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April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011

THR: ’3D Sex and Zen’ Beats Out ‘Avatar’ for One-Day Hong Kong Record

Producers had set aside “lady’s house” women-only screenings of the film on two screens, which proved popular as well and were sold out.

WSJ: ’3-D Sex and Zen’ Tops Weekend Box Office

The soft-porn movie “3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” pulled in 13.1 million Hong Kong dollars (US$1.7 million) on its opening weekend in Hong Kong, topping the box-office chart for the four-day period ending Sunday, according to the local Motion Picture Industry Association.

“3D Sex” sells!

Variety: 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy review

Auds get an eyeful of flesh, served with sadistic, spasmodic laughs, in “3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy,” an attempt to revive the 1990s Hong Kong softcore-comedy franchise.

GlobalTimes: Golden times for ‘Gallants’

A rollicking homage to Hong Kong kung fu movies in the 1970s, Andy Lau’s Gallants was the dark horse of the night, scooping Best Film, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Film Score.

[Carina] Lau, wife to Hong Kong actor Tony Leung, has had six such nominations over the past 22 years. Though her performance in Detective Dee is generally regarded as not as convincing as her past roles, she beat fellow contenders Miriam Yeung, Fiona Sit, Tang Wei, and Josie Ho, daughter of Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho.

“Counting acting alone, I would choose Yeung or Sit,” critics Wei revealed to the Global Times, “but Lau has too many failed experiences and the judges felt they owed her the award. She won due to her long professional career and tradition-respecting in the Hong Kong film circle.”

Ed’s Favorite Hong Kong actresses gives his take on the actresses and their dresses seen on the red carpet at the HKFA awards on Sunday night.

MSN: Carina Lau crowned Best Actress after 25 years

Best Actor, 1994 for The Untold Story

After receiving the award, Anthony Wong was distressed over receiving nothing but offers for trashy roles, so he threw the trophy into the trash but his mother later retrieved it. (Xinhua)

THR: ’Love Letter’ Director to Head New Talent Jury at Shanghai Int’l FIlm Fest

Shunji Iwai is best known in China for his 1995 teen romance film. (CF)

FBA: Beijing Screenings highlights trends

CF: Latest Photos of “The Founding of a Party”

The production company of “The Founding of a Party” released new photos featured Chen Kun as Zhou Enlai, Chang Chen as Chiang Kai-shek, Yu Shaoqun as Mei Lanfang and Ma Shaohua as Sun Yat-sen.

CF: Poster Out for Thriller “Case Sensitive”

The film is a Sino-American co-production, with American director Gil Kofman taking the helm.

It revolves around Luo Xiaoni, played by Ady Ang, a web celebrity who pretends to be kidnapped to gain more exposure.

Gu Changwei enrolled three famous directors for surprise guest roles in his new film Till Death Do Us Part/Life is a Miracle which opens in May.

Feng Xiaogang

Lu Chuan

Gu Changwei, Jiang Wen

Pu Cunxin, Feng Xiaogang


Jiang Wu

War of Words: Jiang Wu in dispute with Warring States director Jin Chen, had his scene deleted. Jin Chen charged that of a 30 day contract, Jiang Wu only showed up for 7 days at a time. Jiang Wu responded that he completed his required shots and will leave for the audience to judge. Jin Chen said some of the dross can be deleted and that if he deleted the essence of the film and left the dross in, it would foolish [oh, snap]. Jiang Wu, for his part, said that the shoot was chaotic and the script changed 5 times. Jin Chen said that Jiang Wu’s schedule broken into 5 visits to the set disrupted the other actors and because Jiang was absent some of his scenes could not be shot. (Sina)23

Gong Xinliang plays the Demon Green Snake in A Chinese Fairy Tale


CRI: Karen Mok Stars in Micro Movie

Filming is currently on the way on the famed US Route 66, which is known as the shooting location of many road films.

Its prequel, 90-second-long micro movie, “Explosive,” featuring Daniel Wu, was released at the end of last year.

