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October 30, 2009

October 30, 2009

True Legend

Andy On plays the villain possessed by the devil

Guo Xiaodong first time doing martial arts - grades out an ‘80′

Michelle Yeoh plays a hermit in seclusion living in the mountain


True Legend (Beggar So) HD slides (5) (Sina)


Jaycee declined using a stunt double

Latest stills show Zhao Wei and Jaycee Chan fighting (Sina)

Four Marshals

Charlie Young

Duan Yihong, one of the marshals


Xiao Shenyang (Sina)

Zhang Yimou’s Three Guns HD slide show (4) (Sina)

THR: ‘Blood Simple’ remake set for December

CRI: “Ip Man 2″ Shifts Focus to Life

He Ping’s Wheat accused of plagiarising The Robbers/Tang Dynasty Brothers. He Ping was chairman of the jury at the 2007 Shanghai International Film Festival when The Robbers was awarded as having the most market potential. He Ping and director Yang Peng had discussed the script, Bitter Bamboo Grove, at the time. (Sina)

Wang Kuirong in Wang Xiaoshuai’s Mosaic tries to capture old Chongqing (Sina)

Wang Xueqi and Qin Hao also costar (ifeng)

Jackie Chan: The Centurion

The action star celebrates his 100th film

Variety: Blue Mansions (Singapore)

It’s been a long time between drinks for Singapore helmer Glen Goei, whose 1999 debut pic, “Forever Fever,” a contagious local riff on “Saturday Night Fever,” promised to expand the island republic’s filmmaking horizons beyond local comedies and festival navel-gazers.

Though the least “Hong Kong” of the series — with the usual local in-jokes and linguistic wordplay virtually absent — this is the most marketable of the four to date, as well as a timely commentary on the onetime Brit colony’s cultural relationship with the mainland.

Yonfan’s overly self-conscious ‘Prince of Tears’ treats the White Terror period with a glib sentimentality that can best be described as political terror as soap opera

Old Fish (千鈞一髮)

An unusual Chinese police drama, to say the least. A Harbin cop is forced — and able — to defuse a time bomb thanks to his engineering background, only to find that more and more explosives are being planted in the area, and his superiors want him to keep doing the dirty work. Is Dennis Hopper on the loose? Ma Guowei (馬國偉) plays “Old Fish,” the put-upon policeman, in an award-winning turn. Directed by Gao Qunshu (高群書), who co-directed The Message (風聲), which is currently on release.

Plastic City (蕩寇)

A Chinese crook (Anthony Wong, 黃秋生) and his cooler-than-cool adopted Japanese son struggle to keep their enterprise afloat in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when rivals and the authorities turn on them, including a Taiwanese entrepreneur. Critics said the fascinating idea behind the film and its visual distinctiveness were undercut by avoidable technical problems (dubbing, for starters) and a stereotypically art house divergence from coherent narrative — not to mention stylistic lapses that verge on the silly.

Vengeance (復仇)

Johnnie To (杜琪峰) is a Hong Kong director who has kept pumping out solid action flicks over the years. He probably doesn’t have as much international exposure as he should, but this film may help to change that. The lead actor is legendary French singer Johnny Hallyday, who arrives in Macau after his daughter is nearly killed in a triad hit (the rest of her family is wiped out). Hallyday, now a chef, must draw on his unsavory past to accomplish his vengeful mission — but that past is disappearing as an old injury accelerates his amnesia. Co-stars include the formidable Anthony Wong (黃秋生) as a criminal (again) and Simon Yam (任達華) as a triad boss.

Screen Daily: Far East festivals compete for market attention

US and European buyers were scarce at both events. “There were some US companies in Tokyo but they were looking for remake material, not doing acquisitions,” says Tadayuki Okubo of Japanese studio Toei.

