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July 29, 2010

July 29, 2010

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Variety: Aftershock

Stunning special effects are wedded to potent family drama in “After Shock,” Feng Xiaogang’s heartrending depiction of the impact of the massive 1976 earthquake that killed more than 240,000 in Tangshan, China.

CRI: Film Review of “Aftershock”

Aftershock has brought on renewed calls for a film classification system in China. A mother recently left the theater with her 3 year-old. The child did not understand the movie but because the mother was in tears and others around her were crying, so scared the child to cry also. My parents have brought primary school children but during the earthquake scenes, they hide their eyes. In the aftermath, there are many bodies, some mutilated, naked bodies, causing them to cry. After the Beijing premiere, actress Xu Fan said she would not bring her daughter to see the film saying she is too young, it is not suitable.

Parents have brought children to the film as it is educational and historical but the earthquake scenes are too cruel and disturbing and cause younger children anxiety. Theater staff have warned parents with children under eight to be careful. Some viewers also think the film is not suitable for children: The tragic disaster scene is not good for the child’s mental development. After all, some adults cannot even accept it. Also, there are intimate love scenes in the film. In Hong Kong, Aftershock is classified IIA, unsuitable for children.  (Xinhua)

FBA: Kidnapper (綁匪) (Singapore) (6/10) From the director of Rule #1

Kidnapper is that rare thing in Singaporean cinema - a crime thriller that actually works as a genre movie.

CRI: Action Thriller ‘Chen Zhen’ Unveils Grand Shooting Scenes

“Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen” has released a group of photos of its main shooting scenes.


Detective Dee

CRI: Extended Trailer for ‘Detective Dee’ Reveals Intricate Story

FBA: Asian trio line up for Venice competition

AP: Woo joins cast of Chinese propaganda blockbuster

Singer Sun Nan plays a dance teacher in High School Musical


Another look at the Donnie Yen action figure

On sale tomorrow for HK$980


Zhang Ziyi - Shanghai

Kobe Bryant

Zhang Ziyi was honored as a World Expo volunteer ambassador at a charity show for volunteers. The Expo cosponsored the Kobe Bryant Charity Walk. Kobe also donated autographhed copies of his new book.

Kobe’s flight was delayed due to weather and Zhang Ziyi and Tan Jin performed a song, ‘The Price of Love’, to the audience’s delight.


Yao Ming

Jay Chou and Yao Ming in Taiwan for Yao Ming Foundation Charity Tour 2010

Jay Chou

Show Luo

Celebrity teammates included Jam Hsiao and Show Luo who played against the Shanghai Sharks


Jing Tian

CRI: Introducing the ‘Belle Boss’ Jing Tian

SG: Jolin Tsai hit by another wave of criticism

SG: Vicki Zhao: It will be a pity if I don’t perform

“I do not wish to waste my talent; it will be a pity if I don’t perform. And I think that women should earn their own keep to prove their worth.”

When asked about her daughter, Vicki said that she is in Singapore and like herself, her daughter has big eyes. She added that she still hasn’t got used to being called ‘mom’.

SG: Carina Lau cheating on Tony Leung?

SG: Jay Chou has no qualms about retiring

HKStandard: Tour guide accused of crying crocodile tears by callers

From Danwei:

July 24, 2010

July 24, 2010

FBA: Chen Zhen set for Venice heroics

Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen has been set as the second film on the opening night of the Venice film festival (1-11 Sept, 2010).

Huang Shengyi will begin work on Tony Ching Siu-Tung’s 3D Legend of White Snake next month. Previously, Jet Li has been reported to also cast. Huang, a Stephen Chow protege, had no comment on the report of Chow’s recent break up news. (Xinhua)

Elanne Kwong plays a woman with autism in Perfect Fairy Tale


Zhang Yimou’s mysterious Quiet Autumn (Jing Qiu)

Zhou Dongyu

The high school student playing Jing Qiu in Under the Hawthorne Tree has been kept under tight wraps.

