart] offers an incisive look into the unique cityscape of Hong Kong and the people who inhabit it, which pave the way for more universal themes of love and the nature of modern-day relationships.

THR: Doug Liman to Direct Story of Sun Yat-sen’s Bodyguard

Bourne Identity director Doug Liman and producers Rob Reiner and Alan Greisman are joining forces with Beijing Galloping Horse Film & TV Production for a 1920s drama about Two-Gun Cohen, the British bodyguard to Sun Yat-sen, leader of the overthrow of China’s last imperial dynasty.

FBA: Angel Wings brings romance to FilMart

Law of Attraction explores four stages of love

Director Zhang states, “No one needs another shallow love story between impossible people. There are already far too many of these instantly forgettable movies on mainland cinema screens.”

Emperor is also launching The Beast Stalker director Dante Lam’s The Viral Factor, a US$17 million action thriller about a super virus that takes place around the world. Starring Jay Chou (Green Hornet), Nicholas Tse (Bodyguards and Assassins) and Andy On (True Legend), the project is in preproduction with location shooting planned in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Jordan.

Los Angeles-based distributor and producer Ko Mori and LA-based film producer Tim Kwok have launched Cinema Asia Releasing, a North American distributor dedicated to films from Asia.

ScreenDaily: Quattro Hong Kong 2 review2

Each of the films is distinctive and challenging with each offering a fresh and thoughtful view of modern-day Hong Kong.

Variety: Almost Perfect review2 (Kelly Hu, Edison Chen)

“Almost Perfect” starts out as a romantic comedy, then gradually wends its way toward a more serious treatment of family dysfunction.

Deng Chao is featured in a photo spread in Harper’s Bazaar


Yao Chen has admitted she is in a new relationship with cinematographer Cao Yu following her divorce with ex-husband and fellow actor Ling Xiaosu. (Xinhua)

Jane Zhang performed at the CBA All-Star Game in Beijing (Mar.20) (Xinhua)

MSN: Barbie Hsu’s wedding shrouded in secrecy

Barbie Hsu’s charter flight to Sanya, Hainan arrived with family and wedding guests. (Xinhua-gallery)

MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s wedding photos revealed

Cecilia’s manager believed that the photos were uploaded to Facebook by the Filipino wedding photographer, before they got reposted to other online sites. The manager also criticised the photographer for lacking professionalism and that they are considering legal action against him.

MSN: Raymond Lam likes taking photos of ex?

The Hong Kong actor’s ex-girlfriend hinted so when interviewed recently

CNA: Raymond Lam on ‘bedroom photos’ fallout: “I will pick myself up”

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