MSN: Is Barbie Hsu pregnant?

The Taiwanese actress left a message on her microblog, saying that “something good” has happened

Change of plans for Late Autumn actor

The airline has ordered its 23 new cabin crew to master wing chun — a form of kung fu practiced by martial arts legends Bruce Lee and Ip Man — which is characterized by sharp movements and close-range combat.

Origins of Jin Ping Mei discovered? [Jing Ping Mei is the inspirational source of many a Cat. III HK films]

The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks (2008)

And have you heard of this model called Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang?

Chinese model hits celebrity status after photos leak

April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011

THR: Bieber Entertainment Enterprises Purchases Screen Rights to ‘Chinese General’

Two competing Two-Gun Cohen films in the works.

Last month, director Doug Liman and producers Rob Reiner and Alan Greisman joined forces with Beijing Galloping Horse Film & TV Production to produce a competing drama about Two-Gun Cohen

FBA: Second project shoots at Two Gun Cohen

“The Chinese General tells the dramatic and exciting story of how Morris Cohen’s career became interwoven in the lives of the most important players in the formation of modern-day China,” said Bieber and Duband. Cohen was also a close, trusted friend and protector of Sun’s wife Soong Ching Ling.

Variety: The Dragon Pearl review

An admirable attempt to blend Western blockbuster tropes with Chinese motifs, “The Dragon Pearl” lacks fire but is respectful enough not to camp it up despite its broad tone.

Let us begin with Vonnie Lui’s breasts: they are impressively huge, in 3D, and honoured with the kind of extreme close-up shot that was never offered the face of the semi-famous model/actress.

As hard as this might be to believe, sex is often best experienced in person. That, however, isn’t exactly stopping any Hongkonger from downloading Japanese porn, at will.

Hayama was shocked when he checked out 1991’s Sex and Zen as part of his professional due diligence.

After I watched the DVD, I thought to myself: I must say no [to the offer]!” he says, alternating between a boyish grin and embarrassed chuckle. “This is not a love story at all!” He exclaims. “This is totally a porno!”

CNNGo: Hiro Hayama: ‘I should have asked for more money’

You have to shave first, but the hair grows back within two days and it still hurts when you pull the tape off. In the end I just pulled the hairs out. It was so painful.

THR: No ‘Sex’ for Imax, but ‘3D Zen’ Film Eyes Sequel

The producers were eager to launch the 3D romp in Imax theatres when the film began production, but after a long negotiation, they found that it was not meant to be. “Imax has rejected our film because of the subject matter and content,” Shiu Jr. said, “but for our premiere in Taiwan, we will show the film in an Imax 3D theatre using their 3D screening equipment.”

Leni Lan Yan

Suo Yukiko

Vonnie Lui Hoi-Yan, Taiwan premiere (Apr.13) (Sina)2

FBA: Ecstasy enjoys explosive launch in HK, Taiwan

SG: “3D Sex” finally opens

AFP: ’World’s first 3D porn film’ opens in Hong Kong

College student Yan Shek, 21, was also among the first to see the movie in a morning screening. The 113-minute film has been rated Category III in Hong Kong, which bars anyone under 18 from watching it.

“We are very curious,” she said. “It is the first time to see an X-rated film in the cinema. It should be very interesting.”

Excited fan, Hong Kong

Leni Lan Yan, Jason Yiu Luk-Ming (Sina)

CF: ”Rest On Your Shoulder” Promotes in Beijing

CF: 13 Female Leads’ Images of “Nanjing Heroes”

CF: Kwon Sang Woo Ready for Chinese Romantic Film

South Korean actor Kwon Sang Woo will join hands with Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung for a Chinese romantic film, “All About Love”(”Zai Shuo Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni”), according to Yonhap News Agency. Cecilia is reportedly being paid 10 million yuan for her role. (Xinhua)

CF: ”Bladesman” Releases New Poster

Zhang Yuan has been quietly shooting a sequel to his Beijing Bastards, tentatively called “Youth”. The cast includes hot young actors, Duan Bowen (Law of Attraction), Lin Xinyun (Little Red Flowers, Dada’s Dance) and Lu Yu-Lai (Peacock).

