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March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011

Variety: Mr. and Mrs. Incredible review

Even spliced superheroes have to deal with everyday problems in the lighter-than-air Hong Kong romantic comedy “Mr. & Mrs. Incredible.”

FBA: Mr. and Mrs. Incredible review (5/10)

Costume tale of two retired super-heroes lacks enough bounce and wit to succeed as a New Year action comedy.

Andy Lau and Gong Li shine in an improved remake of the US rom-com.

We talked to Zhang Weiping, producer of Zhang Yimou’s new film “Nanjing Heroes” on Feb. 28, 2011, after the news of Christian Bale, male lead of Zhang’s film, won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

13 Women in Jinling renamed Nanjing Heroes (Sina)

Felix Chong and Alan Mak introduced the cast for Overheard 2 at at press conference

Louis Koo, Michelle Ye

Michelle Ye

Lau Ching-Wan, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu

Huang Yi and Lau Ching-Wan will play husband and wife

(Sina)23 Overheard 2 press conference photos (Xinhua)

Stills of Jordan Chan in Chinese-Australian production Dragon Pearl


More photos from media set visit to Ann Hui’s Miss Peach

Andy Lau, Deanie Ip - Miss Peach

Real life Lee Yam-Lam portrayed by Andy

Wang Fuli, Ann Hui, Yu Man-Si (Sina)

Huang Yi - Lock Destination (J-10 Sortie) (Sina)

No room for the Golden Broom?

Feng Xiangong responded scathingly in his micro blog that the judges were “shrewd bastards” who should get a “golden abacus award” - implying they were opportunists taking advantage of others’ celebrity status.

Sammi Cheng was Gigi Leung’s surprise guest performer at her Hong Kong concert. Chapman To and Charlie Young lent their support with their attendance, too. (Xinhua)

Lin Chi-Ling in Hong Kong for Longines

Pakho Chau (Sina-slide show)

Chloe Fall-Winter Fashion Show in Shanghai

Qi Qi, “Prince” Simon Yam,  Chen Ran

Simon Yam and actress Chen Ran (Sina-slide show)

CRI: Zhang Ziyi at Milan Fashion Week (Sina) (Xinhua)

Did Li Ka-Shing reject Isabella as daughter-in-law or did Isabella reject marriage? Also in play, a $5M breakup fee. (Sina)

Mandy Lieu denies being Richard Li’s new Cinderella (Sina)

MSN; Isabella Leong’s shocking split from Richard Li

CNA: Isabella Leong announces split from tycoon Richard Li

MSN: Isabelle Leong to make showbiz comeback?

A1: The many women in Richard Li’s life

A1: Hong Kong billionaire’s break-up to cost $4.9 million

MSN: Cecilia Cheung and son’s first movie gig together

CNA: Richie Ren narrowly escapes being blinded

MSN: Wu Chun to leave HIM International

MSN: Selina Jen receives S$2 mil compensation for filming accident

In an interview last month, Selina’s fiancé Richard Chang let on that he was not satisfied with the compensation amount.

China uses whistles, water, police on protests

Near Shanghai’s People’s Square, uniformed police blew whistles nonstop and shouted at people to keep moving, though about 200 people — a combination of onlookers and quiet sympathizers who formed a larger crowd than a week ago — braved the shrill noise. In Beijing, trucks normally used to water the streets drove repeatedly up the busy commercial shopping district spraying water and keeping crowds pressed to the edges.  China’s jasmine revolution: police but no protesters line streets of Beijing (GuardianUK)

February 4, 2011

February 4, 2011

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Variety: What Women Want review

Asian superstars Gong Li and Andy Lau spark together, but the script rarely produces fireworks in “What Women Want,” a straightforward remake of Paramount’s 2000 money-spinner.

Forbes: A New Studio System

Stellar Megamedia Group aiming for vertical integration

“Nobody could have guessed where we are today five years ago,” says Peter Chan, a star Hong Kong director who is working with Stellar to market his films in China…

Sir Run Run Shaw attending the annual TVB Lunar New Year broadcast

Liza Wang (Sina)

Onimusha 3 - Takeshi Kaneshiro action figure

(From Derek Kwok’s weibo)


Or, if you prefer, Donnie Yen from Legend of the Fist

Still have money left from your haul of hong baos? Buy the whole lot!

MSN: Donnie Yen’s wife rumoured to be pregnant

Later, his wife Cecilia Wang denied she was pregnant in a phone interview. She explained that she went to see the doctor due to an eye infection.

Chinese New Year fireworks burn down 5-star hotel in Shenyang

Seems to be a new tradition

Trailer for Promise, a Canadian-Chinese film opening Feb.19

Promise- official website (Thanks, Brian)

February 3, 2011

February 3, 2011

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Sun Nian Fai Lok!