Recently, it was learned by netizens that the actress is Zhou Dongyu a 19 year-old senior and dance student from Shijiahuang, Hebei Province. Graduating in June, Zhou went to Beijing to take the arts examination where she was spotted by a deputy of Zhang Yimou. He recommended her to Zhang and thus became a ‘Mou girl’. Due to the filming schedule, Zhou missed the annual college entrance examinations. According to reporters, her father died in an auto accident and her mother remarried, then gave birth to a daughter. The press has taken to calling her ‘octopus mouth’ or ‘octopus lips’ but friends and classmates say that Zhou is actually quite cuter than the photos show. (Xinhua)234

Truth or Dare press conference in Suzhou

Qin Hailu


Wen Zhang, Sun Xing (Sina)

Petrina Fung

Petrina Fung Bo-Bo was in Taiwan to promote the opening of Derek Chiu’s 2007 Road to Dawn, an account of Dr Sun Yat-Sen’s trip to Malaysia. (Sina)

Zhang Ziyi, Yao Ming

Zhang Ziyi

Charity dinner

Steve Nash

(Xinhua-slide show)

Xinhua: Yao Ming to lead charity game in Beijing

Yao Ming also launched his brand of products


Gaile Lok and Moses Chan appeared for water brand

Moses Chan

(Xinhua-slide show)(Sina)

Gigi Lai’s husband, Ma Ting-Keung announced the birth of twins daughters


The Shockingly Rapid Deterioration of the Three Gorges Dam (gallows humor)

China floods put pressure on Three Gorges Dam

March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

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A Side, B Side/Side A, Side B (The Double Life)

Ning Ying’s black comedy starring Zhang Jingchu is scheduled for a Apr.8 release. It is set in a mental hospital. (Sina) (Xinhua)

Stephen Chow aims for film empire

Stephen Chow Sing-chi is aiming to build a Chinese version of Time Warner in the mainland after being appointed executive director of Emcom International, reports Sing Tao Daily

A Comeback for ‘Lust, Caution’ Actress Tang Wei


CRI: Huang Xiaoming in Upcoming Kung-Fu Biopic Ip Man 2

Jackie Chan

Yu Shaoqun (

Jackie Chan plays a cooking monk in New Shaolin Temple.

A $10M yuan replica Shaolin Temple was built to avoid tourists and because the real temple has been modernized.

Andy Lau plays a warlord hiding out at Shaolin Temple

(Sina) (Xinhua)

CRI: New Shaolin Temple, Literally

Future X-Cops

China Film Group officially announced a release date of Mar.30 (Sina)

(Feb.27) Hong Kong premiere of Echoes of the Rainbow

Simon Yam, Sandra Ng


Vicki Zhao, now seven months pregnant with a baby boy, will return to acting soon after delivery because property magnate husband Huang You Long reneged on promises to fund her planned wine-related enterprise, said Hong Kong media.

Huang reneged on his promises once he found out that Zhao was pregnant. The 31-year-old reportedly even denied Zhao the right to openly call herself his wife.
Zhao was said to have become worried and spread the word that she will be returning to showbiz soon after giving birth, as a fallback plan if things with Huang do not work out.


AngelaBaby met with fans to celebrate her 21st birthday

The theme was ‘Back To School Birthday Party’

(Sina) (Xinhua)

After a two year break Twins sing together at the EEG dinner in Macau (Feb.27) (Sina)

CRI: Twins Highlight EEG Spring Dinner

Sammi Cheng’s concert DVD has surpassed 150,000 and a second edition is being issued.


Fan furore that Yao Ming’s baby could be American

January 6, 2010

January 6, 2010

CRI: Jackie Chan’s ‘Little Big Soldier’

One is an old soldier who only wants to survive. The other is a young general who is aspiring to conquer. After a bloody battle, the two are the only ones alive.

Beast Stalker 2 [Stool Pigeon] wraps with Lam promising added action and drama

Cheung’s role as a cold-blooded killer in Beast Stalker helped him win the Best Actor Award at the 28th Hong Kong Film Awards. The sequel sees him take on the role of policeman, with Cheung promising a different side that audiences have not previously seen in his work…

“In the future, I would like to work with mainland directors who have fresh ideas, like Feng Xiaogang and Ning Hao.”

Zhang Mo

Shao Bing

Let The Bullets Fly (China Daily)

Let the Bullets Fly - Shao Bing, Zhang Mo new slide show (Sina)

THR: Chinese film pulled from Palm Springs fest

China Film Group yanks ‘City of Life and Death’

Catch Qi Yuwu in his upcoming movie, and also on TV - as a movie star

14 Blades costar profiled

Maggie Cheung introduces her personally developed skin care fragrance (Xinhua)

CRI: Yao Ming’s Wife Pregnant

Hong Kong model charged with drug possession

17 year-old Monique Chau placed on probation

Teen model’s drug shame

Bob Dylan to launch Asian tour

January 2, 2010

January 2, 2010

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Francis Ng arrested for causing bodily harm

Wife injured


Injured male customer

Francis Ng was arrested New Year’s Day in an alteracation at a bakery. He was coming to his wife’s aid who got into an argument with a clerk. While shopping for bread, Francis’ wife told the clerk to to stop sweeping the floor since she was stirring up dust onto the bread. A foul-mouthed customer verbally abused her and when Francis entered the shop a chaotic melee ensued. (Sina) Additional photos (Thanks, to Fan for pointing out the story.)