September 27, 2009

September 27, 2009a

Wheat cast in Shanghai

Fan Bingbing, Huang Jue

Fan Bingbing

Director He Ping

Wang Jiajia, Huang Jue

Du Jiayi (right)

CRI: “Wheat” Premieres in Shanghai ( (

CRI: “Forever Enthralled” Bids for Oscar

Storm Warriors in Shenzhen

Ekin Cheng, Charlene Choi

Aaron Kwok, Tan Yan


Charlene Choi in Shenzhen to promote Storm Warriors (

Sun Honglei and Kelly Lin meet the press in Chengdu

My Fair Gentleman (

Taipei Times - Short takes


In feudal Japan, a blind musician with lethal sword skills (Haruka Ayase from Oppai Volleyball and Happy Flight) sets out to find her blind masseuse father, encountering the usual bandits and deadly political intrigue. This is an update of the famed series centering on the blind Zatoichi character, who could be this forlorn young woman’s father. Critics admired the film’s visuals and noted its retention of genre conventions rather than a modern reworking of theme and character, notwithstanding the female lead.


Another manga-based film from Japan, this one turns to the curious sport of relay marathons and the relationships among the members of one team. Naoko (Juri Ueno) is a manager for the team, but her ability to deal with the best of its runners is compromised by memories of a fatal accident some years before. Of more interest than the manga-based, baseball-themed Rookies: Graduation, which opened last month, if only because marathons have better scenery.

The Little Finger and the Forbidden Body

A mannered Japanese incest potboiler from 2005, this is being promoted as an earlier feature starring Hiroyuki Ikeuchi (Ip Man). Ikeuchi gets it on — and on — with his sister, only to later block the memory of the experience. But his line of work in a red light district doesn’t let his repressed past stay buried. Actor-director Kei Horie seems to have a thing for grim subject matter. Also known in English as Finger and Body and The Whole Body and the Little Finger — the mind boggles. The Baixue theater in Ximending is the best possible place for a movie like this.

For better or worse, Korean cinema audience is changing

September 22, 2009

September 22, 2009

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Storm Warriors

Charlene Choi

Ekin Cheng (

My Fair Gentlemen - Beijing Premiere

Sun Honglei, Kelly Lin

Making mooncakes - Sun Honglei, Kelly Lin

Director Lee Gui-Yuen, Yuan Xinyu, John Woo, Kelly Lin, Sun Honglei

( (



Fan Bingbing - Beijing, Wheat premiere

Huang Jue

Director Ho Ping ( (

Kaohsiung fest removes controversial doc from line-up

Hackers attack Kaohsiung festival Web site

Taiwan director: Art movies are on the decline

Tsai Ming-liang, known for his highly experimental style, said Tuesday that art movies are shrinking for one reason: the box office drives the movie industry.

RTHK hears victory cry

July 17, 2009

July 17, 2009

Ronald Cheng
Kungfu Cyborg poster features comedy aspect

McDull Wudang poster

Battle Film “Wheat” to Be Released in September

Jaycee Chan
Jaycee Chan in Hua Mulan

Tough Tony
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai photos

Gao YuanyuanYu Feihong director,actress
Gao Yuanyuan supports Eternal Beloved’s first time director Yu Feihong

August release scheduled

Epic of the East
John Woo’s Red Cliff

Copy of ‘Tracing Shadow’ donated to museum

Karen Mok promoting new CD
Karen Mok’s new CD made in cooperation with China Mobile

Race WongRace WongTi Na
Ti Na speaks out against photo albums that show too much skin

Warns young women against seeking quick fame and fortune. The upcoming Hong Kong Book Fair features a large number of photo album books such as Race Wong’s.

Charlie Yeung
Charlie Yeung visits cancer patients

Maggie Q and The O.C.'s Kaitlin Cooper (Willa Holland)
Maggie Q attending LA Vogue anniversary party

Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung promotes beer in Malaysia

Ruby Lin cosmetic surgery?

Netizens note change in appearance
Ruby Lin swarmed with plastic surgery rumours

Shu Qi seen in Stephen Fung’s house

Paulyn Sun in the news
Wealthy ex walks free after model punch rap

Hong Kong filmmakers visit China
Delegation announces promo plan, new projects

Edison Chen re-engaged as jeans endorsee

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Carol Cheng - too much plastic surgery

July 16, 2009

July 16, 2009

Hollywood Reporter: Murderer review
Bottom Line: A horror-suspense with a head-scratching outcome.

