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February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

CF: ”New Dragon Inn” (1992) Back to the Big Screen

Compared to the original poster featuring Brigitte Lin, Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung, the updated version also features Kung Fu megastar Donnie Yen.

“White Deer Plain” poster (Sina)

White Plain Deer” hits the red carpet in Berlin last night

Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Wang Quan’an

(Sina) (Sina-slideshow)

“White Plain Deer” reception

Sylvia Chang, Shi Nansun

Tsui Hark, Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Hou Hsiao-Hsien, Wang Quan’an

Kitty Zhang

“Glory Days” posters unveiled at Berlin International Film Festival

Now in post-production, a summer release is planned (Sina)2

The cast of “Crazy Stupid Thief” in Harbin

Francis Ng, Ying Er

Lam Suet

Peng Bo

Wang Taili, Francis Ng

Starring Eva Huang, Yang Zi and Li Man, the tragic romance film tells of the downfall of a young and beautiful girl, portrayed by Huang, as public opinion turns against her in her small hometown. 

Photos from the Hong Kong premiere of Wong Jing’s “Mr. and Mrs. Gambler” last night.

Fiona Sit, Law Kar-Ying

Chapman To


Michael Wong promotes his new “MW” leather brand. Jennifer Tse Ting-ting helps him out.

Both singers share a passionate kiss together on stage, surprising many in the audience

Eason’s wife, Hilary Tsui, and daughter, Real Ting, Miriam Yeung’s husband record the event (Sina)

November 9, 2011

November 9, 2011 [HKMDB Daily News]

MSN: Ricky Hui dies at 65

Ricky’s day of death also coincided with the death anniversary of Lam Ching-ying, one of Hong Kong’s famous actors who acted in many vampire-themed movies. He had played the role of Ricky’s master in the movie Mr Vampire.

Ricky Hui found dead(A1)(CNA)

On top of making people laugh with his screen performance, Ricky was also a musician, having released seven albums, penned the songs in Sam’s debut Cantonese album and participated in the production of the latter’s 1999 musical “Mid Summer Night Madness”.

Family photo - brothers Michael, Stanley, Ricky and Sam

Concert poster (Sina)2

CRI: Chow Yun-fat Plays a New Cao Cao

Chow, Alec Su and Japanese actor Hiroshi Tamaki have attended a news conference to preview the historic epic “Tong Que Tai” (”The Bronze Sparrow Terrace”).

Li Bingbing said at the event, “The character suits me very well. We are both the same age and at the same stage of life. And I’m single too.” As the only single member of the three leads, the 38-year-old actress was “commanded” by Sun and Duan to “catch up” with them as soon as possible.

“Love in the Buff”, directed by Pang Ho-Cheung, and the sequel to his 2010 romance drama “Love in A Puff”, has had its first English language promotional poster released.

Produced by Bona Film Group, director Tsui Hark’s imminent action blockbuster “Flying Swords of the Dragon Gate” unveiled a new batch of character posters in the run up of its release in December.

Guei Lun-Mei (Sina)

The makers of “Painted Skin 2″ revealed that the trailer was made under the direction of Japanese fantasy master Yoshitaka Amano and other domestic fantasy designers. The 120-second clip does not disclose any specific details about the plot, but does give film fans a glimpse of the fantasy inspired images that feature throughout the movie.

“White Deer Plain” is considered to be the most difficult books to adapt into film, particularly in terms of technical constraints, its time span and the tight content. The novel is lengthy but tight. Staying true to the original work while keeping it short enough to be a film is a tough task.

Gaile Lok and Leon Lai walk red carpet at New York Chinese Film Festival

Vivian Hsu

Tony Ching Siu-Tung, Vivian Hsu

Gaile Lok, Leon Lai (and Qin Hailu?)

Vivian Hsu (Sina)2, (Sina-slideshow)

Jingle Ma’s “Speed Angels” featuring Tang Wei, Cecilia Cheung, Chie Tanaka and Rene Liu opens Dec. 28

Cecilia Cheung

Tang Wei

Chie Tanaka

Rene Liu

Jimmy Lin

Tang Wei, Rene Liu (Sina)

“Tai Chi 0″ concept poster released at AFM (American Film Market)

Huayi Brothers officially announced it as the first part of a “Tai Chi Trilogy”. Already, the first film has been pre-sold to 31 countries.