Zhang Yuan (Sina)

The Warring States is no longer The Warring States (Sina)

The article from Chengdu notes: 1. Director Jin Chen, on the subversion of the classic Sun Bin (Sun Honglei), he says that there are only 180 words in the history book about Sun Bin, the rest is only speculation. Sun Bin was not a perfect person. Jin Chen decided that Sun Bin in real life was a silly character. 2. Sun Honglei’s portrayal has been accused of imitation Ge You in Let the Bullets Fly. Thus, his previous remarks about admitting to his poor performance. Sun Honglei has been suffering from kidney stones during the publicity tour for the film. 3. Francis Ng was asked why all his ‘northern’ i.e., mainland, films are lousy. Ng countered, did you think Wind Blast was bad? Maybe the choice of directors and cast did not meet the audience expectations. He only admits a horror movie was really bad. He dares not make anymore horror films. 4. 22 year-old Jing Tian’s prominence has viewers saying the film should be called “Jing Tian and The Story of Three Men”. It is suggested that her boyfriend, the son of a wealthy coal mine owner in Shanxi, has pressured the producers to highlight the actress. Jing Tian admitted as much saying she was unaware of it and apologized to the three male leads. However, she cleverly noted that actor Yu Shaoqun was an unknown among stars in Mei Lanfang/Forever Enthralled.

In addition, yesterday, rumours said that Sun Honglei and Francis Ng were given a 12 and 6 million yuan acting fee, respectively, by the boyfriend. (Sina)

New interpretations of a classic story

Sun Honglei (Sina)

Francis Ng, Sun Honglei and Jing Tian taped an appearance on the popular Hunan TV program Happy Camp earlier this month.

Happy Camp

Francis Ng, Jing Tian, Sun Honglei


Peter Chan is rushing to complete post-production in time for the Cannes Film Festival. Presenting it at Cannes leaves him two months less to work on the final cut. The rough cut has been finished but special effects, sound, etc is still incomplete.

Donnie Yen - Hidden

Tang Wei - Warm

Takeshi Kaneshiro - Secretive

Jimmy Wang Yu - Kill (Sina)

Liu Yifei

Louis Koo

The release of A Chinese Fairy Tale has been moved up 4 days to April 19. This announcement was made after the April 13 premiere in Beijing. Louis Koo’s rendition of the song “Dao” was recorded but ultimately deleted. (Sina)2

CF:”A Chinese Fairy Tale” to Hit Screen on Apr 22

Stills from The Detective 2 featuring Patrick Tam Yiu-Ming

Patrick Tam, Liu Kai-Chi

Shu Qi with Liu Ye’s son

Shu Qi went out to celebrate in Beijing after the premiere press conference for A Beautiful Life. Shu Qi’s birthday is April 16th so it was thought to be an early birthday party, too. Andrew Lau, Liu Ye and his wife, Ding Sheng, Tian Liang, Shawn Yue and others also attended.

Andrew Lau, Liu Ye and wife Anais Martane, Qin Hong (Stellar Media Group CEO) (Sina)(Sina-gallery)

Yoyo Mung and Ekin Cheng in Europe.

The article notes Yoyo’s double chin but Ekin’s not looking too sharp himself. Media speculation has Yoyo and Ekin getting secretly married.

Earlier this month, they celebrated Andrew Lau’s 51st birthday (Xinhua-gallery)2

CNNGo: Edison Chen: ‘I want to succeed’

MSN: Raymond Lam pleads for Pan Shuang Shuang to stop

“Mavis Pan should back off!”

Tavia Yeung Yi has joined the Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang-bashing, as the ugly drama of her photo sex scandal with Raymond escalates.

