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April 13, 2012

April 13, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

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FBA: The 33D Invader review

Lame softcore sex comedy is only of interest for its newcomer lead.

TaipeiTimes: Zombie 108 review

Clueless cops and gangsters, a sexual pervert and an abundance of naked women do battle with the undead in ‘Zombie 108,’ Taiwan’s first ever zombie flick

“Zombie 108″ trailer

CF: Hong Kong Film Awards, Still Lacking New Blood

“The Hong Kong film industry is completely controlled by commercial interests. The investors are ultimately businessmen. Employing new actors may cost them less money, but the risk is very high, simply because box office revenues cannot be guaranteed. So, a lack of famous stars in a movie will mean fewer people will be willing to invest in it.

According to Hong Kong media reports, actress Cecilia Cheung who divorced her husband, popular star Nicholas Tse, earlier this year will not make an appearance on this year’s film extravaganza in an effort to dodge the media limelight.

Chrissie Chau is studying Wing Chun from a 3rd generation disciple of Ip Man to prepare for the upcoming “Bauhinia Heroine”


The movie is based on the true story of a Hong Kong business mogul in the early 20th century. [Aaron] Kwok portrays the lead character who was born after his mother was raped by a British seaman and was later adopted by a fishing family. Paw [Hee-Ching] plays his foster mother.

CF: ”Fairytale Killer” to Hit Screens in Mid-May

THR: Chinese ‘Titanic’ Fans Balk at Cuts to Rerelease

The same scenes were censored during the film’s original run in China in 1998, but many viewers first saw the film on pirated copies from the West, and thus are more familiar with the unedited version.CDT

Some even lampooned the state watchdog with a satirical news story, “The State Administration of Radio, Film and Broadcast finally gave an explanation of its decision to remove the nude scene it OK’d 15 years ago: ‘In light of the specialness of 3D movies, we are concerned that viewers may extend their hands for a touch during the scene and hit heads of viewers sitting in their front, which may result in disputes. In consideration for building a society with spiritual civilization, we decide to remove the scene.’

Dylan Kuo, Amber An Xin-ya and Anthony Wong on the set of “Westgate Tango” during a media set visit.

Anthony Wong

Amber An

Dylan Kuo

Dylan Kuo, Amber An, Anthony Wong (Sina-slideshow)

Has the actress moved on to a new love after separating from Richard Li?

MSN: Is Edison Chen still dating Cammi Tse?

March 29, 2012

March 29, 2012 [HKMDB Daily News]

ScreenDaily: Zombie 108 review

FBA: All’s Well Ends Well 2012 revivew

Latest instalment of the Hong Kong New Year comedy franchise is less brash and more charming.

CF: ”Guns N’ Roses” Portrays Ning’s Style

CF: ”Design of Death” to Hit Cinemas in April

Huang Bo, Simon Yam

Huang Bo (Sina)

CF: ”An Inaccurate Memoir” Stars in Black and White

Huang Xiaoming

Zhang Xinyi

Zhang Yi (Sina-gallery)

CF: 7 Blockbusters from Huayi Bro. to be Released in 2012

CF: Cast and Crew Talk about “Full Circle”

CF: Youku Plans to Shoot 12 Microfilms

Stills of Mo Xiaoqi (Monica Mok) and Jing Gangshan in a passionate scene from “Blood Stained Shoes”

Jing Gangshan plays a carpenter in the film (Sina)2

Photos from launch conference in Taiwan for “Westgate Tango”

Anthony Wong

Dylan Kuo

Amber An Xin-Ya

She’s a popular Taiwan fan boy “sex goddess” appearing in her first film


TimeOutHK: Shu Qi interview (The Second Woman)

Titled “Returning to the basics”, the actress thanked those who have hurt her and expressed that the incident has allowed her to learn and improve.

“The past is not a scar but something to be proud of,” she wrote.

CNA: HK artistes applaud Privacy Commissioner’s report on tabloid misconduct

MSN: Jay Chou to scout for fresh face for his new movie

The Taiwanese singer’s move implied that rumoured girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan will not star in his upcoming film

MSN: Cecilia Cheung spotted with younger son Quintus

A1: Wang Lee-hom to carry torch for 2012 Olympics

CF: Wax Figure of Actress Sandra Ng Unveiled in HK

Sandra Ng (left)

With Peter Chan’s father and Sandra Ng’s parents (Sina)

Zombie 108 (Screen Daily review)

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Zombie 108
Dir/scr: Joe Chien. China. 2012. 87mins

29 March, 2012
By Mark Adams

Billed as ‘the first genre movie combining apocalypse and zombie in Chinese film history’, the freewheelingly clumsy Zombie 108 may well deliver the expected blood and gore to keep horror fans happy, but it staggers and collapses when it comes to adding story or dialogue to this most over-exposed of horror genres.

What the promotional material fails to mention is that the film even gets a little bored with its traditional shambling zombies vs. humanity plot, and decides to spice up the action with a little martial arts action, parkour tumbles and even a torture-porn subplot. And all in under 90 minutes.

The zombie mayhem is nicely staged in sections – and has a few choice moments of humour, some of them inadvertent – though the whole torture porn sequences may well cause classification issues in some territories. The film has DVD release written all over it, and with a nice trailer and internet interest already out there it has a certain ready-made profile to fans of the genre. The film had a packed Filmart screening in Hong Kong and will no doubt find interested buyers and horror festivals.

A virus had leaked in Taipei and the government orders army and SWAT teams to oversee evacuation, but in Ximending, the downtown area of Taipei defined by dens of crime and sleaze the local gangs don’t take kindly to the police at their door. Initially they attack the SWAT teams, but when both gangsters and cop find themselves under attack by flesh-munching fiends there is an uneasy alliance as they try and escape.

Meanwhile Linda (model Yvonne Yao) tries to escape with her daughter and after being picked up by a car thinks her problems are over. In fact she has been picked up by a deformed pervert who locks up women in his basement for his sexual pleasures as well as torturing and deforming men. Action comes to a head when cops and gangsters end up at the weirdo’s apartment. Oh yes…there is also a serial killer who turns up there as well, just to complicate matters.

The film starts well enough with the zombies (of the slow-moving variety) enthusiastic in their munching techniques and the cop’n’crooks liberal in their gunfire. Sadly, though, after that the action is only adequately staged and the script pretty poor. The women all tend to favour short-shorts and crop tops (whether they be cops, dancers or passers-by) and the casual sexploitation is more than a little uncomfortable.

The ‘108’ of the title is never actually explained, though it may relate to the 108 defilements mentioned in Buddhist literature. Though equally it could simply be the amount of zombie bodies that one survivor uses in the best scene of the film to spell out the letters S-O-S to try and attract a passing helicopter.

International sales: Film Asia Entertainment Group,

Producer: Morris Rong

Main cast: Yvonne Yao, Morris Rong, Tai Bo, Jack Kao, Dennis To, Ch Mu-yen

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