Hollywood Reporter: Wong Jing to live and die with ‘Mongkok’
Throwback film To Live and Die in Mongkok now shooting, set for late 2009 release.
“As long as the budget is not too high, we want to finance our own films that preserves the distinct flavor of Hong Kong cinema,” added Wong

Stellar Megamedia boards Dennis Chan’s 37
Chan’s 37 tells the story of a single mother taking her daughter on a trip to the Mongolian grasslands to fulfil the girl’s dream. It also stars Lin Miao-ke, the 10-year-old girl who earned her fame singing Ode To The Motherland at the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games. (Also, see Charlie Yeung articles below)

Poker King with Louis Koo, Lau Ching-Wan, Stephy Tang filming in Macau

Fruit Chan
Fruit Chan announced plans to make ‘Kowloon City’ a story about the young Bruce Lee

Chan will write, direct and produce and Lin Chi-Shiang will co-write. The biggest problem is to find the person who will play Bruce Lee because at least five similar in appearance is required.
Stanley Kwan had previously announced plans for his film about Bruce Lee but Chan was not concerned about this.

Ge You ‘Gasps’ out Funny English

Fan Bingbing film Wheat directed by He Ping - slide show

Just for laughs - Michael Hui
Michael Hui’s Comedy Talk Show In Malaysia

Nicholas Tse encourages wife to have second child

Fan Bingbing Graces Bazaar August Issue

Stars Gather for Charity Concert
Gigi Leung, Miriam Yeung, Angie Chiu, Kenny Bee

Zhang Ziyi Elle magazine slide show

Shu Qi films a bath gel advert

Charlie Yeung
Charlie Yeung cut her hair for an upcoming role in film ‘37′ to be shot in Mongolia with Mainland actress Liu Xiaoqing. [Wonder if that means Christmas Rose is completed.] She had planned to auction hair off for charity but feared the hair would be used for other purposes.

Charlie Yeung sports new short hair, video

More photos

Kelly Chen’s baby Chace photos

Edison Chen leaves Taiwan

Wang Jie
The Stage Is Set for Jackson Imitator

June 14, 2009

June 14, 2009

Chow Yun-Fat lost ten pounds for role in Confucius

Also reportedly acting the big star requiring private car and high quality apartment

Fan Bingbing suddenly sobs recalling film shootFan Bingbing, Wang Zhiwen

Wheat premiere in Shanghai
Director He Ping and cast members Huang Jue, Fan Bingbing, Wang Zhiwen and Wang Ji
“Wheat” Grows out of Golf Course

Shanghai Film Festival opens
Zhao Wei
Li Yuchun
Fan Bingbing
Charlene ChoiZhang Ziyi

Zhou XunCharlene Choi, Yumiko Cheng

Tang Yan
Lynn Xiong, Raymond WongManfred Wong, Zhang Guoli

Gan Wei, Kungfu CyborgAnthony Wong

Aaron Kwok
But wait, there’s more…
Yet, more still…
Zhang Hanyu, Zhou XunLi Bingbing

Sun Li and  robot KX

CAA signs director Lu Chuan
“City of Life and Death” helmer moves from William Morris

Shanghai fest opens with “Wheat”

New York Times: Anna May Wong subject of performance and video artist Patty Chang in “The Product Love”

US TV Looks to China for Value, Inspiration
Lower production costs and potential new series ideas will drive the increasing collaboration between the Chinese and American TV industries.

Simon Yam cancels trip to New York film preview due to H1N1

Will spend time at home with daughter and shoot a movie since school is closed

Mong Kok acid drill a washout

China’s Filtering Software Contains Pirated Code
Does ‘Green Dam’ steal code from CyberSitter? And what are PC OEMs to do?
Jing Jing and Cha Cha have a new playmate, Green Dam Girl

Invisible Wings: 2009’s college exam essay questions”
Gaokao: I’m _not_ smarter than a high schooler!