Online buzz indicate that the Raymond-Mavis saga has overshadowed Isabella Leong and Richard Li’s split under intense public scrutiny, not to mention the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards(HKFA) which will take place this Sunday, 17 April 2011.MSN: Charmaine Sheh rumoured to sign contract with Huayi Brothers

CNA: Taiwan b-list actress blows whistle on prostitution ring

According to a police officer, the authorities had discovered detailed records of the website’s transactions during their raid.

The records showed that ‘Zhang’ had a clientèle of over 30,000 men and women, including some prominent figures in business, politics and the entertainment industry. (Sina)

Newlywed Kelly Lin is reportedly 3 months pregnant according to Taiwan media reports. The couple reportedly bought a love nest recently in Taiwan.

Chinese food comes to China?

Panda Express eyes the mainland Chinese market, but are local palates ready for American Chinese food

CNNGo: Why do Chinese hate kung pao chicken (and foreigners love it)?

A plate of cultural difference lies behind one of China’s most popular dishes

April 12, 2011

April 12, 2011

CRI: Li Yuchun in “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate”

Tsui Hark’s 3D Wuxia film, “The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate”, released new still photos featuring singer-actress Li Yuchun.

Li Yuchun (Chris Lee) (Sina-gallery)

(Apr.12) Alan Tam, Vivian Hsu and Vic Chou attend a press conference to promote a new film, Live* Fashion . Vivian awkwardly denied recent rumours that she was getting married soon. The film is directed by Yin Lichuan, who co-wrote the script for Love Under the Hawthorn Tree.

Director Yin Lichuan

Vivian Hsu looking like Elvira

Vivian Hsu

Alan Tam, Vivian Hsu, Vic Chou

A newcomer

It also has been reported that Leong will be the female lead in director Tsui Hark’s new film project “Detective Dee: The Prequel.”

Hong Kong filmmakers are turning to romantic comedies for easier access to the mainland market.

FBA: Four Detectives reteam

Director Gordon Chan has been shooting his martial arts film “The Four Detective Guards”(”Si Da Ming Bu”) in Ningbo Xiangshan Motion Picture City for several days, reports. [vide. Four Marshals]

Jin Chen, Sun Honglei, Jing Tian, Kim Hee-Sun, Kiichi Nagai, Francis Ng

The Warring States officially launched today with an advance screening. (Sina)

“Not a traditional epic telling, more like a romance” (Sina)2

Cheung Tat-Ming

Guest Anthony Wong

Sandra Ng, Andy Lau

Cheung Tat-Ming will be taking his live show to the mainland, with stops including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Cheung finished three consecutive shows in Hong Kong and plans to add new elements for the mainland shows. (Sina)

Jiang Xinxin is planning on making a mainland version of Young and Dangerous. He will direct and play the lead, Chan Ho-Nam (the Ekin Cheng character) (Sina)

The world can now breathe a sigh of relief as porn actress Leni Lan Yan has been confirmed alive and well after 3 weeks of disappearance from the public eye.

Hong Kong singer and actress Gigi Leung has broken up with U.S. diplomat boyfriend Matthew Steven Dolbow after less than a year of dating.

The Taiwanese actress and her husband had wanted to sue for the unauthorised recording of their wedding

Tired of having his family harassed by the media, actor Ronald Cheng has come out of the baby closet.

Things are getting murkier in the Raymond Lam-Pan Shuang Shuang saga. Mavis Pan: “I was two-timed”

The Hong Kong model is accused of breaking reporter’s camera (CNA)

The actress is also rumoured to be pregnant with a third child (Sina-gallery)

April 5, 2011

April 5, 2011

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KoreaTimes: Coming full circle in Chinese cinema: Jia Zhangke passes on inspiration

While China’s large consumer pool opens up a great opportunity for commercial filmmaking, he voiced concern about Cantonese filmmakers “sacrificing Hong Kong flavor” in order to cater to mainland tastes.