Audience back to the cinema

Interview: Law Kar-Ying (HK Magazine)

The Treasure Hunter review (HK Magazine)

Chou’s lack of acting skills, however, is hardly the main reason this massive pile of crap masquerading as a film is a flop. This high-budget adventure-esque film by Taiwanese director Kevin Chu has gotta be one of the worst we have seen in a while.

New York, I Love You (HK Magazine)

Upcoming (HK Magazine)

Black Ransom
(Hong Kong) Cheung Bo-man, an elite police officer who sunk into depression after the murder of his wife, is sent to investigate the violent crimes of triad leaders. The triads can predict what the police will do, however, because the gang is formed with ex-policemen. Directed by Keung Kwok-man. Starring Simon Yam and Michael Miu. Opens Jan 7.

Forever Yam Kim-fai
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Cantonese opera icon Yam Kim-fai’s death, Hong Kong Film Archive is presenting a special program, screening twelve of her titles, including films where she played male roles. $30 from, 2734-9009. Through Jan 2, 2010. Cinema, Film Archive, 50 Lei King Rd., Sai Wan Ho,

The Eagle Knight and the Crimson Girl
(Hong Kong, 1960) Yam’s rare appearance in martial arts films, and an early example of the kung fu comedy that would later characterize the 1980s. Sat, Jan 2, 2:30pm.

Phoenix Terrace
(Hong Kong, 1961) This Chinese New Year release features Yam as a feeble son ill-treated by his mean stepmother. Yam embodies the suffering through both acting and singing. Sat, Jan 2, 5pm.

Lin Chi-Ling sang the Treasure Hunter theme song at a TVBS sponsored New Year’s Eve party in Taipei. Rainie Yang and others also performed. HD slide show (Sina)

Chinese Floats to Make Debut on New Year’s Day Rose Parade


Top models walk out on top show due to over-the-top heels

June 23, 2009

June 23, 2009

Stanley Kwan, Christopher Doyle (channeling Keith Richard)
Stanley Kwan, Christopher Doyle - Shanghai International Film Festival closing ceremony

Faux Jet, Jackie and Andy
Tracing Shadow’s shanzhai Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Andy Lau

Focus Films launches Fight with ‘Fists of Dignity’
Film reunites Shaw Brothers stars from 1970s
Focus Films is also developing a $6.5 million starring vehicle for boss Lau, tentatively titled “Hao-yun Lian-lian” (”Continuous Luck”), a comedy scheduled for 2010 Chinese New Year holidays in China and Hong Kong

Chiu Man-Cheuk, Zhou Xun
‘True Legend’ with True Stunts

Chiu Man-Cheuk will play the lead role in the film “True Legend”, a biopic of Su Qi-Er, or Beggar Su, directed by Yuen Woo-Ping and due out later this year.

Taipei Film Festival - Taipei opens new fest, new era
The territory’s newfound focus on mainstream mass audiences may also help Taiwanese cinema connect better with its neighbor on the other side of the straits – and prove handy vehicles for the island’s many “Mandopop” music stars.

Zhang Yimou starts shooting Coen brothers remake

Lights, camera… film school

Actress Under Fire for Backing Marijuana

Yao Ming enjoys vacation, voicing for Chinese film

Jackie Chan’s New Seven Little Fortunes will be featured in Will Smith’s Karate Kids

Karen Mok in Beijing with Zhang Yadong release a new digital album

Edison Chen and Sam Lee (far right)

Edison: I love my life!

Josie Ho to join his record company
Chung avoids bumping into Edison while in KL
Edison Chen not ready for lead roles after scandal

Jennifer Tse Ting-Ting
Jennifer Tse and Albert Yeung help open a new ramen museum in Central

Gong Mi
Gong Mi new photo album

Cecilia Cheung and Lucas visit Disneyland and Ocean Park regularly

Jimmy Lai in dark over possible motive for plot

June 5, 2009

June 5, 2009

Sek Kin with daughter and wife (married in 1933)
Kung fu star `Bad Guy Kin’ - loses his final battle at 96
With Gordon Liu
HKTopTen: Stars remember Sek Kin

New York Times: 24 City

Taipei Times: Love lost in Kunming
The Equation of Love and Death’ shows why Zhou Xun is one the best actors working in China today
The Equation of Love and Death – Li-mi’s Guesses

Jun Ji-hyun Shines but ‘Blood’ Disappoints
The title “Blood” should be a clue for how much blood and gore is in the film, but much of the violence seems gratuitous. Do viewers really need to see a close-up of a man gruesomely slashed in half? How many scenes of demons being killed does the viewer really need to see to get that Saya is a fierce fighter?