June 12, 2009

June 12, 2009

Kungfu Cyborg opens Aug. 13th

Huang Jue
6 new Wheat posters released

Carina LauWith Sammo and Tsui Hark
Detective Dee press conference at Hengdian Studio with Sammo Hung, Carina Lau, Andy Lau, Li Bingbing and Tsui Hark

Sammo said the Seven Little Fortunes plan to commemorate their 50th anniversary when all arrive

Questioned three times about marriage, Andy Lau finally threw down his microphone and walked
Tsui Hark (and Crocs?)
Take a tour of Hengdian World Studios (and Theme Park!)
Yuen Qiu (left)
Yuen Qiu originally given name ‘Yuen Rong’ by Master Yu

Stanley Kwan to shoot Chinese musical in Shanghai
Carina Lau, Hu Jun, Li Bingbing and Deng Chao will provide guest performances

Chinese Stories
Lou Ye on why any portrait of Chinese people in cinema also involves politics.

File photo
Yip Chun’s half brother demands royalty and consultancy fees for ‘Ip Man’.

After ten unsuccessful visits to Yip Chun, Yip Siu-Wah threatened to jump from an upper story building. The matter was resolved after police arrived. The half-brother has a history of seeking money from Yip Chun.

Li Bingbing Shot Commercial in Rome

Edison Chen expands fashion business to Malaysia
Residents and neighbors voice displeasure and applying public pressure to prevent store from opening

Lin Chi-ling in financial difficulties?

Chin Han (right)
Chin Han promotes his new Mainland TV series based on The Cowherd and the Maiden

I spy: A fan runs into Tony Leung Chiu-Wai shopping for DVDs

Tony satisfied all photo requests from fans before finally leaving with a full load of DVDs

More accounts of marital discord between Josie Ho and Conroy Chan

Conroy photographed with mainland model, sent packing by Josie?

Scud comes up with a dud
‘Permanent Residence’ would have been a much more enjoyable gay flick if the audience were spared the feeling that the film was not based on the director’s life

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

‘Commander’ Arguably the Most Popular
There was little surprise when ‘Soldiers and Their Commander’ led the People’s Choices Awards Thursday at the Shanghai TV Festival.

More Test Results On Green Dam
Hello Kitty and Garfield fail their test
A User Report On A Green Dam Trial
A humorous account

Acid attack probe narrowed down to two buildings

June 8, 2009

June 8, 2009

Chow Yun-Fat and descendant of Confucius
Chow Yun-Fat gets encouragement from 77th generation descendant of Confucius

Fan Bingbing
“Wheat” Premiere to Open Shanghai Film Fest
Wheat” is He Ping’s first film in six years after his 2003 adventure film “Warriors of Heaven and Earth”. The story is set against the backdrop of the decisive battle of Changping (260 B.C.) during the Warring States Period in ancient China.

Tony Leung Ka-Fai
Iron Road also screening

A Difficult ‘Message’
Calling “The Message” the most challenging film she has ever been involved in, Zhou [Xun] says much of the time she had to rely on alcohol and sleeping pills.
Zhou Xun
Press conference photos


Raymond Wong plan $100M movie fund

Korean actress Gianna Jun is surprised she’s tough enough to handle her fighting role in her first English-speaking movie

Veteran Korean Actress Do Kum-bong Passes Away

Anna Chi: A film career that came by special order - Dim Sum Funeral
CliffsNotes for Dim Sum Funeral
Asia Pacific Arts watches Dim Sum Funeral, so you don’t have to.
APA: The Gift of Bai Ling
Some may argue that Bai Ling is overexposed. But please, try to see it from her perspective.

Fan Bingbing is a busy actress: East Wind Rain, Sophie’s Revenge, Bodyguards and Assassins, Wheat, Future Cops, Shinjuku Incident - photo gallery

Colin Chou filming a car chase scene

Shu Qi has recently cut her hair and started filming a Benny Chan film (lit. City on Alert) produced by Alvin Lam. Aaron Kwok will star.