NewYorker: Independent Filmmaking in China: The Age of Dissent

CRI: Nominees Warm up for HK Film Awards

CRI: Fans Commemorate 8th Anniversary of Leslie Cheung’s Death

Faye Dunaway is featured on the poster for 64th Cannes Film Festival (Sina)

CRI: Big-budget Picture Starts Secret Filming

Romance in Thin Air?

Filming in Yunnan at 3000m, Angelababy says even oxygen is a luxury.

Photo by Chapman To (Xinhua)

Anthony Wong and son attend the premiere of Punished.

In the film, his son has a cameo playing Anthony’s son. (Apr.4)

Anthony Wong

Richie Ren, Janice Man

Candy Lo, Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee and Miriam Yeung also attended.

Anthony Wong, Maggie Cheung, Janice Man

(Xinhua-gallery) (Sina-slideshow)23

The day before, Anthony Wong posted a picture with himself and Edison Chen under the caption, “Father and son reunion.”


Preparing for a press conference?

Jiang Wu featured in a new set of stills from Warring States, opening April 15.


Sun Honglei shoots a milk bath scene in The Warring States


Depressed from 3D sex?

Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” lead actress Leni Lan Yan has gone missing and the police have been called in to find her, reported The 25-year-old temptress has been missing two weeks and has reportedly been on medication for depression.

Bladesman in business

Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen and long-time filmmaking collaborators Alan Mak and Felix Chong kicked-off the promotion campaign of the martial arts biopic “The Lost Bladesman” at Mo Tai Temple by worshipping the Kwan Tai deity.

MSN: Andy Lau’s wife rumoured to be pregnant

MSN: Cecilia Cheung: My heart was hurt

The Hong Kong actress talks about her traffic accident

MSN: Has Vic Chou’s depression returned?

April 1, 2011

April 1, 2011

According to Joseph Chan, the curator of the Days of Being Wild Anniversary Exhibition, Leslie Cheung’s simple closeup for the “one minute-friend” scene had 47 NGs. (Xinhua)

Variety: Buddha Mountain review

From Wong Kar Wai’s “Days of Being Wild” to Jia Zhangke’s “Unknown Pleasures” and beyond, more than 20 years of aimless Asian youth running amok has lapsed into cinematic cliche. But “Buddha Mountain” finds a narrative drive that still keeps faith with the youthful alienation it’s exploring.

FBA: Lost Bladesman finds London home

FBA: New Video scores Lion’s share

China Lion Film Distribution has struck an exclusive deal with New Video, a North American entertainment distributor and digital content aggregator.

Aiming to handle some 15 Chinese-language films per year, with many of them day-and-date releases with mainland China, China Lion will next distribute the Jin Chen-directed The Warring States on 22 April.

Sun Honglei

Sun Honglei described Warring States as costumed version of Lurk, his hit TV series about spies costarring Yao Chen. (Sina)

Director Hou Liang previewed a 20-minute trailer of Deadly Will yesterday in Beijing.

Hou Liang

Han Xue

Guo Tao (Sina-gallery)

Two Lost Bladesman posters featuring Jiang Wen


Three production design images for Zhang Yimou’s Nanjing Heroes


Tony Leung Ka-Fai plays a doctor in The Devil Inside Me

The suspense thriller is to be released in June (Sina)

The Frightening Night opens just in time for Ching Ming Festival (Apr.5)

Tang Yifei

Tang Yifei - Beijing premiere (Apr.1)

Director Xu Bin, Tang Yifei and castmates (Sina-gallery)2

Stills from The Frightening Night


Michelle Yeoh with Dee Poon (Pan Chuying), daughter of ex-husband Dickson Poon, appeared together at a handbag brand’s charity dinner.

(Sina-slide show)

Du Yiheng, frequent double for Andy Lau, has a new CD out


TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Barbie Hsu and Kelly Lin’s weddings

A1: Teresa Teng’s old-flame died from exhaustion

Close friends and relatives of Alan Tang, who was known to be physically fit, have expressed shock that he passed away in his sleep.They speculated that it could be due to over-exhaustion.