Art design is by Tim Yip


Having dropped out of show business and secretly married in Las Vegas in 2007, doe-eyed actress Ng Sin-Lin (Jacklyn Wu Chien-Lien) surprised the media when she appeared in costume at a press conference for a TV drama “Tang Dynasty Romatic Hero”. Adding another surprise, she revealed that she had given birth to a baby two years ago. The 43 year-old actress has been living in the mainland with her businessman husband and is returning to acting as a guest on the film because the director and writer are her friends. She said her life is now that of a housewife, she has entered a different stage of life and is family-oriented. The film’s cast includes Alex Fong Lik-Sun, Chrissie Chau, Cecilia Yip and AK, a pop duo.

Jacklyn Wu/Ng Sin-Lin

Pop duo AK, Chrissie Chau, Alex Fong, Jacklyn Wu

Alex Fong, Jacklyn Wu

Jacklyn Wu

Chrissie Chau

Chrissie Chau (Sina)(Sina-gallery), (ifeng)

ZHANG Yimou’s epic-scale The Flowers of War has been acquired for North American distribution by two small US companies. They will quickly give film a platform release in three cities in order that Flowers can compete in the main categories of the Oscars.

August 3, 2010

August 3, 2010

Zhou Dongyu - Romance Under a Hawthorne Tree

Shawn Dou Xiao, a Chinese-Canadian [April 21]


CRI: ‘Love of the Hawthorn Tree’ Releases First Stills

CRI: Lee-Hom’s Directorial Debut Premieres

Musician-turned-filmmaker Lee-Hom Wang’s directorial debut, “Love in Disguise”, premiered in Beijing on Monday, August 2. (Xinhua-slide show)2

Liu Yifei

Since this is the first time Andy has received a nomination at the festival, the star revealed that he will be attending the event to walk the red carpet.

Li Bingbing was also excited to be able to return to the Venice Film Awards again after 10 years.

“Ten years ago, Zhang Yuan won Best Director for his movie Seventeen Years which I acted in; now I’m presented with a chance to step on the red carpet again. I guess you can say this is my 10-year-pact with Venice.”

Carina is reportedly going to give the event a miss due to ‘matters at home’. Speculations are rife that she is trying to avoid the spotlight due to recent reports that she has been seeing a Chinese businessman behind her hubby’s back.

Wang Quan’an clarifies rumors:  Tang Wei has not been invited to join the cast of White Plain Deer. Male and female leads still undetermined. In other news, investors have been constantly changeing. Recently, one of the major investors in the film has also pulled out. Wang is considering a consortium of investors. (Sina)

FBA: Being Human (做人) (7/10) (Singapore)

Well-paced Jack Neo comedy about shady business practices that finds the right balance in all departments.

FBA: Patient X (3/10) (Philippines)

Lethargic zombie film tries for some fresh spins on the genre.

My Belle Boss poster

Annie Wu, Peter Ho, Jing Tian

Jing Tian

Guangzhou publicity visit by cast of My Belle Boss (Sina)2

Close To You Stills

Eddie Peng, Amber Kuo

Eddie Peng, Ming Dao

Close To You opens Aug. 13 (Sina)

Shanghai stop of publicity tour for City Under Siege.

Collin Chou, Aaron Kwok

Wu Jing

Zhang Jingchu (Sina)

Collin Chou came from a family of 13 brothers and sisters. His father died when he was young. In order to get an education, his mother sent him and his brothers to an orphanage. He started apprenticing at age 6 by learning to carve, by 9 years of age he apprenticed at a bakery so the family could eat bread. When he was 12 he was working the ovens at the bakery. Next door to the bakery, he learned to use  nunchukus. Later, he move to Taiwan and learned to fight and worked in films as a stand-in. (Sina)

HKStandard: Models giving some fans restless nights

The teen models are allowed to promote only in the assigned areas and the main stage.

They can enter the fair as visitors but will be asked to leave if they cause chaos.

SG: Gigi Lai’s hubby wants her to rest well

Ming-Na’s alien adventure

After a pause, she added cheekily: “I have to tell you, girls’ lips are much softer than guys’.”