Gillian Chung (Sina)

LATimes: Chinese remake of ‘What Women Want’

Andy Lau and Gong Li are appealing leads, but this Chinese-language carbon copy doesn’t find a distinctive voice.

Literary feud in China puts book in limbo in Canada

Zhang Ling, author of Aftershock novel, accused of plagiarism in Gold Mountain Blues. [9.19.2010]

Rosemary Vandenbroucke (WJ)

US court accepts plea deal for model that includes paying for damages to landmark arch

The more serious charge of drug possession is schedule to be heard on the 9th. (Sina)

MSN: Jackie Chan publicly picks on son’s singing chops

MSN: Carina Lau believes she will grow old with Tony Leung

MSN: Ethan Ruan’s neighbour’s noise complaints

February 2, 2011

February 2, 2011

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THR: What Women Want

Asian box office luminaries Andy Lau and Gong Li add some spice to this shiny but uninspired Chinese remake.

Opening Feb. 3 (Sina)

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible poster

Under the Influence poster

The film is a comedy about social problems and features Chen Peisi, Vivian Wu and Kristy Yang. Zhu Shimao directs and plays the lead. [I've seen some older 90's era Chen Peisi films so it's good to see him back again.]


Quick Take: I Love Hong Kong

FBA: Rose War of Nana (6/10)

Local but likable rom-com is a good vehicle for TV host-actress Xie Na.

FBA: HKIFF readies trio of tributes

Jia Zhangke, Abbas Kiarostami, Kwai Chh-Hung featured in retrospectives

Sex and Zen at the market

CNNGo: So-bad-they’re-good items at the Chinese New Year market

From blow-up boobs to Angry Birds, finding craptacular products at the annual Victoria Park market is one way to ensure your year can only get better.

January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

ScreenDaily: What Women Want

This Chinese production features palpable chemistry between stars Andy Lau and Gong Li, but director Chen Daming’s film, like the original, is a great commercial hook in search of an equally clever story. (hkmdbnews)

“Ip Man 2″: China’s anti-Western kung fu phenomenon (Salon)

Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster” is now playing in New York and Los Angeles, with wider North American release to follow.

FBA: Fantôme, où es-tu? (2/10)

Lame ghost-cum-gender mish-mash that squanders its potential.

Check out Valerie’s My Ever-Changing Moods: Francis Ng 2010 In Review on beyondasiaphilia

2010 was a busy year for Francis Ng…

Much influenced by American sitcom-classic Friends, which had a huge fan base in China, My Own Swordsman centers on six characters whose relationships intertwine through friendship, family and romance, and is set in a hostel being managed in ancient China. With the same cast, director and screenwriter, the film version continues the initial’s stories, while injecting today’s social including house purchase and relocation, family finances and the “marriage crisis.”

GlobalTimes: First trailer of Buddha Mountain lives up to advance hype

With winter vacation meaning there’s a nation of children who need entertaining, three Chinese animation films are filling in this traditionally peak-time for box-office family fun: Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (January 21), Old Master Q and Little Ocean Tiger (January 27) and Little Big Panda (February 3) are all scheduled for cinemas over the next four weeks.


Poster for Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

Opening Feb. 3

Louis Koo, Sandra Ng (Sina)

I Love Hong Kong poster

Opening Jan. 31

Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Sandra Ng

Eric Tsang, Aarif Lee (Sina)2 3 4

Eva Jin Yimeng (Sophie’s Revenge) is preparing for multiple Hollywood projects. (Sina)

Charlene Choi at the Harbour City chocolate exhibition


Chrissie Chau taped a song for ATV’s Spring Festival broadcast. Other guests include George Lam, Kay Tse and Hins Cheung. (Sina)

GlobalTimes: Publishing tycoon books divorce in New Year season

Yao Chen’s divorce a case of Julia Roberts-Benjamin Bratt?

Yao Chen, Ling Xiaosu (Sina)

CNA: Cecilia Cheung saves woman from committing suicide

All’s well ends well, indeed

CNA: Charlene Choi on her divorce: “This is not something to celebrate.”

“I may not make enough to eat delicacies ever day, but I can earn enough for three square meals every day”.

MSN: Mark Chao dropped from ‘Black and White’ promotional trail in Japan

Recently, the director’s cut of Black & White DVD was released in Hong Kong. Every single copy was snapped up in a mere four minutes.

China red-faced after footage of new fighter ‘was from Top Gun’

The footage showcasing the J-10 fighter, which showed an air-to-air missile destroying another jet, was aired last week during the main evening broadcast of the state-sponsored channel China Central Television.