A1: Even gongfu stars need stunt doubles

In 1999, To [Yuhang] became the youngest person in Hong Kong to win the World Wushu Championships at age 18…Find out more about Dennis To’s life after Ip Man, and meet Hong Kong’s latest gongfu babe… former Olympic champion Liu Xuan, Hong Kong’s latest addition to its slew of gongfu babes, about her transition from gymnastics to acting. She plays the wife of martial arts hero Wong Fei Hong in TVB drama Grace Under Fire (2011). (RazorTV)

Zhang Ziyi with Wendi Deng Murdoch (Xinhua)

MSN: Vivian Chow’s husband cheating on her again?

MSN:  Richard Chang admonishes drama director again

Selina Jen’s fiancé fights back for his beloved

MSN: Vivian Hsu’s boyfriend living with her

The Taiwanese singer-actress added that she would not jump into marriage suddenly

MSN: J-girl supports Jay Chou at basketball match

Not hit-and-run for Cecilia Cheung

The most infamous example was in March 2002 when Nicholas crashed his Ferrari 360 Modena in Hong Kong Central. No one was injured but he fled the scene and later had his chauffeur take responsibility.

CNA: Cecilia Cheung crashes car into elderly man, manager denies it was hit-and-run

HKStandard: Curtain comes down on Shaw control of TVB

March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011

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OT: In Japan, disaster coverage is measured, not breathless (WPost)

Nice article in yesterday’s paper on NHK’s coverage

For the past two weeks, NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster, has covered a triple disaster, appraising the damage with the help of 14 helicopters, 67 broadcasting vans and virtually no adjectives…And another

OT: In China, microblogging sites become free-speech platform (WPost)

In a country where most media are controlled by the state, information is heavily censored and free-flowing opinions are sharply constricted, Chinese have turned to a new platform to openly exchange unfettered news and views: microblogs, similar to Twitter…

A1: Japan relief album tops iTunes charts in 18 nations

THR: New NYU Shanghai Campus to Offer Film, Acting Classes

CRI: Stanley Huang Joins Xu Jinglei Again for New Film

Anthony Wong plays a blind boss of a bar in Andrew Lau’s Beautiful Life

He also plays a matchmaker to Shu Qi and Liu Ye


Jing Tian sings the theme song in the MV for Warring States


MSN: Kelly Lin lost sleep before wedding

During the wedding ceremony, Kelly wore a specially-designed toga wedding dress. Good friend Shu Qi helped to hold her long skirt, take photos and even dry Kelly’s tears.

Kelly Lin, Chris Young (Yang Chen)

The media notes the groom’s resemblance to Michael Wong

Kelly, Shu Qi

Friends, relatives, Shu Qi


MSN: Gaile Lok acknowledges pregnancy

Gaile appeared more plump than usual. When reporters asked if she was pregnant, the usually truthful Gaile replied, “I wouldn’t answer you this time,” hinting that she is already pregnant.


In a recent interview, Selina’s fiancé Richard Chang revealed that the singer’s assistant had filmed the entire ordeal.

He was filming his latest movie Reversal War in Jordan with Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse when current instability in Libya halted filming. The movie is said to have moved its set to Malaysia.

March 4, 2011

March 4, 2011

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CRI: China through the Lense: National Film Museum

FBA: Korean major takes self distribution route in US

The film [Detective K: Secret of Virtuous Widow ] is released in the US through deals with two exhibitors: CGV America, operates a multiplex in Los Angeles’s Koreatown and a subsidiary of Korea’s CJ-CGV; and US giant AMC from next week in other cities including San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Hawaii and Vancouver.

CRI: Sun Honglei Concerned about Image in ‘Warring States’

GlobalTimes: Mountain’s peak (Buddha Mountain)

Having triumphed in last year’s Tokyo International Film Festival, winning Best Artistic Contribution and Best Actress for star Fan Bingbing, Li Yu’s youth film Buddha Mountain begins showing nationwide Friday.

