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December 26, 2009

December 26, 2009

Treasure Hunter

Miao Pu without maskĀ (Sina)

Taipei Times

FILM REVIEW: Bodyguards fail to save the day

CRI: “Bodyguards and Assassins” Going Strong after Debut

CRI: Will The Silver Screen Shine?

The advertisements and trailers of upcoming movies are often more eye-catching and imaginative than the films themselves.

Variety: Walking to School

Produced by Yu Rongguang

China’s Zhang Yimou back with Coen brothers remake

The 57-year-old has also called on television comedians to act in the film, and the dialogue is peppered with funny expressions made popular by the Internet…

It is a film that perfectly suits cinemas in provincial towns.”

The Hunan Daily newspaper wrote: “Apart from the attractive aspect due to the fact it is an adaptation of the Coen brothers’ film, the cultural content seems rather empty.”

And Hung Huang, a Chinese media personality, said the film was “too vulgar.”

THR: Hong Kong fest to laud Zhang Yimou

Chinese director Zhang Yimou will be given a lifetime achievement award at the upcoming Asian Film Awards in March next year.

Chi-Ling goes full time into acting

CRI: Xiao Shen Yang’s 101st Night

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Gong Li mum about cup size

Andy Lau appears as Sammi Cheng’s guest

Sammi Cheng Love Mi Concert

Guests Eric Kot, Ekin Cheng


Vivian Chow lends support to non-profit veterinary association

Rosamund Kwun


Rumors have been swirling over the holidays that both Rosamund Kwun and Maggie Cheung have become engaged to their boyfriends.(Sina)

Walking to School

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Walking to School

A New Classic Advertising Prod. Co., Yunnan Runshi & Rongguang Movie Prod. Co. production. (International sales: New Classic, Shenzhen.) Produced by Yu Rongguang. Executive producers, Peng Jiahuang, Peng Chen. Co-executive producers, Wen Yuqing, Guo Zhengguang, Jiang Xiaorong. Directed by Peng Chen, Peng Jiahuang. Screenplay, Peng Chen.

With: Ding Jiali, Anamuling, Cao Xiwen, Chen Yifei.

A simple story, well told, of a rural tragedy that leads to the building of a bridge, “Walking to School” is a solid feature debut by brothers Peng Chen and Peng Jiahuang, founders of Shenzhen-based ad agency New Classic. Well-shot item, which doesn’t overdo its ethnic or cutesy aspects, should slide easily into kids’ fests, with some cable potential.

In a remote mountain village in southern China’s Yunnan province, Naxiang (Anamuling), the teenage daughter of a Lisu minority family, can only attend school using a rusty old cable slide across a dangerous river. Agile Naxiang isn’t fazed, but her 7-year-old brother, Wawa (Ding Jiali), desperately wants to have a go, which worries teaching intern Miss Nie (Cao Xiwen), newly arrived from Shenzhen. Having a pretty young outsider modernize rural traditions is a long-established device in mainland Chinese cinema, but the film largely concentrates on the two younger leads, charmingly played and lightly directed. Final section is too heavyhanded in its message, but Taiwanese d.p. Li Yi-hsu’s lensing of the rugged locations in Fugong county impart a nice verismo feel. With: Ding Jiali, Anamuling, Cao Xiwen, Chen Yifei.

Camera (color), Li Yi-hsu; editor, Zhou Ying; music, Ruan Kunshen; song, Liu Zihao (sung by Jackie Chan); art director, Li Yongping. Reviewed at China Film Group screening room, Beijing, Sept. 22, 2009. (In Beijing Screenings, Shanghai Film Festival.) Original title: Zoulu shang xue. Mandarin dialogue, Lisu dialect. Running time: 85 MIN.

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