Oldham said Ho had been coerced into reconciling with family members on live television on Wednesday, with the wheelchair-bound Ho struggling to read a giant cue card.

January 26, 2011

January 26, 2011

PR: China Lion Knows ‘What Women Want’ February 3rd

China Lion Film Distribution will open the Mandarin-language remake of ‘What Women Want’ (Wo Zhi Nu Ren Xin), starring Andy Lau and Gong Li, on the first day of the Lunar New Year, February 3rd, at select theaters throughout North America, as well as day-and-date in China and releasing in Australia and New Zealand. The film will be the first China Lion release for 2011…


All’s Well Ends Well 2011 posters


New stills featuring Daniel Wu in Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai’s Don’t Go Breaking My Heart hint that his character transforms from frog to prince.

Daniel Wu




Stills from Gao Xiaosong’s My Kingdom. Action director Sammo Hung recreates the era of the Seven Little Fortunes .

Yuen Biao

Yu Rongguang


Sammo Hung recently celebrated his 59th birthday (Jan. 7)

Unfortunately, Sammo was also in the tabloid news after being photographed hand-in-hand with a young woman. When shown the photograph, his wife (Joyce Godenzi/Gao LiHong, 2nd right, above) said that she did not recognize her but she didn’t know all of Sammo’s friends. (Sina)

January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011

CRI: Nicholas Tse, Jay Chou to Collaborate in Action Movie

Dante Lam to direct Reversal Wars

MSN: Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse set to act in a movie together

Nicholas and Jay would play two brothers, while the antagonist would either be Korean stars Jung Woo-sung or Lee Byung-Hun, Chinese actress Lee Bingbing would play one of the female leads.

CRI: ’Aftershock’, the Winner at Harbin Film Festival

Zhang Jingchu and Wang LeeHom on the red carpet

Anthony Wong (Xinhua-gallery)

Karen Mok having a bit of fun in Harbin (Xinhua)

CRI: Chinese Version of ‘What Women Want’

Interview with director Chen Daming

Andy Lau

Andy Lau in What Women Want

The cast of heavily-under-wraps Tony Ching Siu-Tong’s Madame White Snake (current English title, It’s Love) was revealed to the public at the production wrap press conference on the 16th. The cast presented to the press: Jet Li, Charlene Choi, Vivian Hsu, Huang Shengyi, Raymond Lam and Wen Zhang. The lineup also includes Lam Suet, Chapman To, Sonija Kwok, Law Kar-Ying, and Miriam Yeung. The film is now in post-production with a year-end release planned.

Jet Li

Jet Li, Vivian Hsu, Charlene Choi, Huang Shengyi, Raymond Lam Fung, Wen Zhang

Producer Yang Zi with Charlene Choi

and Vivian Hsu (Xinhua-gallery)

Publicity stills for All’s Well Ends Well 2011

Cecilia Cheung, Louis Koo

Carina Lau, Donnie Yen

Yan Ni, Raymond Wong

Lynn Hung, Chapman To (Sina)

Andy Lau and Fan Bingbing promote Shaolin in Shanghai which opens on the 19th.

Benny Chan, Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing, Nicholas Tse (Sina)


Pakho Chau and Angelababy promote Adidas brand in Beijing. (Jan.16)


MSN: Selina Jen receives apology from drama director

January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011

CRI: Different Looks of Gong Li in ‘What Women Want’

CRI: Mr. and Mrs. Incredible’: the Actual Trailer


CRI: Chinese Animated Film Competes for Oscar

“The Dreams of Jinsha”, a Chinese animated film, is in the running for an Oscar.

FBA: Production underway on Zhang’s Flowers

Production is now underway on 13 Flowers of Nanjing the new Christian Bale-starring movie by leading Chinese director Zhang Yimou.

Poster for Wilson Yip’s A Chinese Fairy Tale (aka A Chinese Ghost Story)

The film stars Liu Yifei and is currently in post-production in South Korea for special effects. (Sina)

Four new posters for Shaolin featuring the lead actors

Nicholas Tse edition

Andy Lau edition

Jackie Chan edition

Fan Bingbing edition


CRI: Jet Li’s One Foundation Goes Public

CRI: Jay Chou Attends ‘Hornet’ Premiere with Rumored Girlfriend


MSN: Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung rumoured to be engaged

MSN: Faye Wong sang theme song for husband’s movie

November 19, 2010

November 19, 2010

CRI: Andy Lau to Show ‘What Women Want’ in Feb.