The female Li is known for previous artistic works including Fish and Elephant (2001), known as China’s first lesbian film, and won awards in the Berlin and Venice film festivals. Her Dam Street (2005) also received international acclaim as did Lost in Beijing (2006), the graphic sexual content of which led to a long and unsuccessful battle with domestic censors. Indeed, none of Li’s films have enjoyed a cinematic release in her own country.

But her fourth feature film, Buddha Mountain lacks sexual, violent or political content and is, in fact, a relatively mild story. “It [the banning of Lost in Beijing] got on my nerves and I couldn’t sleep at nights. I was too stubborn at that time. I have now formed a better relationship with the censorship people, and found a win-win solution: a good film for me that also caused no problem for them,” Li told the Global Times.

Together poster features Ni Dahong, Daniel Chan (Chen Xiaodong) and Li Feier

Opening March 8. (Sina)

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

Isabella Leong, Selina Jen…

MSN: Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng are back together

MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung show affection in public

MSN: Barbie Hsu’s wedding details revealed

CNA: Lin Chiling says ‘no’ to public romances

MSN: Netizen accuses Ella Chen’s boyfriend of being a playboy

Bob Dylan is coming to BeijingCNA: Bob Dylan to perform in China

March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011

FBA: Lau and Ip reunite for Sister Peach

AP: HK star Andy Lau channels China earnings to local films

Lau said he was barely spending any time in Hong Kong these days, instead busy belting out his hits for mainland fans and capitalizing on his stardom among entertainment-hungry Chinese audiences that accounted for a total box office of $1.55 billion last year. Lau has been the front man for most Chinese blockbusters in recent years, most recently a remake of the kung fu classic “Shaolin” and the fantasy-mystery “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame.”

Ann Hui is one of the local directors who has sort of fallen by the wayside amid the rise of big-budget Chinese productions. She excels in Hong Kong-set family and domestic dramas that win critical acclaim, but struggles to find viewers on the mainland.

Latest poster for the J-10 film, now called Sky Fighters

As Lock Destination, last month

Whatever it’s called, it’s Huang Yi in a flight suit! Take that, Kelly McGillis. (Sina)2

Sky Fighters costar Li Guangjie and Huang Yi attend the Beijing premiere of Johnnie To/Wai Ka-Fai’s Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.


Tony Ching Siu-Tung, Tsui Hark with Johnnie To, Wai Ka-Fai

Tony Ching Siu-Tung, Tsui Hark with Johnnie To, Wai Ka-Fai

Guests Huang Xiaolei, Zhang Guoli (center) (Sina)2

The Warring States starring Sun Honglei, Kim Hee-Sun and Francis Ng opens April 15, the official web site launch is today. (Sina)

Zhang Ziyi, Aaron Kwok

Appearing in Beijing with a “marriage certificate” Life is a Miracle announced a new Chinese title (lit. Favorites) for the Gu Changwei film openinng May 10.


New poster for diaster film Together starring Ni Dahong, Daniel Chan (Chen Xiaodong) and Li Feier

Ni Dahong, Yan Ran, Li Feier

Director Yan Ran has another film Sweet Journey being released at the same time

Zhang Hanyu and Yu Na star


Chen Hong, wife of Chen Kaige, has a guest role in The Lost Bladesman.

She plays the wife of Alex Fong Chung-Sun’s character. (Sina)

Gao Yuanyuan poses for Darizi (Big Wedding Day) magazine (Sina-slide show)

Zhao Wei in Dubai photo shoot for Voyage magazine

(Sina-slide show)

MSN: Lin Chi-ling: We’re more than friends

The Taiwanese model was talking about her relationship with businessman Qiu Shi Kai

Aiiya, check out the underarm stains! (Sina-slide show)

MSN: Dee Hsu tickles fans with bathroom photo

CNA: Isabella Leong’s former lover tycoon Richard Li breaks silence on split

February 15, 2011

February 15, 2011

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THR: China Film Administration Seeks to Stub Out Cinematic Smoking

FBA: Perfect Wedding review (8/10)

Charming, glossy rom-com with comedienne Miriam Yeung back on top form.