Jolin Tsai lashes out at paparazzi hounding her grandparents

‘Star Wars’ creator backs away from lightsaber laser lawsuit

…He said sales have tripled, and Wicked has had to expand to a larger factory and double its customer support team…

The Spyder 3 laser sells for $299. It was originally priced at $199, but the price was raised due to “increased operating costs,” according to Liu.

August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

CRI: ’If You Are the One 2′ Starts Filming

The sequel features the same cast as the original, and has new additions Sun Honglei and Yao Chen, who have collaborated on the hit TV series “Lurk” (”Qian Fu”).

Sun Honglei, Yao Chen in Lurk (Sina)

CRI: New ‘Romance on Lushan Mountain’ Photo Stills

Starring Qin Lan, Alex Fong Chung-Sun and Li Chen, the sequel depicts a love triangle involving the children of the characters from the original film.

CRI: ’City Under Siege’ Premieres in Beijing

CRI: Liu Ye Stars in ‘The Underdog Knight 2′

FBA: Ex (前度) (7/10)

Gillian Chung shines in a charming relationships movie directed with a light touch by writer Heiward Mak.

HKStandard: ATV shareholder mystery deepens

John Woo’s favorite weapon

John Woo discussed the various weapons in the film Reign of Assassins


Reign of Assassins weaponry

(Sina-slide show)

Tang Wei has been invited by director Wang Quan’an to join the cast for White Deer Plain. As there are passionate scenes, Tang Wei may require a stand-in.

So far, the cast includes Zhang Fengyi, Wu Gang and Liu Wei. Sun Honglei is thought to be cast in an important lead role but it’s not been fully confirmed.

Liu Wei, Zhang Fengyi


Danwei:Actress Tang Wei to appear in White Deer Plain?

Huang Yi in Shanghai to receive an award from Jessica magazine

(Sina-slide show)

Rose Chan visited the ACGHK (comic-con)

She said it was her first time at the fair. Rose also said that there was a possibility that she would go to Taiwan and film an idol series. Asked whom she would most like to co-star with, Rose said, Ethan Ruan. (Sina)

CRI: Lin Chi-Ling on Life as a Graceful Woman

. “The graceful woman is a life attitude, distributing charm out from the inside,” she said.

Ming Na: I’ve never strived to be super famous

Now on Syfy’s Stargate Universe

[I've recently seen her co-hosting Sunday infomercials for Wen Hair Care products by Chaz Dean.]

SG: Gong Li tried to salvage her marriage

Andy Hui splits from model girlfriend Michelle Yu

Sparks rumours of reconciliation with Sammi Cheng

SG: Gigi Lai shed tears of joy

At a tender age of 14, she was already trying to earn a living in showbiz.

Gigi Lai does not want kids to enter showbiz

Garbage islands threaten China’s Three Gorges Dam

June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010

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City Under Siege - Aaron Kwok


MTV Movie Awards - Los Angeles

Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan


CRI: Six Nominations to ‘Mulan’ for Hundred Flowers Awards

CRI: China’s First Water Protection Film Premieres

“He Zhang,” China’s first film on the subject of the water supply crisis, premieres on June 5 - World Environment Day.

Ray Lui plays the boss of a chemical company who illegally dumps polluted water in the lake, and is reported to authorities by his honest father, who’s dying of cancer.

Chinese superstars Li Bingbing, Pu Cunxi and Xu Qin also make appearances in the film.

Wang Quan’an

Wang Quan’an (Tuya’s Marriage, Apart Together) announced that he would begin filming ‘White Deer’ with an expected $100M yuan budget this fall. A long history precedes the making of White Deer. Filming rights were acquired in 2005 and 2007 but expired before a film was made. White Deer is based on a novel and contains ‘restricted’ content. Five draft s were previously submitted but finally SARFT has given approval. Casting will be announced at a later date. (Sina)

WSJ: Xu Jinglei, China’s Creative Pragmatist

Huang Yi, Jiang Kai September 2009 (Xinhua)

Global Times: Celebrity love is a battlefield and some will be champions, others will fall

Huang Yi, Karen Mok, Zhang Yadong

The latest news is, now she [Huang Yi] is divorced, in less than a year’s time. According to my sources, Huang was never satisfied with her husband (or is ex-husband more accurate?) who is neither well educated nor good looking, not exactly the type that gets you good publicity, so it seems their honeymoon really is over.