Zhang Yishan, Aarif Lee

Jennifer Tse and Zhang Yishan - from My Brother Bruce Lee (HunanTV)

Cecilia Cheung in costume for Lady Generals of the Yang Family. It appears to be an ethnic minority style instead of a military uniform. Posted on Weibo by an assistant of Ceci’s.


False alarm:  Francis Ng was injured on the set of Warring States while shooting a fire scene. The action called for Francis to set fire to a supply cart and act distraught.  Somehow the fire got out of control in a gale of wind and while still deep in the role trying to utter his lines Francis was soon surrounded by a wall of fire and smoke. Wearing heavy armor costume weighing 30kg he could not move. Until he was located by shouting and searching Francis was finally rescued. He was temporarily suffocated and he suffered red and swollen eyes. His throat/vocal chords was damaged and had some burns on his skin but did not suffer more serious injury because he was rescued in time. (Sina)(Xinhua) [It turns out, this actually happened back in July. Warring States completed filming in September and Francis Ng has fully recovered since. So this story is just coattailing on the Selina Jen fire incident.] (Sina)

Gao Yuanyuan tries new gangster image in new film co-starring Leon Lai (Sina)

Kelly Chen

Kelly Chen opened the Christmas season at Hong Kong’s World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay. (Sina)

And nothing says ‘Christmas’ like Hello Kitty, with Annie Liu, at Langham Plaza. (Sina)

Today is Sir Run Run Shaw’s 103rd birthday.

Last night, he celebrated  at the Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel with wife Mona Fong under heavy hotel security. (Sina)(Xinhua)

MSN: Was it a shotgun marriage for Barbie Hsu?

MSN: Lin Chi-ling and mother insulted on Facebook

Lin Chi-Ling for Longines, in English.

MSN: Selina Jen breaks down during counseling

CNN: Hong Kong diagnoses first human bird flu case in 7 years

US Embassy: Beijing air quality is ‘crazy bad’

Experts say Beijing’s frequently bad air has been even dirtier recently because a growing number of factories and villages on the outskirts of the city are burning coal for the winter, and more than 1,200 new cars hit the roads each day.

November 18, 2010

November 18, 2010

Variety: Ge You emerging as China’s most bankable thesp

FBA: Bona files for stock market listing

THR: China’s Bona Film Group Files IPO

  • Bona, which no longer is connected to China’s military, counts among its private competitors Huayi Brothers Media, which raised $176 million on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in October 2009 and Enlight Media, a Beijing based TV company turned movie studio.
  • Bona, in fact, has government ties of its own, having merged in November 2003 with the China Poly Group, a business wing of the People’s Liberation Army, to form PolyBona Film Distribution, the company’s former English name
  • Bona’s U.S. IPO filing follows close on the heels of the filings for U.S. public listings by China’s two largest online video sharing web sites, Youku with the New York Stock Exchange and Tudou on the Nasdaq.

CRI: ’My Own Swordsman’ Trailer Available

Director Shang Jing has reunited the original cast to continue his parody of social issues through the stories of everyday life in a small inn.

Andy Lau and Gong Li attend the trailer premiere event for What Women Want in Beijing (Nov. 18)

Director Chen Daming (Sina)2

(Nov.17) Peter Chan, Sandra Ng and Vincent Kok of Mr. and Mrs Incredible collaborated with the Hong Kong Tourism Board to promote winter holiday tourism and  shopping. A 3D animated short film featured characters named ‘Hong-Hong’ and ‘Kong-Kong’. Peter Chan, jokingly, announced the release date for Mr. and Mrs. Incredible as January 32, 2011, meaning the day after January 31st.

Peter Chan

Director Vincent Kok

Sandra Ng, Peter Chan, Vincent Kok

Sandra Ng, Peter Chan (Sina)

Li Qin (Dream of the Red Mansions) plays Blue Phoenix in Mr.and Mrs. Incredible


Let the Bullet posters outlining the characters and relationships

Jiang Wen

Chow Yun-Fat

Ge You (Sina)

Wang Xueqi in Chen Kaige’s Sacrifice (Sina)

Founding of a Party

Wang Leehom

Daniel Wu

Qin Lan, Bai Bing (Sina)

The Taiwanese actress and her millionaire boyfriend registered their marriage in Beijing on Tuesday, and will hold their wedding in March. [Rumors of her pregnancy _may_ prove to be unfounded. :D]

Hsu may have called Wang her “husband” in her statement, however, due to regulations governing cross–strait marriages; they are not legally husband and wife yet.

Netizens are gleefully flaming the 34-year-old, calling her everything from “evil woman” and “gold-digger” to “more disgusting than a rat” and “Big quot; (a play on Hsu’s official nickname Big S). The cause of such outrage?


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