Screen Daily: Sacrifice review

Chinese cinema’s elder statesman Chen Kaige casts an eye back in time to his country’s Yuan period - prior to the Warring States era so beloved of mainland directors - for a traditional revenge drama distinguished by strong performances from leads Ge You and Wang Xue Qi.

Berlin premiere - William Wang Han, Chen Kaige, Chen Hong (Zimbio)


CRI: Chen Kaige Screens ‘Sacrifice’ at Berlinale

Newly released stills from The Warring States show Sun Honglei and Jing Tian

(Sina-gallery) CRI: Romance in ‘The Warring States’

Buddha Mountain “legs edition” poster

Valentine’s Day edition  posters

Opening Mar. 4

(Sina) (Sina-slide show)

A fan-created spoof poster for “Single Men and Men” (Don’t Go Breaking My Heart) (HunanTV)

MSN: Gigi Lai rumoured to be trying for a son

The Hong Kong actress is said to be asking friends for the ‘secret recipe’ for having a son

MSN: Andy Hui sends 999 stalks of roses to Sammi Cheng

The romantic gesture was reportedly an attempt to patch up their relationship

MSN: Jay Chou celebrates Valentine’s Day with Will Liu

The Asian superstar went for a health check with his long-time buddy

MSN: Nude photo of Fala Chen circulating online

Netizens supported the TVB actress, calling the photo “fake”

Brother Smiley, Laughing Gor (Sohu)

McDonald’s serves up McWeddings in Hong Kong

McDonald’s says the concept isn’t tacky and fills a niche in Hong Kong, where its restaurants are popular dating venues and the prices for more typical weddings run high.

September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010

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Screen Daily: Aftershock2

Variety: Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame2

Variety: All About Love, 2

THR: Tsai Ming-liang turns to art films

Boxoffice success elusive for 1994 Golden Lion winner

CRI: Jiang Wen Confident about “Let the Bullet Fly”

CRI: Zhang Yimou and Cast at “Hawthorn” Screening in Beijing

FBA: Trademark dispute over “Seediq Bale”

Maggie Q (Sina-slide show)

THR: Maggie Q cast in ‘Priest’

Maggie Q is joining Paul Bettany and Cam Gigandet in “Priest,” a post-apocalyptic horror project that Scott Stewart is directing for Screen Gems.

The Warring States poster

Warring States directed by Jin Chen and starring Sun Honglei, Kim Hee-Sun and Francis Ng has finished shooting as is now in post-production. (ChinaDaily)

Jin Chen will be also begin shooting a sci-fi suspense film starring Bruce Leung, Tze Miu and Chen Shi in October in Shenzhen.

Bruce Leung

Tze Miu

Tze Miu in My Father is a Hero

Chen Shi (Sina)2

Hong Kong media is reporting that the reason for the failure of a Cecilia Cheung - Derek Yee reunion film agreement was due to a ‘price hike’ by Cecilia for her services. Last year, Cecilia has to pay large settlement costs as a fallout of from ‘photo-gate’ for loss of revenue by advertisers and brands. Elsewhere, Stephen Chow is still trying to get both Lucas and Cecilia to appear in King of Comedy 2 and has offered 10M yuan for the pair. (Xinhua)

Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing visted Tibetan children being treated in Beijing for congenital heart diseases on her 29th birthday. (Xinhua-gallery)

CRI: Cheer Chen to Give Solo Concert in Beijing

SG: Cecilia Cheung’s rumoured to have done two boob jobs

[I think the only real new news is the second one for reduction.]

SG: Chow Yun Fat to give away 99% of wealth after death

Michelle Reis to respond to speculations on pregnancy

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