Wu Jing and Colin Chou(?)
The highlight of the story is that Wu Jing is caught ‘mining’ his nostrils

Isabella Leong Gives Birth - Li Ka Shing Lets Go of Past Misgivings

Vivian Chow, but where's her husband Joe Nieh?
Sally Yip and George Lam after concert
George Lam in concert at Hung Hom Coliseum

Edison Chen met with reporters outside his hotel

Preparing to leave Hong Kong, he did not say when he planned to return to entertainment world.
Edison Chen Appears in Beijing…loaded with baggage
Gillian Chung
Gillian Chung says Edison’s apology too late but she accepts it

Would not mind working with Edison again. Manager Mani Fok, ‘I mind!’

Carina LauLi Bingbing
Carina Lau, ‘Faye Wong and Brigitte Lin have not retired.’

Conroy Chan and Josie Ho wedding ceremony (2002)

Ruckus in a sweet shop

Josie Ho gets upset with Conroy Chan over Dream Home

Cheer Chen implicated by brother’s losses in stock speculation

Plastic Surgery Gate: “Little Cecilia Cheung” Gong Mi (ChinaSMACK)

Joanna Wang: It’s a shame to be a pop singer

Who is Korea’s Edison Chen?

China ‘plans computer curbs’

24 hurt in another Mong Kok acid attack

March 30, 2009

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Wong Jing and Meng Yao
Wong Jing’s latest ‘Jing girl’ is Meng Yao
Meng Yao appears in both Wong Jing’s Future Cops and I Corrupt All Cops
I Corrupt All Cops
Meng Yao photo gallery

John Woo’s Titanic Runs Aground

California Chronicle: Oxide Pang’s Basic Love

Fan Bingbing
Stills from Wheat released

Fan Bingbing, Wang Xueqi film set for summer release
A Peek of the ‘Wheat’ Wedding

Bodyguards and Assassins recreates 1905 Hong Kong

100 acres and 43M yuan spent on construction costs in Shanghai

Tang Wei: “Lust Caution” is history
Chinese female star Tang Wei, blacklisted in China for her performance in “Lust Caution”, sees daylight again. Though a relatively new performer, her appearance at events is made so pompous, it is nothing less grand than that of an A-grade artiste.

Besides being paid almost RMB$1 million (about S$200,000) for being special guest at a brand’s flagship opening, it was a full crew - hair stylist, make up artiste, wardrobe coordinator, and a personal assistant - that traveled with her.

While the media is concerned about Tang’s future development in her career, she is taking it with an open mind. “Lust Caution is history and everything is brand new now. Currently I am just a new actress with one movie on my portfolio. In comparison to many female stars, I’m just too amateurish,” Tang said.

Desperate to break away from her image in “Lust Caution”, Tang said her current wish is to try as many different roles as possible. “As long as the script is good, there’s nothing else I can pick on,” she said.

Since she was made famous through “Lust Caution”, her market value soared and dipped; she was described to be an artiste with high value but no available market. On the press conference, Tang did not reply to any of these sensitive questions and also appeared dodgy when asked of her reward for being special guest at the opening ceremony. She merely said, “I’m already very satisfied with the glamorous outfit they arranged for me. I’m just a new artiste and will take on all assignments without considering the reward.”

According to a staff of the brand, Tang should be receiving about RMB$1 million for her appearance at both the press conference and opening ceremony which summed up to a total of an hour. “That’s her market rate in Hong Kong,” the staff said.

The well-rewarded artiste was also a diligent guest, taking on every question asked by the media and attended to every request of photographers.

Also according to the person-in-charge of the event, Tang’s outfit for the day was not as lavish as she had put it to be. “The necklace costs RMB$3,000, shoes RMB$3,500 and dress RMB$10,000,” total costing not more than S$4,000.

Tang WeiJacky Cheung
Danny Lee also in Ivy Ho’s Crossing Hennessy

Ashes of Time - Lovers and Fighters

Shu QiSylvia Chang
Shu Qi, Sylvia Chang and Chen Kun shoot jewelry ad

Singing Jane Zhang Debuts in Japan

Pretty singer gets hooked on DIY plastic surgery

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