Never publicly acknowledging the marriage and now divorced, Huang is certainly not ever going to admit to the union. Some may ask why get married in the first place? Well, aren’t we all blind when it comes to love, especially with such a large fortune involved?

Post-natal Cecilia Cheung

A recent photo of Cecilia Cheung shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui was posted on a micro-blog. The photo was taken May 30 with her friend Wong Jin-Jin 2009 Miss Asia’s Most Photogenic. She hid her face with a little piggy, not feeling particulary glamorous that day. (Xinhua)

Cecilia Cheung, June 7 (Sina)

September 18, 2009

September 18, 2009 (Weaving Girl)

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Yu Nan


Director Wang Quan’an

Yu Nan

Weaving Girl cast returns from the Montreal International Film Festival with the

Jury Award and Critics Award. An October release is possible. (

September 16, 2009

Weaving Girl (Variety review)

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Weaving Girl
Fang zhi gu niang

(China) A Xi’an Quijang Cultural Industry Investment Co., Xi’an Movie and Television Prod. Co. production. (International sales: China Film Promotion Intl., Beijing). Produced by Zhou An, Zhou Dejia, Wang Le. Executive producers, Liu Hongmei, Ma Rui, Qiao Xinfeng, Lu Xiaoli. Directed, written by Wang Quanan.

With: Yu Nan, Lu Nian, Zhao Luhan.

Chinese helmer Wang Quanan’s third feature, “Weaving Girl,” takes an unblinking look at the plight of beautiful factory girl Li Li (Yu Nan, star of all Wang’s films). Not only must Li Li contend with exploitative working conditions and the imminent closing of the textile mill at which she works, but she learns she’s dying of leukemia and cannot afford potentially life-saving procedures. Winner of the grand jury and Fipresci prizes in Montreal, “Girl” lacks the exoticism of Wang’s Golden Bear-crowned “Tuya’s Marriage.” Still, the pic may travel far with its canny combination of social commentary and humanist meller appeal.

Next to his compatriots’ modernist work (Ling Yiang’s femme-centric “The Other Half” comes to mind), “Weaving Girl” feels comparatively old-fashioned in the way it solicits straightforward identification with its gorgeous heroine. Yet Wang places a major stumbling block in the path of our empathy: Li Li’s profound dissatisfaction with every aspect of her life.

In the factory, that frustration manifests itself in an attractive “Norma Rae”-ish feistiness, as she loudly contests unfair labor practices. At home, however, it translates into peevish impatience with her older, careworn fishmonger husband and the son who clearly prefers his dad to his moody mom.

Once she learns of her impending death, Li Li veers between listless melancholy and febrile energy. On a trip to Beijing to visit her ex-fiance, she finds the answer to the question of why she was seemingly abandoned, as well as a rare moment of happiness by the sea. Li Li is completely transformed by these flashes of joy, which offer glimpses of the woman she might have become. They arrive unheralded, as when she and the factory chorus sing the Soviet standard that gives the film its title.

Meanwhile, the town itself undergoes massive change as the factory closing drives Li Li and the other weaving girls to the only source of employment left: taxi dancing at the local nightclub. Wives are ferried to and from the sleazy dance hall on the back of their waiting husbands’ bikes.

Wang, ably abetted by regular lenser Lutz Reitemeier, anchors his tale and his characters in a finely observed web of telling details: the lint that festoons the factory doors and windows like lethal fairy dust, or the absurd regimentation of a holiday excursion to the seashore. Wang contrasts the colorlessness of Li Li’s surroundings, and the all-white output of the textile mill, with the Beijing factory where her old boyfriend works, awash in vibrant patterns and colors.

Camera (color), Lutz Reitemeier; editor, Wang; art director, Cao Anjun; sound (Dolby Digital), Wu Lala. Reviewed at Montreal World Film Festival (competing), Sept. 1, 2009. Running time: 97 MIN.

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