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi - The Great Cause of China’s Foundation

Shanghai Surprise
China’s largest film festival has become an unlikely ambassador for international cinema

The Magic Aster features voice of Leon Lai, Lin Chi-Ling (
Leon Lai voices animated feature [The Magic Aster] but his children won’t know
Yao Ming dubs voice of father, will donate fee to charity

Yao happy to slam-dunk one for kids in need

Thanks, to Fan:

Today’s Apple Daily reported Richard Li and Isabella Leong has confirmed their first child born in April 2009 Toronto, the baby boy is named Ethan. The Chinese name is “長治” (Cheung-Chi) given by the grandpa.
The 42 year-old father is the second son of wealthy businessman Li Ka-Shing. No current plans for marriage.

Li Ka-Shing is the richest man in Hong Kong, number 16 in the world. Grandson Ethan and eldest grandson stand to inherit HK$100B.

It’s a son for Isabella and Richard Li

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Jet Li

Jet Li to design and develop sports and fitness clothing for Adidas

April: Happier times for Cherie Chung, dining with Peter Chan

I spy: Shu Qi grocery shopping, getting cooking tips from clerk

Hello Kitty celebrates 35th birthday

March 18, 2009

March 18th, 2009

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Shu Qi

Shu Qi the Spokes-Beauty

Stills from Founding of the Nation

Huang Shengyi

VOA: Zhang Yimou Says He’s an Artist, Not a Politician

Made in China wins jury prize at South by Southwest

Forbidden City Cop: Smart Dog - English update

Wong Jing’s I Corrupt All Cops (lit. Money Empire) opens on the Mainland 4/3, Hong Kong 4/23(?). Cast includes Eason Chan, Anthony Wong, Tong Leung Kar-Fei, Alex Fong Lik-sun, and Bowie Lam. The story takes place in the 70’s during the era of corrupt cops and the creation of ICAC (Indepedent Commission Against Corruption).
During British rule, Hong Kong once was under a period of darkness. At the time, police corruption took place almost everyday, in the decade between 1963 and 1973 alone, the Hong Kong police corruption amounted to 10 billion at the time, roughly equivalent to 500 billion in 2009!
The head of this empire of corruption was the Hong Kong Island Chinese chief inspector Brother Lak. Every time Brother Lak was unable to solve a case, he would order his subordinate Fire Kirin to find a scapegoat to take the blame. Somehow, Fire Kirin arrested university student Han Chi Bong and wanted him to admit to several dozen crimes including theft, indecent assault and battery. Fortunately Bong’s mother got rent collector Pig Grease Cake to force Fire Kiri to release him…

 Derek Yee and Maggie Cheung

In an interview promoting Shinjuku Incident, director Derek Yee was asked whether he would collaborate with his old flame Maggie Cheung again? Yee said there was no chance since she left Hong Kong to hide from him. “It was more than twenty years ago, I am 52 years old, if we had a child it would be 20 years old now. After separating, she would not work with me. She feared this, you see. She hid very far, even left Hong Kong. ”



 Teresa TangJackie ChanJoan Lin Feng ChiaoJackie Chan reveals the inside story of his breakup with Teresa Tang. He describes it as “wrong timing, the time is not right”. Jackie and Teresa spent a lot of time together in the US, dining, going to movies, telephoning each other, taking photos, etc. But Jackie did not like this kind of life. At the time he regularly ate with his ‘brothers’ and liked to laugh and giggle [goof around?]. Teresa was a noble girl and was peaceable and did not like quarreling, therefore was incompatible with Jackie. But Joan Lin was harmonious with his brothers, therefore the brothers frequently said, Teresa Teng is not good, Joan Lin is lovely, Joan Lin is sister-in-law. So Jackie gradually gave up Teresa Tang and chose Joan Lin.

Nancy Sit forces herself to return to work

Cheng Pei-Pei
50 more Southern Screen covers from David Wells

Yao Tops Forbes List Again, But Zhang Ziyi Catches Up

Disney halts Hong Kong expansion

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